Animism 101

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – An·i·mism is the attribution of the metamorphosis of the soul which is not our human soul, but our multiple animal, birds, fish, insects and natural phenomena souls called celestial. In other words it is real shape-shifting of our soul that is exterior energetic and dreaming reality and form, rather than our internal human soul.

Starting at the beginning of a path, rather than the end is always a wiser path. When your ready after you have done your studies, I always tell others to throw out all those books and ask mother earth and life to show you the long and winding paths. Always start with your own human soul (the emotional body, the soul body and all its karma) if you wish to understand something of depth.

The human soul and all its lifetimes of karma is our block to accessing a real relationship to our animism soul. We must purify that human soul and all its fragmentation first before seeking everywhere on earth for some unknown random spirit or soul, its wiser that way.

Start with the self first, and throw out any star seed philosophy, the universe stuff and history… then you might be able to find the path to understanding… the self. Its wiser that way.

Susan Seddon Boulet (1941—1997) родилась в Бразилии

Art: Top Susan Seddon Boulet (1941—1997); Vision Desde Arriba by Pancho Peskador.



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  1. Ty for sharing-wise One,
    My Terraen Shaman beliefs as Well🌾
    Grandmother 4Winds

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