Mystics Dreamers and Immortals


Phoenix the Elder welcomes you to her personal, interpersonal, and collective circle. She is a fated and natural-born Dreamer (last level of a shaman and folk shaman), ancient moon huntress, wind whisperer (exorcist); and traditional Slavic folk healer. Weather Shaman of the electric fires, clouds, rain, thunder, and a winter drummer of the ten-thousand shocks as the Tao calls it.

She opened her website six years ago to support her apprentices, students, and various levels of dreamers, from the beginners of lucid, all the way to the most advanced. Teaching them the path of the forgotten ancient grandmother, pre-pagan, pre-patriarchal understanding of the soul’s deeper ways and cycles. She works with advanced dreamers who learn the fine art of lunar cycles connected to their ability to learn mirror work, reflection, synchronicity, and the cycles of signs and how that applies to one’s personal spiritual path and healing their four bodies. She has always walked her talk on her own intensely dedicated self healing paths.

In her work, she understands most people often want to find “quick solutions or an escape” through the thousands of addictions, escape or escape spiritually from their pain, boredom, loss, and struggles in life. However, the apathetic or casual view of our trauma eventually must be faced and endured in order to stay away from medications. The older we get, the deeper the core is hidden from us, and it can root upwards, finding our soul’s karmic struggles bleeding out into our life and the other three bodies, regardless of our age. This is when we can no longer avoid the depth of our issues in life.

Healing and Mysticism as a joint spiritual path, is finding solutions, meaning that most look for a cure, rather than the cause of their pain. When one begins to awaken, the cause becomes much more important than the cure and it is a step-by-step process in the mastery of letting go. This is how we heal at the first steps and the basic foundation of what we struggle with. From there we get into the specifics of each of the four bodies and what it needs to heal holistically. It’s a lot of work, but one that must be done with love, gentleness, and dedication.

“The lineage of humanity is currently New Age which has many faults, before this, men’s Religions, before that Paganism, before this, Shamanism, and the Goddess eras before that, and at the beginning, the root is the Dream Cultures. I am a Dreamer and it is why the root of everything is important to me and why wisdom from experience is so important. This requires love.”

Old souls are very rare on this planet, and the gifted dreamers with sensitive emotional bodies, seership, and astral traveling are the oldest. It is they who must learn to protect this part of the self at all costs and take risks in doing so, in both waking and dreaming at night. Most of these gifted people do not take dream medicine, purity, and sober dream practices seriously – when they should.

Some say it’s a curse to have a powerful soul and the feelings that go with it, and having real common sense. Those who must face trauma, have vivid nightmares, and suffer in any of the four bodies greatly… these are on the path to the gates of the mystery, the mystical and magic in real life. This is when the physical and the non-physical life of natural inheritance of Body and Soul, meets the forces and consciousness of the earth.

Social media portrays that we can live life in this constant realm of “love, light, and bliss” alone – without addressing our past or past life abuses, our shadow past lives, and even our demonic past lives to “heal them” not honor them.

Phoenix mastered all of her animism souls and for those who have been dedicated to this really high-level work, she initiates them to bring the first one forth, sometimes the second animism soul, but they must heal enough, to eventually carry these animism birds, animals, etc. on their own. If they do not do the work, they cannot. Many dark scorchers and magicians can project that they have animism souls but they do not, it’s just projections.

Please note…

Phoenix’s number one commitment for herself or anyone on a spiritual journey that she works with or helps, or the many healers over the years that she has gone to, must adopt “sobriety and purity” as a root foundation for clarity and health, as a student, client, or apprentice. She requires healers who work on her to do this because as an exorcist and dreamer, their shadows and astral shadow bodies end up in her dreaming and her spaces in dreams and sometimes they cross the veil into waking. So she has to be careful.

Dreamers cannot advance past the first 1/4th of soul dreaming if they are not completely sober and disciplined. Mental dreaming is all projection and anyone can do that. She has never been swayed to change that one root foundation that affects everything else. It leads to clarity in life, in self-healing of all four bodies, and is a large part of the wholeness of healing. And it’s a much longer path this way, it’s much more difficult to master disciplines, master awareness over the lower mind, and burn and purify low vibrations of past life karma, which requires clarity to get to deeper and deeper levels within.

