First Moon of Autumn


Elder Mountain’s New Moon Musings by Phoenix – Our New Moon starts September 1, 2016 and sits in the constellation of Virgo at 09°21′ which is a month of service and healing.  Hello Dreamers, Druids, Moon Children, Artists, Empaths, Witches, Magicians, Shape-Shifters and Earth Lovers! I hope that the last moon in Leo brought you many blessings and many new understandings about your path. We close our three Moons of Summer and enter the next 6-moon cycle of Autumn and Winter… the Season of the Dreamers.

Every fall its the Solar Eclipse and this is our second eclipse of three. All signs, synchronicity and shadows present your personal work for the next six moons. Some of you are entering big cycles of purification and transformation (change) and some are completing them, but whichever way the  winds are blowing, just know that they are important!

In 2013, the New Moon of Virgo was almost exactly the same degree as it is today. Did you complete that cycle or is it still continuing with the same issues?

An example of a Virgoan energy would be to focus some importance on your emotional life. If busy, seek more rest or groundedness, and sometimes “thinking” something new is not “doing” something new. Virgo asks for action and to create a healthy day to day environment. She wants you to commit to a healthy attitude, earthy communication in your relationships, to feel more emotionally fit. If your Leo moons was full of drama, Virgo says structure that drama and bring it down to earth by clarifying your feelings and sharing them in honest and open ways. If you do that pretty consistently already, then ask a good friend if that is what you really do? Sometimes we think we are one way but without honest feedback, we maybe doing something completely different and not know it.

Virgo Moons are about getting our life in order, getting our internal ducks in a row, regardless of struggle. When we allow more structure in our non-physical life (emotional reality), we apply the same rules as we do to our physically reality.  An example for the Virgo cycle is to be focused on our health, in the non-ordinary reality, if you would not personally invite a stranger in your home, out of the blue, then when you call a spirit (soul) in, within your spiritual work, you should use the same exact discernment.  Just because you cannot see 100%, this spirit (soul) and it’s past, it’s temperament, it’s shadow or light and the percentages between the two, then you need to understand, “invisible” doesn’t automatically mean good, so be very discerning.

This Moon, we sit in the 12th Lunar Mansion of the 28 (21 Leo 25 to 4 Virgo 17) and it gives prosperity to harvests but hinders those who work at sea, like the Navy, the Fisherman and the Mermaid. Its very good for those who give service and those who are loving companions. In the twelfth, it rules the separation of lovers/partners, it is also the seal of black lead, meaning the image of a dragon fighter. If you have a Dragon Heart, then go all the way into something you have feared up until now. For marriage partnerships that are falling, you will see much more this month, so pay attention to your personal health. For those overcoming a divorce, just know it takes about three years to feel whole again, sometimes for the sensitives, even longer.

Wherever you are at in your journey, I only wish you strength, gratitude, patience and endurance and pay attention and keep your eyes, ears, heart and sword firmly in place! Winter holds our 3 Moons of the Night, but Autumn holds the 3 Moons of Twilight and that is why they are a bit more exciting, charged, intense & transforming.

Intentions for a Virgo New Moon cycle (chose only one) or chose one of your own!

I use my vital energy in a balanced way
I serve only my highest good
I calm my frustrations with rest
I still my thoughts to relax my body
I listen with depth and clarity

I am grounded
I hold my own fear and love this part of me
I am seeking retreat to find peace

Video of the Month!

Happy New Moon!






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  1. Your videos touch my soul with their beauty and depth, Whispering awakenings deep within.
    Thank you

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    1. LostAncestor says:

      Let me change this: I am Magical!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. SBIAD ok that is a ‘huge’ intention, so keep an eye out on how it plays out !


  2. Suzanne says:

    This is an interesting article. I really like the thoughts expresssed in your image. I’d never thought of cultures like that before.

    Liked by 1 person

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