Fox Totem & Fox Dream Symbols

Totem, dream and animism work with Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Fox people and foxes are very unique, they are cunning, instinctual in their feminine physique, quick witted and they are changeable with the seasons. Those are their basic totems along with their eyes that are piercing yet loving with a softer edge. They are also intuitive and energetic (magnetic field) hunters of small animals like shrews, rats and rodents – all mixed together in their bag of trix called magical medicine.

Foxes are loners and independent types of beings, the forests, highlands, meadows are their home and if you run across a fox on your path in person, its a meaningful sign that its most likely a phase of being alone right now. Some like being alone and independent but those who do not, fox has come on your path to share that being alone is something you can get comfortable because now is the time to learn about and be with you. Fox totem can play out many ways, if its not time to spend more time alone, it can mean important decisions is yours alone to make in a relationship or a business decisions or a choice to make about being more independent or more independent through your actions.

Fox Listens by JenloIf you are in the middle of a fallout with a relationship or marriage, take some time to be alone or separate for awhile to get some perspective on your situation, and like the fox… go to the woods and meditate or take a nap, the forest will help you gain some perspective. If you have already done and need to make the big decision about leaving a relationship, fox medicine says yes, its hard but its time to close the door on a partnership. When we do not take fox messages seriously when one comes to visit you, as a last effort and any animal or bird will, will run out in front of your car and get killed, that will be their third and final message to leave the relationship, that you will ultimately be unhappy as the years go by.

If relationships are not the issue, then name the top three things you would like to change in your life right now and see where the quality fits best with fox symbolism. Fox in a Dream is generally the opposite since dream work must be worked as a mirror to our life. To master dream symbolism, we must first master “first level symbolism” which means they are only about us, not anyone else. A good six years of dedication to first level symbolism of dreams, helps prepare us for second level inter-relationship dreaming with a good foundation, if you skip the foundation work then second level dreams isn’t as sure footed or understood deeper.

In dream symbolism, Fox or any animal at its core, represents as a mirror our ‘natural instincts or the natural self’ and when applying fox  as a second layer, we navigate ‘our inner and soul world’ with the instinctual (fight or flight) applied to interdependence with a relationship to our intuition. Practicing intuition of trusting it the first time like the fox pouncing on its prey, we start to believe in our strength from trusting our intuition.To see yourself in relationship fox is helpful to do something creative, like draw a fox with the intention to understand your dreams meaning, and for the true artists, acting out as the fox itself or dressing up as a fox or wearing a fox tail (faux) around town one afternoon. Dreaming with fox means you have to be in this moon cycle what I stated in the first paragraph of this article:

Unique, Cunning
Instinctual, Quick witted
Changeable with the Seasons
and Piercing yet Loving with a softer edge.

Fox Seasons and Cycles:
A red fox only lives about five years and so the cycle is very short so for a totem or dream symbol or even a medicine – its a quick transformation and not a long duration of change, rebirth or regeneration. If fox is not a major totem of yours, just know that from there on, after seeing a fox in person or in your dreams (your inner reality), you’re entering or now leaving a five-year cycle. One should begin to feel the endings of something in their life around the middle of the forth year if fox is a guide or helper.

Fox Intuition:
Naturally, fox harnesses and works the earth’s magnetic field to hunt like other animals, like birds, sharks, and turtles, and they also have this ability to sense magnetic fields and fox is the one of the rare ones who uses energy fields to actually catch their prey. As a shaman’ I suggest if fox has come to visit you, get some energy healing or work with your emotional body, because that is our magnetic field that we must keep in good shape. I know that foxes and cats can see magnetic fields because those of us who can see the (in-between the veil and across the veil) its shadowy gray and has a felt vibration appears the same.

Science in their language explains Fox’ magnetic hunting skills it as a “ring of shadow” on its eyes that darkens as it heads towards magnetic north. When the shadow and the sound the prey is making line up, it’s time to pounce, but science doesn’t know that animals and some humans can see between the veils and that is a ring (sphere) of shadow also.

