White Eagle Legend of Poland

The White Eagle is the oldest symbol of Poland, but there was always a part of this story that was missing, pushed aside and then totally forgotten, because it was only kept in the hearts of Polish women. Finally… no one carried the part of the legend anymore. It was an ancient Grandmother’s legend that few today know about, It started long ago, about 27,200 years ago to be exact, its now time to fill in the missing half…  by Phoenix of Elder Mountain

Three cave grandmothers were preparing for their long winters sleep again, which were associated with the River Cultures. Their nap always lasted about 3,000 years and this is when grandfather took over the earth. So, they prepared for their long rest in their sacred cave and had 1,000 years to create a symbol that their ancestral future grandchildren would connect with in their soul.

The grandmothers had to make sure that this was the right symbol to announce their return when when grandfather would have to step down from his rulership. Since they were bird tribe women, the bird symbol had worked last time they prepared their children, so again it would be a path they they must take.

Still nomadic, and eternally sacred, they lived in the cave in the winter seasons and wandered the lands in the summer and spring seasons for millions of years, before even a hint of any written language was created to even call themselves Grandmothers. Sometimes they would wander in the flesh in the physical world, appearing to those who were older souls, and sometimes they would appear in their pure white light bodies appearing as not ghostly, but divine which Slavic people know as Zmora or Breksta or even the Black Madonna who is honored today. Other times the grandmothers would appear in forms of very large birds of course, but also animals.

Many stories were told about their existence in the non-written traditions, but since these were handed down from generation to generation of granddaughters of grandmother chiefs and leaders, as the millenniums went by, very few listened.

In the last three thousand years many said those were the old ways and not wanted anymore, we wanted pagan men to lead and honor only maidens and mothers who served men and gods just like religious men were starting to do as they watched the pagan men take over grandmothers positions in community.

These three grandmothers had tried to think of a way to warn their people of the time of the great shift, which would be swift in nature’s seasons, but slow in human time, as the veils would slowly fade away like clouds revealing all. They wanted to prepare their future children, for the return of the great dreaming when the Sun would go black again in it’s cyclical winter stage that lasts approximately 300,000 years). The grandmothers knew that their children (the old ones who were reincarnated) must be able remember them and how to again master the ability to dream and be able to see in order to prepare for this Magic of the Midnight Sun, and its symbol in the form of a star, still held proudly in their hands in the winter solstice.

The Midnight Sun is the oldest teachings of our ancient peoples, much older than the white eagle but the white eagle was part of it at the end. For the last five thousand years, its was a powerful symbol, a legend and a folktale. Pagans call it the Alatyr and its used as a protection symbol, and others speak of the ancient legend called the Stone of Alatyr which represented in the symbol sewn in our traditional folk clothing and art. This Midnight Sun is the core fire and heat of the core magma at the center of the earth, her belly which always keep her children warm and connected them to her.

Earth’s primordial soup started with these three grandmothers who were as old as the earth herself, they could appear older or appear younger if they wanted, not for any other reason except that they could and still can.


These primordial grandmothers new if they appeared to their children in the future around 900 ce, that the men would be frightened and try to kill them. The grandmothers had already seen the future ancestors fear them, those who forgot how to pay attention to her stories, her gifts of dreaming, and for their messages. They didn’t care enough to even consider their dreams at night anymore to understand such prophecy. This made the grandmothers worried the most and they knew they had to send a symbol powerful enough, that it would help them begin to dream again.

That night the grandmothers had laid down to sleep and all three dreamed of a white eagle and saw it fly and land on top of a huge tree visiting their future children. They woke up and each had shared the same dream, knowing that this would be the symbol and the sign to send forth into the future.  The second eldest Thunderbird grandmother had said to her two sisters… “which one of us should appear as a white eagle? We can’t all three appear, but that would confuse them.”

The eldest, the Firebird (who was originally a Polish ancestral legend, not a Russian), said: “I will appear as the White Eagle and leave our realms to cross the gates and barriers of these dream worlds, to where they exist. The two of you will make sure that I am guided back here safely because its so far away in the future, I might not find my way back. They all agreed.

The Grandmothers at first, would appear as Wind Spirit and would visit the female shamans every fifth generations or so and remind them that they would be coming. They would retell the legends of the white eagle grandmother who would appear, as a sign of her return. Generation after generation went by and finally when ten thousand years had gone by, it was time…

It was the year 900 c.e. and it was time for the grandmother as White Eagle to come to her sons. It was time because their were no longer any grandmother shamans in the villages anymore, and the women were not allowed to practice anymore, and the elder females were forbidden to lead community or spiritual community anymore, or teach the stories of the Eagle around the fire. So the Firebird grandmother prepared for her long journey and then flew into the realms as fast as she could across the veils, and when she arrived as the white eagle…

white eagle 2

Here is where Grandfather’s story started, the one you only know as legend:

Three Legendary Brothers

Lech, Czech and Ruś, leaders of their Slavic tribes, were wandering looking for a place for permanent settlements. Czech became the founder of the nation and state of the Czechs. Ruś went east and became the founder of the nation and state of the Ruthenians. Lech went further north. One day, he and his tribe stopped for a rest at the edge of a great forest. Looking around Lech spotted a large white bird, majestically circling overhead, a white eagle landed on a nest in a large oak tree.

