Cosmic Egg and the Cult of the Bird Women

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – The cult of the bird women goes back 300,000 years at the beginning of this largest age, and within that cycle, there are four very ancient symbols that are in almost every culture:

The Bird (representing our feminine nature, the Soul);
The Serpent (representing the healing of our Soul);
The Spider (representing Weaving Soul and Healing together)
The Fish (representing Nourishment of the Soul)

The Cult of Bird Women (Shamans and Dreamers) and the birth and rebirth of it’s own symbol, the egg (the womb), which has evolved into the symbolic meaning of life, born from the earliest stages of development of human clans and tribes. When woman ruled the skies, as leader, chief and healer, creating the sacred circle of life through the healing strength of the circle of women.

cosmic egg

Bird images and the birth of its manifestations is prevalent in modern, ancient and primal art, the egg is also prevalent in Eastern Europe, as well as all cultures which have had ancient bird or egg (an oval or round circle) images – on stones, petroglyph rock art, pottery, ancient buildings etc., these all have the same connection. This core of the bird tribes of women, led later to the idea of the world as a Cosmic Egg from which the universe was born or in real terms, culture was birthed and nurtured from within and inside of woman. She does the same things now, and today, she must learn to honor this. Her art keep repeating the same symbols then and now.

firebird pretty

The Phoenix which means much more than its tagline  “rising from the ashes” (overcoming difficulties), as it once stood for the emerged animism of the celestial soul, the highest form of the collective ‘humanity’ soul, and its expression called the World Egg. The Phoenix was much later adopted as a Christian symbol in the first century CE, as it appeared on funeral stones in early art, in churches, religious paintings and stonework. The egg in religion had also become a symbol of rebirth at Easter (Spring) and the Slavic and Balkan Pysanky Folk eggs also took this form.

In Findland, Luonnotar, the daughter of nature floats on the waters of the sea, when an eagle arrives, builds a nest on her knee, and lays several eggs. After a few days, the eggs begin to burn and Luonnotar jerks her knee away, causing the eggs to fall and break. The pieces form the world as we know it: the upper halves form the skies, the lower the earth, the yolks become the sun, and the whites become the moon.

Cult of the BIrd = Egg
Painted ceramic eggs from the mid-twelfth and thirteenth centuries. (

The sacred roles that eggs and birds took from the earlier bronze age, where stone eggs, or oval stones have been found, sometimes these are called shaman stones. The bird cult was an integrated and complex culture rooted structure of nesting (the hearth of home) in its core and its connections to bird flight, which in ancient symbolism of woman meant soul flight, what I term as dreaming. Dreaming is the root of all religions, pagan and spiritual religions of earth. What remains of this symbol, the eggs, the stone eggs transformed into images of the body of woman and the changing of a woman’s position from Sun (Sky Goddess) now a Sky God (God in religions) and the return of the earth goddess where eggs are attributed to a solar tradition in pagan era’s rather than the fertility eggs of a woman’s body in a goddess culture. The yolk inside the egg is the nourishment, just as woman is nourishment to all of humanity.

Some think that the stone eggs or shaman stones have great magical value, and were originally made as talisman and amulets. This eventually evolved into modern folk art, in Eastern Europe, the Pysanky egg representing Spring.

ukraine pysanky

The following is from :

Findings have been reported from inner Mongolia at Hutouliang and Southern Siberia at Krasnji Jar in Trans Bajkal of large ancient Struthiolothus Ostrich eggs in Cherson, Ukraine, and of Stone Eggs in Visoko on the Bosna River. Neolithic burial jars of old European cultures such as Cucuteni-Trypyllia were often egg-shaped, while clay eggs were often buried with the dead, symbolizing the regenerative power of the Great Goddess. The primary symbolism of Old European burials focuses on the tomb as the womb for the regeneration of life.

The Orphic Egg in the ancient Greek Orphic tradition is the cosmic egg from which hatched the primordial hermaphroditic deity Phanes / Protogonus. The egg is often depicted with a serpent wound around it. On the island of Cyprus, the egg is represented as a gigantic egg-shaped vase. Phanes was believed to have been hatched from the World-Egg of Chronos (Time) and Ananke (Necessity). The older Creation Nyx (Night) called him Protogenus. She created nighttime, he created daytime.

In 1955 poet and writer Robert Graves imaginatively reconstructed “Pelasgian creation myth” features a supreme creatrix, Eurynome, “The Goddess of All Things”, who arose naked from Chaos to part sea from sky so that she could dance upon the waves. Catching the north wind at her back and, rubbing it between her hands, she warms the pneuma and spontaneously generates the serpent Ophion, who mates with her. In the form of a dove upon the waves, she lays the Cosmic Egg and bids Ophion to incubate it by coiling seven times around until it splits in two and hatches “all things that exist… sun, moon, planets, stars, the earth with its mountains and rivers, its trees, herbs, and living creatures”.

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  1. Helena says:

    fascinating read. The shaman stones that were discovered are very old; the Orthodox religion in the Eastern Ukraine – Rus region was established in the 800 AD era. A century before the Vikings traveled up through what is now modern day Kiev. There are some similarities with the Viking runes and the shaman stones.

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    1. True, and some oval round stones missed by archeologists over the years goes back 80,000 years before any word was ever written!


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    I love reading the mythos from around the world.


  3. elaineknight says:

    Reblogged this on Elaine Knight and commented:
    Bird shamans. Wu women in China. There is a resonancefor me. I will keep my own shaman stone close.


    1. Yes Elaine, thanks and I know of the Wu Women, and I make a reference by image in my video, have a look! And yes, I keep my shaman stone close as well !


    2. elaineknight says:

      Wonderful video! Thank you.


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