Arkaim, Sauwastika, Swastika and Mesolithic Symbols

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – More and more on earth, our pre-history grandmothers who ruled the shamanic cultures are being revealed with more ancient artifacts surfacing. Its sad that only University, Archaeologists and many governments do not allow indigenous Slavs to handle such objects.

Some objects, amulets, talisman carry no information and others hold a lot of kinetic information for those of us who are gifted enough to read energy as a language. Some of us also still go to caves for our visions, and still dream with mother earth every night, so there is hope for the old ways to continue and even older remembrances of a time before written language.

For example, the findings of the Arkaim – Аркаим site says “herbaceous plants and animals bones on the ground – an offering to the shaman – everything coincided to suggest the huts formed part of an old sanctuary”. Of course its not an offering “to the shaman”, its an offering “from” the shaman to the local nature and her environments for the local tribe’s health. If science cannot get the very simple basics at the foundation of these digs, how can they be trusted in their great theories over the last 4000 years? They can’t. 

In symbolism, the yew sticks which form the shape of the “Big Dipper” can be spotted in the soil and even more unusual were the yew blades driven into the soil of the structure, forming a shape similar to the famous “Big Dipper” constellation. Archaeologists believe the structure reflects the fact that shamans may have performed rituals based on their interpretation of movement of the stars. Wrong again, star rituals were never performed by shamans, that was only with the invention of sea faring boats as guidance and falls under science, not ancient healing, so they were wrong again.

Ancient women shamans worked with the Big Dipper during ceremonies and I do in the same ancient ways. Using the markings of the “four processional seasons” with the moon each month, the thirteen moons in one seasonal year, (not the sky nor the stars) and utilized them on the Solstices and Equinoxes (veil) openings of both the Slavic ancient (pre-pagan) rites for healing.

1. Season of Night
Autumn Equinox until Spring Equinox;
Swavarstika counter clockwise direction (dreaming).

2. The Season of Fire
Spring Equinox until Autumn Equinox;
Swastika clockwise direction (waking).

 Lets talk about this most famous Ancient symbol of earth…

I have known since birth that the swastika and the Big Dipper are inseparable and have taught my apprentices so over the decades. I also understand how the ancients used them before in ceremony. The Big Dipper symbol is the current understandings of the cyclical four seasons represented by the arms of the big dipper and the She-Bear Shamans.

To the Slavic pagan and peasants from Lublin, Poland, the swastika resembles the crossed lightnings and combined the symbolic of the cross and the wheel (four axes rotating in one direction) which is how the term Battlax came about and was origin of the Butterfly dances of ancient women. The motif was used in almost every primeval and ancient culture.

The word swastika means that which brings luck. It has a right-facing and left-facing version. The right-facing, clockwise swastika represents the day, and the sun (as seem on the northern hemisphere) and associated with sun cults (as a symbol of the sun and fire – a flaming circle) and functioned as a symbol of luck. The left-facing swastika (sauwastika) is a symbol of the moon, the night, fertility, the goddess and magic.

In Eastern Europe, during the Middle Ages, it was engraved on amulets to protect against dark magic, demons and evil people. Swastika was also used most Slavic Territories, especially Polish territories. Among the Slavic people, it was the symbol of Swarog, the god of the sun, and was called swarga, swarzyca or swarożyca. It was traditionally carved on household items and clothing for protection. 

The Sauwastika was used to decorate Pysanky (eggs) in the Lublin region as a symbol of of spring and fertility, and was often drawn near or on it. It was a sign of the lightning – a spring phenomenon that brings the first warm rainfall and makes the plants bloom. Placed on an Easter egg, a swastika or sauwastika was a fervent request for blessing and good fortune for the farm, the animals and the people.

Before the Pagans, the ancients used it as the symbolism of the Big Dipper and its turning through the four seasons:

The Season of Fire (spring and summer)

1. Clockwise Swastika (masculine or like the Nazi symbol) which is our current state of earth for the past 8,000 years, and then when the north pole flips to the south pole every 300,000 years, it reverses the earth body, and reverses her spin.

