Winter’s Night & Summer’s Fire

fire night

Writings by Baba Phoenix of Elder Mountain –

I respect all teachings of earth, and have taken the time to walk through the disciplines of many – not the philosophy (belief systems) or knowledge but the slower, more difficult and integrated paths that ead to wisdom. My life is dedicated to healing, awareness, sharing of personal truths and pains, creativity and allowing “nature” to also be a great teacher. I write on Elder Mountain from this perspective and if anyone is offended just know the daggers have all been thrown and that I have died my many deaths, so with that I will share …

We are very mysterious as human beings, and the earth mother, she is even more mysterious… Before our ancient medicine wheels, before the stone circles or the astrological wheels were created and dividing the seasonal year into four, before any goddess or god, there was dreaming, nature itself dreams and so do we. The oldest human cultures on earth were dreamers and they lived under the pretext of dreaming societies. Anything after this are newer cultures of people. People, long ago we lived by the natural seasons of the earth and these were divided into 2 seasons, two mysteries, two elements at the core in the mystery itself and these were called :

“Fire”  &  “Night”

Fire was Spring and Summer seasons and Night was Autumn and Winter Seasons. The newer wheels are based upon nature and the 4-principles of: Earth, air, water and fire (metal in the Chinese traditions means anti-matter or what the Buddhists term “the void”). When these four are translated into the language of symbolism connected to our human life, they are represented as: The physical body and our physical life (earth), our mental body and its creative thoughts, concepts and beliefs (air), our three emotional bodies (dark, light and incarnated emotional body), and our ten animist souls (water), and the last which has no human, animal or avian reality which is Elemental (spirit).

This has not changed since the beginning of pre-time, what has changed is the loss of perception (north and south directions) of the ‘era of time’ starting in its earliest shift, around 5,000 bce and the momentum of the increasing powers of perspective (east and west directions) were fully in place about 1,000 bce. This has effected the nature of our most primal self, our dreaming souls and our emotional body’s perceptions and those abilities beyond the physical. In modern terms it is referred to when we ‘fell asleep.’

The oldest cultures dreamed, were dreamers, and we lived in “dreaming” cultures and societies, nature remains the same in her various layers and levels and it is our nature that flowed or fluxed in dreamtime, within and around veils of earth, shaman’s tunnels which are worm holes that move within the energetic levels of the earth, and this all increases or decreases in our ability to attain a physical reincarnation.

People believe mythology because mythology is based on “perspective” and not an oral (or dreaming) tradition and therefor, one thinks history is truth. Its truth for mind body, but not for emotional soul body or spirit energetics because the later two are manifestations from energetic projections which are real, and not real at the same time. The oldest souls are dreamers, they live both within a full perspective and multi-reality of full perception as one, both in their physical body and their astral bodies, animist bodies and element bodies. This has not changed since the beginning of pre-time, what has changed is perspective has dominated and even polluted our natural gifts of perception realities of our energy and emotional body on this planet.

The four directions are relative to spiritual reality that are current teachings of earth over the last three-thousand years, and has also moved away from the mystery of nature of the two directions, into the mystery of human as a single or group reality, and into the mundane and mystical of the four directions of the human.

Before the four directions, the dreamers only needed two gates that were equal to their perception to understand the mystery, the four gates brought in the two gates of perspective and it became “a philosophy” rather than ‘a reality’ when we discuss or practice spiritual laws. We still only need two gates, because the seasons of the power’s of the entrances and exits to the earth veils, remains the same. This is what people call mystical, the mystery and magic. In the two gates process of life, the processions of the primal “Serpentine Being” exists, which is Mother Earth’s gigantic celestial Serpent and her Thunderbirds, who are Celestial Gatekeepers of all Wisdom. In traditional teachings, people call this the Creation Story, but that again is within ‘the era of time’ or men’s teachings only (religions and pagan religions which is still human based even if the human is an animal).

The Taranii (peasants) called the two gates the “Threshold of the Snake” and is considered by the peoples of the Chevron, as the great cycle of perpetual and perception renewal within the emotional and souled human being. After 3,000 years of the “mind cult’s” now, and it’s penetration into clans, villages, cultures and society, most of this wisdom had been lost just before the middle ages, having taken a big hit of losses which war dominated from 0 – 1000 ce. The losses occurred because it was all based on the oral traditions of a time prior to men’s teachings.


Peoples of the Chevron lived in the Baltic & Slavic lands in prehistoric times and are now called Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia and Belarus. These “Equinox” entrances and exits were very important in dream cultures which are prior to mind culture’s religions. These exists and entrances, within the hibernation dreaming and waking dreams as one full reality, were walked by everyone, not just the handful of shamans of today.

Entering these two equinox thresholds of two great seasons as an open door to not human magic, but the Magic and Dreaming of nature herself is what many seek today but do not know that current teachings over the last 3,000 years must be put to the side and one must start with a clean slate. But letting go for humans is the most difficult teaching of all teachings. One cannot enter these two gates without nature (mother earth) actually opening them, not even through shamanic drugs, nor synthetic ones like dmt, those are all just “projected” visions, not an entering of the actual reality behind the veils.

To enter these gates of fire and night, one must pass many, many initiations of mother earth, and being pure in ones astral body from any drug, shamanic drug, pot, alcohol etc is mandatory – in order for her to open them, even a few real live deaths (not near deaths) must be a part of the initiations.

A relief from Samothrace depicting neophytes being initiated into the Cabiri or Kabiri, an ancient pre-Grecian mystery religion.

In modern Astrology, the sector of the chart called the Cadent Houses (only two of the four houses) shows the individual who is able to attain the secrets of the whole mystery, and the remaining majority who attain pieces of the mystery and pieces of the mystical. The real wisdom is churned by fate and fated lives, of the great spirals of the emotional body (water), the many souled one and the elemental (fire) being.

Image: A relief from Samothrace depicting women being initiated into the Cabiri or Kabiri, an ancient pre-Grecian mystery rite and ceremony of the healing serpentine.

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