Welcome Dreamers

Dear Dreamers

Welcome to Elder Mountain Dreaming, a spiritual connection to help one learn to reclaim what they have lost, sold, borrowed or stolen in this lifetime or another. Elder Mountain Dreaming is for the Dreamers, the Artists, Empaths, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, and those who value sobriety as a spiritual discipline. Phoenix the Elder shares her cooling waters in an overheated world of drama and a host of fears which hold us back from growing, maturing and finding inner peace. The daunting path of pain that many of us must face in our life each day or when pain begins to awaken, can be purified if we learn to love ourselves at deeper levels. Your promises to heal your issues is a mystery of your own journey’s making.

The dreamer’s first languages is sacred imagination in order to begin to overcome difficulty and personal illusion. We seek artistic inner revelation through holistic self-love and unveil slowly the unseen parts of the self. This requires creativity. We cannot heal anything we cannot see, we cannot heal permanently if we do not go deeper into our spiritual quest of real personal fear.

When we are finally ready to stand at the shore of the ancient mystery, it is here we begin to find the authentic self and shed the layers upon layers of fears and shadow behaviors of many lifetimes. Karma is ruled by cycles and we can work with root foundations of self if we learn patience and self respect and respecting others. Phoenix offers her writing, podcasts and specific healing articles for those who are truly dedicated to their spiritual holistic path.

Greetings and Welcome to Elder Mountain Dreaming… Our purpose has always been to support the inner awareness and inner healing of women. To support their Emotional body, Sensitive bodies, Empathic body and the Dreamer bodies (including the animism bodies.) These are our sacred feminine, connected to the elusive Soul (both its karma and light).

This is the mystery of the ancient path we walk, called the “River of Life”  sometimes called the World River that flows from the sacred Mountain. Most know the Sun teachings of mind and body as a spiritual practice, and these are important and require disciplines to be grounded and healthy. We include the sun teachings and the important moon teachings as a way to begin a mirrored reflective, syncronistic reality that is non-physical. This is the other side of the teachings and  the Dreamers who dream in both in waking life and the night’s dreaming realities.

Shamanism is feminine and grew out of the dreaming cultures where grandmother rules societies. This is not forgoteen in our rememberance and our memories if we can spiritually walk into the abyss, not study it or teach it. These ancient teachings of grandmother are the purer states (not hellucinigen plants) and can open doorways of karma. Mostly mystics have been the ones who have tasted this eternity, and it is far from safe.

(Non drug, non plant, non-hellucinigen) Dreamers (last level of a shaman) undertand that after the first half of a spiritual life is mastered, the path comes to a fork in the road and becomes much more dangerous for spiritual people. This is the Mountain that we must climb. Most spiritual people live at the base of the mountain. Those who venture and leave social, spiritual, knowledge or service spiritual paths, will begin to enter the middle of the mountainous journey of the soul. But so many fall back down to the base of the mountain because its too difficult, it requires too much sacrifice and its too much pain. From the middle of the mountain to the top of the mountain it is the path of the mystic, its a extremely lonley and a life of retreat, and it is a very frightening and painful spiritual journey.

Phoenix has confront these fires and water purifications and walked all parts of the mountain this lifetime. She fell back down a few times, died a few times, lost everything a few times, was homeless a few times, fell to her weaknesses and core fears a few times and that inability to control anything. Then the realms opened up as she worked hard to prepare for the mystery.

This is the root of feminine civilizations before karma began around the 10th century bce was not as difficult as it is today. We’ve all created karma and those whose karmic doors have not crushed their soul and ripped it apart, are able to enter the real underworld, the real mystery and the forbidden city. Many only read stories of history and mythology. No one wants to go back to these ancient realm of the goddess because there is a great possiblity you cannot return in wholeness.

Shamanistic natures can help guide us deeper into the realms of what we have always known deep inside, and many prepare for that by doing energy healing, or any other inner emotional healing. Some like Phoenix were born awake in this realm of shadow and light and can see everything and experience great issues of the wholeness of light and dark. And that needs discipline, honesty, overcoming sicknesses and soul sicknesses and the inner warrior.

These all fall into the circle of the oral traditions including lunar cycles, our nightly dreams, dreaming and dreamtime, our syncronistic day dreams and their signs from the natural world which bridge a whole language all in itself. The mind is set up to fight or flight and never allow us to go here. When Phoenix mastered Zen and the Bardo, the death rites, it was required to die and be shattered apart. Its a very complex life, but the natural rituals without magic, syncronicities and signs without others, begins to shine the mirroring effects on the very personal, inter-personal and for the rarer, the collective mirrors to walk into the realms of the sacred feminine.

