Dreaming of Fire and the Fire Goddess Part 2

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – (Part 1: Dreaming of Fire and the Fire Goddess is here.The great mystery is understood through a journey of self healing, karmic detoxing, spiritual disciplines, sobriety and applying new actions to old issues and behaviors. This creates the new and slow process of changes.  Most important is the compassion for one’s own personal journey.

To reclaim our own Vesta as a Vestal Free Woman (virgin), we must understand her symbols and how her Fire was Stolen by the Gods and Mortal Men. We start with Dionysus who stole her Sacred Staff and used her fire, maidens fire and women’s fire for his own shadow uses…

AESCHYLUS  (#2876) Aeschylus was a famous playwright in ancient Greece who was called the “Father of Tragedy” and became an initiate of the local mystery religion of the goddess Demeter. As a young man he worked in the vineyards and had a dream he was visited by the god Dionysus, he devoted his life to the newly developed art of tragedy from the destruction of the Goddess by the Dionysus Cult.

As an archetype it rules addiction to alcohol or drugs and the tragedy this brings to the bearer and the family. It also shows the type of man who is older who gives disrespectful attention to young girls and maidens living off their light. It is the fool who eventually is caught in his own trap.

Russian Maiden Fire Dance

BACCHUS (#2063) and (#3671) DIONYSUS
Bacchus and Dionysus is the story of men who used their powers of corruption to build their own power structures and ease in this world, at the expense of woman. In other words, they steal her precious fire. In symbolic form, its men who use women for their power, their kindness, their money, their connections to life and then don’t respect her by showing the same in return.

Dionysus in the poster child for this in history, religions and paganism, the real acts of diplorables, focused on the luring the maidens away from the mothers and grandmothers of ancient times. Exploited with sex, magic combing drugs/alcohol. We call him the dark trickster.

Once Dionysus was were successful in taking over the maidens, the Apollo cults came in and took over the women’s temples and priestesses were replaced by priests or at a minimum, to serve the priests. The money (Vesta, Investments) went to the government, and the prophet women (oracles) were used to serve politicians and the military from that point on. We have been living this as women, since 500 bce.

In the early Greek writings, Dionysus was described as a sadistic torturer who abused people by putting them in caves by his attendants, just so he could hear their screams at night from his bedroom. This man, then god is what the foundation of Paganism is based on which spread like wildfire around different countries building the patriarch. Is it no wonder Pagans have had this curse for a thousand years and been persecuted themselves, without knowing this?

As a symbol, it would be the machismo man who looks out only for himself while appeasing women, or is a womanizer, who only goes for younger women the older he gets.  In more extreme cases he is a pedophile. In Greek mythology, Erigone was a young woman whose father, Icarus, graciously entertained the god Dionysus.

Dionysus introduced Icarus and his friends to a new beverage, wine. Ill-fated Icarus was murdered by his hung-over compatriots the next morning when they thought they had been poisoned. Erigone discovered Icarus’ body. She was so distraught that she committed suicide. Family destruction from alcoholism and addiction is the main feature of Bacchus and Dionysus.

This asteroid also shows strong emotional commitments to loved ones alongside family tragedy. Self-destructive urges, misogynistic behaviors, drug addiction, perverse rituals,  insanity and mental illness, shadow sides of men and their sexual power, schizophrenia, drug rape, intoxicants in excess, false visions and revelations and the dark side of drug ecstatic trance. Sobriety and Drug Treatment Centers, Narc-anon and other support systems to withdraw from this as a lifestyle or a spiritual lifestyles.

Stealing Vesta’s Fire and Sacred Staff
The Thyrsus was originally Vesta’s Sacred Staff and its Pine Cone on top had several meanings, it was connected with Pine, which is immune to insects, be them animals or humans. It was a bearing tree of sacred sage and berries to make offerings and the pine cone was the representation of the unfolding of enlightenment of women. This staff represents her fertility and prosperity.

When the Dionysus Cult stole the fire and the staff, they created their own myths and stories that it turned a rock into water and water into wine. Dionysus is the father and grandfather of Paganism. It is now time for women to heal and reclaim their own inner fire, their sacred fire, fertility and prosperity. It is time for her to carry her own Vesta’s Fire and Staff.

