Goddess Bixia Yuanjun Primordial Sovereign of the Colored Clouds of Dawn

bixia juanjun
One of my ceremonial rituals and rites is working with three very primal female guardian divine spirits (elementals), the first one is Bixia, Goddess of Dawn, which makes her a Sky Goddess of the waking dream, rather than Dusk which is a Night Goddess. I have worked with her on occasion for specific reasons over the last ten years. The second Goddess is the Slavic Goddess Dodole, a primal prehistory Rain and Snow Goddess. The third is my Autumn & Winter Goddess Marzanna (The real Slavic and Balkan Snow Queen). I do a workshop with women on the Autumn Equinox  and we all build our own sacred effigy. And lastly is the 4th and new Goddess I added this year…

This entire lifetime I had karma to Aphrodite (Venus) and did not know this in my 20s, but after 29 in 1987, my journey to repay an old karmic dept to her, as my past life was in Egypt, as a Roman Soldier and I paid that debt this lifetime until the gates finally closed 2012. Now I have earned the rights to honor her in cermony, and will begin to include the Goddess Aphrodite (Venus) to my Spring & Summer ceremonials and community rituals.

The statue above is of the Goddess Bixia is from the 12th century, Chinese, Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279), bronze with gilding. She holds her sacred seal wrapped in silk, and is a traditional Daoist deity. Her hair is coiffed in a double-roll and decorated with a lotus bud ornament; below her widow’s peak is a diamond-shaped mark on her third eye. A magic Cloud motif is shown on her chest.


According to Daoist legend, this Goddess resides in her Temple of the Azure Cloud at the summit of Mount Tai Shan (Mount Tai photo) and is the first of the five great, sacred mountains of China. She serves devotees by helping them on the path of wisdom and enlightenment and for those enlightened she answers the call of ceremony when asked. The five Sacred Mountains of the Daists are:

  • Tai Shan, Taoist mountain of the east, Shandong province.
  • Heng Shan Bei, Taoist mountain of the north, Shanxi province.
  • Hua Shan, Taoist mountain of the west, Shanxi province.
  • Heng Shan Nan, Taoist mountain of the south, Hunan province.
  • Song Shan, Taoist mountain of the center, Henan province.

The hand gestured is a Bixia Yuanjun statue from the 15th century, called the Taoist Lady of Mountain Tai, which is now housed in the Art Institute of Chicago. The first statue above, is in the permanent collection at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

bixia 2


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