The Harmonic Convergence – Shifting and the end of the Solar Cults: 1987 – 2026

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – 30 years ago, August 1987, something happened and a few in the world felt it. The first globally synchronized meditation and gathering spiritually – commonly known as the “Harmonic Convergence”. The great shift is a 40-year awakening from 1987 until 2026, with the last group awakening in 2017. We have ten years left, not to awaken, that has already taken place, but to begin to see the great shift in very physical ways and the eclipse of August 2017 was the mark of the end of the Solar or Sun cults for the last 3,000 years.

The shifting process of humanity, the animals, trees, avian, oceans, weather and mother earth was half completed in 2012, we move forward into the more intense half.

Harmonic Convergence by kyhu (k-y-h-u.tumblr)All three awakening groups prior to this fourth and last awakening, had painful symptoms and issues as well. The first strong energetic shift began in ’87 and the second one is what started the holistic movement of energy healing and astral awakenings, new agers,  lucid dreaming and ancient ones returning.

All four shift awakenings of the energy shift, are for the ability for more people to ‘see’ ‘feel’ and ‘experience’ beyond the physical if they can heal the symptoms. All the healers awoke in the first gate and now are seasoned holistic healers and I would suggest to not suffer anymore and get some energy work, rebirthing, emotional sustaining work, massage therapy, etc.

My awakening happened on the first shift, and the first day of the shift which was August 16, 1987. I had my first full “astral out-of-body” which was one hundred percent leaving in the middle of the day with full consciousness. Because it was so intense, I decided to keep track and that is when I started to see others awakening with my group at the next awakening and saw their symptoms and issues as well.

Forest Witch by Siberian DreamCatcher ~ Купить Ловец снов - Лесная ведьмаOn this particular day, I was sitting on the steps of the back of my home when I spontaneously astralled out (my soul left my physical body 100%). I could see myself sitting on my back porch down below and wondered why is “all of me here 30 feet above my oak tree” and my body is sitting down there?

What seemed like a moment later, a deer appeared in my yard and I was instantly about an inch from its eye, it spoke to me to read all my prophecy that would come into my life from there forth over the next 30 years. I didn’t really understand any of it in the beginning, it was too intense, but after that timeless reality slowly walked into my life. After the deer, I was immediately back in my body and looking around asking myself, what just happened to me? I had my shamanic initiations start ten years earlier full on, when I turned 17 in 1975, with a drug rape, and then 100 wasp stings all over my body, and then a broken ankle all in one week. The out of body was the second initiation and coincided with the first harmonic gate opening.

These 4 Harmonic stages of the great shift are for our ‘mind, body and soul’ awakening and spaced apart in four convergences – that have, and still are awakening people through the very intense magnetic energy increases on the planet. This gives us the doorway to walk through and burn off karma (the symptoms of the karmic pain), and to bring us into higher purified states of energetic (consciousness) by burning our karma that is unknown but hopefully taken serious to find out what it was we did in our darker past lives. And yes, we all have them even if they remain dormant.

For me, it was both the energetic worlds and my emotional sensitivities that busted open, the nightly dream worlds and realms beyond (mental body dreamer and its projections) and the in-between world in the daytime of the physical world and dream world combined. Those were my gifts to be developed and returned, through the healing journey as I dealt with my pain and symptoms of four awakenings.

Most of my peers only had one awakening in ’87 as I observed through the years, and even fewer of my age and younger in the second awakening had a total of two awakenings. I had to take the full impact of four kundalini risings or whats termed as awakenings which caused a busting through and into the energetic realms, both as healer, shaman and dream walker. Needless to say, I have been deathly sick for 40 years and healing all the time to stay alive until I died (and I died 3 times), not near deaths but full on death.

My sister made a joke one time at one of my goddess and moon circles, she said: “Don’t Quit before the Miracle”… well years went by and I had to remind myself why I was suffering continiously for five years, then ten, then fifteen, then twenty years straight with severe intense pain of mental, physical and emotional all altering. 25 years later my sister got angry at me and said your lifes a mess you must like chaos… i reminded her that way back when about the don’t quit before the miracle quote and that she had long forgotten about and I said, I said three times a year when I hit painful lows.

