3rd New Moon of Spring – The Soul and the Magic 5


The 3rd Moon of Spring
Taurus Moon Cycle
May 6 – June 3, 2016
Monthly Elder Musings
by Phoenix of Ashland
Write: ElderMountainDreaming@gmail.com
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Greetings Dreamers, Artists, Moon Children and the Bird, Animal and Ocean clans who have now stepped into the fields of Elder Mountain …
  We are entering our third and final moon cycle of Spring, I hope the fullness of your second moon ended on a completion which was satisfying to the fulfillment of your new moon intention one moon ago! We begin again and for my sharing this last moon of spring, I wanted to speak with you about the values of Magic, of making Sacrifices and the deeper lessons of Listening and how these three work together in Soul work and Soul healing. Magic, the term which I am expressing here, is that part of you who whispers to your mind & body and says:

“You have a Soul and a huge Spirit, which are very important for your personal evolution of consciousness, continued awakening and your well-being on a day to day level. So take care of her, nourish her and pay attention to her, for she is worth your emotional well-being at all times and the eternity and promise of your future reincarnation’s well-being.”

The Sorceress 1626 by Jan van de Velde II, Dutch, 1593—1641. Engraving, trimmed within platemark,

There are many terms for magic and I am speaking of the forms of “experiences in your real life” which can be very beautiful and for some, include the mystical experience or it can be very upsetting within the realms of our karma and the changes it demands of us. The senses of our pleasure dominates our mind-body and it’s reality, but when we wish to be in touch with our soul and its first gate, the emotional body, sacrifices must be made.

We have all lived in this world and still do where the mental body and service to him rules all, while she has faded further and further away from your and her reality. All mythologies, folklore, religions and even fairytales speak of this never ending agreement that we make with her and how it changes our life and changes our path for the better, through the difficulty of crisis for emotional growth. By sacrifice, I don’t mean being a doormat or only giving service with kindness and light… those things never truly get our souls out of hell and into the magical reality that can exist, along with nature.

I am speaking of the required work to bring the excesses of pleasures, denial and addictions of any kind, back into balance and harmony. As an emotional practice of the actual Soul bodies of health which need no medicines, no pot to lower or heal its pain, no chemicals synthetic or natural. For her, the soul, expressing real and deep truth, sharing our reality and our tears with its consequences, standing up for healthy boundaries and emotional risk, all to rides the waves of ‘feeling’ for the detoxing of emotional pain. For those who enter the deeper soul emotional practices, learning then walking within total chaos with agreement, totally detoxes the core past life karmic issues.

We are generally driven by the mental body and the shadow parts of our soul for gratification, avoiding within the denial of issues that arise from survival, rejection, control, being wrong, issues etc. The mental body is a wicked defender and will not let you open her soul gates, fate and karma and cycles of healing holistically must do this until the time is ready and you must pass the mental body tests to end up sane in the end when you do reach these past life shadow astral souls of yours. Some bust her gates open prematurely with sex abuse, shamanic drugs, dmt etc. and the consequences only begin after 40 years old.

Wladyslaw T 2Some examples are if you have to deal with any coyote archetypes or the rising and new ‘mental body’ coyote types in your life as a pattern of your personal soul growth, then you must eventually find the key to the coyote within, in order to change this life pattern. Another example is if you decide to give up real emotional drama as a healthy choice, that energy must then filter into something else, its symbolic counterpart is generally creativity. Learning to sacrifice one thing for another is how our soul heals and finds it’s  balance to the mental bodies stubbornness, opinionated and at more severe levels, the arrogant. If we don’t change, we then have a sensory system which can pop up as a disease in midlife, or be over stimulated and overloaded (which is also a form of stress) in our current life, and can lead to many things such as depression, exhaustion, rage, self hate or any emotional based imbalances.

