Bitter Salt


An Arabian Tale of The Three Daughters by Mongolian Poet Misheel Chuluun “The fairytale I’m referring to describes Salt as Bitter, however, the use of the word “bitter” references more than authenticity to this allegorical tale, but also to the bitterness of life when you experience loss.

It’s ironic that the father causes so much bitterness & anguish in the most intelligent of his daughters, over her unique interpretations and answers to his question:

“How do you love me?”

Misheel’s poem:

The daughter who loved her father
as salt was flung out of his realm.
He favored the daughters who loved
him as sweet honey, as much money.
But tides pull back as they do and
the abundance of life changes.
All the daughters may have equal
claims, but only bitter salt is sometimes
needed, more than all the other fluff.

Photo of a Mongolian Man (not sure photographer)

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