Dear Dreamers

Welcome to Elder Mountain Dreaming, a spiritual connection to help one learn to reclaim what they have lost, sold, borrowed or stolen in this lifetime or another. Elder Mountain Dreaming is for the Dreamers, the Artists, Empaths, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, and those who value sobriety as a spiritual discipline. Phoenix the Elder shares her cooling waters in an overheated world of drama and a host of fears which hold us back from growing, maturing and finding inner peace. The daunting path of pain that many of us must face in our life each day or when pain begins to awaken, can be purified if we learn to love ourselves at deeper levels. Your promises to heal your issues is a mystery of your own journey’s making.

The dreamer’s first languages is sacred imagination in order to begin to overcome difficulty and personal illusion. We seek artistic inner revelation through holistic self-love and unveil slowly the unseen parts of the self. This requires creativity. We cannot heal anything we cannot see, we cannot heal permanently if we do not go deeper into our spiritual quest of real personal fear.

When we are finally ready to stand at the shore of the ancient mystery, it is here we begin to find the authentic self and shed the layers upon layers of fears and shadow behaviors of many lifetimes. Karma is ruled by cycles and we can work with root foundations of self if we learn patience and self respect and respecting others. Phoenix offers her writing, podcasts and specific healing articles for those who are truly dedicated to their spiritual holistic path.

Dear Dreamers,

Welcome to Elder Mountain Dreaming, a place for those on a “creative and self healing” spiritual journey. Those who align with nature, the development of the natural self, the healing of the feminine soul and its counterpart, one’s emotional body, its sensitivities, its empathic nature. The adoration of the elements, wildlife, the seasons and the cycles through the daily journey with the ancient moon. The respect and elevation of the divine feminine within both women and men.

We are a place for dreamers, astral travelers, artists, mystics, moon lovers, healers, folk healers, mol’farkas and whisperers, water and fire ceremonialists, mythologem seekers, empaths, healers, spiritual teachers and devoted seekers of any spiritual or religious (including pagan, druid or eastern religions) paths. Including the path of our own karmic purification when those fates, gates and veils open (which do not open for everyone).

We are unique because the work done here is pre-paganism into the shamanic cultures and the previous dream cultures which is our origin. This is grandmother wisdom, the archaic grandmother’s dreaming and lunar focus. I am a grandmother and I teach her story to all of my women apprentices over the decades and have found great strength in her story, and to see it enacted in real women including myself in my maiden and mother years. For some of us, our spiritual journey is not a choice, it is a necessary and daunting path of responsibility and purification of karma.

To truly be a conscious being, there is no one way to get there of course, nor any shortcuts to mysticism at the greater inner depth, but there is a similar root foundation at the core of all teachings. That is where I have always focused, to bring this core into practice. 

The new moon journey (the first ten years of the spiritual journey) is youthful exploration, a maidens or youth’s journey of connection, knowledge, learning and discovery with like minds and souls. The full moon journey is a more serious path of the next stage of life, the adult, in the next ten years to practice in real life, what you have learned and the adult challenges of karma that moves forth into our life.

And the last journey, the dark moon, reserved for the spiritual warriors who have prepared in the previous two decades of self awareness, purity, sobriety, disciplines and self healing. This is the most difficult stage of the lunar path, where we don’t really have a choice, the work must be done or we must face death. The soul, she speaks very loudly in these challenges of karma rising or the mystical experiences and shadow experiences which rise together that can be quite frightening.

Wherever you are at in your journey, we all start at the beginning in the emotional body and soul body journey once we leave mind/body. At Elder Mountain we remember when the Grandmothers, who are far older than the great mother cults and societies, guided the tribes and clans with conviction of our souls abilities, our emotional truth, and the combination of that powerful force. Facing one’s demons, living with the wisdom of the soul’s rites and the intensity of both the creative soul and its purifications.

It is our artistic and altruistic inner revelations as empaths, through holistic self-love, unveiling slowly the unseen parts of the self. This requires our creativity, our commitment and endurance without any outer rewards in life except inner peace and groundedness. This is the ultimate unification of stilling the mental body, nurturing and healing the emotional body and purifying the physical body.

Fear lives in the places of the “Unknown” within us. Our discovery and fate of such places in the self, allows one face any unconscious aspects and allow it to come forth. This is a difficult process and requires mastering spiritual discipline and practices that are both traditional, and creative.

~Phoenix the Elder 

Bernadette Brady’s scholarly work says:

“Before time and men’s conception of life through their sun (the vital self of body/mind) as the center of power and strength, we lived in a golden age, the world that was still in soul perfection (karmaless), the age of the immortal souls of the divine feminine. This symbol was seen as the pole star, shining each each night as the heavens revolved around its center. The Greeks called it Omphaloessa (Omphalos) coming from the word umbilicus, meaning our umbilical cord so we would not get lost in the vastness of imagination (off the planet) but remain here, heaven on earth.