Listening then has two functions, one to the self and our inner behaviors being expressed and beginning to observe with practices and the second are the others who are involved in our personal mirrors. Listening cannot be separated from real magic, which exists in the super-subtle of the mundane of our real life. I experience a lot of magic in my life monthly, both human and mystical realities along with nature’s magic, but from the outside, one would view my life as pretty dull and mundane if they didn’t listen deeply or experience with me.

Balance is also a very specific magical act and tends to be in harmony or dis-harmony through the act of angry sacrifice or through self-sacrifice with awareness. Soul (emotional body work) is learning to walk the double edged sword. If your not walking any double edge sword emotionally of a personal issue, your still in stage one (mind-body healing) or life hasn’t opened up your soul yet. Soul work always involves giving up something which no longer serves your highest good, and this sacrificing (willingly with other types of healing) will dull one of the edges of the sword. That ‘something’ is generally called emotional control issues, the ego and it’s shadow side (djinn), the busy mind to avoid feeling, and the root: emotional fears.

Self-sacrifice allows us to learn to listen deeply so one day you will touch that small inner voice, as a first step, the untouchable knowing, and learning to fall without getting hurt very badly which is called grace in soul work (not mental body work). Our soul expresses her real living life through things such as meditation (prayer for others), acknowledging our karma (the really shitty stuff in our life), our dreams at night, and through our intuition during the day. Acts of the deepest listening only after you semi-master or master shutting the mind down and controlling your mind, not others. This is an intricate part of this magic and our healing processes on emotional issues goes a long way. If we have an upsetting dream, then you are not listening to your soul, if she has to send you a night mare via your dreams. This is how she speaks to those who are soulful people, dreamers, artists and healers.

Try to make an effort to touch the parts of yourself which are lost, broken, out of balance and even the parts your not conscious of such as the real inner child (astral body) or past life karma which fuels all the events in our life in the non-physical way or the results of manifestation of the physical. When parents speak of their great children, sometimes its as if its their soul they are proud of, but every wise parent knows that our children are given as lessons as well, both the perfect ones who crash in their 40s and the rebel children who have learned all life lessons by 40. If we take the path of being proud of our own soul, its shadow to work on while raising children, its a struggle but a win, win situation in the end. Fear, parental fear, maiden and youth fear, adult fear, are all the  experiences (anything that troubles us constantly) in life that are soul issues… and I guarantee something small will shift if you dedicate even a little attention to your real feelings and how these are painful without stopping the processes with anything.


Sometimes pleasure & magic, get in each others way and issues tend to fall into two categories:

1. A lack of feeling in control (thus one gives away too much of the self without self respect); 2. Tendencies of being in control / controlling others (and feeling a false sense of power).

Regardless of where we all fall within these two oppositions, our journey is to understand who we are  – which helps us shape our growing values into useful tools and something we can see… rather than just deal with projecting our small ego or the satisfying expressions of hierarchical pitfall and struggles.

Anything harmful in our personal world is personal fear and within fear it is called lack – lack is a lack of awareness of how to respond with our magical instinct that our soul is so good at and carries for you to use anytime, anywhere if you would only take the time to discipline the mind. But if we cannot take care of our soul, we cannot access her magical qualities which are empowering and sublime when used and having mastered soul work as a healer (who has healed the self for a long time with many moon cycles), I have experienced first hand, with this work of soul energy that is personal, to shift extremely dangerous situations as a shaman. Notice I do not use the word love, because love is not only a given, but its also as impersonal as the word universe and those are a mental body’s language. Soul is personal and intimate when it comes to the spiritual path.