We have a whole lifetime to heal, try not to waste your precious lifetime on mushrooms, dmt, smoking pot, drinking alcohol, or using meds to ease pain, karmic pain, or vision plants, when you cannot vision naturally. Everyone can dream, but those not sober rarely can hold onto even that.


1. Social-Spiritual
This is a large group, the most popular, and includes religious people, spiritual entrepreneurs, those who wish to be around like-minded people of their own belief systems, and the circle gatherers.

2. New Age Seekers
The path of new age spirituality which started in the late sixties included bliss seekers, metaphysicians, star-seed people, love and light, mind over matter, followers of ascended masters, ascension seeking, crystals, quicker roads to enlightenment or false teachings and paranormal and a few more.

3. Knowledge-Spiritual & Paganism
The learned group, studies, university studies, and esoteric studies, it is the second largest group and one of the oldest in spiritual terms which many diverted off into the feminine side of god, including the Buddhists, Sufi, Kaballahist, and Gnostics. The knowledge and sometimes practice of traditional Paganism and Neo-Paganism practices. Witches and witchcraft, Magicians and Magical Practices.

3. Esoteric and Metaphysical
This is a very diverse group of both ancient and modern divination, alchemy, metaphysical, esoteric, gnostics, post-modern paganism, and all the different branches. Esoteric is not limited just to Tarot Cards, Herbalism, and Astrology, it has a very wide genre that also includes Magicians and Magical Practices.

4. Healing Holistic and Ancient Healing and Folk Healing Traditions
Healers, folk healers, traditional indigenous healing, self-healing practices and disciplines, shaman practitioners, energy and sound healers, water therapists, ceremonial, yoga teachers and practitioners, spiritual dance, spiritual martial arts, life coaches, and mediation teachers. They include more holistic therapists, compassionate Buddhist paths, and teachers or practitioners of disciplines Zen, Bardo, etc. For those who are sick and seeking information and practices to heal physical, mental, emotional, or soul issues.

5. Soul Issues, Karmic Healing
This is a fated path, it is thrust upon you, and generally not chosen. It’s for those who have come to pay their karma and suffer horribly for decades but must master the self. This is a lifelong commitment and one that requires flexibility and change as one begins to heal.

6. Moon or Lunar Feminine Path
Lunar work is guided by nature and living with and by the Seasonal Time Keeper of the 13 Moons each year (no solar, or sun clocks needed). The deeper intention of Mirror Work of the Moon is very ancient from women’s herstory. Night Goddesses work (or light side of the dark). 

Realignments in any culture, with the return of the power of the soul of ancient times and pre-patriarch times, bring us into the present day in one’s life, using the sacred circle, rituals, ceremonies, bonding, and support between women. Some men also dedicate themselves to the goddess of their choices because they remember. Includes Wicca, some female Witch Pagan, Covens, and various paths.

7. The Goddess, Nature, and Spirit Religions
    Women’s Religions, Paganism, Indigenous
From ancient times until today, women had to fight for and to keep their sacred circles and the most successful were the witches. The only woman of the earth who has the biggest circles worldwide and it cover many things spiritually. I also include Indigenous here because they too have primarily done witch’s work as well. The great circle, the ancient circle. There are women shamans, women magicians and witches, women healers and folk healers, women’s sacred voices, dances, and sound healing. The goddess, mythology, and the goddess, social impacts on ancient finds as well are included. Women’s ceremonies and rituals. 

8. Men’s Religions, Men’s Paganism, Men’s Indigenous (Sun Cult)
From ancient times until today, men’s teachings of their god(s) and Mind-Body for men, men’s bodies, and men’s behavioral changes from negative or dark, to light and disciplined. Many others had moved into the more feminine approaches in the last forty years of the female side of God including Gnostic, Kaballah, Buddhism, and Sufi teachings and the return of paganism that included women.

