Soul Bearer

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain ~

SOUL – The Water Bearers… There are a few symbols in almost all traditions today, both ancient and archaic times, which represents our feminine sides, called the Soul.

sky rain goddess

Bird symbolism is the oldest on earth and it represents not only our beginner relationship to first soul, the emotional body, which is what I term the song birds but our “spiritual journey” of our lifetime; birds symbolize the more advanced animist souls and the visions contained here within our personal spiritual “healing” journey, represented by the Raptor Birds (boundaries/nourishment); and lastly, the “collective souls” who are the celestials, the birds of thunder, the firebird, phoenix, sun bird, which represent deaths and rebirths of our collective soul and the wisdom and karma present within them of all of our own personal reincarnations. One may have only 8 past lives and one may have 1000 past lives until they get the lessons. More is not better.

Serpent which are the second oldest symbolism of earth, represents symbolically the “healing” of our soul in many forms and ways;

Fire and Water are the two oldest aspects of the medicine wheel, representing the “purification” of our watery Soul(s)  and fiery Spirit.

Water is the emotional body karmic purification, where we misused our emotions and created wars, killed others, abused self or others, addictions etc. (all ten of them loose power if one does not change and heal each lifetime). But if on overcomes all fears on the spiritual journey and masters all of the human selves (3) and becomes a Buddha or Christ (enlightened) and completed, then we begin the second half of the animist soul purification.

Midway completed we then enter the Fire purification and it begins, but no one tells me they are a dragon and when i ask tell me the story when you met your demonic or djinn shadow lifetime and how did you burn that off, they cannot share with the real story of the human or animist karmic purification. Rare are the celestial being souls here on the planet, these aspects of them are dormant and sometimes eradicated. Only about 15% of the earth’s souls can even take this journey. These Spirit (or Fire realities) are only legend now on earth, but in prehistory and the future to come,  attainment will be mandatory for some but not for the majority of humanity. Most of humanity cannot master the human self and make great sacrifices unless its forced upon them to make small karmic changes.

In other words, the journey has no words.

Water symbolism has 3 levels, first is the Lake which represents our contained emotional life in our personal intimate relationships; the second level is the symbolism of the Creek, Stream and River representing the motions of one direction, a forward path in which emotions must open up the emotional pain with much work and preparation, then go through the emotional pain again to heal it, this lifetime or other lifetimes, in order to regain some balance; and lastly is the symbolism of the great Ocean which represents the emotional and animism lives of our past lives as a collective representation. Be kind to yourself emotionally, it all counts.

In symbolism wherever you see aggression and wings in ancient art, this is where the new clans of the War Kingdoms began to take over and the Soul was beginning to be raped. Baghdad in ancient Iraq was one and there are many more. Wings are the soul and aggression was the destruction of the old souls and power stolen.


Fire is the last, it is what true Spirit is – an element. It has nothing to do with anything human, but pure elements of nature in which humans of the grandmother cave cultures still retained, and represented symbolically unification or reunification with mother earth (nature itself in an elemental form), in human terms spirit would be considered the pure light which is golden illumination. It cannot be attained until both the complete unity of the karmic purified two mental bodies and its karma, the pure purity of the physical body and all past life physical karma like war etc, and the 8 souls that are dharma and animist dharma… in fact its almost impossible to attain in any temple, mosque or church or even spiritual temples or other people because its not human its pure nature. The second half of the second level of the healing journey of the 6 souls is to be alone. and it is death and mastering death.

One must remember all teaching on earth are from written languages and all are taught by grandfather, which is only our masculine side. The feminine side is extremely painful and dangerous in the healing journey because it has been repressed for four thousand years. The karmic cleansing is deadly. But never give up, keep going as long as you are pure, grounded and able to take the next step. Never skip one step if your fate demands of you suffering in your spiritual journey.

Images: First photo wasn’t listing an artist. Scythian golden pectoral from the royal grave at Tolstaja Mogila kurgan, 4th C BCE. It shows the three tiers of Scythian mythology of the Inner Earth, the Astral, and innermost the inhabited world which were taken over by war clans and the military (religious). Museum of Historic Treasures of Ukraine, Kiev.


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