Stone Alatyr – Russian Magical Legend

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – The Russian Alatyr Stone, sometimes called the World Mother (Алатырь каменьям – мире мати) is a search for purity and truth and as a legend lost so long ago on earth. The Russian myth explains it as a Mystical Stone of folktale and epic proportions, as the Russians prefer to call their legends. There is another Slavic symbol that is carried by the Slavic Christmas traditions, which is also a symbol known as Alatyr (its symbol shape).

Russia and Ukraine along with all other East Slavic languages, is a lineal descendant of the colloquial language used in Kievan Rus’ from the 10th–13th centuries. Alatyr carries the power of the Midnight Sun (the Season of Night) which is a prehistory pre-pagan symbol. The Alatyr symbol that the slavic pagan uses, is one of the most powerful and most common, it protects its owner from diseases and brings well-being (balance) to their personal space.

The symbolic and real legend of the Alatyr, says that a long time ago it was given to travelers for a long journey to bless their way. As a sacred amulet, its used to preserve the family hearth and the hearth fires (creation).

photo by mikko lagerstedt

Since Alatyr already bares all amulet’s characteristics, all the other charms are just small manifestations of Alatyr. This amulet can be worn under clothing, close to the chest, sewn onto clothing like most traditional Slavic, Nordic and Balkan folk clothing, or it can be combined with other pendants and necklaces for different uses.

But the Alatyr I am speaking of today, even though they are all connected in the bigger collective of the ancient Slavic and Balkan symbolism, is the ancient Midnight Sun in its Slavic and Russian form which says:

The search for the meaning of life through our soul and how both spiritual pagan men and women searched by connecting with the greater soul of the earth mother. Under this hidden Stone Alatyr it is said: “powerful forces which offers the treasures of wisdom and keeps the dreaming alive.” Of course that treasure is our greater soul rather than the lesser souls we have.

Some stories say that the Stone is located near a portal (entrance) to the underworld, for the dark and light are of equal strength and always exist right next to one another. In folklore there are a few places that have been mentioned about its location. The most mysterious is somewhere out in the ocean, the other is the Legends saying it is near the banks of the River Currant and a third version says its hidden in a sacred mountain in Rhipaean Mountains (The Urals).

Dreagon by Franciszek Walczowski, Polish Artist 1902-1983.

Eastern and Southern Slavs say the Stone is within Irie (the Slavic Paradise) where thunder and lightning rests in the winter. The legend says that Alatyr is the mother of all our stones because of its healing powers, containing great wisdom and all life-giving love. Seekers keep searching but it is never found and that we cannot enter such legends until we are pure (have no more karma).

The Magical Stone of Alatyr

White combustible Stone Alatyr
The all stone in the world mother
from under the pebble from Alatyr
Beget pure winds. From under the
pebble from Alatyr, t
he waters
flow fast, 
around the world for
the whole world of healing.

According to another legend, there are nine Alatyr stones (one stone that was fragmented) and buried in the walls of nine cities. Others believe its a large piece of mystical amber, for this is the only stone that is cold, but can also be ignited (combustible) but it’s not a white. There is speculation that the island Buyan – Ruyan or Rügen in the Baltic Sea (Alatyrsky Sea), is where this stone may sit but those are the later versions and I highly doubt that one. Alatyr is often described as a mountain, while amber is found only in small formations near the ocean, but oceans also have ‘older’ mountains under water.

Some Russian epics say that the Alatyr Stone appears like a stone lying on the crossroads (meaning that it only exists in-between the veils, (energetic or dreaming worlds) of earth and that it awaits for the right traveler. If he or she went on the given road, they would find it, this legend I agree with because at certain higher levels of earth, one cannot enter and they must not have any previous life’s karma.  It is mystical stone for a good reason, so its safe and protected from those who would do harm unknowingly without the great insight (no karma of any lifetime left).

“On the Sea on Okiyane                                   “На море на Окияне есть
we have the white-combustible                       бел-горюч камень 
stone Alatyr, unknown                                     Алатырь, никем
by anyone.”                                                         неведомый.”

According to a number of German and Eastern (Arabic and Persian) sources and Slavic negotiators who called themselves “Rus” a report that the Persian geographer Abu al-Qasim ibn Khordadbeh, writer of the “Book of Ways and Countries” which was written between 846 – 847 ce and he had his clues. Russ is one of the tribes of the Slavs who say only a Slav will be able to go back into time far enough to communicate with mother earth and only she will know where it is.

In some sources they speak of “the Island of the Russ or Rus’ which clearly shows the peninsula Ruyan (Rügen), one of the most important sacred centers of the Slavs — the Temple City of Arkona. The word Buyan is clearly of Russian origin and the root, means to blow (wind or whispering) and as applied to a forest’s movement, signifying a vigorous spirit of the forest.  The connection is clearly “wind-swept.” In the early Russian ballads the invariable formula is Na ostrove na Buydne (on the island of Buyan) is highly probable that Buyan became a substantive only later, and at first was adjectival and meant “windy island.”

