Songs of the Selkies

Enlli Selkie by Maria Hayes

I am here visiting Southern California for while and on the day of the New Moon Eclipse, I rode my bike to sing sounds to the river where it empties into the ocean. I sang for a long time and near the end, a sea lion swam up to greet me and it’s grace in the water was strong and beautiful. I felt it was a blessing. I then continued on my way down to the sea shore to find just the right place to set my things down to look for sea shells. I met a man who was fishing and stopped to say hello.

I asked him: “Did you catch anything today?” He replied: “No, the fish here are too poisoned, so today I only fish for peace.” I smiled said goodbye, and took about twenty steps and decided to put my towel and bad there, because there were a lot of sea shells where the fisherman was fishing. I got ready for an afternoon of sea shelling. I looked over at the man … and he had vanished, gone. It was less than a minute before when I said hello, and the beach was wide open and you could see for miles, he would have been in sight. What had been a Sea Lion earlier, was now the fisherman… a Selkie. I was blessed.

I went back the next day to pick more shells in the same exact place… but there was not one single shell on that entire beach!   ~ Phoenix

To read about Selkie and Finfolk lore:

Art: Enlli Selkie by Maria Hayes

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