9. The Dreamers
A select group of people worldwide that have healing abilities in dreams, who have huntress abilities, are awake in their dreams since childhood and must deal with soul dreaming (shadow and darkness). Mastery of out-of-bodies and death out-of-bodies, various levels of remote viewing (of both mental astral body and soul astral body), time jumping, shaman tunnels, veil layering crossings, dream warrior huntress (demonic purification), astral travel, dream walking (full consciousness waking and dreaming at a buddha level), invisible dreaming, pure-void nothingness dreaming, shape-shifting dreaming, animism dreaming, medical dreaming, dream oracles, dream seers, and more. 

10. Natural Born Shamans, (non-drug, non-plant), Dreamers, Exorcists
Mastering the weaver’s fate, overcoming death, and the nature of dualism of self in the wrathful dismemberment is what pure shamans must endure in their lifetime, coinciding with their visions and gifts that rise from extreme loss and pain. Co-creative mystically with nature, this world, and the underworld and its shadowy demons are a part of the pain. The consequences of real shamanism are deadly, and constantly loom over one’s life of suffering; many sicknesses and soul-sicknesses, mastering chaos is one of a hundred tests to pass. These take a lifetime.

11. Shaman Practitioners (Medicine Women and Medicine Men)
This group is varied as healers from book writer teachers, or those who are dedicated to their healing skills from good to excellent or advanced. Those who study knowledge about real shamans. This group carries and uses a drum as shaman practitioners or what one could call lifelong apprentices.

12. Plant (drug) Shamans
Those who cannot vision naturally and are not natural shamans, nor dream naturally or develop their gifts of vision naturally through karmic purification. They were not born shamans and take hallucinogenic plants which give them the plant’s visions saturating their body and mind. This type of vision is first-level projection.

13. Try them all Seekers
The curious, who seek a bit of everything. Sometimes they find their passion to go deeper, then they will find some satisfaction in their journey.

14. Spiritual Entrepeneurs
Those who seek a spiritual path as a way to make a regular living and live a spiritual life through their work or service. Many psychics and readers call themselves spiritual entrepreneurs today.

15. The Shadier Sides of Paganism, Religion and Spirituality
Seekers, Black Magic, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Shadow Witches, Satanism, Possessions etc. Every modality has a light and shadow side on all that are listed here, and this tradition is no different. It has also a Karmic side that has deeper consequences as well. Not for the light of heart.

16. The Paranormal Seekers
Those who seek to understand the mystery of the strange occurrences of earth, the phenomena, UFOs (now called UPI) and Starports, Military involvement.

17. Science Spirituality
Mixing spiritual and scientific or traditional doctor/hospital healing to express how one fits in the natural world replacing god or goddess or even spiritual naturalists into a Science language.

18. Animism
There are three types of Animisms from light to shadow to demonic possession of and through the grandfather’s Sun cults. Ssoulology of the ancient shamanic cultures of the grandmothers and their shamanic cultures, and dreaming cultures before that are the oldest. Animal souls and Human souls have an ancient lineage together and most have lost their animistic souls due to karma over the last (patriarchal) 5,000 years.

19. Atheism
Rejection of almost everything religious, mystical, or spiritual natures of anything beyond the mundane human.

20. Indigenous
Every country has some Indigenous people left including Slavic Indigenous. All people come from an indigenous lineage, but soul loss through culture, war, religious abuses, and abuses of the patriarch has limited the numbers of red, white, yellow, brown, and black indigenous people.

21. Fairy / Angel People
This is also a wide variety group, it includes fairies, fairy magic, angels, angel magic, and can include Domovois, Nesse, Gnomes, etc. of the old natural earth. Many experience fairies and angels and are guided to work that aspect out in their lives. Fairies belong to the Bug Clans in shamanism and Angels to the Bird tribe women of pre-patriarchal cultures. These have been around since prehistory times.

22. Sacred Geometry
The science groups of spirituality use things like Sacred Geometry Divination of Number Sequences, and other math types of processes. I don’t really ever suggest them, which also includes Flower of Life. These are off-beat numbers games, like gambling synchronicity, that are mental and have nothing to do with healing the soul or one’s karma, it’s just math knowledge that is a game of life, that do not cross over into other divination cycles and archetypes.

23… if you think of more, let Phoenix know!