In 2012 my 40 year gate finally closed and I had no choice, it was either complete my fate and live or die when I was too weak to go on. And the FBI had come to me because I was causing problems in the dream planes, but it was too late, all my collective work as a shaman had to be done by 2012 and it was. Since 2013 until 2017 I have rested and recuperated from a long, difficult and deathly journey as a shaman. And I didn’t quit before the Miracle and its here now, I am finally a free soul, all karma paid, and very healthy. At 60 in Jan of 2018 I step out into the public world instead of just my few and dedicated students and apprentices.

That was my story and I have hindsight, now I tell you the same thing on your journey, don’t let the pain and detoxing of the magnetic fields rising in energy make you give up, if I could do it, so can you, you just need a spiritual warrior who is not a false teacher who sucks off your youth. If you have female or mother issues, then work with male healers and teachers, if you have men or father issues, work with women, that is a standard rule. Even within that be very very discerning and never give your power away to a teacher or mentor or shaman as an apprentice, but at the same time, learn humbleness and respect and throw this popular “entitlement” crap in the trash that your peers seem to carry with pride… they don’t know shit. Take it from one who has lived the shift and rejection from all spiritual leaders of all kinds for walking my talk.

I have had 3 pages on Facebook to help others, the first was “Grandmother Moon” (shut down by the FBI); the second one was “Slavic Folklore & World Dreaming” (shut down by the FBI); and the third which i still up and holding its own, even though its heavily monitored and I get like ten “likes” heheheh and they can’t kill me as a dream walker, even if they did, my collective work is all finished now and completed. The light has one, its just going to look awefully dark, but the next generations under 40 are built for this collapse.

Here is the outline…

THE 4 HARMONIC AWAKENINGS – Earth, Air, Water and Fire People

reiki healingTHE FIRST GATE & AWAKENING “Harmonic Convergence” Awakening for this first group started in 1987-1989
In 1987 the shift began, it was called the Harmonic Convergence,and many women and men around the world knew of its coming, and held a world campaign for 144,000 people to gather near sacred sites at dawn on August 16 & 17 to “open their doors to the final 26 year cycle of the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle,” this was the beginning of many changes for spiritual people. But it was much bigger than a Mayan cycle, it was all world prophecies that were to be completed and fulfilled.

These years around 1987-1993 were unprecedented changes and preparations for the shift to occur of many people world wide and there were many symptoms and sicknesses that came. For me, and those who awoke in the first gate (the kundalini awakening) made major changes in our life, began to let go and leave careers, or a bad marriage etc and entered a committed sacred path. The alternative holistic healing movement started, especially energy work (of its various names) which changed peoples lives, not only health, but spiritually, their dreams, their sickness and soul sicknesses.

drum circleTHE SECOND GATE & AWAKENING “Harmonic Concordance” Awakening for this group started in  2002-2004
15 years later, came the start of the which was not only about the end of the Mayans calendar and all the worlds prophecies about this time, but also a new and stronger energetic opening, this cause intense mystical experiences and sicknesses for those who awakening in the first gate. For the second group who began their awakening process during this time also suffered intense delusions, break downs of marriage and families and stepping out into spiritual disciplines to ground. This was when the world drumming for healing and peace started to form large gatherings around the world began, the world’s sacred dancers came on stronger, healers, shamans, natives, pagans, singers and organic people all joined in.

The holistic health food and organic food movements came on really strong. The Day of the Mayan Calendar changes, which has evolved from a solar calendar to millions of women around the world awakening, and who began to work with the moon and lunar cycles, the original time keeper of menses cycles and the moon. The circles and commitment to gather in the newly starting dream circles, moon circles and many started going to moon lodges and sweat lodges in large numbers.  I went through my second kundalini awakening and was leading a sacred moon circle for women.

7bc2270f97e5465138635e62d407a670THE THIRD GATE & AWAKENING “The Harmonic 12-12-12” Awakening for this group started in 2010-2012 
The next gate opened seven years later and it was the awakening of gatherings of all nations of spiritual people. The gatherings called 10-10-10, 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 were all part of meeting on those dates and this third gate cyclical opening was more of nature’s power and energy and the first magnetic field blast which the symptoms opened auditory gifts and many sound healing people started their path. The senses took on many symptoms as clairaudio, clairsentenance and clairvision became stronger and stronger.

