Szeptuch Shaman

Grandmothers  return is all about timing and I have found myself not enjoying the Slavic, Balkan and Viking Paganism, because it glorifies the maiden and the male dominance of leadership. I am a great fan of Slavic, Balkan and Viking Folk Healers, Female Shamans, Artists and Rituals that equally includes mothers and grandmothers actually leading ceremonies and leading spiritual teachings for the younger maidens…  The change is in its process and cannot be repressed anymore.

shaman s

The art on the right half is the original art and the image on the left is the forthcoming spiritual transformations occurring in the last thirty years of the return of Grandmother Shamans and the mothers over the past fifteen years (adult women) who are still apprenticing their devout and long healing journey and their learnings. The maidens, those under 30 have the great opportunity to learn about their own dreams, their own nightly dreams, their own dreaming bodies and shamanic past from the now emerging grandmother shamans.

Original Russian Art on Right, Priest Sventovita by M. Ivanov (Жрец Свентовита М. Иванов) via

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