2nd Moon of Winter

moonBy Phoenix of Elder Mountain ~ The second moon of Winter enters our sky Jan 9 – Feb. 7, 2016 and we welcome her to dine at our table. Midwinter moons are dressed with  a whisper as silence and snow become one. Breathe out her song of thankful prayer to your Ancestors this moon and listen as they return their blessings. She is the darkest and deepest healing of our soul.

Capricorn Moon’s are very family oriented and very personal, as it rules the fullness of the three winter moons.  It’s opposition is Cancer, a very community oriented energy, because it falls in the fullness of summer and growth. I received my first signs and symbols for this moon cycle already, the first was a rabbit in my daughters yard at dusk, who looked in my eyes, and even with the dogs running about, they didn’t even see her as she was very still. Rabbits symbolizes Cancer (the moon) and her fertility.

Real workings of the moon or lunar practices are about oppositions – for the moon is not direct, she is full of synchronicity, receptivity and reflectivity to enter the hall of ‘mirrors’. Mirror work is similar to a persons first kundalini awakening (mystical experience), which can last about a year (and its expansion of rapid consciousness) and this occurs for a reason… to put one on the path of the Soul. But so many get lost in the jungle of mind-body and as the consciousness deflates, it takes one a long to return back onto the Soul’s path.

Solar work (mind-body) is the other side of the coin and one most people radiate towards, its very direct, the sun shines and we see and feel its warmth and it’s light and we see results. With the lunar work we do not, it takes great perseverance and healing to get back to that consciousness  as a permanent retention. This midwinter moon shines its light onto our personal responsibility and accountability or another person’s responsibility toward us. Those of us who come to bathe ourselves in moonlight each new moon, may find at some point, we need to just sit with our feelings and nurture them our self.

The moon is void of light, it is the nothingness, emptiness, stillness and has no light of its own…  it is visible only through second sight, through the stories of our nightly dreams and our intuition from our feeling bodies.


In moon soul work, one learns a special discernment that is very different from mind-body. An example is one of my new moon symbols this week was a south American waitress and as she took my order at the San Fransisco airport, I took note that she seemed very somber and not very friendly nor engaging. About ten minutes later, a married couple sat down a few tables away from me, about my age, and the waitress was taking their order with big smiles and great joy in her heart (I just watched with a stare, as dreamers often do.) When her eyes caught mine gazing, she immediately went into a complete somber again. This moon is about security and very tribal security (tradition), she sensed my independence and freedom loving reality and that did not feel “safe and secure” to her.

My next symbolism for this new moon was a shadow attack at my group Winter Solstice Shaman’s Journey and this was linked to one of the participant’s ex-partner. My responsibility and authority is to always keep others safe in both healing work or shamanic journeys which I did… but the client’s ex partner is a Peyote person and that type of shamanism comes with many, many shadows who roam unknown to the peyote people, but for a pure shaman like myself – I see it all. I know this peyote man personally and I had taken the hit for (from) him that night (his shadow astral body) and it twisted my (my knee).

Last winter I helped her ex-partner with something he should have actually suffered through to take on his own karmic experiences of pain of his shadow, to burn a small piece of his astral shadow body off. Instead, I had helped him by sharing that a young person’s family was going to make his life very difficult and take legal action against him in the future, and warned him about taking him as an apprentice.

He appreciated my dreaming and let the youth go. Since I am a pure shaman I tend to have fated oppositions with the plant or synthetic drug shamans. On the other side of the opposition, I experienced a Lakota Peyote Pipe carrier man who I call Rabbit Man. He had helped me out with a shadow I was hunting about four years ago and I couldn’t access the dream space, because I have never done Peyote, so he had to open a gate as we dreamed together. It’s a long story, but the balance had completed for me and my knee getting hurt was the finality of this four year journey this moon cycle completely finding balance. Of course the rabbit in the yard was him.


Midwinter moons then are about tradition – be them healthy or unhealthy, and the mirror releases we experience in life, effect the severity or releasing experiences of the expression of our health. Which like my knee will heal six moons later at the Summer Solstice.

Real lunar practices works this way each moon, each season, year after year and soul consciousness is the most difficult training of them all, so too the dreaming of the mental body and soul bodies. This moon and the moon in six months from now, all celebrate our tradition and our fertility (experiences of the dark winter moons & our summer activities with the community) which includes everyone, hence why the rabbit who says coyote, fox and owl are also invited to her own detriment. That is Soul work 101.

The waitress showed in her heart showed that a strong family structure is “security” to her, and to another, the security is in their work, which is of great value, to others its friendship. These are Capricorn values and Cancer Moon’s connectedness. Capricorn is the Old Goat “Koza” and his various names like Sea Goat, Sea expressing water (emotion) as a symbol, he stands for both positive and negative traits of this fullness of winter, because its relative to our survival and security. Its a good symbol but also a soul selling one if your not careful, for even though the goat is resilient and abundant in their nature and helps survive, rabbit and goats show that they are actually nourishment for other animals and avian and humans…. a symbolic mirror of the sacrifice spiritual people must really make.

Gwiddon Harveston wrote that one of the typical traditional pagan Koliada (Winter Solstice) folk song:

“It is not just us coming, we are leading the Goat. Where the Goat will go the grain stock will grow.  Where she shakes her tail there will be an abundance of grain, where goat stomps her hoof there will be harvest through the roof. Where goat shakes her horns there will be huge stack of corn.”


This moon, cherish something you really value that is healthy in our family or work life, like my waitress did, or your own unique independence as a creative person or artist, and keep your heart open for the signs of the mirrors for this New Moon.

Winter moons invoke memories and our memories can be shut down if we have experienced pain in the past. Healing is about opening up, letting go of what is revealed to us and taking one step forward in the soul aspects of our life.  No one has to follow a set method, but do follow something to learn about yourself to open yourself more, and be brave for your mental, emotional or physical seek health.


For those interesting in awakening and seeing more through your emotional awareness and developing consciousness of the soul’s body, I teach and have also practiced it over 20 years and still do, a real soul’s mirror practice for emotional types, dreamers, artists, those who want to touch the untouchable parts of them self to heal and find balance as a practice (not through mind or body) but the invisible aspects of us : our feelings and the power beyond this into our shamanic soul aspects, karmic aspects and own shadows, divine aspects of our light  …

New Moons starts us off with a new beginning each month, on the day of the New Moon we set one ‘personal’ intention to work with. Then at the Full Moon (two weeks later), we release or letting go of what surfaced that no longer serves our highest good

Here are some samples: “Intentions for this New Moon”
its wise to chose only ONE and speak it out loud
with a simple sage or candle or out in nature

I structure my responsibilities to rest more
I focus on the present
I nurture past wounds (which one?)
I am abundant
I am confident (if you feel insecure or have anxiety)
I reclaim my own inner authority
I respect my choice (which one?)
I am taking care of my body
I am serious when I need to be
I practice financially stability with consistency
I am listening to my emotional needs (which is?)
I have purpose in my life (if you feel you have none right now)
I respect or create a personal value that is meaningful to me
I accept change with groundedness
I respect myself
I overcome my fear of ____________
I grieve my loss with support
I manage my sexual addiction or wound

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