Deep emotional sicknesses, relationship sickness, karmic sicknesses, dreaming and vision sicknesses are huge issues for the dreamer of all ages. Unfortunately we live in cultures and spiritual cultures that promote things that are ungrounding and hurtful to empaths and dreamers like crystals or new age information that turns darkness into something as light, when its not. Things can be very confusing when one goes deeper into the spiritual path beyond mind and body.

Our feminine and masculine sides of our Soul’s karma is the root of all mental, physical and emotional sickeness is a journey worth seeking. We address our emotional body and the soul responds. For those who are dreamers, sensitives, hsp, emos, seers, empaths, you know all too well the added burdens of an emotional life and that is can be very painful when you have these gifts that are misunderstood, hidden and untapped.

Learning the soul’s expressions and manifested mirrors, developing our own second sight (the observer) is not intended to reach for some box to put our findings in, but rather, to live authentically with out expectation as the buddhists suggest, without self judgment and without a process of thinking or outcomes. 

We are Dreamers here at Elder Mountain and disciplined in the ways of facing fear, embracing the spiritual warrior, and are not about the riding of the riches, the security and stability of the house we live in, but the health and quality of our inner house, our inner treasures, our inner nature, our inner dreamer, our inner karma, the kind that lasts for a lifetime. The only blocks is our pain of our personal “soul’s karma” and that chaos can destroy us. Yet, that chaos can be structured and our fear of change (the unknown) into understanding the self. Phoenix has spent her life mastering such difficulties and walked through the fires.

The grandmother’s ancient spiral journey, which takes a lifetime to understand, to walk, to unlock and to reveal, is all hidden in our own spirals of our light, our shadow and our four bodies. Most dreamers dream with the mental astral body, but the true initiate of the path of prehistory is the soul’s astral body and the shamanic animism body. All we do is focus on our pain, our karma and our relationships and begin to heal them one moon cycle as a time.

We cannot heal anything we are not aware of and I saw so much of people dedicating a lifetime of practice and not advancing emotionally and soul wise. Phoenix, who is the master teacher of dreaming (waking and night and inbetween the two) mastered both Zen and Bardo this lifetime, as part of her practices when the gates of the underworld began to open. She honors all practices, but she focused specifically practiced the ones that would keep her alive, while she dissolved and purged her soul’s karma (three past lives). Awareness then, becomes the focus through the development of the soul observer while we train our mind like the buddhists, but don’t stop there.

Phoenix has been helping others put their issues into a real practices to get to the core issue of what needs to change in their life. She has all this wisdom from experience and holds the fullness of those she works with and protects them as a guardian of the ancient bird culture that the primordial grandmothers did for all their children. She has always been married to the depth, uniqueness and power of the feminine as the purification healing process. A person who wants to heal, must enter the self dedication, self love, self discipline, self sobriety and give that real committment.

Phoenix says: “In my life, and my Soul’s worldly dreams, I have had past lives of different cultures, and the folk healings and folk teachings came through me to find my own inner ancestral grandmother and I have learned that was the most primordial power I could find within.”

This work is about deep creativity, about personal strengths through struggle, and emotional weaknesses, its about the freedom to recognize the elusiveness of the soul and how it communicates to us through dreams, both its dark side and its light.  Self love is about finding your own story, your own real life’s story, your past life story, your dreaming stories, your spiritual uniqueness through your changes each yearly season. Self discipline and self love takes a lot of time and it takes great attention, so we start there as a foundation. Connecting with our own personal nature by combining many things that help keep us focused and grounded on our balance and health while we touch our pains and karma, must be done with discipline. There is also intention, creativity and dreaming as a Trinity through the cycles of each one of the thirteen moons and that is a very powerful ancient rite that we can walk every month.

In northern Russia dreamer types of people were called “the sleeping or hibernating people” and they would remained asleep like the bears for the whole of the winter moons after harvest. This is when we dreamed fully and uninterrupted and these tribes phased out around the 10th century.  

We are also here at Elder Mountain for the Dreamers, those who have an ability to “see” naturally, those who can assess and access their emotional intelligence and vision without any enhancements. Those who know truth when others are confused by it spiritually.  We learn by walking side by side with nature and teaches us how to remain safe, how to read the signs, how to relearn what we have lost. 

