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Phoenix the Elder welcomes you to her circle. Wholeness is not an easy path, it’s traditionally known as an ancient healing path called: Birth, Transformation, Death, and Rebirth (changes) that occur over and over again in small cycles of time. There are many mythologies that describe the details if one can discern and sort through, finding some ancient feminine teaching hidden gems within the layers and layers of millenniums of masculine teachings.

Real growth can come from getting into the feminine places where we are uncomfortable, vulnerable, fearful of change, and putting our ego down or that part of our mind that grips so tightly. For the LGBTQ spiritual communities, working on both masculine and feminine sides of self, including the middle path, would allow one to understand your soul nature and karmic soul nature much better. And that comes with age.

There is no miracle cure for any one thing, but a thousand cures one step at a time, in order to embrace and release in a balanced way. In karma, if this is prevelant at birth or more severe in childhood, be it emotional issues, physical issues or mental issues, we don’t control much of that, and for parents of newborns or small children, as they age, it can be quite upsetting and may lead to being heartbroken which requires the parent then to seek help and support. For some, this can even be an issue of getting pregnant.

If our karma has to be played out and arises in midlife or a bit earlier in our thirties, this will take us through a great change and frustration. Karma is the path of having to begin to heal the wounded self, or the wounds that have accumulated past life and are appearing in our life without us being able to see it. These things are unique for each individual person. 

Karma (be it an issue this lifetime and the karma is only the unseen root), this can be cyclical behavioral cycles, physical pain cyclical cycles, and/or mental imbalance cycles that occur over and over again. It’s about getting the right support, be it from modern doctors, therapists, or holistic (if you want to do permanent or core root healing that includes karmic purification).

Phoenix’s work teaches is about deep creativity, as the baseline of all mystical, spiritual, disciplined, and folk traditions and religions, focusing on both one’s personal strengths through undoing and healing one’s struggle, healing through learning self-nurturing of our emotional weaknesses, learning about mirror cycles of one’s own nature, and total sobriety. It’s about the freedom from the mental body, recognizing the elusiveness and hidden aspects of the soul and how it communicates to us through dreams, both its dark side and its light.

Sharing one of my many healing
experiences and collective work…

Phoenix: The photos below are from the Oregon-California border where I lived for about a decade. There are layers upon layers of interferences of natural water flow, and the small dam is for boating entertainment and the nearby college’s rowing team, for the three months of water that is there and even that had dried up.

I found out researching this area about its history, especially from a really nice homeless woman I met at the coffee shop. She said when the South lost the Civil War, the racists and kkk were given these Native Indian lands as a consolation prize by Lincoln. That is where the  “wilds” energy of Oregon took its root in general. It’s no surprise that skunk weed (pot) was legalized here first, which started the series of giant destructive purification fires that began in 2017 and still goes on today.

Right as I finished my four-year work water ceremonies here, that is when the fires began. I had an ancient past life as a Shasta shaman, who was then called an ancient shaman being an ancestor who initiated shaman women by sending a wasp to sting them. The Shasta Nation is small but still around in Northern California. My past life is why I moved 2000 miles away from home, to come here and live for almost a decade in this state to finish purifying my third and final karmic past life.

I started first in this area at the borderlands with prayers to the ancestors, both the southerners and the natives who were both killed during the duration of the conflicts. That took me about a year in waking and in dreaming at night – there is a cemetery that overlooks this small dam-river-lake. 

I was doing a four-year moisture ceremony there, in order to return the moisture, rain, and snow back to the Valley and the Mountain (which was under a twenty-year drought). My two apprentices helped with a few ceremonies at the beginning, but mostly I went down there alone each month and performed the rituals.

Photo: Looking North at the Siskiyou Mountain Range at the Oregon-California borders area – near Emigrant Lake (Reservoir ie damned creeks with snowmelts in spring) in Ashland, OR. The long drought in the region had pretty much dried up this area about 80% and with my work for four years, it had fully brought it back to full (the damned lake).

I did the ancient Balkan Goddess  “Dodole” Ceremony that is still done today. She is only done for agricultural rituals but I knew she would work for Water Rituals too because she is such an old ancient ceremony, she being mother earth given the name Dodole.  It worked just fine.

Slavic folk shamanism is the elements of both Fire and Water. Water Ceremonies are done in the Summer season (Season of Fire – Spring/Summer). Fire Ceremonies are done in the Winter (Season of Night – Autumn/Winter). Through the years of doing these rituals I used the elements according to the Season of the 13 moons – which the four seasons fit perfectly as a waking spiritual practice.

Pagan rituals had reversed this pre-pagan tradition of water and fire ceremonies, turning fire into a summer solstice ritual. It wasn’t always this way in the older shaman traditions of the grandmothers which today is more of a folk shaman tradition in Slavic and Balkan traditions.

The 20-year drought was prevalent here (that I noticed when I moved to this region of the country), and as I did the ceremonies as a weather shaman and weather shapeshifter (part of the collective soul rather than personal animism soul) slowly each year the gentle rain, moistness and snow returned to the large mountains, and when I was finished it was on its way to remain a lush valley.

