Siberian Shaman’s Bird Mask

Slavic Siberian Bird Mask
On some of the drums of the Siberian Shamans, there is an image of a hooked curve and line which symbolizes the Horse, like many Slavic and Balkan traditions which the horse is present in folk art and textiles. The Circles symbolizes both Sun and Moon, and lastly, the Beaks and Eyes of the Bird which represents the soul – these are still true today…

This Bird Mask is a very important and sacred symbol world wide, as it is in almost all root cultures. It is the most ancient symbol of our soul in our shamanic past, and in our animist souls. The bird mask is a tradition both in female and male shamans and used in dance Rituals to separate from themselves from their human self in this world, and reconnect into the dances of their animal or avian soul and the thus  having the ability to be both at once.

In Siberian shaman traditions only the Black Shamans are able to attain such levels and not even many of them do not make it past the death initiation rites to attain their Bird Soul or Animal Souls. Most shamans have no idea in real experiences what that means and can only go through the motions without experiencing the shape-shifting. Only a few Native American tribes were Dreamers (shamans) like the Shasta and the Ojibwe. Since Russia and North America are connected through the bridge of Alaska the influences of the Siberian and older Russian traditions of Shamanism who came across the straights into America 10,000 years ago, can be seen in some of the duality of shamanic practices in the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Northwest along with the ancient Russian and Siberian shaman nomads.

Shamanism is unique to one’s soul and for others, to their tribe or clan.

Sources: Natasha’s Dance, A cultural history of Russia by Orlando Figes; Buryat

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  1. Helena says:

    Many Native American nations would argue that the Siberians, Slavs came across the Bering Strait 10,000 years ago. For they strongly believe that they are the original Earth children.


    1. If someone on earth wishes to claim to be first this or the first that, its their right to do so. It means a lot to them but only when they have forgotten that it was woman who birthed them into existence and we are the daughters of the great mother (earth) and we serve her, not first this or first that, that is hierarchy (pyramid) thinking and all colors of all peoples have built those nasty things.


    2. Helena says:

      Agreed, we are all from the Wo’Myn seed. However, I should have clarified my statement. It is not the misconception of original claim but the residential years associated. Once a number is placed whether it is 10,000 or 5,000 years, credibility and spirituality is misconstrued. We begin to label. I have spoken to those of the five nations here in New York- Mohawk, Tuscarora, Oneida, Onondaga, Iroquois. One of their disagreement are comments that the “Indians all came through the Bering Strait (x amount of years) ago. This stereotype paved the way for early European settlers control of the Americas and still exists today. In some history books, I have seen that they settled here only 3000 years ago. Archaeologists are only now discovering this is untrue from various dig sites, one recently in the Michigan area.


    3. Thanks for clarifying, I appreciate. I know from experiences all my past lives, so i have been many people of different cultures, those who do not believe or have experienced reincarnation can hold their personal truth or clan truth anyway to serve anything they see fit. I do not live in that space on this earth.


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