Animism 101

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – An·i·mism is the attribution of the metamorphosis of our many souls, which is not our human soul. We are born with a small part of our soul, but the remainder is divided up into several pieces from our demonic shadow from our karmic lives, all the way to our divine luminous light soul. Our soul is an extraordinary powerful energy and it includes our animism soul which is an animal, bird, fish, insects and natural phenomena souls called celestial. In other words it is real shape-shifting of our soul that is exterior energetic and dreaming reality and form, rather than our internal human soul.

Our souls are not in this physical world, but in the energetic reality of the non physical worlds of earth called the dreaming planes. If one is spiritual or a seeker, starting at the beginning of a path, rather than the end of the path, is always a wiser choice. When we are ready after you have done your studies, I always tell others to throw out all those books and ask mother earth and life to show you the long and winding paths and the karmic soul. Until our soul is purified form our real shadow lives (which is burned off with suffering and pain), we cannot really attain the animism souls.

We always start with mastering our mind, at the level of buddha, then healing the emotional body and all that comes with that, then the purity of the physical body. If you can attain these levels of pure enlightenment, then you truly can begin at the very beginning of the levels of walking towards your animism souls if you are willing to be totally 100% sober (no wine, pot, shamanic plants, drugs, medications). This is absolutely necessary because the vibration of an animal is a billion times higher than its animism soul (human counterpart) and you have to be equal in purity in mind, body and emotional body first.

The human soul and all its lifetimes of karma is our greatest block to accessing a real relationship to our animism soul. My apprentices work with me from 8 to 10 years with my purified energy helping them to attain their animism souls, but I sustain it and hold it for them until they do enough healing to carry it themselves. 

We start with the self first, and throw out any star-seed philosophy, universe stuff, new age stuff and what is most important is all history… then you might be able to find the path to the self. And that takes a lifetime or two of mastery and self healing. Its good to start now, rather than later.


Source: Hungarian Artist József Domján (1907-1992) 



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  1. Ty for sharing-wise One,
    My Terraen Shaman beliefs as Well🌾
    Grandmother 4Winds

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