Third Full Moon of Summer 2016 – The Patriarch is over and the Moontime Begins

Happy Full Moon Dreamers, Artists, Healers, Magicians, Moon Children, Witches, Druids, Fairy Clans! The Full Moon & Eclipse, 25 degrees Aquarius, begins Thursday, August 18, 2016 and lasts for the remaining two week duration of the Leo Moon cycle. It is a time of ‘letting go’ (sacrifice something) of our shadow nature in order to become free one more moon cycle before Autumn begins. Set your one “letting go” intention based on what your New Moon intention was two weeks ago.

Eclipsing Heaven and Earth! We are entering 3 eclipses in a row, starting with this Full Moon, a (partial) Lunar eclipse; then in two weeks on the next New Moon of Virgo on Sept.1, 2016 is the Solar eclipse, and the third and final will be the Pisces Full Moon Lunar eclipse, Sept. 16, 2016. Every late July, early August and late January, early February we get our Eclipse Baths which prepare us for the Autumn Equinox and Spring Equinox. This offers us a month of “internal” adjustment to prepare for both Equinox shifts.


The Howling and the Healing of the Moon: Approaching our personal healing journey in our life is a constant process of “detoxing” that which harms our soul, our mind, our body and our emotional sensitivities. Sometimes this comes from the self and sometimes from life situations, and it is not an easy task to approach and stay committed to this “internal” journey, unless we get a taste of it’s eternal well-spring and then we commit.

Transformations when they appear in our life, is generally a major cycle or an accumulation of issues that have become a great burden. It is required to find both strength and the steps to approach the fears of change, which surround real issues of sickness, abandonment, conflict, disrespect, miscommunications, sabotage, being cheated on etc. These require us to pull the Goddess Pandora out of her box and take a good look at our life. The mind will never wish to do this, it is always our heart that must.

If we do not open her box for many years because changes would have only added more suffering to what has already faltered, then it becomes mandatory by life itself and life blows some heavy storms towards us. People always call out for spirit messengers and totems to help us and then they come, the wind blows and hits us, people are like… what? I always learned to slay my self through my long disciplined journey, so life would not have to – because life can be both dangerous and deadly. I structured dangerous and deadly one moon cycle at a time in my long path.

In ordinary life, struggle helps us rise above our own conflict and when harvest time comes, we begin the painful pruning of the Autumn and Winter Seasons of our Soul. If you truly walk with nature , or are a pagan or druid, or even an environmentalist, then nature gives us her best examples of how to live, because she brings a death to her life in Autumn and Winter, and so should we. At harvesting and winter’s time, we call this healing and calling forth our grief, sorrow, suffering and blindness to acknowledge they are real. The third and final moon of summer prepares us for such times when the 1st new moon of Autumn arrives. This is when the great descent into the underworld is required, in order to help reclaim what sits there in its state of loss, stolen, begged or borrowed. As long as we suffer, our soul is lost in the abyss. As a shaman I have done many soul retrievals over the years for people and one soul retrieval does not do it, just as one vision quest does not make us touch those fears within. Just as one peak at our struggle does not heal it. It is an investment.

“Dissolve” is a process of holding our emotional conflict within (our pain) without any diversion, substitution, denial, pot, alcohol etc. for a short period of time – in order to burn some of our karma. Karma requires us to suffer regardless of what Philosophies were created in the the first century bce, or in the middle ages. Karma is real and it filters into some more than others. Karma is also not forever, it appears in large and small cycles and allows us opportunities to change and these mystical gates are not opened forever.

Because the gates are not opened forever, we must enter the mystical processes of… “Resolve” the process of sharing and communication of our true feelings, within our existing conflict. We share what we feel comfortable and uncomfortable with both those who support us and those who do not.


“Spiritual Practices” allow us a needed grounding when emotional chaos rises, which pushes us forth in life to change. Practices help because we become more conscious of our own issue, or how we sabotage, or enter denial without reason. Without any self monitoring of our mental body, we lose touch with what is happening in the bigger picture of self. “Healing” emotional pain, grief, sorrow or frustration increases consciousness after our emotional releases and detoxes to reclaim what we have lost through suffering.

