Chaos Magik


When we have order, we don’t need anything to humble ourselves. When everything is expected, there is nothing to expect and therefor no magic. When we are frightened or in pain we do have something to lose that is precious, and we are humbled enough to find inner strength. This makes us powerful and this is where real chaos lives.

Chaos is not something we control, it is something that happens to us. Magic in it’s traditional sense is limited because it’s controlled and when the need for even more control (power) entered into the traditions of magic, then black magic was born.

Within true Chaos Magic, sits the feminine nature (chaos) colliding with magic / black magic – masculine nature (control). What is unexpected for those who seek a journey into ‘real’ chaos magic, is the rising of one’s pain and karma (real chaos) from thinking they could control, what they cannot. One survives chaos, one does not control it as one learns to bow to the other fifty percent of magic… the feminine. Not the other way around.

Antique Miniature Dolls All-Bisque Lilliputian Doll - Rare Fortune Teller

~ Phoenix
Art: RUBÁIYÁT OF OMAR KHAYYÁM and Antique Miniature Dolls All-Bisque Lilliputian Doll

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  1. Gloria Lynn says:

    Wonderful, I have recently been trying to discuss chaos magic with my husband from a female point of view.

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    1. The magic I am is only with mother earth, its not magic in its general sense, chaos magic like chaos healing is when you enter chaos and you bow and discipline one’s self, rather than look outward towards the other. Chaos magic has no male energy in it at all, its all feminine, all spiral energy, all circle energy… most magicians do not understand that at all


  2. candypinkray says:

    I always thought I had an ordered mind-I enjoy sorting things out and classifying them for example, and yet chaos magic has been my craze for over two years now, and my blog here is all about it. Something I need maybe? But I’d rather not learn from being in pain or frightened!

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    1. Chaos is not something one controls, its something that happens to you that you cannot control. Magic is not that old of a tradition, and was dominated by men and therefor limited because its about control, hence the need for even more power which is how black magic got birthed in the first place. So here sits the feminine or nature (chaos) colliding with magic (control) and here is where all one’s issues arise unexpectedly.

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