The Season of Night (autumn and winter)

2. Counter-clockwise Sauwastika (feminine)

Big Dipper Swastika

Earth’s axis maintains a tilt that varies from about 22 to 24 degrees from perpendicular every 41,000 years, with respect to the plane of our orbit around the sun. But, over a period of 26,000 years, Earth’s axis points out at different pole stars, tracing out a slow circle in the heavens. Whichever star lies on or near that circle will eventually be a pole star. Many compare this motion of Earth – which is called procession or sometimes precession of the Equinoxes.

Currently we have Polaris, but Thuban served as a pole star around 3000 bce and this date coincides with the beginning of the building of the pyramids in Egypt. It’s said that the descending passage of the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Gizeh was built to point directly at Thuban. So our ancestors knew and celebrated this star. The stars Eltanin and 

Remember, all men who came up with science and the highly advanced machines and archaeological men who have written the holier than thou books of the past, all believe its true, whatever they do. But its not, its missing the heart and the soul and women have the other half of all stories in this great world. And the elders have the stories in proper perspective.


Sacrificial Offerings
Archaeologists now speak our language as shamans and dreamers and are using words like supernatural and shaman powers to describe their work now. Prof. Tadeusz Galiński from the Szczecin branch of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology PAS said: “Some of these ancient places were an expression of belief in supernatural powers and the forces of nature and sacred sites were made on behalf of all residents and members of the group with the participation of the spiritual leader.”

I am not sure the word sacrificing is the correct language to use, for example if you go to the store and buy meat and say prayers of thanks for the food before you eat it, so did the ancients, especially the shamans. Does that mean you are a neanderthal doing the same ritual today? Of course you are.

Lithuanian Marija Gimbutas came along, both Archaeologist and Anthropologist, who brought in just a few new ideas for the first time since its very beginnings of Archeology, and the status privileged men disrespected her to the core to even mention that women might have been of value before the patriarch. A shaming by top Professors and Universities and Government funders. But she is Slavic, she didn’t care and did her findings anyway.

If one hunted and skinned a deer, it was not sacrificial, that is a christianized word after the 8th century. The meat was eaten and the bones were given to the shaman grandmothers to connect to the spirit of the buffalo or any prehistory animal, to use in their healing rituals. Animals were honored and thanked in a more elaborate form than just words (prayer) and go to church, for their meat and skins but it wasn’t sacrificial by any means, it was an honoring and honoring is the more correct and respectful wording.


Ritual Stones
The meteorite was discovered among a large group of sacred objects in the hut area on the banks of Swidwie Lake in the West Pomeranian region. Archaeologists found items including an amulet and ‘magic staff’ fashioned from antlers and decorated with geometrical motifs, and an engraved bone spear.

We don’t get to see this staff but if it is a chevron design, then it was a grandmother shamans staff. The discovery of the meteorite stone is still used by shamans in shamanic magic today, so its not that unusual and I myself have worked with moldavite as a shaman, these from Monrovia and Czech Republic are very powerful stones for dreaming uses.

MoldaviteSome of the marking stones were said to have been brought to the site of Bolków, and not only from the surrounding area but also from distant lands, the best example of which is hornfels, which occurs closest in the Giant Mountains and the Harz Mountains.

That is not unusual, for we were nomadic back then and did season traveling. Similar shaman settlements have been found only in Siberia and Mongolia and this site apparently served as a place where shaman women engaged into numerous rituals of dreaming.

Since dreaming cultures are the root of all spiritual basis, some of us still on earth have a powerful dream life, both night and day which can be considered mystic(al). Dreaming cultures are only a phenomenon to science, or even beginner spiritual people, but not to those of us who are dreamers masters today – we know that all 7.5 billion of us incarnated  dream at night. Thus prehistoric cultures were dreamers and that is certainly not a phenomenon, its part of our being.

The large colored ritual stones at the site, included some not naturally found in the region, which were also lying on the rich damp ground of the structure. Among the rocks identified were green syenite, diorite, granite, quartzite, sandstone, red marble, black amber and volcanic rock.

“This extraordinarily rich collection of stones is unique among the previously known Mesolithic sites, located both within the vast European Plain, and in the zone of the foothills and highlands. These stones had to be brought to the site and not only from the surrounding area… but also from distant lands,” says Galiński. 

