Sen-Jo & Her Soul Are Separated – Chinese Folktale

By Chinese Buddhist Monk Master Wu-men Hui-hai (1183-1260 CE),  Zen  School of Mahayana Buddhism was developed in China during the 6th century as Chán.

Sen-Jo, was a young woman who grew up in a little village along with her childhood sweetheart Ochu were very affectionate towards each other and this grew into love as they got older. The two always assumed that when they grew up they would get married. But when Sen-Jo came of age, her father had picked out a different husband for her and told her she couldn’t marry her Ochu. Thereupon hearing the news, Ochu’s heart was broken and had left town that night, because he couldn’t bear it.

Ochu got his boat and sailed down the river, but after he had been gone for while, he suddenly saw someone following him along the bank and pulled over. Miraculously, it was Sen-Jo, who had somehow managed to follow him. She got into his boat and they sailed away to the far off countryside, where they married and had children.

Years passed and Sen-Jo missed her family whom they had left behind in their home town, who had never seen the grandchildren. And so she said to her husband “We must go back and make our peace with my father.” So they got in the boat and sailed back to their village and her husband said to her, “You stay in the boat, and I will go meet with your father and explain the situation and apologize for us leaving and going against his wishes and then you can come into the house.”

Ochu went in and explained how he and Sen-Jo ran off so many years ago and how they are now happily married with two children and how she wants to be reunited with him. The father replied: “Sen-Jo never left home.” So Ochu ran outside to go get Sen-jo and bring her in. The father went up to his daughters bedroom who was sick and lying in bed for years.

Ochu goes out to the boat and brings Sen-Jo back into the house. When Sen-Jo walked into the room where her other self was lying in bed, the soul returned to the mind-body and had come together, and they merge into one person and Sen Jo was completely healthy again.

Photo – Apache young woman in the city as moon huntress.

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