Legend says the healing waters flow from beneath the Alatyr Stone and on it stands the Dreaming Tree and that this stone is still guarded by two mythical celestials, a Gagana Bird and the Garefena Serpent.  Only the mysterious bird called Strafil (the firebird) the Mother of all birds can enter the Paradise Island and on whom the whole of the moist earth is founded; and that if the fish shall drown, all the moist earth will fall to pieces.


In the texts of the Golubinoy books, which was published by Kirshey Danilov, legends say that the Stone, the Firebird and Magpie are connected and when I was translating this from Russian – I liked the way this translation turned out syncronistically all on its own…

Nagai Island (Alaska) – all birds of prey
and she lives on the Ocean-Sea
near the national nest on Obama’s White,
the stone welled up Visitors korabelschiki
on the nest of Nagai Island (Alaska) – birds

and on his detushek of small.

Nagai Island (Alaska) – bird vostrepenetsya,
Ocean-Sea vosklolybletsya, it replenishes
rivers razlivalisya, Alexander many quick ships,
Alexander many chervlenye ships.

For those of you who made it to the end of this article…
The Russian Alatyr Stone was never a stone,
is one of the Four Great Celestial Dragons

of Mother Earth and much larger
than the other three.


The “windy island” was the ocean floor and the “white combustible stone” meant that the dragon had to free itself through some sort of combustion (breaking free).  Men fell asleep and their own legends were corrupted by the battles in their heart, and Christian Religion which killed the dreaming of the Dragons corrupted the legend even more.

All Dragon’s retreated just as the Russian Dragon had done. Dragons of course, belong to Mother Earth and not to men. Only the Religious’ ego told false fairytales about overpowering them, which is nonsense. The Ideology of Saint George made it even worse over the last millennium, that they were dead. Same too with the Giants, the giants are alive and well, we know them as Archangels.

The Goddess was protected by the “old dream”  and the real dragons were to help prevent the destruction of the Souls of the souled human beings. Men know nothing of woman and her story before history which began around 2100 bce and the Magical Stone itself was only “frozen” in time, not dead nor lost. Prophecy was never stated anywhere in any this legends – the Russian Dragon, this Stone of Alatyr.  The dragon is now free and free from Russia’s own past oppression.

Sources: Saint Juraj (George) and the Dragon, Zagreb, Croatia; Wiki Europe, Various Russian Pagan sites, Encyclopedia Mythica, Song of the Alatyr by Maestro Vladimir Sidorov’s  Youtube page.






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  1. Yaoé says:

    From the bottom of my Heart, I’d like to THANK YOU for this wonderful article. It makes sense on so many levels…
    This is a text I wrote yesterday, BEFORE finding this site today, I guess I was guided here or I just resonated with what is writing here and found a way.
    (I’m french, so pardon my limited english skills, please)
    Blessings to all of us,

    To the love of our mothers, I offer these words. To you, Beautiful Ancients:

    White Spark,
    Eternal Flame
    In the heart of a black sun.
    Essential alchemical waters

    Throughout the abyss, I forged these crystals of moon :

    White Gold gushing out
    Revives what was frozen
    Fluidity flowing in,
    Natural, Clear, alive

    Curves refined
    Densities alleviated

    Once frozen,
    The onyx veils of these Ancients
    Celebrate the return of Change,
    The sacred wind
    Who soars, dances, stirs and awakens
    From within the heart,
    The cerulean flame

    All bodies blaze up
    Deep primal resonances
    I am the One Who Is
    Vivid Heat of the hunter-prey, husband, father, son, brother
    Free Woman, beautiful and wild, wife, mother, daughter, sister,

    Ancient dualisms, old oppositions
    Make way, dissipate yourselves
    In the heart of our recognitions
    We are another “I”

    From our particularities,
    Let us celebrate and forge,
    Weave and cultivate
    The new alliances

    In each of us,
    Within each atom,
    Let us vivify all the potentialities of the Song!

    I break the old bleeding Lance
    Staff and Stone resurrected
    Vital surge, springing fluidity,
    Nurtured by magma cleared
    Lightning-quick red rod,
    The one that transmutes,
    Essentialize to the optimal
    Every thing that Is

    Builder, Alchemist, Vision’s Sword holder
    Opener, Weaver, Brother,
    Friend & Ally

    Creator I Am.


    1. Thank you Yaoé ! what a beautiful spiritual poem / song you wrote, I do love it and I am glad you found our page. Your english is perfect and i really appreciate you writing us! Sending a bow and respect your way… blessings Phoenix


      1. Thank You Phoenix, your article about Alatyr opened even more new paths to explore and consciously reconnect with ancient (and still living) forces. I feel blessed and I’m willing to share these blessings by becoming the best version of the One I truly Am. LOve, commitment, clarity, joy & creativity through natural radiance. Mitakuye Oyasin.

        Liked by 1 person

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