This was a year before all the purification fires of the Thunderbirds Fire (that the Pacific natives call it), and it began in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Pacific NW, and California, with its six years of deadly fires and four surrounding states that still continue today.

Pilot Rock which the natives of the region had honored. is right near this area, and is a prominent Volcanic plug located in the western Cascade Range near the east end of the Siskiyou Mountains, just east of the Siskiyou Summit near Ashland, Oregon. Rising thousands of feet above the Shasta and Rogue valleys, it is a landmark distinguishable from over 40 miles away and sits between Ashland, Mount Ashland, and the Pass over into California.

Photos: Pilot Rock and on top of Pilot Rock in Ashland looking south towards Mount Shasta in the distance.

This area I was working in, is about 40 miles from Mount Shasta to the South. I also did work for three years in one particular cave (vent) coming off of Mt. Shasta in Juniper Valley, to shut down the open portal to the underworld. There are many demonic black Sashquash just past Shasta in the  National Park and even the Native Americans have had warnings and lore for decades not to wander back into the woods at night. I have seen firsthand how they attack dreamers who camp there (when their soul astral body leaves their physical body from drugs/pot/plants/shrooms).

One particular moon cycle I had a story spirit dream for three nights from the distant ancient past of this local area of the cave where it wasn’t semi-desert like it is now, it was beautiful, lush and green in the valley of Mount Shasta. When I woke up in the morning after a series of dreams, I began to search and look for this particular cave and found it and indeed it was a cave vent or lava tube coming off of Shasta.

On the last month of the four years I spent working in this region from here down to Mt. Shasta, a beautiful Serpent Cloud appeared for 30 miles in a large circle around the entire valley, this is when I knew I was done with my work as a weather shaman, and the moisture returned.

That morning with the appearance of the Cloud Serpent, I had just dropped my apprentice off at the airport and was driving, I began to see the long-rolled serpent cloud on the ground go for about thirty miles and back, totaling sixty miles in a large circle around four towns including the one I lived in. I went to the place along the small river that had dried up and watch her move slowly (located right before the mountain pass area of California).

It was a sunny morning and when I decide to drive where I had done the ceremonies (in the photo) I stood with a tear in my eyes! Then out of nowhere on this cloudless morning, a beautiful Rainbow came out of the sky and ended up right on top of the Cloud Serpent’s head, that brought tears to my eyes and the love I had for mother earth since I was a child. 

It very real and moving Ancient Mother Earth Rainbow Serpent. When she is given honor, love, respect, and attention, she returns her love back which allows her to heal her own body. Her children (humanity (all her children) have forgotten and it keeps her in a perpetual state of no rebirth for healing).

As a weather shaman, I understand this love and learning how to give  to earth’s mother by actions, not just loving thoughts, songs, sounds, and words. I learned this in intimate relationships and family as well this lifetime, these all allow elements as a living consciousness of this planet to be in a state of love all the time, that is the goal as we work at and heal our karma. Some have more karma than others and some do not incarnate to burn off any karma. We are a mixed bag as humanity upon this planet.

Later that day, my apprentice arrived at her destination in Southern California and called me saying she saw a rainbow from the plane on the long white circle cloud over the valley. I told her I saw the plane and figured it was hers looking down and knew she had seen it as well.  

Collective work comes from long decades of suffering for shamans, which allows the purifying processes of pain to burn off real karma. Pain removes the blocks of unconsciousness, which sometimes seems endless in its process. Mine was forty years of constant death, a fight-or-flight journey with many sicknesses and soul sicknesses. I knew why I was doing this type of work and these types of ceremonies showed me clearly along the way, with all the other mystical experiences and chaos magic that belongs to nature.

Video of Emmigrant Lake/Creek

Video of Pluto’s Caves in Juniper Valley, Mt Shasta

To review for those who are spiritual seekers, or seeking more holistic healing, there are many paths today on earth. These can be divided into several groups. Some dabble in a few groups, some master one group and the rare few must master them all… 

1. Social-Spiritual
This is a large group, the most popular, and includes religious people, spiritual entrepreneurs, those who wish to be around like-minded people of their own belief systems, and the circle gatherers.

2a. New Age Seekers
The path of new age spirituality which started in the 1980s, the bliss seekers, metaphysics, star-seed people, love and light, mind over matter, followers of ascended masters, ascension seeking, crystals, quicker roads to enlightenment or false teachings and paranormal (thinking these things are light). 2b. New Age Crystal lovers, please note: Crystals affect the balance of the magnetic or receptive bodies of Empaths, HSPs and Sensitives. Please consult with Phoenix if you need more information about this. If you are a member of this website, an in-depth article is located here.

3. Knowledge-Spiritual
This is the second largest group and one of the oldest in spiritual terms which many diverted off into the feminine side of god, including the Buddhists, Sufi, Kaballahist, and Gnostics. They practice traditional religion but include divination, alchemy, metaphysical, esoteric, paganism, post-modern paganism, and all the different branches that were pre-patriarchal religions. This group includes book writers, scribes, advice counselors (tarot clans, astrologers, I Ching etc), magicians, etc. It can also include new age seekers and the paranormal, AI, ufo investigations, haunted hunters, arts and sciences of metaphysics, etc.

