Invisible Daughters

She found no attachment to the past
until one morning when the wind woke her up,

flooding a past-time into her life of trouble.
Death and Dreams shattering her screams,
drowning an untouchable and invisible

Remembering to swim the rivers and
springs, only to loosen her standing ground.
Feet covered  in mud and soil, remnants of
a time she could not remember in the
southern Nile.

Kissing the Sphinx

She opened these door and jumped into the
invisible ocean, drowning for decades until
she finally flew to the desert, where all her
troubles began so many millenniums ago.

She was very far away from where her
body stood, she stole the sacred stones
in the hidden place of the Sphinx,
which changed the storms to be all
around her instead of within her soul.

It was then she found her fire, earth, wind,
water and gold that changed everything
when she found her mother goddesses
Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat and brought
them back to form and flesh.

~Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming



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