2nd Moon of Spring 2016

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings Moontime Dreamers, our Second New Moon of Spring cycle begins on Thursday, April 7, 2016 4:24 am Pacific Dreamtime. Our beautiful Spring has arrived and your signs should be permeating all around you now. My signs have already appeared, an Osprey, images of Swans and Caskets. I have a special relationship to this moons signs of Swans & Casket symbolism, because when I was 31, my mother passed away and I was with her the night her soul left, laying beside her, dreaming along side her. In my dreaming, two huge Swans as large as the sky came to escort her as she was leaving this world. It was a great dream to behold, and my first spirit bird dream (super huge animals and birds).

The dream of the swans has always stayed with me, I suppose because of my Slavic ancestors and folktales, and it seemed to lessen the pain of my loss. Me, my mother and my daughter all have Pisces Moons, the dreamer’s moon and because my daughter is 31 now, we completed some final shamanic dreaming, reclaiming a “last” unturned stone from the past for completion. The Casket as a symbol is the final resting place of the mortal’s body, completed this lifetime and ready for a final burial. Since these same symbols were at my first Saturn Return at 31, when my mother/father died, they have returned symbolically to this moon as elder approaches and the door to adult close – just as the doors had opened to my adulthood from maiden long ago.


In moon work, the “second moons” of each of the 4-season, expresses the fullness of our emotional life. First moons of the 4-seasons bring forth newness and a new beginning, and lastly, the third moons of each 4-seasons, brings us a completion (a healing and processing). This moon is about tending to your inner fire and if you feel a little more overwhelmed this moon cycle compared to last moon, just know that the magnetic and lunar energies are building and you will get your releases at the full moon. For others, your energy may start at the full moon, everyone is different.

In constellation divination of the solar rather than lunar path, we are entering the sign of Aries the Ram, a time when wild baby rams are born and domestic baby goats spring forth into the fields, meadows and mountains with an exuberant amount of life force. When hens are laying eggs and birds are singing their spring songs. So too should we mimic nature, after all, our long three moon slumber of Winter is complete.

This moon we have a powerful bucket of Fire energy and its not easy to handle, so be wise in all your relations this month. In our “Aries” lineup we have: Venus, Sun, Moon, Uranus and Eris (Mar’s sister) all opposite Black Moon Lilith (in Libra) who looks on at our complications and issues from afar. We also have Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius… this is a lot of fire to manage! Use your fire process to manifest warmth (self nourishment), otherwise if your fire gets too out of control, you or someone else maybe feel the burn.



If you are burning a bridge at both ends, or it is time to end something, then this energy gives you that extra warrior power to do so or to assert more extreme boundaries (rather than sit in the ‘I don’t know what to do category’) that we find ourselves in sometimes, to protect our emotional body and being careful not to hurt others. In that case, we always must follow our truth, and others must follow theirs. It also equally gives us the fuel to start something new emotionally where great passion is needed.

Remember, Moon work is about emotions and emotional relationships, about intuition and trusting yourself in what you are passionate about, in believing in yourself and your capabilities or your gifts, also in your feeling, dreaming and sixth sense seeing… so trust. Moon work is not about your car, job, the drama of others, everything in those departments falls under Solar and Sun (mundane) reality, moon work sits in silence or quiet as a practice to ‘be’ present yet observing. Self nuturing, self love and self mastery to work with the complications in life from the internal applied outwards.

With Uranus involved this cycle (change, chaos, rebel, visionary, truth or lies), he will seem to enter everyone’s relationships this moon cycle and stir it up. Be prepared for a visiting heyokha or becoming one yourself for the month. This type of lightening and thunder makes your life straighten up for truths sake. A coyote who pulls your tail and then runs, a jester who must make you his joke at your expense, things like this! The best action in life is no action (stillness) and that is the hardest, when your chains are pulled, your ego poked and your nerves ready to slay.

A master holds their sword one more minute when you’ve held it so long you cannot stand it anymore. For those who never get angry, well here is your chance to play thunder god and let a lightning bolt be thrown. For those who get angry weekly, then here is your chance to slay that wild horse inside of you a bit. Remember… the moon path is always about emotional balance, and we find that balance in our personal fears. Seek there and you will find your medicine.

Also try to make something creative or do something creative or go somewhere creative this moon cycle to please your soul. Our soul doesn’t mind fighting battles once you have  given her permission to have boundaries or nurturing yourself once you allow yourself to feel your authentic feelings rather than only express anger (fire). And sometimes she just wants to play and be loved ~ wholeheartedly – so love yourself and be kind!

Example Intentions:
I respect myself

I love myself in a healthy way
I am positive
I listen deeply
I practice self control
I use my will to direct my energy
I am balanced
I am responsible for my projections
I use my competitiveness in a positive way
I am strong emotionally (if you feel weak)
I am strong physically (if you feel week)
I protect myself with healthy boundaries
I have safe sexual boundaries
I use my sexual energy in positive ways
I nurture my sexual addiction
I put my word of ________ into action (this moon)
I am honest with myself
I am healthy in my body (if you are not)
I express my frustrations in a healthy way
I embrace my new beginning
I am honest with myself
I am responsible for my anger
I embrace joy

Blessings and happy second moon of Spring ! Phoenix

Please Note: Phoenix’s lunar and moon work is copyrighted so please do not use any part of her seasonal moon information for you own books or teachings without her permission.
Phoenix as a folk healer or teacher of the emotional and soul side of your being and your dreaming, or if you would like to be on our contact list and once a month email, please write to Eldermountaindreaming@gmail.com. LUNAR SHARING GUIDELINES: For all articles, monthly new/full moon writing, please share the “link” on your social media, instead of copying text or partials, thank you for sharing and supporting our soul and dream work here at Elder Mountain.

Source: Photo of Swans by Charles at http://www.shootthelight.com

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  1. annierue says:

    Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your story and for the intentions to help us get through this firey, chaotic time. I know I need them!


  2. Reblogged this on Paths I Walk and commented:
    Great advice for this month’s Moon energy.


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