Dreamers are a very complicated soul group and very susceptible to the dangers of what roams inbetween the veils and the underworld. We are also for those on a very serious and dedicated spiritual journey be that the Slavic indigenous paths or the root core of all teachings of earth which is minimal. The leadership of grandmother’s wisdom on this planet is what Phoenix started her path on. She threw out all teachings by Grandfather (over the last 3000 years) and committed to her quest of the pre-patriarchal grandmother ways of earth, long before the patriarch beginnings (and his time oriented reality), it was a fearful and frightening journey, yet a majestic path for her as a woman. 

We uphold the rites and paths that heal relationship between our emotional body’s issues, the soul bodies influenced upon us when dealing with karma, and the natural strength that is deep within that can become stronger and wiser through disciplines, spiritual sobriety and taking the self more seriously. We can help, support and for some teach the mystery of the great spiral, the upwards and downwards, inward and outwards, mirrors and obsidian mirrors and the interplay of light and shadow that make its presence known in our regular and mundane life path.

Finding inner balance and slowly and gradually increasing consciousness is not always easy, it gets more difficult the deeper we enter our internal healing. Not just  through the mind or mental body, but also through the artistic, nurture, emotional and soul experiences that change our life.

We are aligned with the ancient grandmothers teachings, which long ago were the starry night within, the midnight sun of the wisdom of the grandmothers (instead of the dark goddess). This is not a channeling or mediumship teaching and we do not encourage that, we are a self enlightenment and self healing path for those who are serious about self awareness and consciousness growth. The past, before paganism and the patriarch is a very deep and dangerous path and it exists within you at layers below your conscious. It is the wisdom of your soul but she has been fragmented for millenniums and that is a journey for the few. That is indigenous – be it Slavic, Balkan or Baltic or any other world teaching of the Grandmothers.

Almost all of these teachings were removed, suppressed and those parts which did  survived, were demonized by the Sun Cults (grandfathers teachings) starting in Egypt and Mesopotamia over 4,000 years ago. We are returning back to the beginning of this circle now, as one system begins to dissolve and the other system rises.

This means many changes for people and how they rely on reason and perspective, which is shifting to emotional intelligence, dreaming intelligence, lunar cycles of yearly seasonal living and the soul’s shadows appearing through what seems like chaos, but is actually just rising to the surface in everyone.

This is not easy to have to walk through or witness in the remaining of humanity in the world having to wake up. People resist such feminine awakenings because the sense of loosing masculine power is so great. The teachings here support that transition, the deeply sensitive empaths, the emotional creative waters of the Souls, the rare seers,  and those who walk the path to heal and reunify and rebirth the self require direction into the path of not the Labyrinth, but the ancient Lunar Spiral medicines.

This work is not for everyone, its far to challenging and painful for most knowledge path spiritual people, except when they hit a wall that will not break down and fall apart because the teachings of letting go (full moon) has not been practiced in life as a long spiritual practice.

Sometimes our Soul is described as the energetic reality and the dreamer’s world, embodied in the physical body with the mind leading everything. That has worked but not anymore. The soul is eternal and allows reincarnation and rules karma and if these are not addressed and healed, then the soul becomes weaker and weaker until the candle eventually goes out and the incarnation becomes nothing but sickness. For those purging karma, that sickness is a requirement and learning how to set up that sacred altar and master internal soul chaos is what EMD specializes in.

There have been thousands of names for this feminine spirit in all cultures over the millenniums but not necessarily applied. Shamanism is an ancient Grandmother teaching long before pagans and Dreaming Cultures are much older than Shamanism. Our Soul’s life is like the moon, which changes and appears different through the cycles of nature’s time, the seasons and of our initiations of our human life through our season of maiden/youth, mother/adult and grandmother/grandfather cycles.

Our soul is soft and reflective of the light, our shadow soul is hard and dark that is sick. This internal light and shadow weaves our present life with the soul’s past life fragmentations that left us without wholeness, and with struggles to heal this lifetime. Invisible yet believable. Unnoticed, yet undeniable. Unseen yet felt.

We hear it, feel it, we sense it at certain times of our life, that is what is called the calling of the wild, the call of ceremony, the calling of the mystic, the calling of the seers and dreamers, wild woman or wild man who seeks unification and healing of mind, body, emotional body with the souls strength or weakness. One can get very lost in this journey if one seeks relief or answers outwards rather than inwards. 

The soul only wants to be free, she wants to reclaim what she had lost in our male and female past lives, yet at the same time, she doesn’t concern herself about your mind body suffering reality in this fleshy world, for she has suffering and has experienced loss of her own soul cloud for millenniums. Without us even knowing in her allusivity and invisibility yet always connect to us through our confusion, sickness, and life initiations into death and rebirth.

