Dreaming of Fire

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – The great mystery is understood through a journey of self healing, karmic detoxing, spiritual disciplines, and applying new actions, that create new changes. And most important – compassion for one’s own personal journey. If we try to enter our spiritual path only from the mental body (knowledge) teachings alone or the ecstatic path such as the drug worlds of peyote, pot, dmt or ayahuasca etc, we will only touch about 10% of our true self, over and over again.

Repetitive emotional behaviors which we desire to heal, are the most difficult to change, when masked by the repetitiveness of the mind, and the behavioral issues of our mental thoughts. We can begin a process of change when the mind is brought into a discipline and practiced from 1-7 years with real dedication, then the emotional (root) addictions at our core, can have success.

In my work with others, I can shorten this process, if one is willing to work with their struggles and personal shadows as a viable practice, combing artistic expression of a more spiritual nature, called sacred art. One of the most important jobs that the mind has is protecting us from our own soul and its shadows, for she is the deep and eternal mystery where all our fears exist.

Russian Maiden Fire Dance
If we do not approach her, we can get stuck in the repetitive belief system that encourages us not to take risks or change and our addictions of any kind develop deeper and deeper. The is nothing worse than waking up in the 3rd stage of life with the same old issues, when we have a chance in our 2nd stage of life (30-60 years old) to do something every week or every month to have accumulative success.

One example to asses that is easy, is the constant uses of words – hope, love, gratitude, happiness when one feels down, these mental body actions, do not actually heal us, they makes us feel better for the moment, which is good. But if, after ten years of still suffering from the same exact issue, with the love and light approach, these cycles of struggle returning, we are missing many pieces to our healing journey.

If we keep adding more positive action and less focus on anxiety or guilt cycles, our soul baggage gets heavier and heavier as decades accrue. Rather, we prepare and practice opening an ‘unknown’ door called personal fear and its good to have a real spiritual warrior coach to help. We tend to become passive and retreat until one day, words just don’t do it anymore for us in the ways of fake it till we make it. With mind applications alone, we don’t see the results that we want such as resolve, in the ways of real letting go, forgiveness and the dreaded fear – ‘change’.

To be alive, to live life fully, we must enter our fear, we must try to change and do something new, even if its scary as we enter adult stages. Our dreams at night and our creative expressions with intention, can show us exactly what we are avoiding and fearing, but if we do not know the dream languages, how can we break all of our mystery down into understanding. As a long time healer and dreamer, I have learned that applications to heal make us more angry, more frustrated, but that is what it takes to push through our fears and our stagnation.

This is the great mystery, the spiritual secrets are hidden within this realm, the divine rights that almost everyone seeks in the world, but gets lost in the deep forest of illusion, without a guide. In astrology we call this cadent houses or the realm of Neptune (Pisces), where good and evil become blurred and we project what we think is truth but life shows us a mirror that it is not.

One of the ways I work with clients, students and apprentices is through artistic measures within natures cycles, lunar cycles and our dreaming cycles. For this path creates a rhythm with nature and we show our self where we are off balance. We cannot heal anything we cannot see about our self.

Last February I had a power dream (spirit dream), these are very different than mental body “projection” dreams and even more advanced than “soul” dreaming. When these more rare spirit powered dreams happen, I pay attention. When the last one happened, I had asked all of my apprentices to make a Talisman when their “next power dreaming” occurred, which could be maybe a one to three year process.

I made my Talisman the next day and had done ceremony and made a specific intentions of my dream talisman so it would serve the way I needed it to. I used it the first time this week, and was needing to enter my dreaming and returning my dreams which have are in a current non-active time.

Two nights ago, when i laid down to dream for the night, I had pulled the “bridge-string” between the dream worlds and my waking dreaming, setting my intention for my Talisman connection, which is the physical between me and the dream worlds, to bring the dream back over here, and of course it works, and for two nights I brought my dreams back.


Dreaming is cyclical and sometimes we go into cycles that are perfect of not remembering our dreams, and some cycles when we dream and bring back a lot of dreams. When one works with waking disciplines of the lunar phases of moon work each month, when we master a 3 moon cycle of this specific path I teach, one’s dreaming begins to shift and we slowly leave mental body dreamer (which includes lucidity and the beginner states of dreaming).

I have gone in dreamless cycles before, and for the last three months its been very slow, not bringing many dreams back, and sometimes I like to check in on ordinary dreams to see whats happening (when its a slow dream cycle).

Everyone, all 8 billion of us dream, yet something so common, nobody on earth thinks its that important to even pay attention to much less learn its language, even though we dream every single day, fifty percent of our day, every decade, and our whole entire lifetime – yet no one pays attention to it nor thinks its even important, don’t you find that odd of humanity to do. Why do we ignore it…

Because in our dreams at night, lays your own soul, dormant for lifetimes, in bondage like a prisoner – and without her – you can never be free. Talk of freedom is cheap and insignificant when your own soul is lost out in the great realms of the ‘nothingness’ – I encourage people to begin to dialogue with her, you.

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