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ELDER MOUNTAIN DREAMING – Dreamer’s Collective, Spiritual Artist Retreats/Creative Space and Gardens located in the Pacific Northwest, Ashland Oregon. We are a small three fold space created by Phoenix the Elder, Wisdom Teacher of Elder Mountain – Dreamer (Shaman), Sacred Artist & Folk Healer;  Jennifer Lee Reeves – Dreamer, Sacred Artist and Gardener; and Sarah Burnt Stone – Dreamer, Artist and Dancer. Opening Spring Equinox 2019.

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PHOENIX THE ELDER – Phoenix was fated this lifetime from birth as the next dreamer (shaman), of her family’s lineage (Polish Whisperer, Szeptuchy, Ukraine Mol’farka). Her elders were from Tyczyn, Poland, a Podkarpackie Voivodeship in Rzeszów and Lubaczów at the border of Ukraine. She aligns with the Lemko traditions.  Lifelong Initiations: Having undergone a lifetime of death, chaos and rebirth initiations starting at birth. Her mysticism and karmic purification began at 17 years old and for the next for decades she underwent the tests of chaos initiations, transformational intiations, tests from family and community karmic relationship destruction, then into the realms of visions, out of bodies, lucid dreaming, mental body dreaming, and then the last ten years the multiple soul dreaming bodies including animism. Her main focus was the purification death rites of the shaman, then nature and lastly mother earth tests. “My life has been three decades of various depths of loss and pain, spiritual warrior tests and the endurance and releases of physical sicknesses, soul sicknesses, and mental break(through) sicknesses to survive death over and over again. She has led a strict spiritual disciplined life including mandatory of all sobriety to advance. All were completed in the winter of 2015 at 57 years old. 

Phoenix Flowers 18 2016 2Folk Healer – Supporting issues for those who wish to heal in the non-medication, not pot, non-shamanic drugs (plants) path, to work with emotional, physical and mental imbalances and challenges. Phoenix’s specialty is structuring peoples chaos into natural medicine extracted from themselves through guidance and offering self discipline and self-transformational as an application to their lifestyle and to learn to work by structuring ones emotional fears and triggers such as: addictions, bi-polar, self sabotage, family & relationship issues, sexual issues and power/dis-empowerment issues etc. She brings all her work of many world modalities practices and worked with, over the years into one larger “living” process to give service to others of what she has accomplished (walked her talk).  Esoteric & Soul work: Seer Readings, Intuitive Counsel, Medical Intuitive, I-Ching, Qi Jing readings, 35 year professional Astrologer. Mirror-synchronicity medicine through Lunar cycles (living by the 13 moons of year).

Dreamer (shaman): Working with specific dedicated students and apprentices worldwide; group and individual circles, individual work-study, winter soul retrievals, summer magical journeys (no shamanic plant/drugs). Her gifts of dreams, dreaming and dream walking (dreamtime) as a teacher helps students advance through her ancient soul dreaming medicines she received in her death initiations. She gets to the “karmic soul roots” that manifest all dis-eases. Self mastery focused in dreaming work in combination with self healing & lunar work “Symbol-Signs-Synchronicity” are practices for Dream advancement. Includes the creativity of Art, Mythology, Folkology, Peasantry and Image transformational teachings in dream work. Dream Ceremony & Ceremonial work with sacred circles since 1996: Intentional work, women’s goddess, dream and moon circles, waking/night dreaming awareness and integration teachings, ancient dreaming medicine work. She who Wind-Whispers (shadow huntress and exorcist): Eradication of shadow astral bodies, shadow roamers of any kind, who cause sickness or sickness in spaces that are intense, imbalance and chaotic. Space or land clearings of hauntings, shadows, depossessions and exorcisms.  Ceremonial Energetic cleansing, purification and dissolve for the more severe cases. Exorcisms for Individual cases. Phoenix has been strictly teaching apprentices since 1995 and a few dedicated clients, and now opens to the general public in small and personal ways. Some studentships are available for the right persons, sobriety is mandatory for two year before working with Phoenix.

Jennifer Lee Reeves and Sarah Burnt Stone’s Bios coming soon.

moon phases


for the vastness of Spiritual teachings in the world – Empowering the spiritual seeker or the expanding spiritual person who wishes to move forward to the next level. Phoenix helps them to understand the variables, the choices, the false teachings, the differences between New Age work, Traditonal Spiritual work, Knoweledge and Metaphyical, Paranormal, Pagan, Eastern Religions and the Old Age reborn (pre-his-story), Drug (plant) Shamanism vs Real Shamanism. All come with knowledge and personal responsibility. Counsel session(s) are a wise guide because it can be confusing with so much from so many perspectives and opionions and even limitations of some. With 35 years of experience in disciplines, knowledge and healing practices and spiritual teacher of students, apprentices and clients the last 25 years, she has a well rounded in understanding from experiences to help you find a “very grounded” approach to your path to help you decide the right path for you. One 2 hour session  $130.00 or three (2 hour sessions) $300.00 (Skype or Phone) Email:

Elder Mountain magical forest Maiden2. THE GATHERING OF DREAMERS (July 2017) – Empowering the Dreamer. A Series of six personal dream work sessions (2 hours) with dedicated homework and practices in-between and emails.  Individual one on one teaching $350.00 – Registration is now closed. Next 6 month sessions start in July at the end of 2017.

