Welcome Dreamers

Dear Dreamers

Welcome to Elder Mountain Dreaming, a spiritual connection to help one learn to reclaim what they have lost, sold, borrowed or stolen in this lifetime or another. Elder Mountain Dreaming is for the Dreamers, the Artists, Empaths, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, and those who value sobriety as a spiritual discipline. Phoenix the Elder shares her cooling waters in an overheated world of drama and a host of fears which hold us back from growing, maturing and finding inner peace. The daunting path of pain that many of us must face in our life each day or when pain begins to awaken, can be purified if we learn to love ourselves at deeper levels. Your promises to heal your issues is a mystery of your own journey’s making.

The dreamer’s first languages is sacred imagination in order to begin to overcome difficulty and personal illusion. We seek artistic inner revelation through holistic self-love and unveil slowly the unseen parts of the self. This requires creativity. We cannot heal anything we cannot see, we cannot heal permanently if we do not go deeper into our spiritual quest of real personal fear.

When we are finally ready to stand at the shore of the ancient mystery, it is here we begin to find the authentic self and shed the layers upon layers of fears and shadow behaviors of many lifetimes. Karma is ruled by cycles and we can work with root foundations of self if we learn patience and self respect and respecting others. Phoenix offers her writing, podcasts and specific healing articles for those who are truly dedicated to their spiritual holistic path.

Welcome to Elder Mountain Dreaming, the ancient teachings of the River of Life or whats sometimes known as the World River which is the opposite of the World Tree or Tree of Life. What flows here is the story of the soul and her relationship to the emotional body, and its dance with pain and with joy. A world of emotional intelligence and the wisdom of the soul’s eternity called rememberance – but also the deep seated fear of lifetimes that can surface when life initiations open which drastically can change our life and open us up to the true mysteries rather than the knowledge mysteries. 

The symbol in Chinese for Crisis is made up of two ideographs: one means danger, the other, opportunity. This symbol is a reminder that we can choose to turn a personal crisis into an opportunity for awakening or healing, or into a negative experience that gives fear a more powerful grip on your future.”

We honor this mystery within the cycles of both shadow and light, both nature and the beauty of the ordinary, our natural visions and dreams at night and dreaming as a path of conscious syncronicities by day. These are the spiral medicines and at its simplest form, mirror work under the cycles of the monthly moon. We truly have no beginning and no end and this is the root of our unwavering simplicity.

The mystical doorways that some dreamers experience, can be a great challenge to remain grounded in the mundane world. At the same time, this also brings new difficulties, imballance, fear of the unknown on our path. We can learn to heal and structure these cycles of unknowing, the fear or pain and even intense chaos. As long as we understand the rules of nature and our own unconscious past and past lives that requires courage.

The disciplines of our mind and body and sobriety is necessary for every empath and hsp if they wish to gain control over boundryless energy, espcially shadow or sick energy of others (unconscious). Have you ever started shaking and its out of the blue? That is a direct response to your mangetic body within (of soul and emotional bodies) responding to darkness and shadow connected to someone in your space.

True mystics of all the ages have done huge amounts of self healing and risking the unknown chaos, fears, darkness to come out the other side, over and over again. The challenges of our humaness during intiation periods of our life such as illness, loss of a loved one, mythical rites, times of great expansion of consciousness, even demonic shadows, all open without us being prepared for the death and rebirth reties that take place. 

The mystery of healing often leads us to enter new depths and doorways within and this chaos can be structured when necessary. Through the moon’s healing light, the season of night, our songs were born in the souls wanderings. No writing or words can extract the teachings that Phoenix knows, experienced and teaches, for fate and mother earth had chosen this student from birth. Now as an elder, her mind is trained, her compassion is deep, her body is pure and sober, and her karma has purified for six decades, and her skills are magical in the forms of her relationship to nature. This is the root of her teaching. She has experience this lifetime, and within us is a hidden mystery as well, but only if we are willing to pay the debts and make the great sacrifices, one moon cycle at a time.

Our artistic and altruistic inner revelations as empaths, hsp’s, dreamers, healers, seers, sensitive can all be unveiled slowly, touching the unseen parts of the self which gives enourmous meaning to our life. This requires our creativity and our commitment without any outer rewards. When the world shakes, we gain inner peace and groundedness from great disciplines and dedication.

Our greatest enemy is our fear and chaos, these can be structured from a master teacher like Phoenix the Elder. She lives in the places of the “unknown” and teaches other’s how to make their unknown or frightend walk stable and grounded, regardless of challenges. Its that simple and yet very complex. Our self discovery self healing and even fate as unkind as it is, allows one to face any unconscious aspect of personal fears and allow it to come forth in a grounded and clear manner. This is usually when loss or a death occurs, a divorce, a sickness, a dark mystical expereince. These are difficult processes and requires mastering spiritual disciplines and practices that are both traditional, and creative with a large open mind.

For those who are spiritual warriors, one’s commitment to the self is immensely needed in this world to set as an example. To walk this mysterious world requires all of our senses and that requires knowing each of your bodies intimately. The powerful atonement of self awareness and this is the place where the ancient folk shamans and primordial shamanism lives, the folk mysticism, storytelling as a  teaching (oral traditions) and ways to find our balance and maturing along with the story of earth, sometimes referred to as the divine mystery.

Slavic Peasants, Phoenix’s people, have always existed within the center between the Pagans and Religions in the peasant and folk arts, healing arts and folk shamanism. This way of living is simple, healthy and co-creative with nature in ritualistic and shamanic foundations. The Slavic, Balkan and Baltic countries is a  different spirituality and its the center way or middle path mixing walking the moonpath, honoring dreaming. This is because healing occurs at the core, not the surface. Rituals of fire and water medicines (spirit and soul) are the foundation of many folk medicines.

We strive for a path of purity as a real practice, in the physical its no pot, alcohol, drugs, medications or hellucinigen plants so we can walk and live our spiritual path with groundedness, mental and emotional clarity, that helps support the growth of our inner strength. In the mind its learning to discipline the mind to be still so the second self, the inner “observer” can begin to come forth. In the emotions, especially the empaths (thoe who feel the sickness energy, and emotional expressions of others inside their own body) the path is the emptying out disciplines and modalities, the well spring for shifts and and changes in consciousness consciousness.

Grandmother wisdom is not lost and it resides deeply in some of us and we share, teach, set example and walk our talk everyday, everywhere in all situations of life, family, friends and strangers. I am an elder now, taught by wise women, soul elder sisters, supportive sisters, and grandmothers my whole life. When I was growing stronger from such guidance, I began to share my life and jounrey with apprentices and students over the last thirty years

The eldest Trees and Mountains, Forests, Rivers and Winds all remember the ancient Grandmothers, who are far older than the great Mother Cults. She guided tribes and clans with conviction and was present at every childs birth with protection and guidance. The journey of acceptance, overcoming fear, rememberance, awakening slowly and with groundedness, spiritual common sense and purification of the soul embodied are all worth their investments.