The Harmonic Convergence 1987 – 2026

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain  – 30 years ago, in the middle of August 1987, something amazing happened and a few thousand in the world felt it. It was the first globally synchronized meditation and conscious efforts of a spiritual kind of people around the world. It was  commonly known as the “Harmonic Convergence”, the great shift which is a 40-year awakening process from 1987 until 2026 – divided into four awakenings. The last group of soul people to awaken was 2016/2017 at their very beginning, the 4th and final mark with the full eclipse of August 21, 2017 and the last and final part of our great shift.

2012 was only the first half… now we move forward into the more intense half.

Harmonic Convergence by kyhu (k-y-h-u.tumblr)All three awakening groups, prior to this fourth and final have been awakening in succession at deeper levels all four decades, for others three decades, the last who awakened was one decade and now we begin this one. The first strong energetic shift was in 1987 and what started the holistic movement of energy healing, deeper awakenings and astral awakenings, lucid dreaming and ancient ones returning before the sun cult began 3000 years ago. Plus the sleepers of Star Seed, Ascension Movements, Crystals and hallucinogenic Plants. 

My awakening happened on the first shift and the three that came after. The first day of the shift was August 16, 1987. I had been mowing my grass in my yard and afterwards, sat down and then had my first full (death) “astral out-of-body” which was my soul leaving a hundred percent in the middle of the day with full consciousness. Because it was so intense, I decided to keep track and that is when I started to see others in my peer group at the second awakening of 97/1998, aw their symptoms as well as their issues rising as well. Most didn’t focus on healing work as I did and they took the knowledge path or the social spiritual path.

Forest Witch by Siberian DreamCatcher ~ Купить Ловец снов - Лесная ведьмаOn this particular day, I was sitting on the steps of the back of my home when I spontaneously astralled out (my soul left my physical body 100%). I could see myself sitting on my back porch down below and wondered why is “all of me here, 30 feet above my oak tree” and my body just sitting down there? Remember this was before the internet and cell phones.

What seemed like a moment later, a deer appeared in my yard and I was instantly about an inch from its eye, it soul communicated to me (not mental / telepath) to read all my prophecy that would come into my life from there forth over the next 30 years. I didn’t really understand any of it in the beginning, it was too intense, but after that timeless reality slowly walked into my life. After the deer, I was immediately back in my body and looking around asking myself what just happened to me. It would be my life’s work to have to experience these things every month for three decades getting deeper and darker into my past life karma to clear it fully.

The full spontaneous out of body was the second initiation and coincided with the first harmonic gate opening. It would take me twenty five years to do the work to reach that level again as permanent… I have had a hundred mystical experiences and visions since then.

These 4 Harmonic stages of the great shift are for our ‘mind, body and soul’ to awaken and are spaced apart in four convergences – Here is the outline…

THE 4 HARMONIC AWAKENINGS – Earth, Air, Water and Fire

reiki healingTHE FIRST GATE & AWAKENING 1987-1989 – “Harmonic Convergence” Awakening group…
In 1987 the shift began, it was called the Harmonic Convergence and many women and men around the world knew of its coming, and held a world campaign for 144,000 people to gather near sacred sites at dawn on August 16 & 17 to “open their doors to the final 26 year cycle of the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle,” this was the beginning of many changes for spiritual people. But it was much bigger than a Mayan cycle, it was all world prophecies that were to be completed and fulfilled.

These years were unprecedented changes and preparations for the shift to occur world wide and there were many symptoms and sicknesses that came. For me, and those who awoke in the first gate (the kundalini awakening) made major changes in our life, began to let go and leave careers, or a bad marriage etc and entered a committed sacred path. The alternative holistic healing movement started, especially energy work (of its various names) which changed peoples lives, not only health, but spiritually, their dreams, their sickness and soul sicknesses.

drum circleTHE SECOND GATE & AWAKENING 2002-2004 “Harmonic Concordance” Awakening group…
15 years later, came the start of the which was not only about the end of the Mayan calendar and all the worlds prophecies manifesting, but also a new and stronger energetic opening which for some was causing intense mystical experiences and sicknesses for those who awakening in the first gate.

This second group who began their awakening process also suffered intense delusions, break downs of marriages or families and stepping out into spiritual disciplines to ground and chose to dedicate to their journey of personal truth. This was also when the world drumming for healing and peace started to occur in large gatherings around the world. The world’s sacred dancers came on stronger, healers, shamans, natives, pagans, singers and organic people all joined in.