This work-study is a personal one on one teaching, guidance, direction and practices with monthly meetings by phone or skype. Phoenix works to advance people in the trinity of “healing” along side their dream work, with understanding the differences and subtle, learning to value the “dreamer” experience. She adds practices and folk healing towards the emotional healing work which we all must do. The integration of our dreams and our personal issues, or fears hold us back when life knocks on the door again with new “change”. If you are interested in adding a new layer to your dream work, please write

2017 Video Series:
A series of three video classes – Introduction to the Empath & the Intuitive; Video 2 – The Empath, its Gifts and Challenges; Video 3 – The Intuitive and the Gifts of the Knower. $85.00. Series is a six hour teaching videos focusing on the sensitivities and gifts of those who experience their emotional body called the Intuitive and the Empath. If you think you are an intuitive or an empath, these video classes are informative, in depth about what empaths and intuitives are and how they operate in their expression. How to structure these gifts to bring emotional relief.



Peasant Dreaming: The Ancient Spirit of Wołogór, Dreamer of Ox Mountain

Spring blessing of cattle in Poland

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain, Edited by Sarah Burnt Stone – As a dreamer, Dreaming is my first language and has been since my birth. I live the life of a dream walker, which means I dream awake (in the waking life) and there is no longer a veil between that and my midnight dreamer (night dreaming). Because of this, I do not follow the mythology of what is often suggested in the world religions, esoteric teachings, paganism or even much of indigenous teachings because these have very similar stories/teachings under grandfathers leadership over all things sacred. 

Many teachings speak of the World Tree or what is referred to as the “Tree of Life” in Paganism, New Age Spirituality and the Kabbalah. As a Dreamer I live within the realms of the just as ancient, World River of the Golden Baba: The River and its wisdom that flows from the earth’s Sacred Mountains and that relationship to our souls.

The World River is nature’s mysticism of water: clouds, moisture (air not earth), the descending rain, lightening, thunder and the hovering fog of mystery which is the mysticism of the feminine soul. These were the ways of my pre-history Slavic and Balkan ancestors, and I am the descendant of these mysteries of the elements.

This article is about the lore of Wołogór the dreamer of Ox Mountain. What impresses me most about this is Wołogór (who is strongly connected with the bull) is not associated with any men’s hunting rites. The stories are not about the quest to overpower the bull or about being given the task of killing him, which are themes found in many Greek and Babylonian Bull mythology.   

lands of Wologor

Wołogór’s exit from the Slavic lands (when humanity fell asleep) contain a great deal of gentleness and respect. The gentleness that characterizes everything about this tradition shows us he is an oral connection to the matriarchal cultural lineages of pre-history’s Grandmother Shamanism. Many people try to claim and hold onto a specific cultural story but I do not because Wologor is like other Oxen and Bull cultural stories around the world. 

Legends about the Mountain Spirits of Karkonosze are mostly from the written accounts of the Middle Ages and were recorded historical folklore from previous oral traditions, but some of them have an older shamanic culture feel, in which they were born:

Krakonoš (Wind Spirit and later a Dwarf who is a Guardian Spirit of the Mountains). This is a Czech Republic folklore, and described as ruler of the winds which makes it shamanic, and a daemon spirit who punishes indiscriminately, making it a pagan lore. In later depictions he was a righteous champion of the poor, shown more as a dwarf and capable of transforming to any creature or object, making him a magical being. He too, like the others is a guardian of the mountains and protector of the people. He has connections to both paganism and shamanism because he can shape shift and shape shift into storms (weather or elements). The first illustrations comes from the Krakonoše, Helwigovy maps of Silesia from 1561. (Wiki).

Rübezahl (Mountain Spirit) is a German folktale and he is also called Woodwose who lives in the Krkonose Mountains (Giant Mountains), a mountain range along the border between the historical lands of Bohemia and Silesia.  The Woodwose is a wild man of the forests and woods, a mythical figure comparable to a Faun or a Wildman. He doesn’t really have much in common with Wologor and is strictly pagan. He derives from the 12th century (in written languages) and depicted as being covered with hair all over his body. He is closer associated with Green Man after the 16th Century. (Wiki).

Liczyrzepa (Mountain Spirit) is a Polish folklore who was originally a personification of the forces of nature, associated with the culture of Swantewit. This Mountain Spirit was later called “Lord John” (Dominus Johannes) a resulted from the introductions of the cult of St. John the Baptist and the existing pagans. The Polish name Liczyrzepa is a direct translation of the German name Rübezahl, introduced by Stanisław Bełza in 1898. It became widespread in Poland after 1945, when Józef Sykulski started to translate tales of Rübezahl from German into Polish. In one Silesian folktale, he is called “Prince of the Gnomes” from a legend dating back to the Middle Ages. In early pagan summer solstice rites, he resembled a Deer standing on its hind legs. (Wiki).


