Ritualistic Fire


A picture expresses a thousand words and a spiritual image expresses ten-thousand. The composition of this beautiful image depicts a Slavic Pagan Ritual, the day after Hallows Eve (all Souls day). Included are rectangles in the foreground with bowls of water and lighted candles as part of the ritual of calling the souls (ancestors) and the spirit (elements) to the ceremony. The leader woman (which would have been a grandmother in the early pagan era’s and pre-pagan eras) stands in the center in the upper part of the image, holding the ancestral jar (water) because water represents the element of emotion, as the three men to her right bring their offerings of those who suffer emotionally in the village which is represented in the ritual by the sacred ceremonial jars.

The young woman in the front on the left, holds the sacred fire jars, which the herbs, incense and wild grasses for the ancient ancestors, who are coming out of the fire (spirit),  (top left of image) and are looking upon their people. Only medicine and shaman ancestor men and women of the light would have been called into the ceremony. The ancestors are able to access the circle by invitation of the ceremony ritual as the fence represents the sacred circle of protection while the ceremony takes place so shadow ancestors and shadows of the living are kept out.

Franciszek Walczowski (1902-1983) lady

Kompozycja, przedstawiająca obrzędy zaduszne, ujęta jest w prostokąt leżący. Na pierwszym planie mogiły w kształcie kopczyków, na nich misy i płonące świece.

Art by Polish Artist Franciszek Walczowski (Polish, 1902-1983)


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