Animism 101

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – An·i·mism is the attribution of the metamorphosis of our many souls, which is not our human soul. There is explanations of animism souls in knowledge form, but as an animism initiator as a shaman for my apprentices, it goes much deeper than that. Its a mystery right and one I only teach to the dedicated apprentices who are willing to suffer at burning real karma, to attain it. I hold 90% of the simple and smallest animism for my apprentices for 8-10 years and without me holding it with my pure soul, they would not have the chance to attain it unless they were “fated” to and fate only chooses its ancient souls, not old souls.

We must always start at the beginning first, with the self first, so throw out any star-seed philosophy, universe stuff, new age stuff, crystal stuff, drugs, pot, ayahuasca, peyote, drugs, alcohol first. Even a squirrel animism totem would take you ten years to master under the guidance of someone like me. Then you can fly with the simple totem. Otherwise your demon from your worst past life will attain your wolf making it a demonic werewolf who hurts peoples souls. 


Source: Hungarian Artist József Domján (1907-1992) 



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  1. Ty for sharing-wise One,
    My Terraen Shaman beliefs as Well🌾
    Grandmother 4Winds

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