Sacred Fire Names



Niran “flames”
Nuri “fire”
Nuria “fire”
Hourig “small fire”

Balkan & Slavic
Aguya Kalmyk “woman of fire”
Basia “fire”

Gabija “fire”
Pelenas “place of fire”
Plamen “fire, flame”
Sarafim “fire serpent”
Sarafin “fire serpent”
Titus “fire, to burn”

El Nar “fire”
Khet “fire”
Tauret “protective fire”
Uraeus “fire of life”



Brande “firebrand”
Ember “smoldering remains”
Kenna “born of fire”

Cendrillion “of the ashes”
Cinderella “of the ashes”

Blas “firebrand”
Blasa “firebrand”

Celosia “burning”
Effie “fair flame”
Electra “fiery sun”
Pyralis “of fire”
Tana “fire or star goddess”

Kalama “Flaming torch”
Keahi “Flames, fire”

Adara “fire”
Nuri “flaming lights
Seraphina “Burning fire”

India & Hindi
Anala “fiery”
Angarika “flame of the forest”
Arati “divine fire in a ritual”
Banhi “fire”
Idris “fiery”
Jwala “flame”
Jyoti “flame, lamp”
Jyotika “light, flame”
Udipti “on fire”
Vahni “fire”
Vanhishikha “flame”


Irish, Celtic & Gaelic
Adan “fire”
Adeen “fire”
Aidan “fire”
Aideen “fire”
Aine “fire or joy”
Aithne “fire”
Ea “fire”
Edna “fire”
Eithne “fire”
Edana “Fire”
Eithna “Fire”

Ena “Fire”
Enya “little fire”
Etain “little fire”
Luighseach “burning fire”
Keegan “bright flame”

Italian & Latin
Ardere “fire”
Calida “fiery”
Callida “fiery”
Fiametta “fiery one”
Fiamette “little fiery one”
Igantia “fiery”
Ignacia “fiery”
Iniga “fiery”
Neci “fiery, passionate”
Necia “fiery, passionate”
Vesta “hearth fire”

Native American
Chante-peta “fire heart (Sioux)”
Keezheekoni “burning fire (Cheyenne)”

Afl “hearth fire”
Brenna “fire”
Elda “fire woman”
Eldrid “fiery soul”

Seydir “cooking fire”
Bal “fire”
Bruni “fire”
Eldr “fire”
Hauga Eldr “fire from the grave”

Hyrr “fire”
Villieldr “wild fire”

fire 3

Aturdokht “daughter of fire”
Azar “fire, 9th moon calendar”
Golnar “center of a flame”
Shaleh “flame”
Sholeh “fire, flame”
Souzan “burning, flaming”

Ignacia “fire”
Brendika “fire”
Brenna “blazing light”
Brenneka “fire”
Brenneke “fire”
Orinda “fire serpent”

Alev “flame”
Atesh “flame”
Nuraya “fire”
Nuriye “fire”

Photos and Art: From top to bottom: Firewoman by Aaron Hubrich,  Stonehenge Aurora, Edinburgh, Scotland Beltane Fire Society, Genasi by Twen5.

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