Welcome Dreamers


Phoenix the Elder welcomes you to her circle. All spiritual pursuits eventually lead to a series of transformations and changes. We cannot really save the world, rather, we recognize our need for change and meet that challenge. For those who take a committed spiritual journey, of ancient knowledge mysteries, the deeper internal healing journey, or the healing of relationships, healing their personal environment, their family, and a relationship with nature (mother earth) find that it requires a lifetime of dedication, hard work, and personal sacrifices.

Phoenix assists those who desire such a journey, those who seek a healthier life by their own dedication to sobriety and to spiritual disciplines. A more inclusive and wholeness spiritual path that requires the knowledge and discipline of the mind; the healing and self-nurturing of the emotional body, clarity, and purification of the physical body, and the elusive yet powerful relationship to the dreamer’s soul bodies. Wholeness is not an easy spiritual path, it’s the most difficult challenge on earth, and requires a lifetime of dedication, one which Phoenix has mastered this lifetime through her fate and wrathful dismemberment as a shaman.

The path of change, transformation, and movement towards real personal and emotional growth is a new kind of relationship for most people, using their own creativity to challenge their fear when it arises. Fear doesn’t exist until it comes to pay you a visit, which is like death. Then there are handfuls of new issues, new learnings in the realms of the spiritual warrior boundaries for the self, and compassionate states of peace at the same time. Phoenix works with the wholeness of all teachings and her own self-mastered path of shamanic experiences for a lifetime starting when she was very young and the dreaming realities that opened up, forcing her to overcome illusions within the dreaming realms and realities.

A master dreamer, dream walker, time jumper, remote viewer (mental body), remote viewer (soul body), seer (soul body) and astral out of bodies since the mid-80s, she has experienced death in many ways. Death is quite the teacher when Pluto rules your chart and you have a North node, Jupiter, and Neptune all conjunct in the 12th in Scorpio. A destiny that was an extreme transformations, during her entire life. She began to structure them in her early 30s, after a powerful soul sickness awakening in her twenties, and through the processes return the ancient 13 moon’s seasonal yearly path in order to structure higher levels of chaos transformation. It was a lifetime of work.

Mind-Body has its doctrines, philosophies, disciplines, and teachings of knowledge that have been used for two millennia. The feminine has finally become free enough this century, to begin to heal and understand the depth of the emotional body, and its connections to the karmic soul, the animism soul, the shadow and the light mental astral body and soul astral bodies, which do not have doctrines, and philosophies, they have experience. Valuing experience is the beginning of one’s journey towards the deeper levels of being into the soul and emotional consciousness side of spirituality, shamanism, and animism.

It is within the seeking of wholeness that the mystery unfolds. This cannot be extracted from the old knowledge and the mind, although those are helpful when you are a beginner on the path. The working and purifying of all four bodies are where we hold our hidden gifts, enter the mystery, see beyond, learn the path of the yin or feminine which requires reversing forms of reality, to expand awareness through disciplines through the doorways of release, letting go, and chaos transformation. This also helps our karma struggles that play out at certain times of our life. With the eternal winds blow and touch our soul.

For her apprentices, it’s a very difficult challenge (their work), but for her lighter less strenuous path of her clients, Phoenix balances for them, their required healing work, ceremonial healing, and folk healing from her own Slavic tradition that is full of wisdom and guidance. For those who come to seek the mystery, the cyclical life cycles of the moon, that is inseparable from our own emotional body, soul bodies, and animism bodies, we enter the divine feminine, true mysteria found deep within. Structuring depth is required for there are storms and sea storms that arise if one is not prepared.

In this world, we have to use all of our senses and this requires purification of the soul bodies, physical body, mental and emotional bodies, for these hinder our sensory systems to work separately where the end goals are always unity. Remaining sober and clear of everything is also mandatory as a practice and her bar is very high for apprentices. If you wish to understand the most difficult part of dreaming, which is projection and illusions, then working to become aware of your own projections and illusions is mandatory.

She serves sacred artists, healers, creatives, folk healers, dreamers, shaman practitioners, sacred dancers, sound healers, metaphysicians, empaths, hsp’s, sensitives, philosophers, and those who were blessed with dreaming.  She guides others who are willing to learn and practice structural testing of personal issues in order to embrace changes (when difficult cycles in our lives pull us toward transitions, death, and rebirth medicines). She combines the more mundane spiritual practices with creativity, creative practices, artistic practices, dream practices, and cyclical lunar ancient practices for women.

The feminine sides of the mystery of the emotional body, mysticism, synchronistic and sign anthology, life as a sacred living art, the soul’s astral bodies, including the karmic bodies, and the animism bodies. She is a master weaver of the four bodies alongside dreaming, the mirrors of moon work, lunar alchemy, and healing unconscious fear.

