New Moon of Summer

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain Our New Moon starts at 13 degrees in Cancer, July 4th, 2016 with the planet of communication Mercury, conjuncting the Sun | Moon, in opposition to Pluto. 

The moon in Cancer is traditional, its not really accepting of change that easily. The archetypes this moon are about tradition, family, purpose, work, ancestors all with a touch of emotional danger (because of Pluto involved). Last moon we completed Gemini and Sagittarius’s trickster and chaos teachings, which brings upheaval, but Cancer moon shifts this from external into the ‘feeling’ internal.

The Ancestral moon rises today for these reason and sooner or later we must all face this personal root of the self, and if not with others in our home or work, then within our self. Emotion, magic, mysticism, nature, intuition and karma are the keywords of the path of the Souls’ reality and she weaves itself into our mind-body life each moon cycle.

If you cannot pay attention to every moon cycle, then at least focus and pay attention to your difficult moons. If you had a difficult time last Cancer Moon (last year), then on the Cancer new moon this year, you can expect the same symbols to arise, the only difference is “It is the next chapter of the same personal issue” – so too next year at this same moon cycle.


This is how real moon and lunar medicines work, its a mirror of oppositions. If your a more external person, then you must enter inside the mirror and look outwards to see. If you are an internal person, then you have to hold a mirror up to your world which is occurring in your personal space. If your fated to e a shaman or magi, then you have to do double work and master both.

We are only given a little bit of soul medicine to handle each moon cycle because the energy constantly shifts into a new moon cycle and it changes the energy. As the years continue though, these cycles get deeper from our 20s into our 30s and double deep from our 30s into our 40s etc. Moon medicine only gets stronger and if we do not make effort to go go inward to find out whats happening in times of trouble, there sits the imbalance right in front of us. The shock… I call it, where shit happens and we do not control it.

We generally will get “3 moons a year” to work with, which is our growth period. If you cannot discern these three from all the other moons of the year, then it may seem like chaos is happening a lot, when it is not. We are all lured by life and it’s effect on us, making us enact out past life imbalances of desire, abundance, personal emotional denial etc. Without the balance of withdrawing (retreat or letting go) in equal measure, we walk a constant push and pull path in our life and this is fine when young, but the older we get, the more unsettling this becomes.

Blame Lady Luck when things go wrong orr blame everything outside of ourselves for our shock or misery, instead of our own karma and our rites of purification. As the Tao says: “No Blame” (when we do the emotional body work that effects this karmic soul).

One: Divination for this Moon

For the New Moon of Summer, I decided to pick a Rune from my Nordic divination, which I rarely use for my writings, but I felt called. I set my intention for the group reading this post and I reached into the blue velvet bag and pulled out the Rune… “Hagall.” Making sure it was the right Rune, I threw it back in, shook the bag and chose another – it was Hagall again. This is what the Nordic called the Witches Rune or the Powerful Dark Goddess Rune, like Eris. Lets look at Eris’ true nature…. she is the daughter of Nyx, the principle of the manifested embodiment in the flesh of some women. Hagall rules:

The inevitability of Fate;
Evolutionary progress of becoming;
Completeness and balance of power;
Integration of unconscious shadow elements in our lives;
Causing of discomfort for others abiding to ones values;
Protection only through boundary actions;
Becoming “more aware” of the processes of change;
Awakens the self or the other to emotional ‘baggage’;
Commitment to our path of awakening.

Folklore & Mythology this Moon: Eris and Tiresias

Eris is daughter of Nyx, the sacred night of the soul who can wander and walk and speak with fire, she is the sister of Mars. Eris is simple to understand, she is a lady cop, the Amazon and a Goddess who rules both discord and chaos of life situations, either ours, or what we cause for others. This really means the authority or shadow authority of a woman who is “in” the world (which is generally hidden but played out somehow). This power can cause great disruption (transformation of shadows unseen) in a world that is veiled over our eyes.

Eris conjuncts Uranus, the Thunder God this moon cycle, brings extra energy to this. So if you feel that you are not being taken seriously when you are being serious, go ahead, bring Eris to the foreground, she will be your warrior of truth this month. Cancer is not really that confrontational, but very deep feeling, so let Eris be Cancer’s protector of you, to get things done or spoken.

One of Eris’s mythology is all Olympians had been invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, who would become the parents of Achilles; however, Eris was not invited, due to her inclination to cause trouble. So Eris dropped the Golden Apple into the party, which had the words “To The Fairest One” inscribed on it. Hera, Athena and Aphrodite started quarreling over who the apple should be given to, so Zeus appointed Paris, Prince of Troy, as the person to solve the dispute.

The goddesses offered Paris various gifts, but he eventually picked Aphrodite, who promised him the most beautiful woman in the world; Helen, wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta.

I visualize Eris as the likeness of this Syrian Goddess of Palmyra statue – strong, confident and that look in her eyes that goes deeper into the root of her soul into yours (before woman was subjugated which means, to bring under domination or control, especially by conquest).

She is the woman who runs with wolves because she is the alpha wolf. In some circles, Eris would be called a ‘bad ass’ or ‘battle axe’ and after the 13th century, a witch – a woman who is not liked for having natural powers of both mysticism (magic) and authority (empowerment) being the daughter of the night itself (Nyx) and yet, not afraid to use such powers in situations that calls for it. 

Palmyra (Syria),200–250 A.D.

