How to Find a Good Energy Healer

Having been an Energy Healer since 1998, I have a lot of experience being both a healer and having had many different energy healers work on me. I want to share the different types of energy healing modalities, questions to ask an energy practitioner, crystals and energy work, newbie energy healers and energy healing I don’t recommend.



If your new and wishing to find a healer or wanted to try, here are the basics I recommend: New energy healers need a lot of practice, and do not need a lot of clients – those who are 5 years or less in energy healing should be doing it for free, to get more practice to understand how these subtle energies work. After the 5th – 7th year (depending on the quality of the commitment, how much they have practiced), then energy healers can begn to take clients and charge money for their time.

A State will certify physical holistic healing practices such as massage therapy, physical therapy and acupuncturist etc. or like yoga which is regulated by temples or established institutes and need so many hours to be a yoga teacher, to be accountable in their work with the general public and the general public expects them to follow the guidelines and state certifications. Energy healers do not have any such rule and established institutes except for their teacher and this varied. I have only attuned my own apprentices because they work with me from 4-6 years, so I can monitor how their energy is shifting answer the questions they have in their healing work. But most energy healers are teachers and just attune but don’t have much clinical time, so its wise to ask how long they have worked as healers, what certifications and referrals from their clients.

Seasoned energy healers know that newbie energy healers in energy work (less than 5 years) have no real “energy power” to shift difficult energetic issues or blocks. They may be kind and compassionate healers and great people with drive and a moral compass, but only time will builds one’s own subtle energy powers as an energy healer. Energy power within is required in healing to the release energetic toxins and create movements of chakra energy and this takes much practice and it also requires the person to change their own life and their own issues be worked on for real power to build. Age makes a difference as well, so if someone is in their 20s and gets attuned or certified, by 30 years old they have ten years experience. But over 30, the adult mind, body and emotional body (30-60) is much more powerful than youth (0-30) and the adult energy system is much different. Energy healers over 60 add the wisdom to the experienced energy path.

So be very discerning about the levels of experience of where your healer is at, to get the best care, just as you would with a doctor who is going to fix a broken arm. Also the emotional shape or drama of a healer, can also effect their power as energy healers so watch for the signs to see if their lifestyle matches their advertising as an energy healer.


Pranic Healing, by Master Choa Kok Sui® (Mental Body)
Polarity Energy Therapy® (pranic based)
Quantum Touch® Energy Healing
ThetaHealing™ by Donald Simon
Huna Energy Healing
Shuddhikaran Kriya Energy Healing – by Shamsing Rajput
Faradarmany Energy Healing – Irianian
iJin Shin Jyusu and Jin Shin (has also been renamed by other practitioners along the way as Gaia Now, Re-connective Healing, Geo-Pathic Stress Healing, Sacred Healing Light, Jin Shin Autotouch, Forensic Healing and Life Alignment Technique Healing).
EFT, Energy Freedom Technique® (ie Emotional Freedom Techniques).
EFT is actually a Mental Body energy healing process, the name confused
the process from the result. It makes the emotional body feel better
because the mental body is brought down from states of stress.

Cranio-Sacral® Energy Work (usually done with massage)
Healing Touch (Nurses do this work)Bio-energetic work (Domancic Method)
Myofacial Release
Chakra Healing (a simple version of Cranio)
Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine® (another name for Chakra healing)
Healing Touch® (Nurse’s Energy Therapies).
Restorative Touch™
Bioquantum Energy Healing (also know as Quantum energy healing)
Total Wellness System (NES Health) bio-field by scientists not healers
CinergE (energy work for animals)
Brennan Healing Science® Energy Healing. Brennan has some effects on the mental and emotional body, but its a physical body healing energy. I chose never to do this work and found out 20 years later Brennan was a physicist for Nasa, then I knew why. But many people say the work helps them.

Reiki Energy Healing
Kamm Energy Healing (a Reiki process)
Watsu (emotion) Water Effective Energy Healing
The Emotion Code Energy Healing



Chakras are the energy body and in reality its like ghostly cloud and a clear energy body that is mixed together, rather than separate balls of energy that spin like this image above. Blocks occur and leave a hole in the full astral body and that is why it tears, rips and eats the fabric of an organ. Example: An alcoholic is known to destroy their kidneys but long before that in their 20s and 30s the protector energy body of the kidneys has been slowly eradicated to a very thin energy and then eventually the energy collapses and turns dark gray and it leaves the kidneys unprotected. (energy cameras don’t pick that up). Each organ benefits greatly from a strong energy body and it adds 33% more power to healing ourselve. The other 33% is the physical body (organic healthy living ) and 33% is emotional health (emotional honesty, feeling connected and emotional support).


The different chakra area resignates with the organs in their specific areas in the body and thus the energy body and the organs are connected. The Mental Astral Body & the Emotional Astral Bodies are two separate energy astral bodies: The mental astral are clear energy chakras and the emotional astral body is a cloud like a ghostly body from pure white to dark black gray (depending upon the karma and the physical health and flow of the person.

In image above is how things are taught, that the top chakra connects you to the all, the universe and the bottom chakra connects you to the earth. I have found this not to be true as a shaman, astral traveler, remote viewer, energy healer and having been sick most of my life and healed without doctors and only holistic work. I had to know 360 degrees of the energy bodies from every level, be very discerning so I wouldn’t die, and then eventually teach my apprentices, so the stakes were very high for me to understand the multiple realities of both mental astral body and emotional astral body (chakras).

Reiki Energy Healing

The wholeness perspective:

1. The top 4 Chakras (masculine) is the “self connected to the outside world” around them, and the actual mental body astral energy system (chakras) also reads our immediate environments near or around our body. The mental body chakras effect hearing, listening, clair audio, telepathy etc.

