Animism and the Sea Folk

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – In Irish and Scottish mythology, Selkies (also spelled silkies, sylkies, selchies) or Selkie folk (Scots: selkie fowk) meaning “Seal Folk” are mythological beings capable of therianthropy, changing from seal to human form by shedding their skin. They are found in folktales and mythology originating from Orkney and Shetland. Well, I was blessed to meet a Selkie Man and his Seal Animism Soul.

When I first moved to Oregon 8 years ago, I was going to the coast along the Cali/Or border and hanging out at the ocean a lot. That was when I first began to see the animism souls of an ocean variety. First it was a seal girl (she was high school age) and she would appear as a girl then a seal and this would repeat in my dreams.

Next a year later, I would see a few kids who were shiny silver salmon animism teens in my dreams. It was pretty awesome. The last few times was when I went to California to visit my friend and I saw seven teenage girls who had dolphin animism souls (but were tagged with collars by the US Navy. So their souls were entrapped).

When I went to visit my friend in Southern California about three years ago, it was the day of the New Moon Eclipse, and I rode my bike to sing sounds to the river where it empties into the ocean. I sang for a long time and near the end, a sea lion swam up to greet me and it’s grace in the water was strong and beautiful.

It was a blessing, and then I continued on my way down to the sea shore to find just the right place to set my things down to look for sea shells. I met a man who was fishing and stopped to say hello. 

Enlli Selkie by Maria Hayes

I looked into the ocean at that moment, and there was a seal looking at me for a long time. That seal would then always appear to me, regardless of what beach in the US I went to and still does. As a shaman I usually know “who” the human is, but in this case, I didn’t as I had never met the man before that day and never met him since. But his seal, it always shows up regardless of what ocean I stand before.

I asked the man: “Did you catch anything today?” He replied: “No, the fish here are too poisoned, so today I only fish for peace.” I smiled said goodbye, and took about twenty steps and decided to put my towel and bad there. He was surrounded by lots of sea shells, rare ones and beautiful ones. So i decided to sit in the sand near him and collect some shells.

I got ready for an afternoon of sea shelling at that area and I looked back over after I set my things down and the man … had vanished, completely gone in an instant. It was less than a minute when I turned to set my things down, and the beach was wide open and you could see for miles, he would have been in sight.

What had been a Sea Lion earlier, was now the fisherman… a Selkie. I was blessed. After he vanished I went back the next day to pick more shells in the same exact place… but there was not one single shell on that entire beach and there never is at Huntington Beach, not any shells like those.

Now wherever I am at any beach, this animism seal Selkie shows up and keeps me connected to the mystery of the ocean.

A nice video…

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Art: Enlli Selkie by Maria Hayes

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  1. Suzanne says:

    How magical. There is magic around in the seas near me too at present

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was my first Selkie I have met in the waking world, I have met a few in my dreaming at night, its been a magical moon so far !


    2. Suzanne says:

      What a wonderful experience it must have been. The old celtic magic is so strong in the northern hemisphere. Over here in Australia the magic takes other forms –

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