Dreaming Forest Women

The song in this video, Lúčnica – Omilienci, is a Slovak Folk Song, and this ancient Spring Ritual of song and dance is from the Village Važec, which involves women forming a human chain with song while rhythmically walking (movement of directing energy). This type of dance is known as “chorovod” and the Chorovod Omilienci of the Slovak tradition is particularly dedicated to the celebration of Spring and is unique to this Village.

mirror cubes in sweden hotelThe Movie Clip: Лісова пісня. Мавка – Ukrainian Forest Nymph film scene. Україна. Here is the original Movie in its entirety: Lesnaya pesnya, Mavka (Yuri Ilyenko, 1981)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_pBrHupM2I. Cover photo of our video is a Lithuanian Model and Photographer is Nils Vilnis, http://www.vinils.lv, and the Chorovod share was from DokuDoki.

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