2nd New Moon of Autumn 2016

libraBy Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Hello Dreamers, our second New Moon of Autumn begins Sept 30, 2016 as the leaves turn bright red and gold to pleasure our senses. The lunar cycle sits in the constellation of Libra at 8° degrees this month and sets the tone of right relationship. Libra is many things, she can be the power behind your beauty or a beautiful act or the creature of your gossip girl. She is involved in intimate  drama like her brother Leo, who is fiery in all his expressions, but Libra focuses her need for balance through her commitments to relationships, to marriage or legal partnerships and committed business relationships. She also rules over our artistic social communities, etiquette and the refinement of culture itself.

The Sabian Symbol this moon cycle is the 3 Masters who live in a creative environment. Our creative energy can be used anywhere in our life wherever we need the truth to come forth. Many do this through their art, but it can also come through our emotional issues and those disruptions. We experience our waning and letting go of the past and our fertile and sometimes fearful weaving of the new, all at the same time and this too, is a creative act. Balance is always the answer when we want to lighten up one of our heavier burdens or by adding something heavy to ground an important decision.

Practicing right relationship this moon cycle helps us recognizing our part in any relationship that we have, negative or positive. If we focus this cycle on where we need to change, or where we need peace, or to comfort and show ourselves some kindness, or where we need to forgive, we reap all these benefits. We start by being flexible. Have you ever seen a person get ready to run a race? They stand there and build up their energy while to ground their focus and there is this movement that seems like they are shaking off extra tension. Well, we learn to bend without being too flexible in our emotional relationships, so we don’t break.

When we do break, its generally a build up of a huge period of our life or lifetimes and that we can understand. When we practice patience with this flexibility, there is nothing stronger. But not too much patience draws a fine line and we all have to walk this line to emerge or to escape overwhelming things in our life and this breaks our heart. There is nothing wrong with a broken heart as long as we understand that it can heal in time. This line we walk, then becomes a little thicker and it doesn’t require so much extreme balance, because we give our issue a greater value that is meaningful to us personally.

As we get older too much stress or pain can make us lose energy, or lose sleep. Sometimes we have to spend time healing our inability to be flexible especially when there is a crisis. Maturity comes into our lives when it needs to, a word we don’t see used very often in the world, but this very saturn word is a key to a doorway that might just contain some blessing or resolve in some way.


Since Libra rules triangles, we can start by acknowledging the Three-fold Soul. 1. Our shadow’s soul (our struggles), our light’s soul (where we find peace) and the soul inside of us  which is our awareness. 2. Empowerment, Love and Wisdom is ours if we work through every inch of Karma, Struggle and Fear. And number 3. Intelligence expressing itself through our actions. When confusion, drama and separateness set in like the morning fog, our intuition is very sharp and knows how to both navigate a situation and ready to respond to anything. No one likes conflict, but it is a necessary soul learning if we have emotions.

We struggle so much as human beings just trying to be ‘sure’ rather than just being ‘intuitive’ and trust. Everyday we can seek to identify our essence in small ways. The basic definition of essence is the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something which determines our character. Our character is our personality and we are so much more than just our personality.

Anu Raud, Textile Estonian artist.

In Autumn the process of death and release under the Libra moon begins, unlike Spring, where we live a more external process of rebirth. Like the 3 Masters in the art gallery, we sit and contemplate, watch all that moves around us and seek either shelter or conversation among ourselves. When we learn to have conversation with our self in a positive or truthful way, we grow and learn to share our struggles rather than fight within struggles. We allow our attention to stay focused, to not get too lost or confused or sink too low in our process

We are who we are right now, and that is it, that is as deep as we need to go sometimes when we practice living in the present moment. To want anything deeper requires more pain and one must be willing to accept that. We respond to changes in our life that make us grow and they are very painful and loss is a good example. But once we accept eventually, our struggles, the battles become easier. With practice being emotionally honest with integrity, the more the rough edges are eventually smoothed out because we learn to take care of our self, especially in relationships with others.

Artist Babeth Lafon

When our path eventually becomes about us, or we work to become our magic, our health, our responsibility, our being, we move from selfish or dramatic into being  conscious of the self and conscious of others at the same time. Many teachings share…

Define the ‘other’ which is a person, a teaching, a philosophy etc. and then include yourself in that process. An example is to define yoga and then go to a class and do the yoga process without everyone doing yoga. This works great for mind and body, but not so much for emotions and the soul.  In the soul, the intuitive, the shamanic, dreaming or intuitive and empath reality says you define you first and this comes from the reality within, and its an ever changing one. Then how the ‘other’ is going to be included into your reality and fit or not fit is the process. This is an important reality to acknowledge, in order to give something energy, where its not built from success or failure, only from need and desire.

We also start with the biggest picture of right relationship, we never forget who our mother is, Mother Earth and we are her children, born within her consciousness through our mothers and fathers.  We die and regenerate and go back to her in the end. And we do this over and over again, lifetime after lifetime. This is the most sacred relationship we have as artists, dreamers, magicians, spiritualists, pagans and most of us are all in agreement with this because it comes from the deepest part of our soul.

Try to come back home this new moon. Practice letting go of self judgment this moon cycle or at least acknowledge it when you catch yourself doing it. The unseen and unknowing parts of us does require patience and be patient with your enemies. Have boundaries yes, but patience brings an act of balance to our life, more than most things that we do.

Artist Nicky Moss at http://nicolamossartmedals.com

Chose one Intention for the New Moon of Libra:

I am positive
I am doing the best I can
my desires are healthy
my needs are important
I have clear judgment
I listen with integrity
I AM RECEPTIVE (if your too giving)
I am giving (if your too receptive)
I accept my weakness with strength
I approve of myself
I accept where I am right now today (denial work)
I AM CLEAR MINDED (Libra is an air sign)
I am empowered

Astrology Chart for this months Moon Cycle…








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    I trust myself

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