Wołogór is a Polish folklore and legend which is a Mountain Spirit from the Karkonosze Mountains who in its animistic and shamanic past was a guardian to both the mountains and the inhabitants of the mountains of that region. He has a definable shamanic past because his appearance of an ox and the body of a man. He wears his natural clothing and carries a magical staff and the most important, one who dreams and experiences love. According to Lamus Dworsky, Wołogór in the Polish tradition, was said to have been given the task of guarding the small region near Wołowa Góra (which translates to Ox mountain) and reporting the condition of the area to the Great Mountain Spirit.

It is in this context that Wołogór is most vividly depicted as having an ox head and carrying a decorated staff that endows him with magical powers. Peasants would say that this spirit ensured everything was in working order and the people living nearby were safe and showed respect to nature. Sometimes he was known for assisting the locals or showing the way to lost visitors. He appears in only the local villagers’ dreams to let them know he is there to help.

The people of Budniki, Poland who do their Wołogór celebrations call them, the Welcoming the Sun and Farewell to the Sun which makes them an Autumn and Spring Equinox ritual.  Because rituals have lost their original real “rites”, what we have left today is more a gathering to honor something of our past, which includes food, music, dancing or gatherings. The very earliest of humans who lived in Dreaming cultures without written languages, connects to the simplicity of Wołogór. As time went on, these dream cultures transformed into shamanic cultures which connects the simplicity of

Shamanic cultures transformed into Goddess cultures and Goddess cultures turned into Paganism. Paganism became Patriarchy and Patriarchy is the structure that underlies most present-day folklore, religions, political and philosophical paradigms.


As eras of time moved forward, cultural changes combined with the growing popularity of alcohol and drug myths (Dionysian Cults). This began to change mythology, especially in the way it depicted the sacred masculine. The increasing amount of tribal and spiritual leadership that was taken over by men who worshipped the proud warrior archetype (based on the Unconquered Sun God myths) further served to expand the gap between the style of old mythology and the new. As battles, politics, science and military became the new masculine, we saw we saw many myths lose the gentleness that can still be found in the roots of Wołogór’s folklore.

The most ancient of folklore always depicted a peaceful and magical earth, where men were helpers to women and children; where there were no warriors at all. We can see how some of the tales of Wołogór actually reflect the changing eras of world culture, particularly in the way sacred masculine love was transformed into depictions of the struggle of unrequited love and rejection.

Wołogór and his human love with a woman started as an act of seduction in her dreaming. However, she loved someone else and rejected Wołogór’s advances in her dreams. He decided to appear in her home in person.


He came with so much love that fire fell out of his heart which is symbolic for our spirit connected to nature (elements) and set her house on fire. Wołogór understood his mistakes of passion out of control, and he decided not to intervene in human lives again. The woman got married and had children and continued her life, rejecting the magical ancient earth and what it had contained. This shows that both men and women had agreed that the old ways were not wanted anymore and that the dominance of the church and their urging women to have lots and lots of children and the binding of marriage in elaborate bride rituals without any spirituality of ancient female rituals, was the new men’s church fashion… in other words, control.

Wołogór saw that the people were changing in this way and that the sacred rivers that flowed from the spiritual mountains were not wanted anymore, in fact it became superstitious if anyone revealed the old ways as judgments were harsh. The people he had always protected and loved started to decline as they fell asleep in the great sleep of humanity. Wołogór’s magic (represented by his staff) slowly began to lose its magic. It was time for him to retreat back into the dreaming, because there’s no one left for him who believed anymore.

WołogórIt is said he went up a spring called Malina near some waterfalls, and there he pushed his staff and his right foot against a huge boulder leaving the shapes in the stone. He was never seen in the dreams again, but locals believe he might return when they are in need.

The folklore of Wołogór is very strong in small mountain cultures where ancient oxen (bull) once roamed free and there are still many Polish folk traditions that include the Ox symbolically.

budnikach staff

Kolęda, which is a practice of caroling at the winter solstice is a ritual that is still strongly associated with the Ox even today (and which sometimes has been substituted for a cow, but never a goat). During this time, villagers will walk around visiting homes with someone dressed as an ox and carry elaborate Christmas Stars. (See article on Elder Mountain called the “Midnight Sun”, the Koliada Star).

Some cultures have replaced the older ox with the new pagan goat in ritual and folk stories (a substitution that comes from more recent Dionysus/goat cult inspired traditions, even the Slavic peoples). The ox is the more archaic version of the animal associated with this ritual and is the indigenous Slavic animal associated with the rites of fertility. Legends like Wołogór and the Mountain Spirit of Karkonosze help us reclaim what was forgotten during the changing of cultural rituals and awaken to where we fell asleep due to religious forbidding rites connected with these dream cultural experiences.

For dreamers and old souls, times are changing for the better and we can now accept the possibility of our return so dominated by scholars, universities, archaeologist, authors or book writers who have brought limitation of what our ancient past was. We return to these rituals and these ancient ways without persecution and begin to live the rituals, perform them not as carnival or festival, but small ancient sacred ceremonies in which they were, and include the leadership of grandmothers.

A poem about Wologor on Wołowa Mountain …


You may think I was dreaming,
But in this wasteland, life sparks,
Not only thickets and conifers,
but deer, birds or other animals.