Ritual stone


Yew Stakes

The Yew stakes found at the site have several purposes. Its pretty well known by shamans, druids, magicians, witches and alike that Yew is a Goddess Tree with magical properties. Its noted for its regeneration, heightening intuitive abilities and divination and dowsing rods.  Every part of the Yew is very poisonous, except for the fleshy part of the berry, used as a diuretic and laxative.

Even the seeds are deadly as its also known as the Forbidden Tree and generally only shamans and ancient herbalists worked with these medicinal properties. The leaves and bark contain small amounts of anti-cancer agent Taxol that inhibits cancerous cell growth.

Its also used to be used for middle ages abortions. But shamans who do soul journeys, real shamans, can take the woman to talk to the soul wanting to incarnate and telling them no, its not the time and nothing is needed but that journey and the Soul wanting to incarnate will leave. So where Yew is found, shamans were present.

What is important to understand, is that the patriarch had the luck of the Arabic star Regulus in Leo, now for the first time, all the benefits has changed as Regulus just entered Virgo, and the previous blessings of the last 3,000 years are now completed. Here is that article Regulus in Virgo – The New Mythmaker Begins.

lavyndel photo

Destroying the Dreamers with the Pyramids of Archaeological sites of Arkaim Russia, the Hopi Kingdom, Bosnia and Spain

Arkaim (Russian: Аркаим) is an archaeological site in Russia, situated in the steppe of the Southern Ural, north-to-northwest of the village of Amursky and south-to-southeast of the village of Alexandrovsky in the Chelyabinsk Oblast of Russia, just north of the border with Kazakhstan. The fortified citadel of Arkaim dates back to about the 17th century BCE.

In our ancient past, there were infiltrations of humans who had lost their soul, they were no longer able to reincarnate and they are ancient. Humans today call them aliens, but we dreamer shamans know better, they are just humans, soulless humans who only have a mental body left. The problem is, these soulless humans cannot reincarnate without a soul, but with a powerful mind left, and they still come into soul peoples dreams and speak to them, even as far back as Moses of this last 3000 year cycle. They also give mathematics, that has created a civilizations of war then poverty and kingdoms to destroy the physical and our own souls destruction.

Arkaim was one such place and one such people who received information in their dreaming from these more ancient Mesopotamian human (aliens). The standard archaeological information says Arkaim was built as a housing space when nomadic peoples began to settle. 

The Lady of Elche, 5th century BCE, Elche, Spain
The Lady of Elche, 5th century BCE, Elche, Spain
Arkaim - Аркаим
Arkaim – Аркаим
Chaco Canyon New Mexico.png
Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (what remains is 1/16th of what was there.
Cahercommaun Triple Ring Fort ireland
Ireland’s Cahercommaun Triple Ring Fort 
(Tell Hariri) The site of Mari, located on the Euphrates near the Iraqi-Syrian border, appears to have been first settled in the 5th millennium B.C.
Tell Hariri – The site of Mari, located on the Euphrates near the Iraqi-Syrian border, appears to have been first settled in the 5th millennium bce. Built again in the same ‘s hip/ufo’ structure.

Since the time frame back then in the 17th century bce did not support these ancient mental bodied humans to have us build ufo ships, the dreamers and shaman dreamers did not use the imagery and symbols for anything negative or destructive, but for housing.

Arkaim – Аркаим’s Tadeusz Galiński, lead researcher said: “Archaeologists focused on an unusual structure, which stood out in the landscape. In the shape of a trapeze, it was composed of two poles, with an arrangement of stones placed around it. They were intrigued as to what purpose the building might serve.” This was their general view of the alleged sanctuary during excavations.

As you can see Chaco Canyon of the Hopi, like Arkaim were fed the same information, symbols and imagery and they were built almost in the same way. All mounds and pyramids were to shut down dreamers and that is why the soulless humans (mental body only) were not successful until recently (after the world wars of mass destruction) when enough wars had destroyed aspects of our souls lifetime after lifetime.

When the 1930s arrived, scientists began to accept the mathematics in their dreams and began to apply it to there work. I know, I was given the same physics mathematics the same way in my dreaming when I reached a level of being awake in my dreams, but I burned mine and told them to fuck off.

Sources: Quotes from original article by Léa Surugue (; archaeologynewsnetwork.; photo of yew sticks from the; Wikipedia history, Photo art of Ancient stone and book by Lavyndel.



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