Sobriety Dreaming

Dreaming is a lifelong self mastery, one which takes patience& practice to understand what one is experiencing at what levels of illusions and projections. There is much more to dreaming than astral travel or the beginner stage called lucid dreaming. In the waking life, bigger is better, more is better, desire is good, but the opposite is true in dreaming. Quality is better and emotional intelligence to sensor and weed out disturbances and disruptions.

This is done by working with our real personal emotional issues along side our companion dreaming life. One dream a month which you understand deeply and apply, is better tha00 dreams that have no great meaning a year later. Dreaming falls into three basic categories: 1. Escapism or Fantasy (dreaming in Illusion); 2. Control (thinking that control over your dream means advancement or power); and 3. Healing. Almost all people cannot advance unless they get over 1 and 2.


When you enter your dreams, you enter a mirror reality and Silence in Soul dreaming. With the Mental body dreamer you enter a mirror or a busy or unhealthy life or unhealthy past life reflected. If you enter simple dreaming you enter none of these, but rather, tasks reflected in your waking life. For example if you think  ving a gun means power or protection then guns will appear a lot as a symbol in your dreams. If you are obsessive compulsive about cleaning in the waking life, then your cleaning in your dream life. Breaking cycles or advancing in dreaming, requires a relationship to yourself in this life, as most powerful dreamers are Empaths, not Intuitives and must understand that boundaries are extremely important in both realities.

We look at dreaming as only a mirror that you are experiencing and reflecting in your mundane life. When karmic dreaming approaches, it blows the hell out of mundane dreaming and a person maybe trusted into the wrath. Those of us who mastered mirror dreaming and mirror work in waking life side by side advance. All other forms of dreaming such as astral dreaming, lucid dreaming, oobs and even gate dreaming remain empty without the commitment to your “own soul” for she calls you every night and you do  not hear her. We know the secrets and do not give them freely to anyone, they must be earned with self respect and patience.

Perception dreaming of the soul has consequences, which those generally under 35 or 40 will not experience nor grasp or comprehend because they cannot dream at this level. Be patient with your soul, the mind and its mental body dreamer does not listen to her, for she cannot speak, she is silent, she speaks only in imagery. Only the mental body dreamer hears sounds and voices in dreams (unless one hears only the self in clairaudi0 forms) and that is in waking or night dreaming. The soul dreamer is always silent and can only speak with imagery and feeling.  Any activity like pot, wine, drugs, shamanic plants (drugs) once a month or every few month will fragment, interfere and dilute the soul dreamer body and your mind in waking or dreaming won’t even know.

Those of us who are lifetime dedicated by fate as dreamers, and mastered lucid and out of bodies know the benefits of sobriety, you will not know until you first get 100% sober for at least 7 years, which increases your safety in dreaming for your soul dreamer. Try it, you will also feel better and relieve depression that drugs and alcohol create, by feeling 50% better within the first six months. Dreaming and health go together like fish in water.

Phoenix the Dreamer


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  1. Steve Z. says:

    It’s like making the soup – the decades of using are the descent down de parting the vegtables, the decades =es of recovery which follows are the ascent wherein the the walls of each of the the vegetables are softened an depart int 2 new association, are softened and im- part new associations, both the down stair & the upstairs are needed steps – somehow – some way – a third unexpected thing – becomes of it.


  2. LostAncestor says:

    How do you know if you are Soul Dreaming?

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    1. Simple question, complicated answer and this is why I am doing a dreamers round table for six months, (once a month) with homework for the first time (I have only worked with dedicated apprentices since 1998) but feel its time to work this way with everyone. Do join us, its going to be in January 2017 and I will also have question/answer part to the round table. Blessings Phoenix

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