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Located in the Pacific Northwest in Ashland, near the California border, a small three fold community offering “Soul” understandings in a mind-body-spirit world. It is the creation of Phoenix the Elder (Dreamer [Shaman], Artist, Folk Healer);  Jennifer Reeves (Dreamer, Artist, Farm & Gardener); and Sarah Burnt Stone (Dreamer, Artist and Dancer). 


Spring & Autumn Seasons (Target opening Autumn 2018)
Supporting artists, international artists, creatives, performance artists, writers, textile artists, traditional or modern crafter, folk artists, primitive artists, videographers or any type of artist seeking to weave a soul’s journey into their artistic paths to bring more personal awareness, healing and spiritual disciplines. One can be an artist or open to explore the artist spiritual path, with opportunity to teach at the local art-coop for more seasoned artists. Those over twenty-one are welcomed to this very small and intimate soul, empath and dreamer community. Eldermountaindreaming@gmail.com

Phoenix Flowers 3 2016PHOENIX THE ELDER is a Dreamer (shaman), folk healer, wise counsel, master dreamer and sacred artist who was fated as the next dreamer (shaman) in her family lineage. Slavic Whisperer, Szeptuchy and Mol’farka, her elders were from Tyczyn, a Podkarpackie Voivodeship in Rzeszów County (south of the larger city Rzedow) and Lubaczów at the border of Ukraine.

Experience – Phoenix lived a fated life of a shaman since birth and her initiations were from 1987-2015 to survive. Sobriety Dedicated to pure sobriety, choosing to heal her many illnesses and soul sicknesses through suffering. New Moon Journey ten year dedication to spiritual knowledge, many spiritual disciplines; honoring various spiritual elders; Full Moon Journey ten year dedication to intense personal healing (the past, inner child and karma), intense realms of dreaming and mystical experiences. Dark Moon Journey: Final ten years of death initiations and self mastery: suspension of death (real exorcist shaman life initiations); out of bodies, remote viewing, dream walking experiences, vision quests, sweat lodges. Final purification of personal karmic astral bodies of her own past lives and its dissolve. Began to accept female apprentices in 1998.

Folk Healer – Supporting individuals and small groups of the awakening of the emotional body and soul body for clients since 1998. She works with chaos medicines, transformational work with personal fears, addictions, self sabotage, family & relationship issues, sexual issues and power/dis-empowerment issues. A medical intuitive (empathic healer), rebirther (breathwork), energy healer, chakra (astral body) work, nidra yoga (dream yoga). Esoteric work Seer, I-Ching, Qi Jing reader, Stone reader, seasoned astrologer and synchronicity symbolist, mythologist, folklorist.

Dreamer (Shaman) –  Offers soul retrievals at the winter solstice season in a cave for deeper healing work & magical earth dream journeys at the spring equinox to reconnect to the divine nature of self with the consciousness of mother earth. Exorcist and Slavic Whisperer: She who Whispers, the dangerous shaman work of clearing darkness, possessions, haunting and shadows, demonic astral shadow roamers. Energetic cleansing, purification and dissolve for the more severe cases of shadows who possess in spaces, homes or lands that hold historic crisis etc. Siberians Dream Shamans Black Shamans and Aboriginals call it Dream Walkers.

Monthly Moon Circle and Shamanic Healing Ceremonies circles since 1996, intentional, sacred lunar work study circles, dream circles and goddess circles, lunar spiral medicines of ancient woman. Students – Some studentships available. A very strict self disciplined journey that requires a lot of self work, sobriety, sexual sobriety, non drug/plant shamanism and the past of self healing of ones issues as they arise. Grounded and realistic (common sense medicines).