The holistic health and organic food movements came on really strong during this time. The Day of the Mayan Calendar changes, which has evolved from a solar calendar to millions of women around the world awakening, and who began to work with the moon and lunar cycles, the original time keeper of menses cycles and the moon. More and more circles and commitment to gather in the native circles, women’s circles, dream circles, moon circles, goddess circles and wisdom circles came on strong. 

7bc2270f97e5465138635e62d407a670THE THIRD GATE & AWAKENING 2010-2012 “The Harmonic Mind – the 12-12-12 Awakening group…
The next gate opened seven years later and it was the awakening of another soul group, and of gatherings of all nations of spiritual people. The gatherings called 10-10-10, 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 were all part of meeting on those dates in harmony. The first strong magnetic storms started occurring, which the symptoms opened auditory gifts and many sound healing people started their path. The senses took on many symptoms as clairaudio, clairsentenance and clairvision became stronger and stronger but also along side it was karmic detoxification and many people suffered spiritually and some still do in their processes of healing.

Those who became awake in the first two gates, attended less and less gatherings as the symptoms became intense and they needed a more spiritual retreat because of out of bodies, astral travel which plays havoc on one’s physical system. Thus they retreated more, than continuing social gatherings. So much more happened during this period of the third opening.

6c29cc78874cf3c418923cef91b34648THE FOURTH GATE  2016-2018 “Harmonic Dreaming” Awakening group (and the this last group) is almost all of humanity, which began on the Eclipse August 2017. Its the 4th awakening (4 decades) for some like me, the 3rd decade of awakening for the minority, and 2nd awakening stage for some. This is the final countdown…

Read the above three and its the same thing. The Indigo children are all adults now (the Uranus/Neptune conjunction group born in the late 90s) that occurred as a signature of these very gifted youth. Many people have forgotten about the Harmonics and newbie spiritualists don’t even know about the previous three awakenings. The last group of spiritual people, regardless of age are waking up and they too will have to go through changes, distortions, small soul awareness’s (like seeing 11:11 etc) and waken through the symptoms.

My best advice is like most people say, its is a frequency (energy) reality that is happening, so the more purified through a devoted practice you can withstand. the easier the transition. Stay sober 100$ of everything if you are a serious spiritual person on a healing path (knowledge people don’t generally do this work). 


Nature is never that fast in her whole processes, people from the past three gate closings and awakenings, must remember, it is not completed until 2026. The last and final gate of the shift started and it expands your emotional energy body and you soul, and that is painful and chaotic in the self or all around us. So get grounded, get healthy, get sober and start to find your mind, body, and soul’s balances by determining your imbalance in your life or inner life.

Dreams will also increase and the gifted dreamers who have been dormant should start dreaming more.  Only 15% of 8 billion humans will awaken and will connect with soul types of people just as the three previous groups have. So hang on, energetically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. You can do this, your sacred soul was built for it plus we don’t really have a choice and if you are newly awakening, there are people like me who have already been initiated in the previous three awakening since 1987 – to help serve your path with wisdom.

All four shift awakenings are for the ability for more people to ‘see’ ‘feel’ and ‘experience’ beyond their physical (if they can heal the symptoms that are caused by this energy of awakening and begin to heal what arises). All the healers awoke up in the first gate in ’87 and now are seasoned healers and I would suggest to not suffer anymore and get some energy work, rebirthing, emotional sustaining work, massage therapy, etc. to navigate these changes you are experiencing. Also the soul and emotional body also will not respond well to things that are bad for us such as diet soda, drugs, shamanic plants etc etc. I suggest getting pure and sober because it will cause more suffering and chaos.

pole shift




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  1. Jaziel says:

    How about smoking Mariuhana, when you are in Pain


    1. It never “heals” the source of the pain, therefor its a band-aid, and a long used one which destroys the pineal gland, fragments the astral body (soul) and lowers testosterone.


  2. Steve Z. says:

    – I remember Slavic Folklore and felt some of what must have happened. i was sheltered in those bowers when they existed.

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    1. Thanks steve, yes it actually started with grandmother moon and the dreamers on that page… it was the heat of it, when i ran slavic folklore dreams! thanks for your awareness and feeling !


  3. Steve Z. says:

    – but I feel a lot in you telling of your things here. I thank you. your knowing is.

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  4. Your rudeness shows why women of the great shift (1987 to present) should be honored now.


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