Fox Predators and Prey:
Remember that in the natural world there are predator and prey, and its good to know the difference. Fox is a huntress, so rat people, shrew people, rabbit people, mole and mouse people are not to take advantage of you or push you around. There is a hierarchy in nature and so too with humans, so remember fox says: “know who your prey is when navigating your world, for fox does not serve rats, she eats them alive.”

kitsuneOn the other side, fox is prey to the bigger predators and often falls prey to: Coyotes, cougars, lynxes, bobcats, wolves, panthers and even eagle. So fox says, you are the one who needs to bow to the bobcat or wolf clan person, or run to keep safe from coyote people, panthers and big cat people for they will eat you alive. Often when we are prey, we are the one who must make the sacrifices and serve in human terms. As a shaman I have a black jaguar soul and was born with it, but when I was in spiritual circles and needed to learn I had to humble my big black cat, even if attacked by a mouse or shrew spiritual leader. The jaguar knows who she is but the mouse, rat or coyote does not and the day came when that 12 year cycle was over and never again did a mouse or coyote even try to use power in this world with me, even if they had it as a human being.  So with Fox, it is in service to anyone with a larger predator, learn the differences to survive.

Voice and Listening:
Some foxes have big ears and are really precise listeners, so if the large eared fox came into your dreams, listening deeply to yourself, your needs and your self talk, healing this is the medicine. In the waking world, the fox is well-known for its somewhat frightening scream, but most do not know that fox has over 40 other sounds and calls, so that might be difficult to know if a fox is around you when your hiking or in the woods with so many variant sounds by just sound. As a totem of dream symbol it would translate to a very unique communication or having to communicate something that is quite tricky or requires one to speak from many aspects. Since the fox has a magical aspect, in relationship to the voice, it would be aware of any clairaudio development for some, either in dreams or in the day. Clair-audio sensitivity in astrology has to do with the placement of Mercury in an earth or water sign generally, but not in all cases.

The nine-tail fox from Japan is one of the most famous folktales; the Reynard tales from medieval Europe; trickster fox from Native American lore; and Aesop’s Crow and Fox, generally there are two crows in illustrations.  The Finnish folklore phrase “fox fires” was used by writers like H.P. Lovecraft and a few poets. The name for the aurora borealis in Finnish is ‘Revontulet’, which literally translates to ‘Fox Fires’. The Fins myth believe that the lights were are caused by a magical fox swishing his tail across the snow, spraying up into the night’s sky. A later version explains how the moonlight reflection on the snowflakes swept up by the fox’s tale caused the arrangement of the aurora lights.


Cat and Fox:
Like the cat, the fox is most active after the sun goes down. In fact, it has vertically oriented pupils that allow it to see in dim light. It even hunts in a similar manner to a cat, by stalking and pouncing on its prey. Like the cat, the fox has sensitive whiskers and spines on its tongue. It walks on its toes, which accounts for its elegant, cat-like tread. And many foxes have retractable claws that allow them to climb rooftops or trees. Some foxes even sleep in trees just like cats.

Women who run with Foxes … or for those who own Foxes;
On a sadder note, from 1952-1959 Soviet scientist Dmitri Belyaev decided to play god and domesticate the fox which because of their sensitive emotional nature, its not good for fox to be with humans as a pet. Unlike male or female wolves who owns a more masculine energy and have a natural defense system for the shadows of humans. If a wounded fox wanders into your space, do heal them up and read the message as its time to fix up your loneliness with help or therapy (wounded fox medicine), then return fox to the wild after it heals, and the duration of its healing and yours go hand in hand. If you respect the nature of wild animals, we learn do not need to be domesticate them and thus your own soul aspect of the fox will remain free.

Johann Baptist Hofner Fox and Hare Art

Sources: Paintings: Fox Listens by Jenlo; Johann Baptist Hofner Fox and Hare Art; On-Toes 2013 Acrylic on wallpaper by © Kerry Phippen Art; Science fox facts by Joy Lanzendorfer, Wiki Commons.








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