2. The lower 3 Chakras (feminine) is the “self, connected to our inner world” as the emotional astral body energy system regulates our internal reality. The lower 3 chakras heal the internal physical organs and also rule over our intuitive sensory systems that can travel outside the physical, like in dreams, intuitive or visions etc. It can also travel across the veils in dreaming.

The chakra (energy system) is housed in the physical body and our upper four chakras of the mental astral body and the lower 3 of the emotional astral body operate completely different, completely separate in it’s gifts and sickness occurs when the two are needed to fuels healing but don’t because of karma and issues surrounding the present life’s abuses, wounds, or self sabotage.

In the old ways of Alchemy (not magic but healing), the “Alchemic Marriage” was a term of when the astral mental body and the emotional astral body were completely integrated and unified through purity and healing processes and would slowly begin to merge in purity as karmic pains were released. This is a very slow process.


If a practitioner uses crystals with energy healing work just know that it’s fine for the mental body & physical body – but not the emotional body. Do not use or receive crystal healing if you are a “sensitive empath, a seer, a dreamer or an overly emotional” type of person. Crystals fragment the “emotional astral body” and also effects in a negative way our emotional body’s dreaming fluidity. Just because a practitioner likes crystals and its good for them, doesn’t mean its good for you.


1. Always chose 2 or 3 different energy healers and try them 1 month apart. So you get a good match, because chemistry is chemistry and values are values. If a healer has very different values than you, then their advice and even sometimes their energy, might not be appropriate or a good match. So try a few different healers and then settle on one.

2. Only receive energy healing once a month even if the healer suggests more. This is very important, because with energy work there is always an emotional release, and you need release process time for the small amount of flow that is to be gained. Unseasoned healers or healers who don’t go to more advanced healers will suggest more sessions than once a month – but more is definitely not better in energy work. Application & releases are better once a month or even once every 3 months. If you do an energy session and have lots of emotional releases, then back off a bit and do it every 3 months until you feel stable again, and then go once a month. If your not getting any emotional releases, then the healer is too green and you need a more experienced healer.

3. Touch issues – many people have had sexual and or physical abuse issues, some people have had retreated type of life, where fear mixed with touch can cause sensitivities and pain. And others might have even a slight autistic spectrum and might take time to become accustom to overcome touch issues. Its a good idea to speak about any touch issues you have before your first session with an energy healer. A good healer should always ask first, if they don’t, be brave in being honest and share.

4. You should NEVER feel pain in an energy session – but if you do, tell the practitioner while its actually happening in the session. Sometimes things like a big block of energy that has been stagnant for years and begins to move during a session and the release might be painful, and you want your healer to know if any discomfort arises. Seasoned healers of energy work will tell you this the first session or other sessions if pain arises. But always tell your practitioner you feel pain.

5. There are two types of energy healers: 1. Those who put energy in and 2. those who hold the space until your pain or emotional pain in an energetic form releases from your body.  I always suggest #2 because those who put (love and light energy in) also put their own shadow and toxic energy into you as well. This is a mandatory question to ask the healer to explain their work before you start or send them an email with your questions before you start.

6. Do they work with other healers? Some do and some don’t, just depends on what stage that they are in their life. Newer healers may not continue going to healers once their learning is completed, but healers who continue trades and work with others are much more powerful healers. So do ask, its good to know their experience.

7. Many “healers” party (drink or smoke pot) and some even have major addictions. If its occasion that is fine – unless they are an energy healer, because the energy of alcohol and pot or drugs stays in the energy body a long time and is directly transferred into client/patients energy body. I have seen many, many healers in denial about their usage of pot and alcohol when it comes to their healing work. The more sober a healer is, the better results of the clients releases. With massage or other modalities that are very physical, a healers occasional non sobriety its not that big of a deal, but for the energy healers, any substances even in small amounts, effect the subtle body of a client and this energy is transferred through energy work into the clients body, and its a big deal.

8. Ask what other healing or esoteric practices they do, because you might be able to do a few things with the healer and that is a positive because many energy healers also do other modalities. Try to stay away (at first) from Chiropractors who do energy work if your seeking an energy healer. After a few years with a good energy healer, you should not need any Chiropractic work at all. Chiropractic work does “not heal permanently” it keeps adjusting the body to adjust the pain, but when powerful energy chakra work is done for at least 3 years, it starts to releasing toxic energy that has been building up and effecting the stress of the body and bones. The exception of course is a crisis, like a car accident where the body is really badly damaged and the bones need to be readjusted to lower medications for the pain and hurt, then an Energy / Chiropractor is recommended.

energy healing 12


Violet Flame Healing, Deigadda Energy Work, Neuro-energy Transmission Therapy and Angelic Healing. These are new age and although a good placebo, energetically they are not that good, they fall into the new age metaphysical work.

Pot (marijuana) as Medicine – It blocks the Emotional Energy Body System and the Soul Dreamer Body especially the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras of the emotional body. For the physical body its equal to smoking cigarettes and for the mental energy body it doesn’t that much but the mind it effects in accumulation after a decade of smoking.

Drug (Plant) Shamanism. This is a “quick visioning substance” and its not a healing plant. I never recommend them as a shaman and I have reached the highest levels of visions for forty years without any. We have it all inside if one is willing to deal with and heal the whole self.






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  2. Helena Wolkonowski says:

    interesting article, I agree with the violet frame. I don’t partake in pot but in Native American cultures, many of the plants used have some psychedelic elements.

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    1. thanks glad you liked it, as a dreamer and folk healer, i cannot recommend getting high as medicine, there are many medicine herbs in native cultures and around the world, that do not get a person high when trying to get well.


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