Rocks falling from the slopes
or mountain rushing streams,
Footprints of a stray wanderer’s shoes …
No, more real life!

Some time ago, several centuries,
You can hear the children here
Absorbed in care free fun
Yes, there were children here
so you already know yourself.

Where the children, there parents and family,
homesteads, houses and chimneys
Smoking; In a word: a real settlement,
Yes, a village was here, it’s not overdone.

Village? How is it? Seriously?
A village – I say – listen carefully!
And it is not a fairy tale nor a legend
by the fire the righteous talk.

Well, it was during the great turmoil,
When the world was engrossed in
religious movements,
  when the defenders
of faith took their heads,
 they were
fighting and dying.

Not for God’s sake, but for mammon,
After all, when the mind is asleep,
the demons wake up …

So wise people sought refuge,
They ran in their legs, without
a moment’s respite.

When they reached this place,
they rested for a moment,

Do you run away, they probably thought?
And this place is charming, peaceful,
They realized that somehow they
would survive the war.

Thirty years have passed; The war ceased,
The village has grown here, the village has been here,
They could come back safely, as they knew,
They could come back, but somehow
they did not want to come back.

Here they found their happiness 
Happiness must be guarded,
do not abandon it.
  It will grow and
flourish generously,

Life will be sweet and calm.

And so it probably was, we guess,
And exactly how it was – we do not
know that anymore.

And we’ll never know for sure,
Because history usually does
not betray everything.

Feeding the imagination, leaving some myths,
Poets, artists, magicians and fortune tellers,
Dreamy hearts about a child’s mind …
The rest is silence; this is strictly confidential.

What are some old photos betraying,
Tales kept in the attic, in the closet
I’m afraid of history, sometimes dulled
Echoes of ancient legends from
the cave under the forest.

The name to find one is the hard work:
Forstlangwasser, Forstbauden or Forest Buddy,
Forest Clamps or Foresters’ Houses,
The definition of this place we have a few.

And lastly, as the chronicles say
It is commonly known today as Budniki.
With such a wealth of names – what to do?
Well here not to overdo it?

Each of us reads the secret differently.
Let anyone who arrives in this area,
depend on your heart and your understanding,
Let her name – best as she can …

What do you think you will say about yourself?
After all, the name is just a name, letters,
What matters more is our experience
our Dreams, imagination, not the word “life” …

But there are also signs of time, unfortunately,
Hearts are very different from the poet’s heart,
In a place like this they feel different,
Thoughts are cool – profits are calculated,

Everything they want to cash in, invest everywhere,
Capable to sell everything, straighten nature,
Even the sliced secret would cut,
Without regretting for a moment,

In Budniki and houses to rebuild,
And people sold tickets to them …
When what is priceless will be priced,
This whole spell is going up and everything is over.

It will not be then a magic place,
Become more popular, more touristy
And it will be quite different than it used to be,
And no one else will dream …

But luckily there will always be something for us,
Because the place is certainly older than the slaughter,
Who knows what was happening in the old days,
What kind of sleep in the surrounding woods.

That no one will examine and will not answer us,
Maybe the camps had wild Celts here?
Because the older they are, the darker the cards,
Unforgettable myths in the earliest of times.
I am neither a seer nor a scholar,
Maybe Wologor on Wołowa Mountain
He will echo through the hole in the cloud …

Enigmabudnik, the Enigmabudnik…
Wake up the secret; Let Budnik silence continue!
Because in the silence the Heart hear Izbica Spruce,
In the veins to feel the raspberry, in the eyes of a Spark …

Poem: Izbicki’s Bride (2015.9.29)

Ox, Oxen, Bull in Mythology, Folklore, Legends  – Oxen in other legends – In many cultures, the symbolism of the Ox is interwoven with a story that connects a male and female character.  One of the most famous stories is the Chinese myth of the Heavenly Weaving Maiden with the Ox herding boy. It is said that the Ox herding Boy and the Weaving Maiden must live separately their whole lives except for one day of the year when they can walk across a celestial bridge of Magpie birds to be together. This day is celebrated on 7th day of the 7th lunar month in many Asian countries and is their modern “Valentine’s Day” equivalent. This festival has been celebrated since the Han Dynasty (206 BCE). There are many stories online with older contexts than the modern Valentines Day stories.

Ox (Bull) in ancient cultures and its symbolism is also strongly featured in the Cretan myths. King Minos of Crete competed with his brothers to rule the land. Minos prayed to Poseidon, the Sea God, to send him a snow-white bull as a sign of support. He intended to kill the shamanistic woman’s era bull to show honour to the man’s human deity, but decided to keep it instead because of its beauty. He thought Poseidon would not care if he kept the white bull and sacrificed one of his own. To punish Minos, Poseidon made Pasiphaë, Minos’s wife, fall deeply in love with the Bull.

Goddess Cultures of the Middle East, Achaemenid period ca. 550 - 330 BCE

Pasiphaë had a craftsman (Daedalus) make a hollow wooden cow, and climbed inside it in order to mate with the white bull. Their offspring was the monstrous Minotaur. Pasiphaë nursed him, but he grew and became ferocious, being the unnatural offspring of a woman and a mythical ox. Minos sought advice from the Seers and Oracle at Delphi, who advised him to construct a gigantic labyrinth to hold the Minotaur. Its location was near Minos’ palace in Knossos.

