Dreamer’s Wand

diamond dreamer

Clearing your spaces inside and out by Phoenix of Elder Mountain – I make my own “seasonal” smudge sticks in my work and for my clients healing sessions. As you know, the different Season will offer us so many different flowers, herbs, lavender, wild roses, blackberry leaves, pine branches, anything close to us, which is all of nature’s blessings given to us here on the land. I grow my my own base: Sage (cleaning) & Mugwort (for dreaming) & Rosemary (woundedness or health benefits). Because I do not use crystals,I let nature recharge them instead and after harvest I connect with the sage/mugwort/rosemary base wrap put it in my sacred ritual space …

Ritual: I set my wrapped bundles (variety), in the sacred “Figure 8” on the land, with the Life Tree  on one side of the figure 8 and the Death Tree at the other edge of the 8. I lay them on the big natural flat stone there that comes up from the ground, which is flat on top. Setting them in the center, I ask prayers to the stone first, then the moon and wind, then last ask the sun and rain to power surge them. I also ask the birds, because trees and birds are inseparable.

I set them out for a week and if a coyote takes one or a vulture or raven (I am in the Northwest), then I know that balance with nature has occurred with the bundles. Sometimes I wait until one is taken because I offered one then they are fully charged and they are literally…

‘Fire Talisman Dream Wand’

smudgeIn my work, I only use only the elements of Water (soul) and Fire (spirit) (not spirit as in human, dead or alive) but spirit as in nature and her life, the collective natural forces, mother earth. I do this because Earth & Air are then the opposing forces (the balance) and that is the human or land clearing that receives the blessing. This Dreaming Wand is one of my “Fire” elemental tools for purification, cleansing of the mind-body in humans, and the water element of the emotional soul body when doing cuttings to free up accumulated energies between people, family or negative energies. I also have been doing spaces of villages, towns and large cities for two decades as a way to give back to community. When I do large city spaces, it takes weeks at a time everyday and requires a lot of smudge, but it always works and things or issues clear up at the city level of that particular place, like the gov center or a neighborhood that has lots of drugs/shootings!

So bring your smudge out to community after you fully have mastered it for your body or friends or those you work with it makes a great difference done with balance and for the goodness of ‘all’ concerned.

Sources: Photos and article by Phoenix of Elder Mountain

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