It is within “our story” and creating our new story, that we are rebirthed into new phases of release and letting go of the accumulated fears of who we may have been up until the present. Everyone goes through death and rebirth cycles but may not understand how to do that with great balance and self-love. This is why support is important and Phoenix herself has walked years of that support to keep herself on a path to move deeper into her releases, healing of fears, honesty in relationships, and embracing a creative life. After almost forty years, she still goes to other holistic healers and does the practices of the moon path.

In 2020, she semi-retired from her apprentice work with women and very rare men who can withstand the high bar work and now works with students only since covid. She teaches the Slavic ancient teachings of the Grandmother’s River of Life. In August of 2022, she strictly only does her collective work now and no more apprentice or student work.

To review for those who are seekers, there are many paths of many types of Spiritual Tribes today and they can be divided into several groups. Some dabble in a few groups, some master one group and a few must master them all… 

1. Social-Spiritual
This is a large group, the most popular and includes spiritual entrepreneurs, those who wish to be around like-minded people, the circle gatherers and the new people to the spiritual path etc;

2. New Age Seekers
The path of new age spirituality, the bliss seekers, metaphysics, star-seeds, love and light, mind over matter, followers of ascended masters, ascension seeking, crystals, quicker roads to enlightenment or false teachings and paranormal (thinking these things are light).

3. Knowledge-Spiritual
This is the second largest group and one of the oldest in spiritual terms which includes divination, alchemy, metaphysical, book writers, scribes, esoteric, paganism, post-modern paganism, and all the different branches. The advice counseling (tarot clans, astrologers, I Ching etc), the magicians etc. It can also include new age seekers and the paranormal, AI, ufo investigations, haunted hunters, arts and sciences of metaphysics, etc.

4. Healing-Spiritual
Healers, folk healers, self-healing, shaman practitioners, shamans, energy and sound healers, water therapies, ceremonial people, yoga teachers and practitioners, spiritual dance, spiritual martial arts, life coaches, and mediation teachers. They include more holistic therapists, compassionate Buddhist path, teachers or practitioners of disciplines Zen, Bardo. It is also for those who are sick and seeking information to heal their issues, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or soul issues;

5. Karmic-Healing Spiritual
This is a fated path, it is thrust upon you, not chosen. It’s for those who have come to pay their karma and suffer horribly for decades and life must be structured through fight or flight, spiritual disciplines of mastery, self-mastery, spiritual learnings, the retreating (non-social) life.

6. Moon Path: Lunar work, the Goddess, Night Goddesses
Realignments with the returning of the power of the Goddess of ancient times and pre-patriarch times, brought into the present day in one’s life, in their circles, rituals, ceremonies, and bonding and support between women. Some men also dedicate themselves to their goddess of choice. Includes Wicca, and some female Pagan paths. Honoring, healing, and living by the interior, inner self (known as the moon path). 

7. Men’s Religion, Men’s Paganism, Men’s Indigenous
From ancient times until today, men’s teachings of their God and Mind-Body is for men, men’s bodies, and men’s behavioral changes from negative or dark, to light and disciplined. Many have moved into the more feminine approaches and sides of God: Gnostic, Kaballah, Sufi, and Hindu teachings.

8. Plants: Drug Shamans
This group is for those who cannot vision naturally, dream, pr develop their gifts of vision naturally through karmic work or were not born with such gifts. They take hallucinogenic plants which give them the plant’s visions mostly, not their visions. Many ex-drug users and addicts take this path for more continual usage of drugs and hallucinogens that are not synthetic. Its first-level projection images (rather than visions). Mostly the experience is to show them something other than their mundane world. There are consequences later in life if one does it more than a few times, they lose the energy of their soul cloud.

9. Shaman Practitioners (Medicine Women and Medicine Men)
This group is varied in their healing skills as good to excellent healers, and who study knowledge about shamans and who carry a drum. Today most people who call them shamans are shaman practitioners. 

10. Pure Shamans, (non-drug, non-plant shamanism),
      Natural Dreamers and Exorcists

Mastering the weaver’s fate, overcoming death, and the nature of dualism of self in the wrathful dismemberment is what real shamans must endure in their lifetime, coinciding with their visions and gifts that rise from extreme loss and pain. Co-creative mystically with nature, this world, and the underworld and its shadowy demons are a part of the pain. The consequences of real shamanism are deadly, and constantly loom over one’s life of suffering; many sicknesses and soul sicknesses must be endured almost all of one’s life as a shaman. The deeper and deeper you try to heal, the more and more karma surfaces from lifetimes. Until the veil between this world and the dreaming levels of earth, the underworld levels, and the middle worlds completely vanishes which thrusts one into total chaos.

