The Harmonic Shift (1987 – 2026)



The “Four Harmonic” Awakenings of the Great Shift (1987 – 2026) and its Four Gates, By Phoenix the Elder. The great shift is a 40 year awakening and shifting process, and now, with the first half completed in 2012 we move forward into the more intense half. When the gates of 2013 came, the second half of the process began, which is going to be more physical and seen, rather than the first half which was mostly energetic and not very visible to the physical eyes of what was happening to the degrees beyond mind or body unless you were out of body or had 1 to 4 of your kundalini awakening experiences.

This is the last of the four 13 year cycles which will be divided into 3 parts, about four years each. The first one is now completed from 2013-2016, and 2017 beings the 2nd. Lets start at the beginning with a personal (short) story:

My awakening happened on the first day of the shift, on August 16, 1987. I had my first full “astral out-of-body” which rapidly opened my first of four awakenings. On this particular day, I was sitting on the steps of the back of my home when I spontaneously astralled out (my soul left my physical body 100%). I could see myself sitting on my back porch down below and wondered why is “all of me here 30 feet above my oak tree” and my body is sitting down there?


What seemed like a moment later, a deer appeared in my yard and I was instantly about an inch from its eye, it spoke to me to read all my prophecy that would come into my life from there forth over the next 30 years. I didn’t really understand any of it then but after that time-less reality, I was immediately back in my body and looking around asking myself, what just happened to me?

I had my shamanic initiations start ten years earlier, when I turned 17 in 1975, I was drug raped and out of body and thought I was just having “a dream” and then that week I was stung by about a 100 wasps all over my body. I was still in my youth, so it did not endanger me in the ways that real spiritual initiations can, it was just a taste, but the “energy” of earth opening the gates had not happened yet.  It wasn’t until 1987 that it took the powerful and deadly turn in my initiations and at the cusp of the first four gates that would open for humanity (or at least the souls who are paying attention and feeling it).

These Harmonic stages of the shift are the ‘soul’ awakenings, not mind, nor body and not spirit,  but that is what it seems like when your a spiritual newbie, and that is where people get stuck in that. These four convergences gives a doorway to walk through for our soul and for me it was both the energetic worlds, dream worlds at night, the in-between world and here, in the physical world. This took 40 years of dedication and really hard work every month. So many in false spiritual groups promise a false ascension and those groups have come and gone.

Awakenings can be frightening, so if you are experiencing the expansion of rapid consciousness, find someone to talk to, and practice being grounded. Its confusing because we think its about the entire world, when really its about our own personal world and our own soul expanding.

The last and final gate of the shift, starts now in 2017, it expands your consciousness, so get grounded, get healthy, get sober and start find your mind, body and soul, through your personal truth and if its false teachings, it will leave you disappointed but also more discerning. Like minded people begin to appear on your path but eventually some of you will be asked to even leave them and go a step further.



In 1987 it was called the “Harmonic Convergence” and many women and men around the world knew of its coming, and held a world campaign for 144,000 people to gather near sacred sites at dawn on August 16 & 17 to “open their doors to the final 26 year cycle of the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle,” it was called back then. But this was much bigger than a Mayan cycle. It was all prophecies of men that were to be completed and fulfilled as the end of the era of men came to its fruition at 2012.

These years around 1987-1993 were unprecedented changes and preparations for the shift to occur of many people world wide. Those who awoke in the first gate (kundalini awakening) made major changes, began to let go of their careers, or a bad marriage etc and enter a sacred path. Many people like myself did not go to the actual gatherings, but experienced the awakenings in a personal shift and mystical experience that weekend.

2003/2004 – 
16 years later, came the start of the “Harmonic Concordance” which was not only about the Mayans but about every nations prophecies and was the second gate of the energetic shift / opening a 260-day cycle from Blue Crystal Storm (November 8, 2003) to Blue Crystal Storm (July 26, 2004). The Day of the Great Calendar Changes, which has evolved from a solar calendar of the Mayans, to all the millions of women around the world awakening who began to work with the moon and lunar calendars.  I went through my second kundalini awaking and was leading a sacred moon circle for women.

2010/2011 – The next gate opened seven years later, which many called and was the start of the “Harmonic 12-12-12” The gatherings of spiritual people on 10-10-10, 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 were all part of this third gate cyclical opening of more of nature’s power energy. Less and less people were attending these gathers as most were focused on their own personal healing journeys and smaller circles by then. The healing and gathering was global and with energy healing, sound vibrational healing, world drumming for healing and peace, the world’s sacred dancers, healers, shamans, natives, pagans, singers and organic people all joined in.

2017/2018 – The final forth gate of the great shift. I am going to call  the “Harmonic Dreaming” because many people and newbie spiritualists have forgotten all about the great shift after 2012 and thought that was the end of the shift. Nature is never that fast and in its whole process, people from the past three gates thought it had happened and was done. No, that was only the first half and it will continue and be even more intense for everyone especially around 2019 and 2020.

The shifting is of the North Pole’s magnetic fields which have begun and this magnetic shift will make our karma visible, our healing and mirror work even more important individually. Dreams will increase and seem more real for the average person, and more intense for the dreamers. This is the last gate for humans to awake and get on the healing path until…

The last group of spiritual people, regardless of age are waking up in this next half of the process. They too will have to go through what everyone else did since 87. The shift will become very visible, the veils will begin to drop and around 2019 we will be in the peak of the second phase 2017-2026.

So hang on, energetically, emotionally, physically and spirituality. You can do this, your sacred soul was built for it plus we don’t really have a choice and if you are newly awakening, there are people like me who have already been initiated in the previous three since 1987 to help serve your path with wisdom.

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