Hutsul Folk Song

This song was kindly shared with us by Enrico Rossini Cullen who has more great videos on his Vimeo page (just click his name and the link will take you) – Rico says “Here is a Hutsul song that was sung to me some years ago by a woman from the Carpathians in 2011 by Dariya Tkach, the wife of poet Oleh Lysheha. While we sat at the table in their quiet living room, Dariya cried a little as she sang and then told me a story about a time when she met Oleh.”


I will hang a little cradle in a garden from a linden tree.
And the wind will gently rock my little child.
Grow, grow, my little son, grow up big and strong.
So you can cut some wood for your mother and bring her water.
Grow, grow, my little son, my green meadow.
All my hope is on you when I grow old.
Oh, where will I shelter you?
Under the leaves in the garden, under the sweet honey tree.
The meadow will be in bloom and sweet honey trees will have their fruit.
And my child will grow up and pick these fruits.
The little river runs passed the hillside.
We met there in that little green meadow.

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