The story of the Cretan Bull (which historically some scholars have suggested it as the strong female bull and its destruction of an earlier era) and the Maidens who danced upon her or him connecting their labyrinth of feminine fertility which is the connection between the solid earth and our physical life, relative to housing our Soul’s Dreaming, its Intuitive Oracular Gifts and the sight of the Seer of the ancient Body & Soul.

Budniki Forstbaude archaeological site archaeological excavations October 2014,
Budniki Schronisko Forstbaude wykopaliska archeologiczne październik 2014:

Labrinths of Solovetsky Photo from Slavyanska Kultura

Elder Mountain – If you are interested in learning more about the rites of dreaming culture and how it can help be integrated into your emotional healing journey, soul or moon work, or creative practices. – We welcome artists, dreamers, healers into our community and will be offering workshops, retreats and a creative cereemony in Ashland, Oregon near the end of 2018.

Note: The Golden Babas (grandmothers) article on Elder Mountain Dreaming:каменные-баба-kamennaia-baba

Wonderful Sources: The Budniki, Poland people are the main source of a “living” ritual for all of us to enjoy Wologor, you can find them here:; other links are, Special thanks to Lamus Dworski and her scholarly (written folklore) approaches of her translation and researched version of Wologor, you can find her article of Wologor on her web page here:;  Budniki Poland’s website:; Budniki Forstbaude archaeological site archeological excavations October 2014 – Budniki Schronisko Forstbaude wykopaliska archeologiczne październik 2014; Gorlitz Museum Krakonoš (Rübezahl-Museum). Wiki, Vlastivědný Proceedings, Vol seventh Museum Podkrkonoší in Trutnov Trutnov, 1983, Photos and images included in this article are from the celebrations of the people who live in Budniki Poland; Baba and Bull Spring blessing of cattle in Poland; Karol Nienartowicz Polish Photographer of the Karkonosze, Gianni De Conno, Poèmes à la Lune, Polish Wiki, Various sources translated from Polish websites, Karkonosze (karkɔˈnɔʂɛ) National Park, Poland (Bohemia, 1518), Image of the large statue of the Bull in the Middle East of the Achaemenid period ca. 550 – 330 BCE.

Note: My sharing of cultural weaving with shamanic fated life of experiences, is to enlighten the heart and soul of the readers who visit here and those who come to Elder Mountain in person. I only have respect to those who practice or celebrate their cultural past and my intention for sharing are from my gifts of dreaming, dream walking, folk healing, soul work, soul healing, time travel as a pure shaman. I am most certainly grateful for all writers and authors as they share the approaches of knowledge-share, from other’s books, old articles or library and university resources. I am very grateful to my own Polish/Ukraine and the pre-his-story tribes belonging to Wologor himself. I share, regardless who the source is, be it Wologor himself or a writer, dancer, singer or gatherer of information who all sharing the same living or re-birthing journeys of the joys of cultural traditions through the arts. All are blessed because of it, including me. 

First Full Moon of Spring


First Full Moon of Spring (in Libra), Monday, April 10/11, 2017 (11:08 pm PDT on the 10th) – Greetings Dreamers, Artists, Healers and Shaman wanna bees, blessings to you on this first full moon of Spring! I am always happy when Spring returns her beauty each year. Various traditions have many names for full moons, like this months Pink Moon, and whichever name you align with, its wise to keep moon or lunar work very simple because it is very powerful.

Simple is always the focus because moon work through dreaming and intentions is very intimate, personal and our emotional nature is very complex (rather than the mind-body “cosmic/universe” sun/solar types of teachings). Simple helps us maintain balance and speaking of balance, this is a Libra Full Moon, so balance is its very root.

Did anyone have a healing dream last night? If you need healing, then set the intention tonight on the full moon before you go to dreaming. If you need other aspects of your life seen or worked on, then ask your ‘inner dreamer’ for something very personal about that. People try to apply dream/soul work to their waking life of our physical world and physical life, but the soul does not live in this world, it lives in the world of dreams and feelings, unlike our mind/body. Its a good dream practice to begin to understand that cyclical dreaming and moon work cannot really be separated, because of recurrent energy that returns again and again in cycles.

Last night I set my intention before sleep, to heal my “heart-cold” in my chest up to my throat chakra, which I have had for just the past few days. As a healer I tend to absorb the emotional energetic sickness of others if I spend time with them and always know that my gifts come with these types of responsibilities. So my blockage in my heart area is both others (as healing for them) and for my own continual healing journey to keep flowing.

One of my apprentices also wrote me this morning and shared that she too, had set her dream intention for healing and received a very clear answer, also a wound from her past. After my dream last night, I then set my one “release” intention right when I woke up this morning (on the day or evening of the full moon is most potent)

I release the wounds of my Heart, in a healthy and safe way.
(literally in the heart area physically that I have had for three days)

moon eyes

Most of you here on our monthly lunar work-study have set your ‘one’ intention on the New Moon (two weeks ago), and everything was revealed and surfaced in order to release it today with one full moon release intention. I am sure some of you are becoming more aware of this practice as each month turns into years and see the power of it revealed.

