Serious Dreamer & Shadow Dream Issues


Dream, Dreams, Dreaming and Dreamtime
wise counsel, teaching and guidance with
real dream reality issues:

For those who wish to work with our master Dreamer (shaman) personally, for any issues around dreams or shadows that walk in-between this world and dream worlds including fears, Phoenix works with both clients and students. Apprentices are for advanced dreamers who must master student requirements. Phoenix is a master dreamer (shaman) and has been training select apprentices around the world with grounded practices, healing personal issues and working with karma in relationship to visions and dreams over the last 17 years.

Appointments only: to set an appointment with the Elder Phoenix. If you are under 21 – please make sure you parents know your contacting her or have them write her for counseling.

Dreaming Bodies and Illusion Realities within
Dreams are very Diverse, Deep and sometimes
can be Dangerous:

Phoenix’ first language is world dreaming symbolism and with many years of experience, that is different than what is taught anywhere else, and as a natural dreamer, healer, dream warrior she teaches an internal language and practice. Fully awake in all 24 gates of dreaming, for her students she helps them learn about their 3 bodies of dreaming: 1. mental body dreamer, 2. the several soul bodies, first soul body is the emotional body, and 3. how to being “practicing” protecting the physical body and physical spaces.

Her calling in life is to help hose who find themselves in trouble, or to assist where all the dreamers without experience cannot help. If you are having a hard time from too many dreaming issues that are fearful, from techniques for lucidity when other gates are starting to open or you have no grounding disciplines or counsel or even those who have done shamanic drugs and and cannot close the door on paranormal experiences she can help.

sleep paralysis

Phoenix also assists in apparition or ghost issues in your home, and family issues of addiction which is causing erratic emotional dream disturbances causing more issues with a dreamer in the family. Also any paralysis stages of the dreamer (which is the stage after lucidity but before the out of body can fully disengage, many get stuck here in the parallelization of the physical body. Her skills and experience helps dreamers to ground the self or one’s child, teen or adult child.

dreaming life

Shadows, Demon Astral Shadows and
the Astral Body Issues of present and past lives:

For the more extreme situations such as exorcisms or boundaries around shadows or spirit clearing, and the paranormal issues Phoenix is well experienced. Issues of demonic presence (dark shadowy presence) or dark djinn (clear demonic presence) in the home or possessions are handled in person with phone consultation at first. As a dream walker knows every level of shadow astral and paranormal issues and the slow steps to at first understand and secondly take actions.  She can help anyone with any issue to find resolve to some of the complexities and fears of dreams, dreaming and dreamtime.

Severe Dreaming or misuses of Drugs, Shamanic Drugs, Synthetic
Drugs and Medications in relationships to veils and boundaries
of children, teen and adult dreamers:

Matters of schizophrenia are the extreme cases of soul fragmentation, or more severe demonic possession or lifetimes of the person taking the shadow without a break or healing in any lifetime. Since shamans do not carry insurance like doctors they are not protected from family members who sometimes in their anger over situations may turn against a shaman, in extreme issues then it is best dealt in standard medical institutions with medications if violent, because shamanism or soul loss, is a slow process to recovery, depossession or other issues.

local dreaming

Dream Rape Astral Rape:
In cultures where shamans have created the new drug uses since the 13th century, this was not always the case. Women especially should be warned about doing such ceremonies or more than a few times. Drug use of any kind, socially or addictions such as pot, peyote, ayahuasca, or dmt over usage are causing many problems for dreamers and women who are being attacked by sex predators in their dreams.
dream rape
The term incubus / succubus is a religious one, i prefer astral rape, because most take the incubus words or explanations lightly. With one out of five people being raped today, there is a very close correlation across the veil in dreaming.  These days people do not consider dream unhealthy or that it only happened in the middle ages… this is not true, its very unhealthy and relates to waking dream sexual abuses all over the earth. Sometimes its accepted as not being shadowy or demonic… that is a not true either. Sex addictions on this planet has risen dramatically and doubled since the 1980s and more and more dreamers are starting to awaken and finding they are having sex in their dreams with people they just met or don’t know.

This is very unhealthy for dreamers and ordinary people, and it is considered “astral rape”. Many people hunt for sex at night in their dreams in many countries but one will generally be effected only locally. The ancient dream huntresses, myths and art about Diana the Huntress or Artemis were exactly what these women did… they dream hunted predictors. If you would not let a stranger rape you on the street in waking life, the same applies in your dreams at night. There are techniques and practices to keep your dream space clear.

dreamersLastly, the most misunderstood topic on earth from people who do not understand about human history before 8000 bce nor can understand the collective pieces into the bigger picture from the mind only …

Dream Gates and Paranormal, Ufo, Ifo, Aliens:
Many people are not dreamers, nor dreamer (shamans) nor have absolutely any experiences of the paranormal other than this physical world or the knowledge or social path around such matters, much less the energetic dream world…  yet so many have opinions as if they did have decades of experience. It can be frustrating to speak with those who have no experiences or deny paranormal things exist beyond the physical world today. Its wise to be supported by those with experiences who combine spiritual disciplines and healing paths for the best results on your path and these are your dreamers like Phoenix. There are two types of shamans… the dreamers and the shamans and shaman practitioners, shaman teachers and real shamans fear the dreamer and for good reasons.

shipDreaming is very vast on this planet, and at certain levels involves such things as these, and a large amount of humanity are totally asleep in their dreaming, and yet everyone dreams a projection in the same life. People get in trouble when its no longer all projection and the doorways are opening and they begin to feel things as they fall asleep or force themselves out of dreaming but cannot understand whats happening. Phoenix has as a master dreamer and encourages others not to fall into the trap of seeking answers or help by asking those without experience or those who take vision drugs for their answers.

These types of behaviors will not help a person keep grounded, nor make sense of the whole picture from the perspective of common sense and the perception of one who is clear from drugs, shamanic drugs, pot, or too rigid of a belief system to find our way back or towards stability within the chaos of dreaming.


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