New age people came on the scene strong then and there was a split in the path, half the spiritual people did the more grounding path of healing and esoteric knowledge and mastering the self, the other half went to mental bodied conceptions of older philosophies and began to update them and stayed with only knowledge. Those who became awake in the first two gates, attended less and less gatherings as the symptoms became intense and they needed a more spiritual retreat because of out of bodies, astral travel which plays havoc on one’s physical system. Thus they retreated nature r0her than social gatherings. 

6c29cc78874cf3c418923cef91b34648THE FOURTH GATE “Harmonic Dreaming” Awakening for this last group starts 2016-2018
The fourth and final of those who are the last group to awakening in the great shift world wide have the same challenges as the others before you. Many people have forgotten about the Harmonics and newbie spiritualists who are awakening don’t even know about them.

The last group of spiritual people, regardless of age are waking up and they too will have to go through what everyone else did since 1987 who awakened and went through all the symptoms. My best advice is like most people say, its is a frequency (energy) reality that is happening, so the more purified through a devoted practice you can withstand. the easier the transition. Things like a commitment to eating organic, sobriety including pot, getting your rest, going out less and mastering one spiritual discipline like yoga or dedicated meditation etc., anything to help you find your center and balance. Local sweat lodges help but also there is one think that is very important to remember:

Just because an elder may have been around since the first shift, doesn’t mean they have done personal healing work and their issues have gotten much darker in spiritual centers, sweat lodges etc because of it. So you really have to test teachers to walk their talk, generally humbleness, or vitality, or a knowing beyond normal will show you that. Big promises of ascention usually mean bullshit and follow me in my cult.

But as long as you mix evenly a healing journey, a knowledge and study journey,  consistency in working with a mentor or teacher with spiritual disciplined practices, and using common sense, you can explore and heal your issues and pain of this detoxing occurring in our soul.

Energy work is great too with a seasoned healer who ‘doesn’t’ drink or smoke pot, otherwise their stuff goes in your body and they feel better than you do at the end of a session. Healing is huge part of these Harmonic gates, and I am always amazed when I meet someone only on the mental knowledge path still nearing the beginning of the fourth and last gate.

Anything that will help you ‘flow’ energy of you emotional body, to keep allowing a detox process of mind, body and soul, while the frequencies of the energy of earth comes down on you very hard and the physical pain can hurt. The 4th level of the great shift will become very visible, very physical, and extremely stronger for this fourth group. For those who woke up in 1987 its been a slow building so its not as intense for them now (but only if they did healing work). Even those who have no gifts to see, will experience the veils thinner around 2019 and we will be in this fourth peak from 2017-2026.


Nature is never that fast in her whole processes, people from the past three gate closings and awakenings, must remember, it is not completed until 2026. I had also seen so so many false spiritual people teaching and gathering their groups, making promising false ascension promises without pain. Writing spiritual or shamanic books when they are writers not shamans, even famous ones, or projected dreams which are the mental body (not the soul body), and told these are real when they are not, they are projections. These groups and people have come and gone and the rising of drug use (shamanic plants) is out of control and pandemic…

We don’t need them, especially women because we have a womb which has it all, holds all the mystical experiences and the soul.  It is the CIA who pushes plants and drugs for visioning, so wake up hobbits, nothing is free in the mystery and sooner or later the ferry man comes to take you to death and she is never told no when you have not followed mother nature’s laws.

The last and final gate of the shift, starts in 2017, it expands your consciousness, so get grounded, get healthy, get sober and start to find your mind, body, and soul, through your personal truth and if its a false teaching and too new age, it won’t last for you, just move on from that and find the next thing that heals and grounds you. Like minded people begin to appear on your path but eventually, some of you will be asked to even leave them and go a step further.

Dreams will increase but only the gifted dreamers who have been dormant even before the age of shamanism, I was part of this group world wide and why I have taught dreaming as a dream shaman.  Only 25% of 8 billion humans will awaken, the remainder will connect with like people just as the three previous groups have. Only about half of the 25% will be dedicated to healing in their awakening path, the rest will stay with knowledge and social spiritual paths.

So hang on, energetically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. You can do this, your sacred soul was built for it plus we don’t really have a choice and if you are newly awakening, there are people like me who have already been initiated in the previous three awakening since 1987 – to help serve your path with wisdom.

pole shift




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