ВеданЪ КолодЪ – Волчица (Vedan Kolod – the She Wolf)

My video is to honor the primordial dark goddess (grandmothers who were shamans) who are returning – The Song “The She-Wolf” by Vedan Kolod (Russia, Siberia) Valeriy Naryshkin

Lyrics –  “In the darkness, very deep in the Taiga (forest), the broad Taiga (forest) there is an old tree and under that tired old tree, the mighty She-Wolf dreams her Dream. She was the leader of her wolf pack, she was the wise Queen of the frost stunned Siberian Taiga. Her bones became weak when era’s had passed, and death is flying above her head. She-wolf is old and tired and wolves’ howls freeze in the air. She can only dream a dream of her children running free.

Clips, Mystics in Bali & Old Bali Legong Dance of the Virgin 1935

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