5e8f203cc6191afeee68661cfaf9fbb0GATHERING OF THE DREAMERS
SeriesSeason 1 (2017) – Empowering the Dreamer. $350.00 for the series of 6 personal dream work sessions by phone or skype (2 hours) with dedicated homework and practices in-between.  Register at : ElderMountainDreaming@gmail.com

Phoenix of Elder Mountain is a master dreamer and her first language is dreaming, she lives in the realms of dreaming experiences over three decades in the forms of shamanic initiations with total commitment and daily, monthly and yearly work. She did not do the modern technical ways of lucid work, she walked the path of self healing, self awareness and self mastery, this brought her into the slow ways of permanence of Lucid Dreaming, advancing to Remote Viewing, then decade later into Out-of-Bodies, Astral full out of bodies and then lastly Dream Walking at the initiation process of completion over fort years.

She has worked and taught Tandem Dreaming, Shamanic Dreaming, Huntress Dreaming, Three levels of Mirror Work Dreaming and lastly the mastery levels of Dream Walking of both the Mental body dreamer and the multiple Emotional and Soul body dreamers. She offers wisdom through decades of pure experiences, devout spiritual disciplines, self healing and total sobriety of all of it through the self enlightenment and self mastery and karmic purification journey of her initiations as a dreamer (shaman). An experienced healer she add groundedness, understanding, compassion and heart to all the circles and dream practices she teaches.

622f2800422c7c71bf204051919e067cTHE INTUITIVE & THE EMPATH Video Series
2017: A series of three video classes, $85.00 (paypal)Introduction to the Empath & the Intuitive; Video 2 – The Empath, its Gifts and Challenges; Video 3 – The Intuitive and the Gifts of the Knower. Series of three, one hour long videos focuses on the sensitivities and gifts of those who experience their emotional body called the Intuitive and the Empath. If you think you are an intuitive or an empath, these video classes are informative, in depth about what empaths and intuitives are and how they operate in their expression. How to structure these gifts to bring emotional relief.

Check back next Autumn/Winter Folk Smudge – Dense smudge, locally grown, hand collected and dried seasonally into small batches. Best used with a charcoal disk. Price: $8.00 ea. (6×5 Ziploc). Herbs and wild flowers list: https://eldermountain.wordpress.com/2016/09/02/elder-mountain-folk-herbal-magic-dreamers-smudge

a-manzanita-and-hawthorn-berriesDRIED HAWTHORN BERRIES & ROSEHIP STRINGS
Still available: Winter Hawthorn Berries 2016/2017 are now gathered, dried and availablePrice: $15.50 ea. + Ship $4.50; Two bags $28.00 + $7.00 for ship. (6×5 Ziploc).  Rosehips strings are $6.00 for a three foot string. The leaves, berries, and flowers of hawthorn are used to make medicine of the heart and blood vessels such as congestive heart failure (CHF), chest pain, and irregular Heartbeat. Also good for lowering blood pressure naturally along with Hibiscus tea. See link for ingredients descriptions: https://eldermountain.wordpress.com/2016/09/13/hawthorn-tree-of-the-goddess














Second Full Moon of Winter


Lunar Musings by Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings Dreamers, our second Full Moon of winter begins Jan 11/12, 2017 with the moon sitting at 11º Cancer. Cancer is about home and family, and since some of you are new here with setting your personal inner intention, I want to re-share what I wrote two weeks ago about the New Moon. Those who have worked with me a while or a few years, its worth reading again as a reminder.

On the full moon you set your “one release intention” of what no longer serves your highest good based on what your new moon intention was two weeks ago. Here is the shorter review shared again from two weeks ago… The new moon sits opposite the asteroid “wisdom” and this means all you need to do is look across the table, look across the field  or across your dream fields to find your messengers and messages that have come this month. They will be right there in front of you and can positive, negative or a mix of both and its what you do with the message that counts. If you ignore the messengers, they will come a little bit stronger next year in this same moon cycle (next Winter Solstice month).

So what was your message the past two weeks? Sift through everything and pick through what was the greatest struggle for you. Set that as the intention to release. This work is simple and extremely difficult to work within “awareness” because you must involve mind, body and emotions of your real relationships and our personal responsibility and accountability.

