Welcome Dreamers

Dear Dreamers

Welcome to Elder Mountain Dreaming, a spiritual connection to help one learn to reclaim what they have lost, sold, borrowed or stolen in this lifetime or another. Elder Mountain Dreaming is for the Dreamers, the Artists, Empaths, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, and those who value sobriety as a spiritual discipline. Phoenix the Elder shares her cooling waters in an overheated world of drama and a host of fears which hold us back from growing, maturing and finding inner peace. The daunting path of pain that many of us must face in our life each day or when pain begins to awaken, can be purified if we learn to love ourselves at deeper levels. Your promises to heal your issues is a mystery of your own journey’s making.

The dreamer’s first languages is sacred imagination in order to begin to overcome difficulty and personal illusion. We seek artistic inner revelation through holistic self-love and unveil slowly the unseen parts of the self. This requires creativity. We cannot heal anything we cannot see, we cannot heal permanently if we do not go deeper into our spiritual quest of real personal fear.

When we are finally ready to stand at the shore of the ancient mystery, it is here we begin to find the authentic self and shed the layers upon layers of fears and shadow behaviors of many lifetimes. Karma is ruled by cycles and we can work with root foundations of self if we learn patience and self respect and respecting others. Phoenix offers her writing, podcasts and specific healing articles for those who are truly dedicated to their spiritual holistic path.

Hello Dreamers, Moon Lovers, Healers, Sacred Artists, Mothers, Maidens and Grandmothers, Divinators, Ceremonialists, Mythologists, Seers and Astrologers…

Welcome to Elder Mountain Dreaming, we are a place for Bird Tribe people (bird is the ancient grandmother symbol for the Soul) and honor and help the Dreamers who dream. We support those on a self healing, self awakening journey and for those who align with the development of the natural self through the powerful atonement of healing one’s own mind, body, emotional body, and all the sensitivities and empath nature, that makes our lives difficult.

We learn to utilize the meditative practices to settle the mental body first. Its always the one thats out of control, and bossy, and egotistical and very, very limited when it moves out of the sphere of learning and into the body, emotions and soul’s business which it has no jurisdiction.

We embrace the simplicity of the folk and peasant ways to find our balance and growing awareness as we age. Slavic Peasants have always been in the center between the Pagans and Religious cults, and it was their soul which drove the two together in more peaceful ways. Peasants had come from shamanic cultures long ago and once we are done with the knowledge path, which all of those roads lead to the same shore… we then enter the great ocean of the souls wisdom.

We encourage here at Elder Mountain, the River of Life, to strive for a path of purity (no pot, alcohol, drugs, plants) so you can walk and live your spiritual path, with pure clarity to find inner strength in this world and all of the challenges we face today.

I created and started this website four years ago after a lifetime of intiations of the wrathful dismemberment that real shamans and mystics must endure over a lifetime. When that forty year journey was completed, besides the select group of dream apprentices I worked with over the years, I felt it was time to share with a larger audience now. I embrace my Slavic folk healing rites and the soul of being uniquely creative in the Golden Baba and the  River of Life and its hidden gems. 

Grandmothers wisdom in spiritual matters, entwines in our soul’s remembrance and our lunar nature. A place where nothing is free and no mystery is given without personal sacrifice and tests. Real life tests us to find our strength, courage and ability to overcome real fears as we go through life’s intiations and personal growth. If you can find courage to change and face your own shadows and struggles or seek wisdom from the wise while doing it, then you have learned the first step to the mystery. Healing allows courage and self esteem to build strength, and will help you overcome any chaos or any solution to any issue you’ve been blessed with.

I am a grandmother now, taught by wise women and grandmothers all my life, and when I was growing stronger from such guidance, I began to share with apprentices and students over the last thirty years. My clients came and went over time but I always wanted to stay very small, personal, real in my journey, and sought solitude for my own personal healing.  

There is a path through our dreams, through the moon’s light and dark cycles, and the seasons nature’s ebb and flow. The new moon journey (the first ten years of the spiritual journey) is a youthful exploration of connection, knowledge, learning and discovery with like minds and souls about one’s spiritual life.

The full moon journey is a more serious path of the next stages of one’s spiritual life and all the aspects of one’s own shadows in behaviors, fears that prevent honest and karmic pain. And the last journey, the dark moon, is only reserved for the fatedd spiritual warriors who have prepared in the previous lifetimes, and two or three decades of self mastery. This is the mystical experiences and the demonic and shadow experiences which requires strength to purify one’s soul or karma at these levels.

Wherever you are at in your journey, from your first awakening expereince or several,  we all start at the beginning in our commitment to the self’s healing rather than spiritual knowledge or constant rituals. Eventually we have to come home (to the self) which is the most difficult at great depth.

Elder Mountains remember the ancient grandmothers, who are far older than the great mother cults, who guided tribes and clans with conviction of our souls abilities, emotional truth and the combination of th epowerful forces of nature equal to our own. Today, facing one’s own shadow challenges that, facing karma surfacing which looks like illness and intense struggle is all a difficult but purification of the soul embodied. Wisdom of the soul’s rites and the intensity of both the creative soul and its purification process are the structuring of the winds of chaos.

It is our artistic and altruistic inner revelations as empaths, through holistic self-love, unveiling slowly the unseen parts of the self. This requires our creativity, our commitment and endurance without any outer rewards in life except inner peace and groundedness. This is the ultimate unification of stilling the mental body, nurturing and healing the emotional body and purifying the physical body.

Fear lives in the places of the “Unknown” within us. Our discovery and fate of such places in the self, allows one face any unconscious aspects and allow it to come forth. This is a difficult process and requires mastering spiritual discipline and practices that are both traditional, and creative.

~ Phoenix the Elder