Because the moon, lunar or emotional & soul work is so intimate, it symbolically represents our “inner emotional life” and for us to live this life of the World River and its Sacred Mountain (verses the teachings of the Tree of Life), we dreamers too must learn to flow emotionally and recognize our inner dreamer, our deep emotions, our anger, our sadness. We cannot attain our soul’s wisdom until we commit to healing and understandings where we have come form or what we must work with in the  present (or both for some who are over 40). Mysticism, awareness and being conscious is all just plain hard work!

Try to go out and just look at the full moon tonight and re-connect with the beauty of your ancient feminine and her medicines, and how that is expressed this lifetime on a personal level. You will recognize that she (the moon) is very quiet, gentle and simple as she glides across the midnight sky. I once wrote a poem asking the readers if they would notice if she was gone and how many days, months or years would it take for one to notice her. She is a great mirror and holds balance for us emotionally as a symbolic teaching in this busy world of mind body movements, challenges, stresses and especially the unconsciousness of:

We cannot address or heal anything until we become conscious of it… This means that almost all mystical experiences, synchronicity-symbolism that crosses our path in this waking world has to be recognized slowly. Nature’s magic (shamanism) when done without shamanic plants/drugs is an entire different reality on earth and contains the  hidden from our view. The more aware we become through practices in our real relationships, our real emotional struggles, conflict etc, very, very slowly the shamanic world reveals itself with each small awakening of our personal emotional life through healing of our nature. 

Did you find anything magical that appeared right on your path in the last two weeks? My finding this moon was my chest (heart) cold and I jumped on it right away. I had also met a beautiful young woman two days ago, who found a Hello Kitty Magical Light as it was right in her path as she walked. That was a wonderful symbol for this full moon. When she picked it up it I thought of my daughter and how she loved HK, but also reminded me of a funny skit by comedian Margaret Cho. All symbols are good to find, so look for your symbols that appear, they are important in moon cycle work, when you find them, they will help you mold your intention (either new or full moon intentions).

Those who follow the more shamanic path, the animals, birds, insect and oceanic clans also come (but make sure they look you in the eye for a period of time or interact with you personally before calling them a symbol, which most call a totem.) Totems can come for a day or keep coming over and over again, like dreams that repeat.

First full moon of Spring Astrology Chart shows we have a powerful T-Square (the triangle in Red) which means tensions (growth) and a Uranus/Sun conjunction opposite Moon/Jupiter and Pluto which ties them all together. Generally Uranus/Son is like the one person in your life who is total chaos and a trouble maker, this full moons energy is like that and will own the next two weeks. For those who have planets in Aries or Libra, check your chart and see if the moon or sun conjuncts any of those plants.

first full moon of spring

Full moon dreaming is the time to honor who we are and to share our ‘release’ of what no longer serves our highest good (emotionally), as its not about the world we live in or about others… Learning to let go, is the feminine half of all spiritual teachings in the world, one full moon at a time! 

Blessings on the Full Moon ~Phoenix


Telekenisis Hydrokenisis Aerokenisis

The Kinesis Generation (Uranus/Neptune conjunction) who were born between 1988-1998 world wide, have some unique chemistry. Kinesis (biology), is a movement or activity of a cell or organism in response to stimulus. Telekenisis, Hydrokenisis, Aerokenisis, a movement of the physical, the wind and water through a persons biology/energy systems.

If you were born during these years, especially the peak of 1992-1993, start your practices now or tell your kids or grandchildren to start their practices now to get good at them, it will come in handy in their future.

This doesn’t mean they are Avatars (yet) it means they have only the possibility to heal their soul’s karma to attain all gifts back this lifetime through very intense hard work everyday for at least two decades. The mystery is never free, she always demands a price.


Crabby little Sea Scorpion

Polish artist Marcin Nagraba in his interpretation of ‘The Moon_ Tarot card. Costume designed by Agnieszka Osipa.

By Phoenix the Elder – My apprentice Burnt Stone and I were talking again about the Cancer symbol of the Lobster looking Scorpion. In antiquity, the symbol was not the Crab for the sign of Cancer, it was the “Sea Scorpion” and this is why some of the old Zodiac and Esoteric work features the Lobster looking Scorpion, associated with the Moon (Cancer rules the Moon).

This symbol reveals the connection of Cancer to all water signs, the next water sign of Scorpio (Scorpion symbol), and since the moon rules the tides of the ocean, it connects to the third water sign of Pisces (fish), which rules the oceans.

Burnt Stone shared: Akrabh or acrab (a-crab), is the Hebrew word for Scorpion. That scorpions were “engendered” from crabs (a belief in classical times): Ovid (Metamorphoses, 1st century CE, 15, 369-371) wrote:

Christian DIor 2009“If you remove the hollow claws of land-crabs, and put the rest under the soil, a scorpion, with its curved and threatening tail, will emerge from the parts interred”

The first Scorpions are believed to have evolved from the Eurypteridae or Water Scorpions 425 to 450 million years ago in the Silurian Period. Sea Scorpions might have been the first animals to move onto land making scorpions one of the pioneers of terrestrial life.

