First Moon of Spring 2016

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Hello dreamers, dancers, artists, magicians, healers and bright souls … Our First New Moon of Spring is Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 5:55 pm and sits at 19° ♓ Pisces  (Pacific Dreamtime) including a total Solar Eclipse. Congratulations, we finally made it to the doorway of Nature’s New Year and we can welcome Spring in all of her greatness, bringing forth both earth’s rebirth along side our own. 

One calendar year has a minimum of four eclipses – two solar eclipses & two lunar eclipses. 2013, 2018 and 2019 include five eclipses, 2011 and 2020, six eclipses and seven eclipses in 1982 and 2038. Eclipses as a symbolic meaning are points of “stillness” – the ability to be in alignment with our mind, body and soul by being still, by being observant that moon cycle, and as all things go, its starts as a practice.

For those of you who do the ancient traditional river & burning of the Slavic Balkan Winter Goddess Marzanna effigy that you made last Autumn, we will post that on our Facebook page as it gets nearer the actual day of the Spring Equinox. We honor these traditions of woman’s ancient path, of allowing the Goddess of Winter to transform and rebirth herself into the Goddess of Spring. So the new layers of “Growth through healing and Sacred Ritual” can honor our previous four-seasons of the year.

marzanna burning
Celebrations of Jare Gody and the burning of their Marzanna Effigy. The “Kolomir” Native faith in Warmia, Poland. (Photo source: Lamus Dworski on Tumblr.)

If it was a difficult moon for you last month, keep note in your moon or dream journal for next year, because this truly helps our emotional awareness practices. We generally get about three moon cycles of difficulty and struggle for growth (when we pay attention) unless its a whole lifetime of burning off karma. Last month, Mercury was in Aquarius causing trouble as usual, so if you did struggle or someone you love did, hopefully you can move forward now as the energy released its hold in the shift of the moon. This month we have in the Pisces grouping: Chiron (healing/karma), Sun, Moon (self), Neptune (spirituality, dreams, self undoing) and Mercury (inner or outer communication), these are opposite the North Node (fated destiny) and Jupiter (expansion, opportunity) in Virgo (health, routine)

My wisdom this moon is to watch for any simple breaking or shattering of glass, this is a “mirror symbolic synchronicity” that you have broken through a small or large personal illusion in your life; the second is the flow of water which is equal to the flow of our emotions, or our emotional blocks. With Mercury involved again this moon, any kind of communication (spiritual) and cars, bikes, motorcycles etc. can be involved for some as a ‘sign’ not an accident. If mars was conjunct that Mercury then yes, maybe an accident, but its  not.

At the end of winter and the beginning of spring, we start slow and steady in our awakening after our long winter’s slumber and because we just finished three moons of the darkest time of the year. If you didn’t get your rest and slow down those three moons, then catching up the rest of this season will help you out. Those that did make time for power naps, dreaming and rest over the long winter will feel the rebirth energy of spring come forth without sluggishness (unless your sick or going through huge changes of the three times in a humans life).


We cannot fix all the issues in our life in short amounts of time, nor know all knowledge or mystery, but we can be more fluid in order to help things flow with consistency. Pay attention to where you get frustrated and remind yourself that it’s ok to be late, its ok that our life is not perfect and its ok that things didn’t go our way.

Neptune rules this moon, it also rules Illusions which includes things like alcohol, pot, drugs and medications, so try to go easy on these things this month and give your soul a break. Neptune Pisces moons also rule the paranormal, the thinning veils between the worlds (energy worlds of light and shadow and this physical world), it also rules emotional fears and self undoing. So for those of you who are “sensitives” or who can “see” make sure your supported and practice healthy boundaries in night dreaming or waking dreams, since Neptune rules dreams, simple to the most complex.

The Ellias Sabian Symbol for this Pisces degree says: “A perfect black cube sits alone in the desert.” Uniqueness which becomes separate and self-referential is designed to be only a certain way and not any other way. Preserved against rust or corrosion, maintaining standards and priorities of what seems to be the given, yet something is wrong. We are not listening, not paying attention to the “subtle” and the subtle is the most difficult to pay attention to. We are so intent upon “self-consistency”, that we have tuned out far too much of our own “whole process”. This moon shall call forth lessons or a challenging experience, but only to crack us open again, and give us a chance to discover what can be, when nothing is assumed and nobody has  preset.”


Spring only comes once a year, don’t miss it again this year, take time to walk into nature and her mystery and sit with her at least for awhile, you can never regret this in your future.


I am beautiful
I am creative
I feel grounded
I feel healthy (especially if you don’t – fake it till you make it)
I express my feelings more openly in a positve way
I am expressing my feelings
I create healthy boundaries
I express myself more honestly
I am practicing healthy behaviors
I am healing my addiction
I am listening deeply
I have self compassion
I use my creativity to heal
I meditate for inner peace
I am emotionally honest with myself

I trust myself
I trust my intuition
I still my mind and open my heart
I accept where I am
I forgive myself
I allow myself to grieve
I focus on a healthy imagination with grounded mysticism
I face my addiction one day a at a time
I use my creativity when i am upset
I practice stillness
I free myself from my own imprisonment
I silence my busy thoughts
I express my unique feelings
I value my perspectives

I am original and unique
I take one step to emotional freedom
I challenge myself to be more honorable
I speak my truth with impeccability
I accept my anger to help me move past stagnancy
I am listening to my heart
I practice positive thoughts
I am confident
I heal can heal myself
I am patient
I am getting healthier one day at a time
I communicate my needs clearly

Video for this Moon of Spring!

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