11. Try them all “Seekers”
The curious, who seek a bit of everything. Sometimes they find their passion to go deeper, then they will find some satisfaction in their journey.

12. Spiritual Entrepeneurs
Those who seek a spiritual path as a way to make a living and live a spiritual life through their work or service.

13. The Power & Control Religions and Spirituality:
      Black Magic, Voodoo, Dark Witches, Satanism, Possessions etc.

Those who tend to have a lot of karma and still trying to seek power rather than self-purity (burning their own karma through pain). This category is types of Black Magic, Dark Spell Projections onto others, Demonic Possessions, Astral Sex, the Dark Side of the Dark (rather the light side of the dark) etc.

“The symbol in Chinese for Crisis (death and rebirth) is made up of two ideographs: The first means danger, the second, opportunity”. In astrology, this symbolism is the nature of Neptune and Pluto. These are a reminder that we have control in our life until something greater occurs and we soon learn that we do not control everything about our life, regardless of how positive we are. We can choose to turn a personal crisis into an opportunity for awakening or healing, and these have no outer rewards in life that people are used to. Or we can turn it into a negative experience that feeds fear and gives fear a more powerful grip on your future.

Shamanism is many things to many people, but in its most ancient sitting, it is a yin quality and expression, its non-physical (non-mind/body) and karma plays a big role. In her lunar cycle teachings, she can help greatly guide one into a deeper understanding our energetic and emotional cycles each month. Our rhythm on earth is so far from the rhythm of nature in how electro-magnetics work and the flow of the feminine magnetics that it takes quite a few years to detox old behaviors and ways of approaching our life. Everyone is unique, and the core root of all teachings all have the same things in common. We can have many gifts in life but never truly know how to develop them in practical, personal, and meaningful ways, but focusing on our internal life, for those who are more magnetic, is of great assistance to our path in life.

Many people don’t dream anymore at night in this world today, the dreaming tree has died and that is such a sad state of the feminine itself over the past three thousand years. For dreamers, the River of Life is the medicine to attain self-mastery in dreaming because we cannot destroy our dreamer, we must learn the secrets of working with it.

Spiritual culturalism today promotes many modalities, some negative, some new age and some that are literally useless, and then there are the time-honored traditions that actually help you heal and mature. Simplicity is the goal when deepening one’s commitment to their spiritual path all along the way decade after decade. It is the commitment to our path that is required and that takes inspiration and support.

The moon’s path is to address one’s own shadows, other people’s shadows, and frienemies. To truly walk in holistic terms we must recognize within the self, how to embrace our fear. This is one reason I have only worked with apprentices, those who wish to go deeper into changing their lives with deeper emotional processing and practices.

The ancient spiral mirror disciplines are a large part of working with the moon and the reflections in life we don’t wish to face. But we cannot heal anything we are not aware ofAwareness then becomes the focus through the development of the observer while we train our minds to stop constant thoughts and layers of thoughts at will. 

In the northern areas of Russia, ancient people were called
 “the sleeping or hibernating people of the north” and they would remain asleep like bears for the whole winter season after harvest. This is when they dreamed fully with their soul that long (12 weeks or so), and in uninterrupted states. These tribes phased out around the 11th century because the middle ages were coming when the wrath of religion set out to eradicate any tribes of ancient times. To reclaim this level of dreaming takes one’s whole life with great dedication.

This work Phoenix teaches is about deep creativity, focusing on both personal strengths through undoing and healing struggle, healing through learning self-nurturing of our emotional weaknesses, learning about mirror cycles of one’s own nature, and total sobriety. It’s about the freedom from the mental body, and recognizing the elusiveness and hidden aspects of the soul and how it communicates to us through dreams, both its dark side and its light.  

Self-love is about finding your own story, your own real-life story, your past life story, your dreaming stories, and your spiritual uniqueness through your changes each season. Intention, creativity, and dreaming as a trinity through the cycles of each one of the thirteen moons is a very powerful ancient rite and guide that we can walk every moon cycle. 

Upholding the rites and paths that heal relationships between our emotional body’s issues, the soul bodies influenced upon us when dealing with karma, and the natural strength that is deep within can become stronger and wiser through disciplines, and spiritual sobriety, and taking the self more seriously. We can help and support ourselves with support. Phoenix has been blessed by many healers and has sought them out for years to support her journey. We just cannot make big changes in our lives without someone helping, supporting, and accepting who we are, even in our darkest times.

Illustration by Artist Germaine Arnaktauyok