Marriage of Body & Soul


As a Folk Healer and Dreamer, I prefer to cover my clients, rather than myself in scarves and shaman clothing, unless its a group seasonal “soul retrieval” because its night time  when I do that. But on personal healing sessions, I prefer to do this because female shaman traditions before 1000 bce were very different than men shaman rituals that have evolved since then, where they cover up themselves.

It is not only easier for female shamans to do unrestricted deeper work uncovered, but by covering up the one who is emotionally, physically or mentally sick or in distress, they go deeper inward to feel whats happening to their mind, body and soul in the healing process. A shaman “should” have already mastered and healed at least half of their own personal sicknesses, life experiences and soul issues before they administer shamanic ritual and healing to work with others.

Many bridal rituals and ceremonies over the millenniums have ended up carrying many of woman’s shamanic rituals into these marriage ceremonies, especially folk, pagan and peasant marriages where the bride ceremonies show elaborate folk clothing, jewels, veiled coverings.

So next time you see a bride, remember before religion came, she was doing ceremony to commit to her own sacred marriage of mind and emotional body (soul), for health, well being and strength before she brought in children. This is why the maiden stage before Dionysus cults were all pure, and the maiden entered motherhood with clarity, sobriety and strength. Today we have come about as far away from that as possible, with drug and pot use, alcohol, night clubs… lost youth and maiden who have no ceremony to find themselves through honoring their path rather than constantly destroying it and then ending up drained and living in great illusion and blindness.

As I enter elder now this year, I take my responsibilities and spiritual walk as a teacher with honoring and praise of the women who in the 1950s and 1960s maintained health, truth, education, focus, and especially sobriety (from pot, meds and recreational drugs) in their own spiritual path, without a temple, without support from established men’s practices and teachings. To the women who entered or started buddhist or zen centers, and to the women who were scholar archaeologists or astrologers, who saw the female image as if for the first time in 3000 years and challenged their peers (men saw woman imagery as men and wrote history books on that unconsciousness). To all the esoteric women who counselled and helped other women and men heal by supporting them..

I honor all who helped open the deeper path for my walk to self healing in the 80s, 90s and 2000s so I could do my work. I hold that dreaming and power for the women now who enter adulthood (30 and older) who take their risks and depth in the 2010s, 20s and 30s to do their own personal work healing work, detoxing personal karma.

I support the great circle or ‘return’ of the divine feminine and shadow healing.

Photo: A Berber Mother and Daughter from Morocco doing a ritual, where the mother kisses the daughter goodbye as she leaves to get married.  Photograph by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher.

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