Shamanic Dances of Romania

Romanian ancient traditions of Dances of Goat, Bear and Creatures called Capra of the Winter Solstice and New Years and are done to clear out shadows and dark spirits. Suceava, Romania, and Bucovina and Moldova. What is really beautiful about this (these) traditions, was when Christian men came into Slavic and Balkan lands and they thought they would just eradicate all the women’s prehistory (pre-pagan) traditions and stop them from doing this with the men. The pagan men had other plans, they just took them and rolled into the Christian traditions instead and invited the Christians in the ceremonies, that is why you see the military, the priests, men dressed as old women and shadow creatures which religion tried to exclude.

This is why the men wear the same bright clothing as women did and still do today in the traditional dress, folk dances and songs, they just honored the women rather than have all be slaughtered by Christians in resistance. All that is left now is to return the elder and grandmother shaman women back into the circle, to step in and reclaim their own deeper shamanic past traditions. I see this already happening with the young daughters are starting to dress up and do bear dances and the kukeri and mummer dances, entering some the circle of men (and of course by the fathers who support it).

Slowly in the end it will be mostly women once again. Life is a circle and the circle of the patriarch is almost complete and the men will continue to do the same.

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