Fire & Water Dreaming

Video by Baba Phoenix –

I made this video based on the power and message of this particular song, which is about the great losses that women suffer from men’s wars. With such destruction, to both woman and her family, her husband, brother or even her own rape from the darkest sexual misuses of soldiers of war. How she must look to her sisters, her mothers, grandmothers and women friends to rebuild herself, her life, through her community, and even her own soul.

She must include the ancient rituals like Kupala and Kupala Night of the summer solstice, which has a much deeper root of emotional renewal in it’s original roots of women’s circles before paganism. Kupala (Belarusian Купала, Russian Купала, Купало, Polish Kupała, Ukrainian Купала, Купало/Купайло) is a traditional goddess in Slavic mythology. All of the variants of the name in the Slavic languages are pronounced in the same or almost exactly the same manner regardless of the language and alphabet. In his book Deutsche Mythologie (1835), Jacob Grimm noted that Russians used the word kupala to describe the bonfires they light at the summer solstice and explained that the name Kupulo, was a harvest god.

Although the word kupala (or kupalo) is usually explained as “bather” (from kupat(i) ‘to bathe’), some scholars claim that it is not an epithet of John the Baptist, but a name of a pre-Christian Slavic deity, derived from some other root. The cult of Kupala, the god of fertility and sexuality is a direct link to the pagan god Dionysus which spread like wildfire through Europe and Eastern Europe from ancient times around 1000 bce, but later in the slavic pagan traditions into Christian was presumably replaced by worship of John the Baptist.

Many of the rites related to this holiday are from the ancient Kupala rites connected with the role of water of women’s rites (fertility) for direct ritual purification of emotional issues, distress, hardships or the hardships of raising children and families. Modern Kupala day, young people jump over bonfires ritual test of bravery and faith. The failure of a couple in love to complete the jump while holding hands is a sign of their destined separation.

Girls may float wreaths of flowers (often lit with candles) on rivers, and would attempt to gain foresight into their relationship fortunes from the flow patterns of the flowers on the river. Men may attempt to capture the wreaths, in the hope of capturing the interest of the woman who floated the wreath. There is an ancient Kupala belief that the eve is the only time of the year when the sacred Vesta fern bloom. Prosperity, luck, discernment and power would befall on whoever finds it and this is linked with the Firebird, but was lost written traditions from the oral traditions.

Therefore, on that night, village folk would roam through the forests in search of magical herbs and especially the elusive fern flower. Traditionally, unmarried women, signified by the garlands on their hair, are the first to enter the forest. They are followed by young men. Therefore, the quest to find herbs and the fern flower may lead to the blooming of relationships between pairs of men and women within the forest.

My video is the other 80% of a woman’s life, the sorrows, heartbreaks, divorces, or war and how she must use these very powerful rituals long before pagan or Christians took them over and made them about only the maiden (young girl and young woman) who starts out her life. I made this video for what happens when women grow up and the folktales that were forgotten about birth, death, transformation and rebirth of her ‘whole’ journey.

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  1. o1kric says:

    Thank you, we are all human beings and we are all the same race, homo sapiens, nether pure nor impure, just human.


    1. Some of us have worked ‘deadly’ hard at bring pure and true for the majority of humanity what you speak is true, and they do not spend three or four decades healing their karma with the pain rites, its an individual’s ancient soul which determines a path of purity and the dedication to it. That is rare among humans.


    2. o1kric says:

      Being merely mortal I can only speak from the human perspective, and William Blake says it better than I:- ‘If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to us as it is: infinite.’


    3. o1kric says:

      Thanks, you terms of reference are vague. Which witches are you referring to please, in which country and at what time period? Shamanism is also a broad category, it would help if you could be more specific please – without common ground no dialogue is possible I feel.


    4. As you see, by your question about me being vague, the mind is rarely ever satisfied. What you are seeking is from the ‘knowledge path” so it would be wise to seek book writers, knowledge lovers, historians, professors of historical occult studies or historical university people and their libraries. I work with people who go ‘inward’ not outward (knowledge path).

      Blessings to you, and sorry about the loss of your mum.


  2. Thank you for elaborating on the story behind the beautiful video!

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  3. alie says:

    Love this. The rhythms and movement are timeless. Beautiful. Lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Beautiful beautiful beyond words. I love this.

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