First New Moon of Summer 2016

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming – Greetings Dreamers, Artists, Moon Children, Mystics, Spiritual Souls and Nature Seekers… Our first New Moon of Summer begins June 4, 2016 and we have a strong grouping of energy in Gemini at 14° degrees: Sun, Moon, Venus with Vesta and Amphitrite close by all opposite Saturn.

The 14th degree according to Ptolemy reflects: “Ignorance from impaired speech, impacts a person’s organs.” Mars and Mercury are also sitting in opposition this moon cycle, and with Mars in retrograde personal issues will carry a bit more impact. If your not aware of your Mars quality and it’s expression, just pay attention.

Lately I’ve been reading articles by astrologers who are painting Mars as if he were Apollo. Maybe there is a shifting now with some younger men trying to heal wounds stemming from Mar’s karma over the last three millenniums,  because Apollo is a God of medicine, healing, light and truth.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking by confusing the two, but either way its a  positive step. Mars sits this moon cycle at 27° degrees in Scorpio and Ptolemy states that this degree expresses: Memories and Literature; and Mercury at 20° degrees in Taurus: The 5th Lunar Mansion; which is a critical degree meaning Oratorical. Lastly we have Saturn and since its in opposition, he will be judge near the Full Moon in two weeks.


All of these energies combined are leading us towards honest communication in relationship this month to the opposition of exactly what we are unconscious of. Gemini moons each year always express transformation on a personal level by presenting a clear mirror.

This two way door of Gemini leads us into signs and synchronicity especially for artists, healers or intuitives by trade into some kind of action. It also rules speech, travel in our immediate environment, our personal beliefs connected to our philosophy of life (Sagittarius), opinions, lectures, writing and the very personal mental perspectives and opinions.

Selene and Endymion by Victor Florence Pollet

The other energy holding with this moon cycle is: “Destiny is the end to which all unrestrained forces are lead. If we lack self-mastery in our life, then destiny is largely determined by the parts we play in the scheme of our life. Destiny as we evolve though, becomes developed or it shall forever remain in the undeveloped child of Destiny.”

When we search for our own self-expression we are impacted not only by the monthly moon cycles influencing our emotional life, but also in relationship to our own personal Moon’s position and its continuing progression. We are effected by our emotional complexities and our emotional and physical ills and their fluctuations, so committing to our lunar (emotional) nature in healthy ways, we begin to make an effort with both our light and our shadow self and bring it into a structure of sacredness.

Since I work with healing shadows, sometimes anger is justified or actions that seem out of control, don’t be fooled by the light side of the dark, for it flushes up darkness you cannot see. Same too for the shadow side of the light which hides behind a very subtle mask.

Slavic and Balkan water folklore

After 20 years each moon cycle of devoted practice, and a 30 year devout healing journey, my shaman work is completed in my returning the ancient dreaming practices of woman is completed. Since this moon actually rules signs and synchronicity, I thought I would share my work this month from experience, which is how I teach…

In lunar work each month, I generally receive three signs, 2-3 days before the new moon and this moon is no exception. I share my personal synchronicity experiences so I can show you how I “lunar-intention-dream” bridging work, one lunar cycle at a time…

My 1st Sign (collective): I noticed the last two days that pages of words were visually turning into a “visual whole” making the page I was reading seem more like an image, rather than regular paragraphs filled with individual words. My apprentice today mentioned the same thing happened to her in her own ways of perception. The actions of Neptune and its  “Harmonic Dreaming Wave Pulse” are beginning, and I have patiently been waiting since 2012 for it to finally happen.

The previous 4 days prior to the dream wave, was the sleeping wave pulse, which was noticed first before the actual wave of energy. I never get tired or sleepy, but it even effected me. Since my job is to be peaceful and still as a shaman this wave came in two parts, preparation (sleep wave) and then dream wave in the waking world. It was extremely subtle but it finally occurred. If you don’t know what the Harmonics are –  I put a link at the bottom of the page.

I pick up extremely sensitive energy not only as an energy healer for decades but I also have the built in antenna for it, my Neptune/Juniper is conj in the 12th, in Scorpio and with a Pisces moon, the current Neptune opposite Jupiter right now, Juniper is distributing Neptune’s energy very well. It will be the first of many to come, and this was an extraordinary light wave that pure shamans would have picked up all around the world (not shaman practitioners nor drug (plant) shamans). These wave pulses are going to get stronger from Neptune.

3rd Sign (personal): I was sliding my hand down the wood railing to open the gate, and a 1 1/2 inch piece of wood went straight into the palm of my hand. Hands are ruled by Gemini and it symbolically means one’s purpose. I pulled it out and then looked up a palmist’s chart and saw that the splinter sat in the middle between the “Mount of Jupiter” (hence this has to do with my 1st sign, and the “Mount of Saturn” (has to do with my 2nd sign below). I enter my second “Saturn” Return having completed all the initiations of my adult life (first saturn return begins at 28 years old). The splinter went into my right hand, the hand of “giving” rather than receiving and in all things, there are “no” accidents in life when you pay attention – it was connected to my 2nd sign…

2nd Sign (inter-personal): At the New Moon of Taurus which ends June 3rd, a 22 year old maiden came to a session on dreams and wanting to learn and was encouraged by her friend who came to me for a healing.

I focused that session with half dream work and half healing work (encouraged sobriety) and the importance of it when it came to dreams. Two days ago she wrote me and she was going to start a dream class and invited me the dream walker shaman, to come or drop in. I wished her the best of luck of course. My hand healed in 1 day and all pain gone after I wrote her back.

Completion of Signs : So all is started and finished within 3 days and nights before the 1st New Moon of Summer (I didn’t share the dreams or its symbolism that occurred). Shattering Glass is always the positive sign you’ve completed and walked or pushed through the Illusion and mirror work of lunar and lunar dreaming (energetic aspects, projections and blocks).

Today a huge empty pickle jar dropped from my hands and shattered so I am finished with all pre-cognitive destiny that arose can now be utilized for the next 28 night/day moon cycle. For many years the signs, dreaming and completions would take me the entire moon cycle and I would do triple the work of personal, inter-personal and collective work plus teach apprentices and dedicate to my whole healing journey which the signs and syncs helped immensely.

Now it all flows after twenty years of 100% dedication in the wholeness of my spiritual path.

Here are the samples of the examples of New Moon Intentions for this month and if you do set an intention, only chose one, so you will remember in two weeks when the second half of this practice (to let go) comes at the Full Moon :

Graphic - Gianni De Conno

I am impeccable with my words
I increase my perception
I believe in the magic of healing myself
I trust my intuition
I follow my belief with action
I practice stillness of my thoughts
I meditate for peace within
I focus on one task at a time
I listen deeply
I embrace my difficult emotions
I communicate my needs clearly
I practice clarity
I am sober
I am reasonable
I practice healthy boundaries
I love my body
I respect my body
I nurture my body
I am kind
I am understanding
I am gentle
I am determined
I am intelligent
I am patient

Happy New Moon!
Phoenix of Elder Mountain

Harmonic Dreaming article:

Image sources: The Wishing Well by Sam Breach, Selene and Endymion by Victor Florence Pollet, Romanian water ceremony, Twin Gemini Moon art by Gianni De Conno.



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