2nd Full Moon of Winter

Monthly Moon Magic by Baba Phoenix of Ashland… 
When working with Moon Medicine, nothing is all good, and everything isn’t all bad! We practice to seek the center and understand “our own” personal elliptical path with nature’s seasons. Full Moons are about “letting go” and as a reminder, its based on what has surfaced from your new moon intention two weeks ago. I suggest this moon, taking your time to search for just the right release, because its a very strong “wolf” moon.

Leo Full Moon begins Saturday January 23, 2016 @ 3 Degrees Leo
5:45 PM Pacific Dream-Time, and ends at the New Moon on
Monday February 8, 2016 at 19° Aquarius.

Also, for those of you who are new to intentional moon work as a medicine, it is not about fixing the world, saving the planet, seeking a super vision, nor believing every projection of a vision your metal body throws out there… or anything else because these are all sun realities of knowledge, philosophies and creativity. With moon work, we seek shelter from the storms and the burn of the sun, we move about inwardly to find our own personal vision through creative (living, healing, being) and most of all, to understand who we are right now, to support our nature of constant emotional flux with sensitive flexibility.

full moon

Yesterday I had a mostly wolf (less dog) come visit me for this full moon story, he was a big, calm, underweight and peaceful sort of wolf dog. I went to get him something to eat because I thought he was a wanderer, and when I returned back outside, a young woman was walking with him, towards me. He had led and she followed, she said she was his guardian, because he wasn’t feeling very well and the three of us had a nice soul meeting.

This full moon is showed me a real wolf,  and this moon, like the wolf who wasn’t feeling well, we are all under this T-Square tension together, between Moon, Sun & Mars. A triangle that seeks “action” for a resolve or meeting of like souls.

Any tension which arises the rest of this moon cycle can be set by your letting go intention and the release, if you few step forward with something physical, which some people call making it ‘real’.  Active energy is involved this moon, meaning that anger or frustrations are easier felt, but also support, bravery and protection are present also. Keeping active and focused rather than twisted up in someone’s projections are a very good way to ease tension within or to seek a resolve of anything that arises for you. And if your the one doing the projecting, take some time to think about how the other person might feel with all your anger. Moon work is all about perception and moving about our life from that reality, but full moons, unlike new moons, involve both perspective and perception and that requires more flexibility.

Try to think about what you were doing last July, did something arise or change last summer? If so, this has now reached its fullness in the six month cycle and the energy desperately wants to be free. Because the energy of the Sun, Moon and Mars are the very personal aspects of our everyday life, we will experience something personal and with mars there can be a few extra arguments or even plates flying across the room if the tension has been building since last summer.

Leo/Aquarian axis moons can be full of impersonal drama, that’s right, impersonal, meaning that someone is really not in the same place you are or not as upset as you or vice versa about a situation or issue. Try to see your situations in life from both sides, and imagine what its like to be the other person dealing with you. We don’t change ourselves for others, we change to improve who we are… that is enlightenment practice 101 or one can continue to retreat out of fear, stay silence when ignorance is present or even fly off the handle, loosing power and getting a stomach ache instead. Its up to you and your emotional practices each day at how you want to reclaim or process feelings.

Kaván František (1866-1941)

Next, on our full moon list, we have the impeccably impatient Thunder God Uranus squaring and bringing tension back again to Pluto and this time Mercury is involved. When a personal planet like Mercury gets sandwiched between the Lord of Death and the Wielder of Chaos, our personal Mercury may say something we regret out of tension or a fear. If you do say something with an emotional punch, it’s wise you back it up and support yourself and try to understand why you needed to say it in the first place.  Also if your having a Moon affair or bitching about your boss, don’t send that email or text to the wrong person, because you will be in trouble. If that does happen, you can always say your “unconscious did it” for a good reason, and that would be the truth.

And last up this full moon, we have Saturn squaring Neptune, which goes something like this… “I should get all that work done before this weekend, but I just feel like taking a long winter’s nap today instead.” Escape isn’t so bad when Saturn and Neptune face off, but if your the type who cannot relax or rest without feeling guilty, then at least have some fun planning your vacation for next summer.

Two rules always work: Meditate or walk in nature to keep peaceful and get fresh air or risk it all and speak your truth that maybe you have been holding in for six months and let the gates of hell open, whichever is needed or comes out instinctively.

For everyone else who doesn’t have issues happening this moon cycle, just practice your “impeccable speech” or silence practices, those always need fine tuning.

Its all good and have a lightning Full Moon! Phoenix


Art: Winter by Kavan Frantisek (1866-1941)

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