4. Healing-Spiritual
Healers, folk healers, self-healing practices and disciplines, shaman practitioners, shamans, energy and sound healers, water therapists, ceremonialism, yoga teachers and practitioners, spiritual dance, spiritual martial arts, life coaches, and mediation teachers. They include more holistic therapists, compassionate Buddhist paths, teachers or practitioners of disciplines Zen, Bardo. It is also for those who are sick and seeking information to heal their issues, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or soul issues;

5. Karmic-Healing Spiritual
This is a fated path, it is thrust upon you, not chosen. It’s for those who have come to pay their karma and suffer horribly for decades and life must be structured through fight or flight, spiritual disciplines of mastery, self-mastery, spiritual learnings, the retreating (non-social) life.

6. Moon Path: Lunar work, the Goddess, Night Goddesses
Realignments with the returning of the power of the Goddess of ancient times and pre-patriarch times, brought into the present day in one’s life, in their circles, rituals, ceremonies, and bonding and support between women. Some men also dedicate themselves to their goddess of choice. Includes Wicca, and some female Pagan paths. Honoring, healing, and living by the interior, inner self (known as the moon path). 

7. Men’s Religion, Men’s Paganism, Men’s Indigenous
From ancient times until today, men’s teachings of their god(s) and Mind-Body is for men, men’s bodies, and men’s behavioral changes from negative or dark, to light and disciplined. I included the Indigenous here because they too have primarily over the last 1500 years and not ruled by the Grandmothers as Chiefs. They respect the grandmother – but the ways of the patriarch had changed all peoples of the earth and that is evident. Many others had moved into the more feminine approaches the last forty years of Gnostic, Kaballah, Buddhism and Sufi teachings and the return of paganism that included women. 

8. Plant (drug) Shamans
Those who cannot vision naturally, nor dream naturally or develop their gifts of vision naturally through karmic purification. They were not born shamans. They take hallucinogenic plants which give them the plant’s visions, not their own soul’s visions. Many ex-addicts take this path. This type of vision is first-level projection. a projected image-vision (rather than soul visions). There are consequences later in life if one does it more than a few times a month. There is also a lot of dark demonic energy in these circles around the world, but they wouldn’t know it because they don’t vision naturally to see them.

9. Shaman Practitioners (Medicine Women and Medicine Men)
This group is varied in their healing skills as good to excellent healers, and who study knowledge about shamans. They carry and use a drum as shaman practitioners or what one could call apprentices.

10. Natural Born Shamans, (non-drug, non-plant
      shamans), Dreamers, Exorcists

Mastering the weaver’s fate, overcoming death, and the nature of dualism of self in the wrathful dismemberment is what real shamans must endure in their lifetime, coinciding with their visions and gifts that rise from extreme loss and pain. Co-creative mystically with nature, this world, and the underworld and its shadowy demons are a part of the pain. The consequences of real shamanism are deadly, and constantly loom over one’s life of suffering; many sicknesses and soul sicknesses must be endured almost all of one’s life as a shaman. The deeper and deeper you try to heal, the more and more karma surfaces from lifetimes. Until the veil between this world and the dreaming levels of earth, the underworld levels, and the middle worlds completely vanishes which thrusts one into total chaos.

11. Try them all “Seekers”
The curious, who seek a bit of everything. Sometimes they find their passion to go deeper, then they will find some satisfaction in their journey.

12. Spiritual Entrepeneurs
Those who seek a spiritual path as a way to make a regular living and live a spiritual life through their work or service. Many psychics and readers call themselves spiritual entrepreneurs today.

13. The Power & Control Religions and Spirituality:
      Black Magic, Voodoo, Dark Witches, Satanism,
      Possessions etc.

Those who tend to have a lot of karma and still trying to seek power rather than self-purity (burning their own karma through pain). This category is types of Black Magic, Dark Spell Projections onto others, Demonic Possessions, Astral Sex, the Dark Side of the Dark (rather the light side of the dark) etc.

14. The Paranormal Seekers
Those who seek to understand the mystery of the strange occurrences of earth, the phenomena of UFOs and Starports, the Military involvement, and things that don’t add up. Very rare are the people who are fully conscious and dream walk on ships like myself (since I was a child), who ended up being about the vast amounts of information we’ve gained the last forty years.

15. Science, Nature, Spirituality
The more masculine left-brained naturalists use scientific and science words to express the natural world replacing god or goddess or even spiritual naturalists. Although, they seem to be bending more towards the spiritual side of animals, nature, and the earth in relationship to taking care of her and her importance in regards to balancing out our personal human behaviors. This is worth noting the changes in the last ten years might be from the younger generations.

16. Atheism
Rejection of religious, mystical, or spiritual natures (but with less emphasis against spiritual) and more rebellion towards religions of men.

Painting: The Full Moon by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky (Russia, 1817-1900); Goddess of the North – Bixia Yuanjun, Primordial Sovereign of the Colored Clouds of Dawn