There are real solutions to our emotional and soul issues, and these come through our detoxes and disappointments (breaking through illusions) in our physical, emotional and mental life. There are no “permanent” changes of our karmic life issues without…

The Magic 5 of all who have attained self-enlightenment

Spiritual Disciplines

Self-Sacrifice (The multiple Soul Bodies)
Emotional Healing
(1st Soul Body)

Real spiritual processes that include the emotional and soul bodies are  not under our control, and are very to extremely painful, and step us into into real fears after mind-body reality has been mastered. The many aspects of our soul both light and heavy with shadow, are very complex, eternal and animistic with dreaming realities. The foundations of mental illness and soul sickness has built huge psychological Universities and Prisons equally. At the core of who are, lives our deepest fear which comes out as repeated behavioral patterns that are very difficult to break, but we must swim towards this deep lake at first to see what is down there and this requires commitment, then learn to let go which is even more difficult in the flow of the great river. And for the fated only, the river drowns you into the deepest and darkest ocean, to touch your collective soul.

Albert Klingner (German, 1869 - 1912)So for this third moon of spring, the Taurus moon, listening, paying attention and monitoring the shadow sides of our pleasure, work, love life and listening or anything we find stressful  is also our strength on the other side of the dreaming. The image of one hand passing of karma to the other hand which holds dharma, is the two hands of the Mind and the Soul. Mind must surrender to soul in order for change to occur. But to most people, the majority, real magic of the soul and the soul itself doesn’t even exist.

For those who do believe in the emotional body and its higher souls, make it a goal to not argue with those who do not, what they cannot feel or see is where their evolution is at. If we work on that one particular issue this moon cycle to become very aware of it and committed to it, and help our mind and body relax by adding massage, meditation, yoga, healing, sobriety, counsel or any other healthy practice into our moonly cycle, the choices do not become easier… they become clearer.

Go ahead and walk into the “forest of mirrors” this month and look your struggle straight into the eyes, because you are given an allotment of time to do this work, to walk through this magical fated lifetime and we all know when these gates open and close. I had a forty year old homeless woman tell me this week that she was writing her book, and realized the book was all about her finally, which she had not realized the last few years of working on it. What made her see this awareness? Her second short term partner had passed away and it was she who was grateful to be totally responsible for making sure he was not alone. The rule is: The more struggle and loss, the greater the magic and awareness.This is how we heal karma that opens the door to real magic.

So, if you are looking for a change, a resolve, healing grief, or struggling in a divorce situation, or any other struggle in your life, try to recognize the mundane aspects first of any struggle, for your real life is a work of art, a pleasure realm that needs monitoring once in awhile. Your Soul will know when you are beginning to listen to her through its lowest levels which are emotions, and the acceptance of these sacrifices so changes can begin to occur. So many close the door and run away, fearing the unknown (change), but the beauty of real change is difficult and there are no short cuts or denying that pain is part of growth. I encourage you this moon cycle, to stay committed to your magical soul – just one more month!

3rd New Moon of Spring Intentions Examples:
Choose only one intention or come up with one of your own…

I am grounded
I am emotionally balanced
I honor my grief
I respect myself
I am beautiful
I am good enough
I create expectations only for myself
I share my feelings honestly
I allow support
I trust my intuition the “first time”
I value who I am right now
I value my feelings
I value my  _________
I love & respect my body
I practice healthy desires
I am strong and use my strength to support myself
I use my strength to protect myself
I focus on my healthy desires
I express my emotional self in an artist manner
I learn from my frustrations
I see myself clearly
I am impeccable with my words
I judge only my own actions
I find the time to rest

Elder Mountain Video of this Moon…


Artwork: The Sorceress 1626 by Jan van de Velde II, Dutch, 1593—1641. Engraving, trimmed within platemark; Illustration by Albert Klingner (1869 – 1912); Wladyslaw T. Benda (1873 – 1948) (detail).

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  1. Steve Z. says:

    thanks for this again. things continue to happen, so it seems — Steve Z.


    1. Thanks Steve and I was thinking of you lately, I had a suggestion for your next step in your healing journey… write me on facebook and I will share. ~ Phoenix


  2. Magical writing! So much insight, wisdom and depth shared. Another stunningly beautiful powerful video. Thank you Phoenix

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    1. Well thank you Jackie, good to hear feedback once in awhile, I appreciate! ❤


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