This moon represents family or our soul family and remember, a Capricorn month rules the authority aspects of life or your inner authority. We remind ourselves that we are the ones who are complicated rather than project that onto others who have their own drama regardless of what side of the field you sit on, the grass is greener side, or the struggle for growth side. Both come with responsiblity and fear, drama, grief, our frustrations or sadness, all can be nurtured if you see it as important.  Sometimes this is natural and sometimes it is of our own doing.

We all become involved with mirrors of complication because it helps us grow and its pain and inconvenience, regardless of how light or severe it is, and difficult to feel, its for a reason… Change.

The Chinese New Moon is the Year of the Fire Rooster which is my sign and element and begins our fire year. Fire years are about intense purification and the crisis energy this year is in the South direction, so make sure your home, has some metal there, or metal chimes to keep the flow. Feng Shui has only one shadow element in their teachings and they call it the Five Yellow Star which is chaos. It shifts to different directions and elements each year, so if you are in the south bedroom and your bed faces south, make it face east and west, that will helps.

Water is a more gentle purification and if you had your warnings in a water year over the past four years about changing and working with your personal issues, there is no second chance with fire which is the stronger purification.  You’re debts come due for the four year cycle. As you enter 2017, be aware of this type of cleansing and purification both personally and what is happening in your world and the country and the world at large.

Happy Full Moon… Phoenix of Elder Mountain







The Tower of Heavenly Hexagrams

I come from a large family, and when I was 10 years old my eldest sister, who was a Tarot reader and 25 years old set a ritual for whoever wanted to participate in the esoteric teachings. I was the first in line and this led me to astrological meetings when I was 17 years old, with my second oldest sister (she was 27 years old). Every year on New Years Day our family did one I-Ching reading for the whole entire year and practiced it.

main_%d1%88%d0%b0%d0%bc%d0%b0%d0%bd-%d0%b0%d0%bb%d0%b5%d0%ba%d1%81%d0%b0%d0%bd%d0%b4%d1%80%d0%b0-%d0%b3%d0%b5%d1%80%d0%b0%d1%81%d0%b8%d0%bc%d0%be%d0%b2%d0%b0I-Ching medicines is a Tao teachings of wisdom and based on the self empowerment path through humbled spiritual initiations. If you can do the actual year long practice and work at it with awareness, you get better at understanding your own weaknesses. I did this discipline every single year and after 50 years of I-Ching, I mastered not only knowing what each hexagram means through experiencing, but also how such support can at least, for the mental body, add to the shifts of many “behavioral” issues applied through such practices.

Besides the I-Ching I also consulted the Tarot and my eldest sister also did excellent readings. Over my sixty years, the one dominant card that arose over and over again was: XVI Tower Card. It showed me in the readings during the year, how it was manifesting itself in the waking world, and the I-Ching was the principles of practices of the inner world. With the two forces of wisdom of esoteric knoweldge and wisdom over the years, two worked together, the inner self with the synchronicity worlds of the waking life of one’s outer world – I began to see my actions (Tarot) and my karma (Tao).

The Tower Card (change through destruction) was consistently supported by the esoteric wisdom which was very difficult and hard work.


Now that I have real hindsight of wisdom, 50% of all readings involved the “Tower” card over the years, regardless of their esoteric nature such as astrology, numerology, card readings, etc, they all were the same. The divination of chaos, destruction, upheaval, loss and separation. I have not had the tower card in over six years, which coincided along with my initiations as a dreamer (shaman) were completed five years ago in 2012. I have my party hat on and it is the heavenly influences of the peaceful path now and all the heavenly non-physical gems that goes with this in my unified souls.

True magic of honoring mother earth and also mastering the chaos she threw at me in the third level of my initiations have led to my own purification at extraordinary levels of pain  in which the truthful saying comes: “There are worse things than dying.” When I meet those who seem so proud and egotistical of their Chaos Magick, one blow of the spirit of wind through my lips, they fall apart from both their ego, then chaos, then fear rises showing the true state of the being. This is because ego has no real power, its real but based on the energy of Illusion, and fear is a magnetic energy that always attracts chaos.

