Magical Realism, Ancient Egyptian Souls and the Mental Bodied Djinn


By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – The spiritual path and all of it’s difficult dedication is a healing discipline to regain and attain levels of our lost souls through the ages, those fragmented slit offs of our soul’s past lives, our animism fragmented souls of the real archaic teachings of woman. What remains is some sacred texts of both the Chinese Soul Cloud and the Egyptian Book of the Dead, along with the living teachings and practices of the book of the dead of the Tibetans, and some folktales and ancient art. These are all a  very small and limited resource to the once flourishing pre-patriarch.

I take my work extremely serious and have a level that is extremely high as a teacher, it is necessary when dealing with our real souls, soul karma of the ancient parts of the self left in a chaos energy of both the underworlds, and the fragmented and separated aspects of ours souls, existing dead, in the dangers of the middle worlds. In the Books of the Dead, Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Bardo, Thoth’s Emerald Tablets, Mystery School texts, Tao and Chinese ancient books, only pieces and fragments remain, but the wholeness of applications, disciplines and practices are slowly returning.

In the Egyptian Woman’s Bird Tribe Temples (Goddess) traditions, the Ba-Bird reaches its heights around the 6th century B.C.E. and then begins a slow decline and eventually total loss by the first century ce. Here is a partial of my teaching and if you wish to share please leave the Elder Mountain’s wordpress as the source and attach the link to the copy, thank you. I will start of with dividing our being up into sections and in this writing, using the Egyptian system…



The first mental body is called the “IB”, and a second one, the magical mind, is called one that can have both a dark or light aspect, and is not limited to our body, the “AKH”, that can roam outside the body. This is called a Djinn, but religions have destroyed its origin meanings and thus many are left thinking its human but not human. I find some of this aspects of the mind, great challenges of the past life, those who had a dark mind from previous lives, and come in with it speaking. Many channeler’s confuse this mental body (the shadow mental body) with being ascended masters.

IB – MENTAL BODY  –  This is the light side of the mental body, and to the Temples of Egypt, this is the symbol of the heart in all Egyptian artwork, the “Heart” image, stands for the mastered mind, the seat of silent non-active mental body called the heart, thought (none at will) and the uses of intention to make this possible in practices of the Temples

AKH MENTAL BODY – AKH on the other side, is the magical mental body or effective one and is associated with the mental body and its shadow sides, its not really a soul (our souls are in the emotional systems), but Akh is the non-incarnated and non physical aspects of the Mental Body, it is literally, the thinking mind and its thought, but not as an action of the mind; rather, it was intellect as a living entity.  The Akh also played a role in the afterlife or like the Djinn can travel outside the physical body and roam, mostly up to no good. Following the death of the Khat (physical body), the Ba and Ka were reunited to reanimate the Akh if there is any Ka left. The mental body Akh can roam outside the physical body, and even after death remains, long after all the Ka souls were destroyed by karma.

Today’s alien fascination is just that, humans who have lost their Ka or Souls and it takes many lifetimes to completely destroy our soul so we cannot reincarnate anymore. The shadow Akh can be destroyed, because energy can be destroyed (the non incarnated type of alien humans).

In our practices today on earth, Buddhism is the most powerful teaching to destroy the shadow Akh, it limits the mental body and shuts it down, especially for those who hear voices and must deal with the shadows of one’s own past life dark Akh, or others alive whose dark Akh also roams free outside the incarnated persons body.

Death rituals were so important, so the shadow or dark Akh could not roam free like they do after Ahkenatan’s rulership, he freed the dark aspects of the mind by destroying the elder women (main priestess) who bound these minds as shaman women in a group, the reanimation of the Akh was only possible if the proper funeral rites were not executed and followed by constant offerings of prayers and help from the light.

The roaming of a ‘dead being’ is not allowed on earth because of its rapist qualities, but since men destroyed grandmother and mothers rites and power in temples, there are so many that roam this earth, both those alive (whose shadow Akh roam free) and the dead ones like the soul less Alien humans.

The separation of Akh and the unification of Ka and Ba were brought about after death where they would return to the underworld (the level of the energy their karmic soul), but the soul less humans have no such place.

bird tribe women


Perhaps the most know and knowledgeable and used today is the Ka Soul, is the Egyptian vital essence, or the soul which is the higher self, which was or is weakened by karmic acts, the worse being the military and killing another human being. This (astral soul body) is the opposite of the karmic body, it is the highest soul or light remaining after karma, mostly weakened today, but onc pure and strong 10,000 years ago.

Each lifetime of karma, takes more of the pure white astral soul and depletes its amount and thickness. Think of this divine soul of ours (of the human, not animist soul) as a Cloud, its white and puffy and thick if its strong from being purified for lifetimes. Its dull, flat and gray like a chemtrail cloud in the sky, from lifetimes of karma or stagnate lifetimes where karma was burned off.

The Ka soul does not live within us, but operates independently and lives in the energetic dreaming worlds on earth, but when one purifies the shadowy karma of the soul, and burns it off with pain and suffering to rise above personal fears and unremembered karmic lives, it attains more and more power.