Lech took the presence of the white eagle and its nest to be a good omen, it is in my blood and I do not know why, but he turn to his Lechitians and said: “Here will be the place of our permanent settlement which we shall call Gniezno (the old Polish word for nest) and the White Eagle shall be our symbol.”

The declaration was enthusiastically acclaimed and accepted by all the Lechitians. The men had not remembered their previous incarnations, but the grandmothers did not care, all they knew was that their ancestral grandsons saw the omen.

The next 200 years was a period during which Poland became divided into various provinces, each ruled individually by dukes of the Piast line. However, the White Eagle, that ancient sign of strength, power, majesty and royalty, was retained by most of them, including the dukes ruling Kraków, as their personal coat of arms. This fact played an important role in the reunification of the divided nation. Also, it was during this period that the White Eagle became refined into the heraldic form we are familiar with today.

An important date in the history of Poland and its White Eagle emblem was June 26, 1295. On that date, Przemysł II, duke of Wielkopolska, assumed the crown of Poland in Gniezno, thus bringing about the reunification of the country. On the day of his coronation, he acquired the seal of majesty. The obverse of the seal shows an image of the King sitting on the throne with the crown upon his head and a globe and a scepter in his hands.

The reverse of the seal bears the Latin inscription: “Reddidit ipse deus victricia signa polonis,” that is, “God himself restored Polish signs of victory,” and a shield with a crowned Eagle on it.

Polish Slavic Chicken Woman in traditional dressIn conclusion…

Grandmother said… “We don’t need to tell anyone that it wasn’t God, do we Sisters? No… but even though the men had long forgotten us, they had received our sign and gave it great importance, and that is all that matters in destiny. It made them very happy and they were very proud of the grandsons.

Now all is in place, our children can prepare, we will first appear to the shaman women again when they return to earth, then the dreamers who will be born, and lastly, the very youngest letting them know we are returning, but this time we will not return as the white eagle, we return as ten million Grandmother from all nations in the form of Thunderbirds.

Also around 900 ce, another group called the White Croats (Old Rus, Bѣlyy Croats and Croats) were a Slavic tribe that lived in the 5th through the 10th centuries on the territory of Western Ukraine, Southern Poland, Northern Slovakia, called the Carpathian Mountains, including some of the Czech Republic up to the northern part of the eastern of Germany who were all Pagans.  The first time the name of the tribe called White Croats were mentioned was in connection with the City of Tanais, which was located at the mouth of the Don River at the confluence of the Sea of Azov.

Historical chronicles written in Greek in the 3rd century BCE. The Croats are mentioned during the reign of the ruler Tanais – Sauromates II (175-211). “White Croats” in the domestic chronicle appear in the story “The Tale of Bygone Years” on the settlement of the Slavs of the Danube, territories north of the Danube, Tatra and the Carpathians. These guidelines serve to steady basis for the notion of “White Croats” in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains.

“… Croats now living in the lands of Dalmatia, descended from the unbaptized Croats, called “white” including Serbs who were unbaptized. In 907 ce, Croats Carpathian Rus Tribe mentioned as involved in the campaign of Oleg Constantinople: Croats (Horoti, Horiti) appear as the north-eastern neighbors Moravia. The tribe of Croats “Harvatyn” refers Arab historian and geographer Al-Masudi (second quarter of the tenth century), calling it among the Slavic tribes living to the north and west of the Carpathians “marava” “dulaba “” sarbyn “(Lusatian Sorbs),” manaban “(mazovyany?)” valinana “but, unfortunately, without giving a specific location.

Perhaps the White Croats dissolved into new ethnic group, because after the 10th century, written sources mention the people were all missing. At the end of the XX century in Galicia was discovered more than 40 settlements, most of which have an area of over 20 hectares (mostly Stilsko settlements), built in 7th – 10th century and correlated with white Croats. Some of the settlements existed until the 15th century. Research conducted by archaeological expedition Verhnodnistryanskoyu NAS of Ukraine.

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  1. The “light” side of the dark…. there is also the dark side of the light. As we clear our real karma during this time on earth, walking on the dark side to see our own shadows, while still retraining balance, the light is always there to keep one safe – if they do the real work of karmic purification.


  2. Thank you for sharing this story. I am of Polish and Ukrainian descent. I’ve always wondered what the story of the White Eagle was, and now I know. Thank you!

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    1. Long ago northern Ukraine and Southern Poland (south of Rzedow) were a tribe of people. In the 1800s it was Poland’s land but now the northern Ukraine has the land…. but long before pagans we were our own tribe and those who have a strong love for both Poland and Ukraine cultures show the sensitive soul who must have belonged to this area!


  3. Reblogged this on Paths I Walk and commented:
    I love learning these stories. It shows how out of balance we have become with our fear of aging, and the rejection of the wisdom of our elders. Perhaps one day we will once again learn to walk the dark paths to bring us back into balance.

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