The pole star was the earth’s umbilical cord and held all its power, strength and divinity which was the path between earth and heaven from this point of axis. The Babylonians called it the “Mother Bond of Heaven” and it was stillness and centeredness to the earth. Some cultures saw it as a staff, which the golden millstone turned, the sacred garden. Each season the big dipper would turn around the pole start and everything in nature was in harmony, including human beings.

Grandmother’s ancient clans structured themselves around this omphalos in an attempt to mirror the earth and the immortal life of the heavens, that golden light, the goddess or mother of the world. Since all power was believed to come from this cosmic center of earth, it occupied the center of every tribe and group. A stone was always set in the center of human clan, tribe and societies, as the sacred stone of divine power.

As people, we too have an umbilical cord, a center, at our belly, the naval where the seat of our soul sits. It is our center and connection to the earth and the heavens and it is here we breathe the breath of life. When we went out of balance, and lost our way, sick from all changes of the patriarch’s quest for power and ownership of the umphalos, we fell asleep and have forgotten our past lives, our karma, our in harmony with nature.

We have forgotten who we are, we have forgotten the ancient beginnings of our soul, long before the pyramids and kingdoms we built. We forgot the forest, the birds, the water, the wind, the sky and how it would always remind us of our center, our balance, our place of perfection on the earth.

It is here we recreate the memory, the remembrance of why our soul asks so much of us today, to return to the purity and the perfection of who we are. Please read over our different sections of this website and if you chose, join our yearly subscription to deepen the mystery of the primordial Grandmothers who have waited patiently for you… for lifetimes.”

I know that the soul is silent, hidden behind the veil in our daily life and when the soul breaks her silence, she comes forth like a storm and a slow fire which begins to purify one’s reality. We often want to find a “solution” rather than gathering in our basket the pieces of who we (are unconscious of). This gathering of selves, signs, symbols in the lunar path, is for our growth and soul struggles, allowing sustainability and narrative to grow in consciousness. 

Our “elusive” and distant higher souls simply wants to make themselves present and known and why we are suffering through purification. We get about 20% of our soul to reincarnate, and the remainder are fragmented spit off demonic karmic astral bodies from our past and the higher souls which are depleted each lifetime when we do not do the self sacrificing spiritual work to heal or the terrible things that happen to us that are truly how karma balances itself out. 

Are we supposed to know when our struggles will end? No, we are not. We must trust the processes of life because our eternal soul is not limited to the material world.  Some say it’s a curse to have powerful feelings or be a deeper empath and face traumas such as this, but feelings are the sacred river that connects us to our soul and directs us to where we need to heal. 

In accepting gut-wrenching changes, we often feel our life has disappointed us in some way. This can feel devastating and incredibly vulnerable. Finding acceptance of soul purification (when we are in the middle of it) is the starting point of a new path in life, which leads to a deeper layer of the self that has been hidden. It’s a time of shedding old skin and accepting the medicine of truly “letting go”.

When we are ready, we start digging into our past and find that it usually isn’t perfect. Even happy memories might have been filled with a false sense of security. Sometimes an awareness comes forth that we have been lying to ourselves. We may have to acknowledge that we trusted untrustworthy people as we waited for our illusions to be shattered. 

This is also the time when we start to make a commitment to walk towards healing with support and structure. New paths in life lead us to new attitudes, new people, and new ways of being. This becomes a time when we have to start to live a new truth, because our old one is just not working anymore.

This soul immersion is the hardest cycle of our life to get through, because it is accompanied by self destruction or the collapse of an old life structure (or old life-vision) that we have worked so hard to build and maintain. Soul changes exist because something new and authentic wishes to burst through you.

If we accept that we will always make new memories just by living life and that new phases of life look completely unlike the old ones, we can begin to heal and start to let go in a much more structured manner. This is a good time to go to a therapist and to commit to a healing or spiritual practice for your inner life, your soul’s life.

The moment you embrace change and healing, the more you are really ready to face your personal crisis. Fall into the flame, in order to rise and be reborn into the next phase of your life. Stay steadfast, because we are extremely resilient as people and your soul emergence cycle will not last forever. This is the eternal legend of the soul and her purification rites.

*Explanation of the world umbilical chord is from Bernadette Brady’s Fixed Stars, Art: Fisherman’s Neptune’s Trident found by Ms. Alena Zhirenkina at Myndalne, a village in the Sudak Municipality of the Autonomous Republic of Crime in Ukraine; Venus by Odile Redon.t