Tiresias: The Nymph Chariclo’s son Tiresias
There is an asteroid for Chariclo in Astrology, but hardly any folklore or mythology about her, so I am focusing on her son’ Tiresias. The ancient folktale of Tiresias is an interesting one, he was a blind Seer, an Oracle of Apollo in Thebes,  son of the shepherd Everes and the nymph Chariclo and his myth is quite unique…

While on Mount Cyllene in the Peloponnese, Tiresias came upon two copulating snakes, and struck them with his stick and killed them. The goddess Hera was displeased by this action and changed Tiresias into a woman. Tiresias subsequently then became a Priestess of Hera; she married and had children. Some say she was a sacred prostitute in the Temple traditions (virgin), which means she would have not been married.

For seven years, Tiresias lived as a woman until she again came across the two snakes  — this time she did not strike them, but instead let them be and let nature takes its course instead of trying to project fear or control the situation, remembering what happened last time. This act undid Hera’s punishment and Tiresias was transformed back into a man.

The Blindness of Tiresias

The second story of Tiresias is about his blindness. One story recounts how Tiresias stumbled upon the goddess Athena while bathing and so enraged was she to be seen naked by a mortal, that she struck Tiresias blind. His mother, Chariclo, a nymph of Athena. She begged the goddess to undo the curse; she could not, so instead gave Tiresias the gift of understanding birdsong. In another version Zeus and Hera were arguing over who received more pleasure from sex: the man, as Hera claimed; or the woman, as Zeus believed.

Tiresias was brought before them to settle the matter, as he had experienced sex as both a man and woman. When Tiresias claimed women enjoyed sex more, Hera struck him blind in her anger. Zeus, who could not undo Hera’s anger, so he compensated Tiresias by bestowing upon him the gift of prophecy.


Symbolism is a very difficult Task Master: Blindness can mean many things of course, emotional pain that leaves us numb (blind), or mental blindness which results in worry and anxiety or actual physical blindness.

Did you ever randomly get hit in the eye? Life says in these situations: Look and open your Eyes to really see!  Mercury governs the ‘seeing’ aspects of our lives or what we do not wish to see. The Two Serpents mean a double “healing” applying to both our male aspects (our actions and beliefs) and our female aspects (emotional truth) into union somehow connected with family or work. That is what Pluto is this moon, opposite the moon and sun.

Totems who came on my path for this moon…
White Spider | Pacific Gopher Snake | Cedar Waxwing
(The Rowan, Hawthorn and Persimmon)

Pay attention to the birds, animals, insects etc that come on your path this moon, each one is there for a specific message, not a random fly by. And by message I mean do the study of totems once one has looked in your eye, come into your space and made its self very present.

All Birds symbolize the Soul and Serpents represent the healing of the Soul, and Spider who weaves them (fate) all together is the ancient dreaming cultures of earth before any superstition or religion of earth involved. All three came to me the day before and day of the new moon of Cancer.

This evening before the New Moon, I found a large dead Pacific Gopher Snake which is nonvenomous. Serpents in any form is a symbol of healing and it’s death meant a change has already occurred, so it was a positive symbol. Death of course is the Pluto aspect of this Cancer moon this month.

cedar waxwing birdCedar Waxwing has also been very present as a symbol for this new moon, they are family group birds who stick together and migrate together as a family. They live on the abundance of red berries and on the magic of Hawthorn (their winter food source), and are a hedge of protection (summer solstice) to a variety of most notably small to medium-sized birds including the cedar waxwing.

Hawthorn is a protector of the small, the vulnerable and the weak and it’s magic is the magic of shelter and protection, especially in times of stress, when dealing with family matters. In Folklore “Cedar Waxwing” its a sign of good luck if your paying attention, especially if they come to your home. Since this moon represents home, family and ancestors, pay attention to the virtual or in the physical world of any bird that comes on your path.

Because Waxwings eat so much fruit, occasionally become intoxicated or even die when they run across overripe berries that have started to ferment and produce alcohol. So watch your consumption this moon cycle if you partake in such things. Mulberry (summer fruit) is another abundant food source of the Waxwings and also Rowan berries which can be made into a juice which can be used as a laxative.

The medicine then of Rowan in regards to the soul (bird) is on the full moon, letting go what surfaces at the full moon in two weeks is very important for your emotional digestion and emotional intestines. Rowan (Ash) is a small deciduous tree, found high up in the mountains; and it is sometimes called the ‘Lady of the Mountain’.

White Spider is simple, the weaver of fate this moon cycle is in the waking day, not at night in your dreaming. Pay attention to your feelings, emotions, mystery, your story or your personal continuing folklore and myth; and weave the two together so fate can occur with flow. This is a water moon this month, so let it flow, its too difficult and your going the wrong way if you try to swim upstream. (Note: I had white spider come again in the Aires Moon 2019, except in between the veils.)

Example Intentions for the Cancer New Moon

I structure my responsibilities
I allow myself more rest
I focus on the present moment
I nurture a past wound (which one?)
I am abundant
I respect my boundaries
I have confidence

I reclaim my inner authority
I respect my intuition
I love my body
I am serious (when I need to be)
I am stable
I am secure

I have purpose
I honor myself

I accept change with groundedness
I accept change with gratefulness
I accept change with humbleness

I respect myself
I overcome my fear of _______.
I grieve my loss with support
I manage my sexual (addiction or wound)
I honor my inner (mother/father)

I forgive myself
I ground my insecurity

Here are this moon’s Intentions, chose ONE and when the full moon comes in two weeks, you will know what to release (one release). The greatest thing that spiritual people can do with intentions, is to chose only one intention a month, otherwise we forget and it gets lost in the busyness of our month!

To receive our once a month lunar work study, please write us at

Blessings to you this moon cycle ~Phoenix

Chart this moon cycle (on left is a simple one, right for professional astrologers.)

chart for new moon cancer 2016

Source: Wiki,, Chart on right from Ima Gination Astrology.








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