If you do the difficult and humbling work as a spiritual warrior first for decades, then you know the self, every inch of your own shadow to be detoxed and purified, it is then, you are left with purity and this does take decades and in the great traditions, it is the elder who holds such magic, beauty, truth, if they passed all their tests. Its worth the journey, but only in the end.

Art sources: First painting called Шаман – Александра Герасимова Shaman – Alexander Gerasimov; second painting of the Tower ?

Second New Moon of Winter

Lunar Musings by Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings Dreamers, I hope the winter finds you warm and cozy! We begin our 2nd moon of winter starting December 28/29, 2016 with the New Moon sitting at 7º Capricorn. Mercury, Moon & Sun are all conjunct and they sit opposite the asteroid Wisdom. This means all you need to do is look across the table, look across the field or across your dream fields to find your messengers, who will be right there in front of you. They can be positive, negative or a mix of both. Its what you do with the message that counts.

This moon represents how we rely on family or our soul family and that life is simple and we remind ourselves that we are the ones who are complicated. Our drama, our grief, our fears all can be nurtured and sometimes this is natural and sometimes it is of our own doing or our past life karma bleeding through into this life. We all become involved with mirrors of complication because it helps us grow and its pain and inconvenience, although difficult to feel, its for a reason… change.


“A man draws an image on the surface of a lake to see his inner reflections, to see her, the soul brought with him this lifetime. He touches the water lightly, dragging his hand upon its surface – which forms the lines of a woman’s face. Each line disappearing the moment it is made and simultaneously creating ripples which collide and absorb each other as they move outward across the lake’s surface. Realizing it is too difficult to obtain the exact visual he desires, he kneels down, and bringing his lips close to the surface of the water and begins to blow softly upon the water. And here his breath flutters over the small waves, as a vague and gentle woman’s face begins to appear, creating from the depths of the dark waters.”

As we enter or continue our healing-spiritual journey with commitment and dedication, it helps to place focus and practices on the complicated parts of our lives. Many associations of the path of love & light can sometimes begin to enter a sense chaos, and it can mean that we are entering a purification process spiritually. The difficulties of a spiritual path always lead to a maturing or that your gate has opened to spiritual truth and hopefully you were preparing before that happened. It is then we must be willing to become fully accountable for our shadow to be honorable with our words, actions and our past without scapegoating into the realms of escape (illusions), confusion or blame (projection).


This is indeed a very honorable but a very difficult path and most people will not see it that way when they are not challenged in the tests of real spirituality. Most people fearing to touch depth will see only partial truth before them. For those who do not believe in emotional reality at all, its only seen as irresponsible, or that our experiences are not truth, or that it is carelessness, drama and  calamity. We enter clarity to offset such negative judgments and continue to  navigate such chaos paths of the emotional mystery anyway. The simple aspects of mysticism and mystery is a double edged sword, one side keeps us on our path but the other side is filled with illusion.

This month again, we can recommit to our emotional complexity of spiritual work to find groundedness. For those in cycles of great changes, you must do this work everyday in the month to feel grounded. For those who are not in crisis or great struggle right now, you get to relax a bit more and practice your practices of meditation or healing work or art, anything that keeps you connected. I am just the reminder to say our spiritual walk with intention, healing, self awareness and bowing to mother earth in however we walk that, extracts the natural self to slowly come forth and surface.

If you are willing to work with your shadow, you accept the path of balance and since our light is perfect anyway, who needs to focus on that as a practice? The work of emotional growth has keys hidden in the forests, the desert, in the ocean and the mountains and when we find a key, it opens one of our gates of self imprisonment which are just the challenges of change. I remember when I had little changes to make, greater changes to make and then crisis changes, the same healing work, worked for all of them. Those are what disciplines like yoga, meditation, massage, vision quests, spiritual martial arts, going to visit the forest, energy work, truthful circles, sobriety from pot and alcohol, these all help us uncover what is hidden in the season of the night.