Healing and Spiritual Health
Repetitive emotional behaviors which we desire to heal, are the most difficult to change, when masked by the repetitiveness of the mind, and the behavioral issues of our mental thoughts. We can begin a process of change when the mind is brought into a discipline and practiced from 1-7 years with real dedication, then the emotional (root) addictions at our core, can have success.

In my work with others, I shorten this process by not only having walked this long path myself, but if one is willing to work with their struggles and personal shadows as a viable practice, combing artistic expression of a more spiritual nature, one’s own soul (or fire nature) and sacred creativity to live a creative life even under duress.

One of the most important jobs that the mind has is protecting us from our own soul, its journey, and its shadows, for she is the deep keeper and eternal mystery where all our fears exist.

If we keep adding more positive action and less focus on anxiety or guilt cycles, our soul baggage gets heavier and heavier as decades accrue. Rather, we prepare and practice opening an ‘unknown’ door called personal fear and its good to have a real spiritual warrior coach to help. We tend to become passive and retreat until one day, words just don’t do it anymore for us in the ways of fake it till we make it. With mind applications alone, we don’t see the results that we want such as resolve, in the ways of real letting go, forgiveness and the dreaded fear – ‘change’.

To be alive, to live life fully, we must enter our fear, we must try to change and do something new, even if its scary as we enter adult stages. Our dreams at night and our creative expressions with intention, can show us exactly what we are avoiding and fearing, but if we do not know the dream languages, how can we break all of our mystery down into understanding. As a long time healer and dreamer, I have learned that applications to heal make us more angry, more frustrated, but that is what it takes to push through our fears and our stagnation.

This is the great mystery, the spiritual secrets are hidden within this realm, the divine rights that almost everyone seeks in the world, but gets lost in the deep forest of illusion, without a guide. In astrology we call this cadent houses or the realm of Neptune (Pisces), where good and evil become blurred and we project what we think is truth but life shows us a mirror that it is not.

One of the ways I work with clients, students and apprentices is through artistic measures within natures cycles, lunar cycles and our dreaming cycles. For this path creates a rhythm with nature and we show our self where we are off balance. We cannot heal anything we cannot see about our self.

Last February I had a power dream (spirit dream), these are very different than mental body “projection” dreams and even more advanced than “soul” dreaming. When these more rare spirit powered dreams happen, I pay attention. When the last one happened, I had asked all of my apprentices to make a Talisman when their “next power dreaming” occurred, which could be maybe a one to three year process.

I made my Talisman the next day and had done ceremony and made a specific intentions of my dream talisman so it would serve the way I needed it to. I used it the first time this week, and was needing to enter my dreaming and returning my dreams which have are in a current non-active time.

Two nights ago, when i laid down to dream for the night, I had pulled the “bridge-string” between the dream worlds and my waking dreaming, setting my intention for my Talisman connection, which is the physical between me and the dream worlds, to bring the dream back over here, and of course it works, and for two nights I brought my dreams back.


Dreaming is cyclical and sometimes we go into cycles that are perfect of not remembering our dreams, and some cycles when we dream and bring back a lot of dreams. When one works with waking disciplines of the lunar phases of moon work each month, when we master a 3 moon cycle of this specific path I teach, one’s dreaming begins to shift and we slowly leave mental body dreamer (which includes lucidity and the beginner states of dreaming).

I have gone in dreamless cycles before and sometimes I like to check in on ordinary dreams to see whats happening (when its a slow dream cycle), Everyone, all 8 billion of us dream, yet something so common, nobody on earth thinks its that important to even pay attention to much less learn its language.

Even though we dream every week, fifty percent of our day, every decade, and our whole entire lifetime no one pays attention to it nor thinks its even important, don’t you find that odd of humanity to do.

Why do we ignore it…

Because in our dreams at night, lays your own soul, dormant for lifetimes, in bondage like a prisoner – and without her – you can never be free. Talk of freedom is cheap and insignificant when our own soul is lost and in bondage out in the great realms of the ‘nothingness’ – I encourage people to begin to dialogue with her… not random spirits that come talking to you, you don’t know them, they are not part of you and no reason for you to give them attention. Don’t be so innocent.

Article: The Evergreen Cult.

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