First Full Moon of Spring


We are still in our Pisces Lunar Cycle and have reached half way at the Full Moon which includes the Penumbral “Lunar” Eclipse @ 3’17 Libra – Wednesday March 23rd 2016. Pisces are all about mirrors, spiritual endeavor, self undoing and also awareness, so its wise to watch for the mirrors and signs three days up to a full moon (or new moon) to see your soul clearly reflected in the world. The moon and sun are the most important in esoteric work because they represent symbolically, our personal life this lifetime.

When eclipses arrived, we get a chance like we did at the Solar Eclipse on the First New Moon of Spring two weeks ago to open to new changes, ideas and decisions that are important to us. If you paid attention with silence and stillness, all of your signs would have been revealed all around you already. Take those symbols of what arose and work with them spiritually for the 3 moons of Spring. That is magic at its very core and sets the tone and path of the natural self with nature, for the entire new year (spring) !

Try to remember that the new moon sets the tone of the whole moon cycle, and your new moon intention. Full moon is the final building up of the cycle and now we begin at the full to release, let go and come to stillness again. Mercury of course was a strong player last moon cycle in Aquarius and again this moon because it shifted into Pisces with the Moon. So communicate how you really feel, what you have learned and share it. If your 30, then counsel a ten or fifteen year old, if your forty, counsel a thiry year old, if your fifty, counsel a 30, 40 or peer. If you over sixty, then begin a new life and let those truly interested in spiritual wisdom from self mastery, let them find you…

~ Phoenix

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