Our final earthly death occurs when our ka (partial within us) leaves to join the living full Ka divine soul body, many real (non-drug) shamans can attest to these parts of self of our soul bodies by experiences which are immensely painful. A mothers’ bodies accepts ORBS (the small white ka, but not the majority of the ka) curing conception which this light orb of a human (that is dead) can pass through the physicals of the body and enter the egg, being then fertilized by the sperm.

When science began to interrupt this process they began to incarnate a Ka soul too low in vibration to reincarnated and thus the earth’s humans are darker and darker (from past lives) and are getting in without regards to the nature of a woman’s soul (and her physical bodies) rulership over such things.

SHEUT SOUL (human)
This is the soul’s karmic shadow sides of the emotional body in previous lifetimes, a person’s astral body, also called the silhouette, always present but lives in the underworld unless freed by drugs, alcohol, pot, shamanic drug or any other illusion causing substances, this is why spirituality was never mixed with such hallucinogens, until the Cult of Dionysus around 200 bce, and it crossed the boundary and thus the goddess temples began to fall, intentionally by the rising sun cults of men.

Because of this, Egyptians surmised that a shadow contains something of the person it represents and is enacted out without spiritual disciplines, mental or social spiritual work does not do anything with this aspect of the shadow. Through this association, statues of people and deities were sometimes referred to as shadows because the priestess (shaman) would be assisted by her priestesses to bind the demon into the effigy (statue) and many in museums around the world have this in the ancient statues, especially during pagan times, when the goddess cultures were destroyed

The shadow was also representative to Egyptians of a figure of death, or servant of Anubis and was depicted graphically as a small human figure painted completely black. Sometimes people (usually pharaohs) had a shadow box in which part of their Sheut was stored.

Is the personality of the souled human, that remains lifetime after lifetime in each reincarnation, it does not change, it is only purified to its highest or lowest levels within each reincarnation.

A person’s ren (‘name’) is given to them at birth and the Egyptians believe that it would live for as long as that name was spoken, which explains why efforts were made to protect it and the practice of placing it in numerous writings. Today, many indigenous and spiritual people retake their original spirit name from previous lives, because the three main religions of earth today dominated names of Biblical, Koranic and Hebrew male names.

The purging of the religious sun cult names, requires one to wait in their journey for a higher level of name from a previous life or its symbolic name that reflects this, this is often done today, for very sacred reasons. But these were only in the New Kingdom’s shift and changes, before this, in the earlier Middle and Old Kingdom, Ren had a much different meaning, those are private and I only teach this to my more advanced apprentices.

3 & 4. CELESTIAL and then SPIRIT ELEMENT (neither human or animist) (infinite)

The Celestial Soul, the last of the great souls, sits at the gateway or bridge, of Mother Earth’s Spirit with our Spirit (earth, air, fire, water, metal), and the two which can merge into the form of the air etc. These were known and still are in Slavic and Balkan weather Whisperer shaman women, before the 10th century ce, when it was all destroyed. Now this is just a legend and fairytale or fantasy.

seated bird woman, egyptianThe steps of Aakhu, Khaibut and the Khat were under the Nubian Queens and their Temples which were destroyed, they did not exist in the Egyptian Temples and therefor there are no texts, even in the Middle Kingdom, this was information that only the Queens (grandmothers held), not even the Priestesses were allowed such information, especially the Khaibut. The Aakhu is the Spirit-Soul but its not a soul at all, it is pure energy, fire or wind etc.

Conclusion, and to finish this article, those who accept both Chaos (change) and the Deaths and Rebirths of the real ancient spiritual path, do not diluted or philosophized human enlightenment, they die for it.
The loss of self in order to purify is mandatory, yet remain in this world, and grounded mysticism once the process starts, but I also protect them and make sure they strive to maintain consistency, that they do the work with complete groundedness practices & purity detoxing of emotional body, physical body and mental body (mastery of no thought), including periods of sobriety both in substances such as pot or wine etc and sometimes sexual sobriety (for relationship purification) in order to maintain both the karmic purification’s of the soul at it deepens into 3rd or 4th soul by progression.

bird chevrons from egyptTo return the origin of one’s souls gifts of the prehistory, healing is the only path, and one must pay the price and make great sacrifices for all and each step of purification of karma, others who do not understand the real work, take the fast and cheap way, such as drug shamanism or mental philosophy of ancient text – not walking it, but imagining it. Only the fated souls, the ones who came to do a portion of this work will.

Ancient Art Images – 2012, second image Image of a Magic Wand, from the Middle Kingdom to Early New Kingdom, Dynasty 12–18, 2124–1504 B.C.E – Thebes, el-Asasif, Tomb MMA 839, left of doorway. Third image, Single bird Ba soul woman sacred Amulet, Second image of front and back of a Ba soul bird women sacred Amulet, Egyptian Gold and Enamel Ba Bird Amulet of the Priestess Bird Woman, 664-30 B.C.E, Seated Bird Goddess, Late Naqada II, 3450–3300 B.C.E, Egypt, Northern Upper Egypt, Possibly Naqada – Limestone, organic material, paint, malachite, Pottery – Bird Chevron, Egyptian Predynastic, Naqada I, ca. 3700–3650 B.C.E.


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