Our good sides must be balanced with our shadow sides and to ignore the real shadows or to judge others for theirs only separates us more from our own shortcomings and illnesses, be that mental, emotional or physical. The soul is in constant states of transformations and through our mind/body/emo creativity and rebirth, spiritual disciplines, sobriety (of drugs, pot, plants, medications, alcohol) we can wake up from our unconscious living self. This is not easy and its the most difficult work we can do, that is called self love without the famous narcissist or power struggles attached.

These are the roots of our real issues in life and can show up in our present incarnation. The sacred go to pray, to meditate, to wander that allows changes. When we experience initiation and the mystery begins to occurs, be that a great loss, a birth that brings depression, a death that brings sorrow, or a real wakening (what some term a kundalini awakening), this is when our Soul begins to speak. Then the great journey begins.

She, our Soul can call us in the most eerie of ways, in our dream awakenings and visions, and also in distortion and waves of fears or confusion that has led us away from perception and perspective. These all drastically change our life and opens the mysteries of the self and woos us to follow the path of the great awakenings that continue to go deeper and deeper as time goes by.

Yet, even when the mystery calls, people look outward to some spirit, some ancestor, some touch of the divine rather than seeing this as just the messenger to go inward, to go deeper, to touch the ancestral self to purify and release the karmic issues we had so many lives ago. Grandmother moon is the realms of illusions that are easy to extremely difficult to navigate. 

The symbol in Chinese for Crisis (death and rebirth) is made up of two ideographs: The first means danger, the second, opportunity. In astrology this is the symbolism of Pluto. These are a reminder that we have control in our life until something greater occurs and we soon learn that we do not control everything about our life, regardless of how positive we are. We can choose to turn a personal crisis into an opportunity for awakening or healing, and these have no outer rewards in life which people are used to. Or we can turn it into a negative experience that feeds fear and gives fear a more powerful grip on your future.”

Honoring the ancient mystery of the feminine (souls), karmic souls, emotional body and creative spirit contains both our shadows and to the parts of us that retain our highest light. These are the battles we fight sometimes that get more difficult with age until we reach some peaks. When we begin to have compassion for our shadow and heal her, the releases, rebirths and letting go, begins to show us our beauty as we purify these parts of the self.

This begins the true healing journey, where the knowledge path no longer sooths the heart and soul. This deeper and more committed path is the mystery and all of nature is involved, all of our souls from present to past are involved, then the Soul’s karma begins to dissolve and our person and personal truth gets stronger within its tests from life. This is the birth, transformation, death and rebirth cycles of the  energetic soul (astral body).

Natural visions and dreams at night are ruled by the feminine and this has been greatly misused in patriarchal cultures and left our souls weak (on top of pot, drugs, plants and alcohol). Those who cannot dream or vision and use plant/drugs have entered the realm of illusion in their visions and dreams, not the wisdom and visions of their soul.

We as dreamers, seers, and as empaths must suffer and sacrifice for our visions and dreaming and they can be quite frightening. Phoenix has a fated connection to this ancient remembrance and was initiated as one who embraced the entire karmic purification rites this lifetime. This is the true dreaming or dreamers path of conscious syncronicities, signs, day by day and night by night.

These fall under the pre-pagan primo’s Spiral Medicines of the primordial grandmothers of ancient times before Egyptian cultures and at its simplest forms, the true and real mirror work under the cycles of the monthly moon were our guide in the season keeper of earth and of our human souls and animism souls. We truly have no beginning and no end and this is the root of our unwavering simplicity at our root core. When we die we do not need a body and if one has never healed the non body aspects of self, then we are stuck with lifetimes of karma again.

This is a difficult to extreme challenge for the average spiritual person to accept much less understand, but it can be learned in the forms of the spiral’s chaos movements and the teaching that Phoenix has dedicated to her entire life to through her own life and then her apprentices. Eventually teaching it to specific light and dark, step by step purification.

Mystical doorways called chaos magic push both the light and the dark against you and true chaos magicians are the most sober, grounded and disciplined of all magical arts because they fall into nature’s layers and realms, not human. As a mystical shaman dreamer, Phoenix’s realms and experiences she continually goes through the last forty years, were and are  always great challenges and the opposition is to master the groundedness of the mundane world. The confusion and illusions of dreaming realms which is given in such a life requires total dedication – otherwise death is the result with even one missed step.