They would have needed to be able to withstand the strong ultraviolet rays before the ozone layer buildup, scorpions fluoresce under ultraviolet light.


Art: Polish artist Marcin Nagraba and his Tarot card: The Moon, costume designed by Agnieszka Osipa;

Romanian Folk Magic at Midnight

Maramures, Romania

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Magical practice at the stroke of Midnight are symbolic practices and are the gifts of our ancient ancestors of the distant worlds and Romanian women have always kept these traditions alive. The older pagan cultures of the Slavic peoples celebrate the New Year on the Spring Equinox (and Ukraine still does). One such magical practice of the spring new year, which you could use at any equinox or solstice eve, is the tradition done the night before the Spring Equinox…

Goddess celebrations of Spring, in many cultures would last an entire week, from the 19th until the 23rd of March, because the energy of the Spring Equinox is at its strongest then. You can still do the rituals here, just make sure you set your intention clearly and simple…

At the end of the night light year in-between the old and the new year, at 12:00 midnight before the dawn turning into the Spring Equinox…. go and look at the night sky and count  the new stars you see and what will be your destiny. You can also go in the house, put a ring of gold in a glass of water, place it in front of a candle and behind the candle a mirror. They say the one who looks in the mirror sees an opening of the door of their destiny.

Magic Slavic Shamanism Pre Pagn 2Leave a small night light on or a candle in a lantern all night long when you go to sleep and dream, the gates are open to get luck as the old year leaves and the new returns the next morning on the Spring Equinox. They say, if your soul is clear, the opening of the door of the heavens will give you a glimpse.

Maramureș is a geographical, historical and ethno-cultural region in northern Romania and western Ukraine and these village people at midnight lean wood pieced against the home’s outside wall. Each piece of wood represents every soul in your house until morning and when you go outside in the morning to check on them, if any fell over, that’s considered a tough year for the person it was intended for.

Villagers also read the whole year’s weather with onions – cut an onion in half and set out 12 pieces of papers (one for each month of the year). Salt each of them in equal amounts. Set the onion in the center and circle the paper around the onion. Let them sit overnight and in the morning, depending on the amount of water collected, its said that the moisture or dryness of each paper represents the dry or wet months.

I imagine you can also do this with your moon ritual on the day of the spring equinox, if you want and set the intention of difficult moons (wet) and easy moons (dry) and then keep track of your moon cycles the entire year.

On the spring equinox morning ritual take a bath and wash yourself before sunrise. In the water put a silver penny, some basil and a branch of a tree and wash yourself for lucky year and blessings of abundance.

Enjoy and keep the Magic alive, Phoenix

Sources: Iulia Gorneanu, University of Bucharest; first photo a compilation photo including Romanian grandmothers called Baba Dochia and a selection of an image of one of Douglas Girard, figurative Landscape painter; Maramures, Romania Maiden;

First New Moon of Spring

Welcome Spring, Louis Janmot (detail) 1845

Monthly Lunar Workstudy with Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Happy new year to Mother Earth and we celebrate the 1st New Moon of Spring! I hope that your three winter moon practices left you a little more grounded, at least enough to commit to another year of lunar intention work. Fresh air returns and opens the windows of our soul – so let the rebirth begin. The First New Moon of Springs 3 Moons, starts Monday, March 27, 2017 at 7 degrees Aries.

As a practice, lunar work requires that we start looking for our personal signs and synchronicities about two or three days before the actual new moon. We pay attention and keep a mental note, or write what appears in our dream journal to loosen our psyche and our mental body’s strong hold who does not see nor understands what the soul sees and feels. This is the gestation womb period, a time where our soul is already paying attention to the sounds and feelings of the shifts of the moon, our body and mother earths changes.

The origin of our soul before our birth into this reincarnated life in our world, we are still in our mothers womb, senses things outside the womb, for those of us who remote view, once the child has developed pass the seventh or eight moon they can see, truly and they can feel everything the mother struggles with. These are the dreaming moments of the our pre-manifested life, in relationship to the energy of moon cycles, our mothers soul and dream cycles, and the in-between the waking worlds and the dreaming worlds.

Those who are dying, so back fully to this place during time of passage. That is why its important to pay attention during the days just before the new moon because its deep within you to do this as a soul, rather than let our mind dominate all of our life.

Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) over winter landscape of northern Canada. Yuichi Takasaka

Try to keep your intention in the first three New & Full Moons of Spring a bit more simple, because when Summer arrives, the building of emotional energy though out intention, gets stronger as Summer begins to peak. In esoteric terms, tarot, astrology, totems, elemental magic or even moon medicine, the beginning of spring, the fool card, or the first house in astrology all mean the same things symbolically as the first moon of Spring.

These all represent our new beginning, our definition of who we are and the embodiment of our soul, whether our soul feels entrapped or free or a bit of both. Its the moon to be alive in the physical world and our physical body, even if we experience these as painful. So chose your new moon intention of your inner life with some consciousness. New moon intentions always bring the “opposition” to us in life, because the moon like our soul is reflective, not direct.