These are all monthly tools to develop skills of believing in yourself emotionally, a skill of the warrior who learns healthy boundaries, and the speaker of truth. Standing Rock is an excellent example of this for the entire world. The Sun or Solar Traditions of the whole world just celebrated the return of the light at the Winter Solstice and for the Religious, its their yearly reinvestment in their belief systems. I fortunately, live by the Moon and the Midnight Sun, the Inner Fire which comes not only on each Full Moon and reflects down upon me, but also the Return of the Night (three moons of the winter season).

1601360_811045282303326_3166220228059671199_nTraditions such as paganism, spirituality, religious, science-spiritualism and even new age does not seem to know exactly ‘when the dark season is or when it ends’  but mysteriously knows for sure that the winter solstice ‘is the return of the light. When was it dark for the return of the light to reappear? Was that dark season the fullness and ripeness of Harvest? (moons of September, October and November); was that dark season the fullness of Summer? (moons of June, July and August); was it the fertility of Spring (moons of March, April and May)?  How can we as souls, regenerate our soul, when the light never leaves and we deny winter’s return of the dark season in order to go into the deep waters within us, and prepare along with mother earth?

Science-Spirituality is brand new, it was forged in the Middle Ages, creating yet another philosophical-physical layer of the Sun teachings through the Alchemists and Magicians. Our soul has been through a lot for three millenniums and when we have had enough, we begin to uncover, unwind and undo the many layers of self and shed many layers of these glorified mind teachings. In truth, all we really have to do is walk outside tonight at 5:00 pm and experience the dark of this season, and look around, its night. The key here is experience and building upon that. We have too much knowledge today, an over saturation and knowledge is fine as a platform, but to experience life you must live it.

Deep self nurturing is needed with transcendence work, and transcendence work is called acts of transformation of small changes (deaths and rebirths), just like the cycles of the moon each month. If you hold onto the full moon, then a week later when the dark moon comes and your not present with it, things can begin to back up. Imagine holding a full moon reality for ten years or twenty? Many feel that winter is the end of the yearly season or may find themselves depressed in it’s three moon process, but winter is both the beginning and the end at the same time. It is the stillness, the great void, the emptiness, the pre-manifestation, the night or dark of the primal dreamer manifested into nature. If we are not in rhythm with the seasons of our own life, I would imagine it would be very depressing for our body and soul.


Moon work and synchronicity work cannot be separated because to know real medicine for our life, is to know mysticism and this requires that you know everything about your life, all of your attachments and all of your emotional fears, your path and you. There would be no balance without the Season of the Night, and when we seek balance (healing) on our path, nature becomes more important, not less important.

Change shows us every year that we have emotional responsibilities to our self and others and that we suffer because of this. That is proof enough for the cultures of the moon who accept the work of the soul and of karma. We contemplate and dream for three moons in the season of the night and we nurture our inner fire because the seeds we planted on the Summer Solstice and that ceremony brings the warmth into this season.

New Moon Intention (examples) for a Capricorn Moon (chose one wisely):

I structure my responsibilities
I focus in the present
I nurture myself
I am healing my past
I am abundant
I am confident
I reclaim my inner authority
I respect my choices
I am taking care of my body
I am serious when I need to be
I practice stability with consistency
I listen deeply
I have purpose
I accept change with groundedness
I respect myself
I grieve loss with support
I heal my sexual woundedness
I am honest with myself
I silence my busy thoughts
I allow myself to feel my feelings
I value my perspective
I practice being honorable
I speak my truth with impeccability
I accept my anger
I am listening to my heart
I am beautiful
I accept positive thoughts
I am confident
I am patient
I listen deeply
I communicate my needs clearly
I work with my fear (which one)

Paintings: Artist Kinuko Craft Woman at the Watery Moon; Wet felted boots via primitivetech.deviantart.com