Agatha, Herself

Elder Mountain Artist Residency’s Art Director, Sarah Burnt Stone is traveling the world doing a few artist retreats in India, Malaysia,  Japan and currently in Thailand working on her art film: “Agatha, Herself” which is a body of work from her personal dreams (dream work). The Residency focuses around a series of video works created for ComPeung Artist Residency in Doi Saket, Thailand about a character named Agatha and follows her as she navigates an experience of loss. As the narrative moves between descriptive and abstracted storytelling, the work highlights the body as sites of joy, mourning, mistake-making and intimacy. The works are filmed in Chiang Mai and its surrounding towns. These photos are a few of the stills from her project as she is still in current filming:

sarahs photos 6

sarahs photos 7

sarahs photos 4

sarahs photos 3

sarahs photos 5

sarahs photos 2

sarahs photos 8

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