I have an extra note for Libra people or those with a lot of Libra planets, you will be drawn into other peoples issues this cycle, because there are a lot of Aries planets bunched up dominating the energy. Try not too involve yourself in too much chaos. This moon cycle is to “love and respect” our body and soul, asking our self if we can do that work just this moon, in real terms by settling our worry, eating healthier, reaching for positive ways to work with our emotional stress. For moon or soul work, that means sharing your feelings with a trusted friend, a healer or a trusted family member.

Waterfall Pool, Devon, EnglandThe first spring moon brings forth  ‘actions’ and this moons can be somewhat complicated because Aries rule the independent side of relationship, and Libra at the next full moon, rules the connective sides of relationship (its opposition). Aries rules supporting others, while Libra exposes inequality of support (or whats termed: open enemy, recognizing that someone regardless of what they say, do not support you with their actions).

Our intention this month can focus around these types of personal growths, but not all moons are about growth, some are about balance and in the later seasons of the year, they are about death (letting go of old issues even in the intention of a new moon, which is the new beginning).

The moon this month is ruled by the element of Fire and fire in regards to relationships, can either be dramatic (intense) or bring warmth (nurturing and compromising) or purification. If its a really tough month, it will bring all three for balanced. All 3 fire moons of the year, when we apply them to our emotional and soul work, is the art of learning to compromise with our self, within balance and still be our unique fiery self. Otherwise too much fire and not enough water, can lead to some very destructive accumulations. Emotions will then rise quickly, without being controlled a bit by us, for some of you this comes more natural (that control), for others it can knock things down, and put others into shock. Either way, we have to really work at it with fire moons.

There is no shame in an underdeveloped relationship to our soul, everyone has this remembrance disease (I call it). Eventually finding ourselves through this unseen and untouched reality, we learning work with the most difficult cycles of our year. Every decade we must change, and depending upon our personal fears, how much we invest holistically to heal the self emotionally from loss or fears when it pops up again. If we do the work, we keep it flowing and can face any fear.


Attempting to get everything to work out smoothly in our real lives is a fantasy and fairy tale, and a youthful maidens journey, not the adults, and because we all base or have based our ‘expectations’ as real, when its not fulfilled or crumbles we become sad, or depressed, apathetic, or over zealous to start again to soon. Our emotional body and soul body doesn’t work that way, so we practice letting go of expectations in order to live in the present moment which go hand in hand. This helps us ground our disappointments. Practicing acceptance is true magic if we wish our life to progress.

Spring’s Enchanted Dream

Lay awake inside your nightly dream 
and learn to fly above the moonlit stream.
Seek the ancient guardian of the sea

who is only the reflection of you and me.

Cast your wishes and lots upon the stone, as you
seek your
fortunes with a bird’s sharpened knife.
If you should stumble upon the land of trolls
those are the ones who have shaken and
stolen your souls.
But no need to fear, for your treasures are your fate,
find in them, heaven’s fiery gate – because dreams
are much more than what they appear and seem.
This Month’s New Moon Intention examples
(choose only one or make up one of your own):

For the newbies: Goals are our relationship to the outer world and Intentions are our relationship to our inner world. Moon work is intentional and inner emotional realities, so we chose one that supports the self. The world then becomes the mirror reflecting our intention. 

fall valentino 2015I love myself
I am beautiful
I am healthy
I feel healthy
I am positive
I am strong

I nurture myself
I respect myself
I assert my will to change
I accept me just as I am
I express personal anger with respect

I practice healthy boundaries
I have safe sexual boundaries
I am honest with myself
I express my competitive nature in positive ways

I am healthy in my body
I express my frustrations
I am grounded
I am focused
I am well rested

It takes mother earth no effort to make herself beautiful in spring, she brings it all forth in what seems effortless and gentle, but we humans have a lot to learn to bring our beauty forth! Believe in you!

Happy New Moon Dreamers!


Sources: Welcome Spring, Louis Janmot (detail) 1845; Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) over winter landscape of northern Canada. Yuichi Takasaka; Paper art by Romanian artist and illustrator Andrea Dezsö; Waterfall Pool in Devon, England; Moon and Stars dress by Valentino, 2015.

New Moon Chart March 27 2017

Marzanna – Spring 2017

Our Elder Mountain’s video of the “Burning of Marzanna”, its a little long! Marzanna was put into the Magical pond here and she burned very rapidly, intense and fast this year, compared to last year. It was as if a wind whirl came, but there was hardly any wind to fuel the fire at that intensity. I then hung a Russian decorated Egg on our life tree afterwards… Spring is here and let the New Year (mother earths) year begin!

If you join us next year in making your Marzanna, the instructions are here and let us know your making one:


Slavic & Balkan Traditions: Marzanna (Polish), Morė (Lithuania), Morana (Czech, Bulgaria, Slovene, Serbian, Bosnia, Croatia), Morena (Slovak, Macedonia), Maslenitsa (Russia), Mara (Belarus, Ukraine), Maržena, Moréna, Mora or Marmora is a Baltic/Slavic goddess of the seasonal rites of death and rebirth of nature and woman. All prehistory goddesses associated with Grandmother stage of Winter’s death, then the rebirth of dreams and Maiden and Mother’s stages of Kostroma, Lada and Vesna represents Spring.