Both dissolve & resolve helps us seek relief from emotional pain because it allows “changes” to occur  – for we must change in order to flow. Most people want only the flow or focus on flow, but in reality, we must ask ourselves where we must change first before any flowing can occur. Change is the most difficult practice to embrace of all practices because it involves our person issue, our self worth, our feelings of imperfection and the unknown source of our karmic pain. Without the addition of adding humbleness, embracing change only becomes more difficult.
full moon

The Chinese have their Poison Charms (amulets) called the “five poisons” (wudu 五毒) which actually refers to the five poisonous animals. In contrast to what one might expect, the purpose of the five poisons depicted on the ancient amulets are to counteract pernicious influences.  This is because the Chinese believe in combating poison with poison.

There is legendary evidence to support this belief of combating poison with poison.  Shennong (神农), also known as the Yan Emperor (yandi 炎帝) who is consider the father of Chinese Medicine because he discovered and personally tested upon himself hundreds of both medicinal and poisonous herbs.  He was able to test these herbs and poisons to  observe their effects.  He never suffered very long-term effects, however, because the poisons apparently canceled each other out. The same is true with  the emotional medicines of “Opposition.”

Opposition medicines are for the etheric emotional and astral emotional soul bodies and their remembrances and memory systems – which can haunt people and feel as if resolve cannot be a permanent to overcome an issue. In fairy tales and our lives there is always an ending, a completion, a closing of a door. But in karma there is not, there is only a ‘letting go’ – for the resolve is and was timeless in the great circle, we just learn to let go without satisfaction.

In our ordinary mundane life (not karma), we can apply opposition medicines then… For example, if we are too talkative, we seek the opposite of self disciplined practices of silence or silent retreats. Nothing is separated in grandmother spider’s web except for our fear. Doing a little work emotionally each moon cycle to get stronger by stepping into that fire (our own fears) eventually we walk through it and that my friend is the only way we truly heal, is by walking through it. This medicine exists for our poisons.

Ancient Greek Tutt'Art@

Some historical sources refer to the five poisons as consisting of “Snake, Scorpion, Tiger, Toad and Spider.” Each one of these are protective charms (amulets) and we must also ingest our own toxic emotions, mental beliefs, physical actions not of the highest good and soul karma to heal these things within us. Focusing on saving another or saving the world, takes us so far away from our own poisons which when worked with lead to our own personal protection of our soul. She is lost and lonely out in the abyss and rarely does the mind hear their own soul, it focuses on every spirit out there but their own.

Those of us who are wise enough, accept that we can only change the self and that changes first our personal world, then the world around us adding our own light to situations, not by the smiling and happy mask, but working with real issues an problems. This is how true balance is made and earned, not given and it applies to everything in our life as a living practices. We can seek the help of others and should if one is dealing with abuse, crisis, addiction, emotional abuses etc. to help show us the path with one who carries the lighted lantern, those who have done the work before you and resolved in permanent healing, for they assist us in our healing journey with power. It is our soul we are saving, fighting for and working with in a moon/lunar path and our commitment (oath) to it. It is a walk of conflict & resolve, of release and cycles of toxic release from the self, for the self to reclaim what we have lost, given away or was stolen. Everyone on the outside is just our mirror  of our “living story” so the rule is, do not throw “stones at the mirror” for its your own illusions you will see.

A healed emotional body and its astral energy makes us feel great – and it heals our body because we deal with our fears (blocks) and undo them, that is Grandmother Spider medicine as a real practice, not an excuse or a diversion to not touch our powerful sorrow, or grief or anger. These great disciplines to master the self, is always done with the mental body first, without that – the rest cannot fall into its proper dissolve and resolve.

So tell your negative thoughts about yourself to shut the fuck up first. Then listen, not only to yourself, but all your difficult teachers, all your difficult situations and begin to say I can do this, its scary as hell but I can do this.

That is why real “emotional body” work is so slow and so difficult.

Blessings, Phoenix of Elder Mountain

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Art images: Minoan relief of Goddess or Priestess Archaeological museum of Herakleion, Crete; Crystal Bowl Water Charmer (Reader) by Wagner; Wind Goddess by unknown artist.













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  1. Thank you for showing me the doorway, time & time again.

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  2. LostAncestor says:

    I release my hormone imbalance!

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    1. sbiad (so be it already done) that is an awesome one… so if things surface in the next two weeks, do not fret, sit with it for two weeks until the new moon!

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