True mystics of all the ages have done huge amounts of healing and risking towards the unknown of both personal and collective chaos, fears, darkness to come out the other side, over and over again in the layers of the spirals of how energy and dream plane energy works. The challenges of our humanness during initiation periods of our life such as illness, loss of a loved one, mythical rites, times of great expansion of consciousness, even demonic shadows, all open without us being prepared for the death and rebirth reties that take place. 

The mystery of diseases, illness and sickness can be a beginner level of chaos, and often leads us to enter new depths and doorways. Through the moon’s healing light, the season of night, our songs were born in the souls wanderings. No writing or words can extract the teachings that Phoenix knows, experienced and teaches, for fate and mother earth had chosen this student from birth. 

Now as an elder, her mind is trained, her compassion is deep, her body is pure and sober, and her karma has purified for six decades, and her skills are magical in the forms of her living relationship to nature. She has never done magic or pagan or alchemical magic, that is not the magic she is speaking of. This is the root of her teaching steeped into the multiplex self (many past life souls and soul fragments) and the consciousness of nature.

When these two meet, you face chaos. She has experience this lifetime, and within all of us is a hidden mystery as well, but only if we are willing to pay the debts of our past (life), heal our childhood and adulthood, and make the greatest sacrifices to walk through the mundane doors first, then the appearance of the mystical ones, one moon cycle at a time.

Our artistic and altruistic inner revelations as empaths, hsp’s, dreamers, healers, seers, sensitive can all be unveiled slowly, touching the unseen parts of the self which gives enormous meaning to our life. This requires our creativity and our commitment without any outer rewards. When the world shakes, we gain inner peace and groundedness from great disciplines and dedication.

Our greatest enemy is our own fear and emotional wounds from our past, this is difficult to heal and when we touch it, we feel chaos. But this can be structured in order to walk towards our “unknown”. Phoenix teaches other’s how to make their unknown fears or frightening dreams, a disciplined walk that is stable and grounded, regardless of the challenges. Its that simple and yet very complex because of our fears.

Our self discovery self healing and even fate as unkind as it is, allows one to face any unconscious aspect of personal fears and allow it to come forth in a grounded and clear manner. This is usually when loss or a death occurs, a divorce, a sickness, a dark mystical experience. These are difficult processes and requires mastering spiritual disciplines and practices that are both traditional, and creative with a large open mind.

For those who are spiritual warriors, one’s commitment to the self is immensely needed in this world to set as an example. To walk this mysterious world requires all of our senses and that requires knowing each of your bodies intimately. The powerful atonement of self awareness and this is the place where the ancient folk shamans and primordial shamanism lives, the folk mysticism, storytelling as a  teaching (oral traditions) and ways to find our balance and maturing along with the story of earth, sometimes referred to as the divine mystery.

Slavic Peasants, Phoenix’s people, have always existed within the center between the Pagans and Religions in the peasant and folk arts, healing arts and folk shamanism. This way of living is simple, healthy and co-creative with nature in ritualistic and shamanic foundations. The Slavic, Balkan and Baltic countries is a  different spirituality and its the center way or middle path mixing walking the moonpath, honoring dreaming. This is because healing occurs at the core, not the surface. Rituals of fire and water medicines (spirit and soul) are the foundation of many folk medicines.

We strive for a path of purity as a real practice, in the physical its no pot, alcohol, drugs, medications or hellucinigen plants so we can walk and live our spiritual path with groundedness, mental and emotional clarity, that helps support the growth of our inner strength. In the mind its learning to discipline the mind to be still so the second self, the inner “observer” can begin to come forth. In the emotions, especially the empaths (those who feel the sickness energy, and emotional expressions of others inside their own body) the path is the emptying out disciplines and modalities, the well spring for shifts and and changes in consciousness consciousness.

Grandmother wisdom is not lost and it resides deeply in some of us and we share, teach, set example and walk our talk everyday, everywhere in all situations of life, family, friends and strangers. I am an elder now, taught by wise women, soul elder sisters, supportive sisters, and grandmothers my whole life. When I was growing stronger from such guidance, I began to share my life and journey with apprentices and students over the last thirty years

The eldest trees and mountains, forests, rivers and winds all remember the ancient grandmothers, who are far older than the great Mother Cults. She guided tribes and clans with conviction and was present at every child’s birth with protection and guidance. The journey of acceptance, overcoming fear, remembrance, awakening slowly and with groundedness, spiritual common sense and purification of the soul embodied are all worth their investments.