The Empathic Apprentice

By Phoenix the Elder – As a dreamer (shaman) and folk healer, and an empath, I struggled many years when I was a child and in my 20s, but when I got my first computer in 1993, the word “Empathic Healer” and “Empath” just popped into my head.

I did a search and there was only “one” listing back then, it was a role playing guy creating his first game. When I searched just “empath” nothing came up. Things have changed and there are 100,000 listings that come up today. I work with empaths, their gifts, struggles and healing, transition from pain into flow…

Wisdom for Empaths in order of importance:


#1 Sobriety 
Empath consists of two, the emotional body and it’s connection to the soul body (astral body or chi body). People who are not empaths just have an emotional body and are at a scale between low and high emotions, which even at the higher levels, are nothing compared with empaths. This is the main reason why, pot, drugs, medications, alcohol, wine, shamanic plants, hallucinogens, dmt, and any altering medications.

All these go straight through the system of the emotional body, lymphatic system and bleed into the astral body (soul) intensifying sickness, tiredness, spacyness, distortion and emotional pain and extreme to mild sensitivity to those drugs and medications. That makes us sucker than what those things are for. Sobriety is the best gift an empath can give themselves to feel better immediately, up to 50%.

#2 Boundaries & Emotional Boundaries
The empath is one who must deal with other peoples unconscious emotional energy, which almost all are not awareness and those who are, tend to carry denial to the more extreme. Regardless, we take their anger energy, their bad intent, even if its silent in their mind and not spoken, their depression energy, etc.

Empaths also must deal with their own, and when it doubles or triples with other family members emotional energy, friends, co-workers and strangers, you can feel as if your going crazy. Emotional boundaries and say NO when you mean no, and not letting guilt make you do or say things you really don’t want to, is a practice to overcome that fear.

Many empaths are empowered when they begin to do alternative healing, and heal with their own fears (shadows) just like the reflection of the watery image. Be it our shadow or another persons or even those who have out of bodies (astral travel) and roam, who empaths can feel, we need to protect our self.

I always suggest an empath spiritual warrior, I have played mentor and teacher for many empaths and they quickly heal or address their own issues much quicker when they are given the information and practices that work.

#3 Speaking your Truth
Part of the emotional system is release, letting go, and learning to practice speaking your emotional truth, and handling the wrath that comes with that, builds strength and self confidence eventually. Many people do not know how to deal with emotions, and empaths have no choice, they were given this gift/curse to use it and learn about it. Knowing the self emotionally is a difficult journey, but so many things that empaths “feel” are real… are. 

Others who were denial to my emotional intelligence or emotional truth, were some of the deepest cuts I could take, going to the places of being vulnerable and honest in relationship.  I soon found rather than touch their own emotional pain, in the mundane world, they would project their own emotional dysfunctions onto empaths, so they would feel because of their emotional dump.

Other’s literally dumped all bad feelings, and empaths being super receptive of energy, feeling, emotional and more, any issues around being told what you experience is crazy or another could not see it… you would be shame or scold you for what they cannot see or feel. Those are things that all need to be healed within.

The most powerful of course, is the Narcissist who love empaths, because they have no boundaries and empaths do not pull out the tough boundaries that are needed. Narcissists and Empaths are a yin and yang combination, a victim and perpetrator archetype. So watch your narcissists in your life or those who wander in and out of your life.

#4 Self Love
All empaths need to take time to both “retreat” and “nurture” at intervals because we are ruled by the moon, by the night, not the sun. Receptivity can be painful, but when one commits to a path of self love instead of self sabotage and victimizing the self through ones behaviors. Once empaths begin a path of self love, and they do the requirements weekly or monthly, they can finally begin to relax and take a deep breath.

#5 Support
All empaths must find their clan, their soul family of empaths which help with a mirror of who you are and that you are like other emapths. Going to healing circles, women’s circles, sweat lodges etc, is also another very important support group to give you positive feedback, to know you do have gifts and sensitivities as a soul that is just not found in the majority of human beings. Within the empathic soul are so many, many gifts.

These all take one or two decades of practice and healing, the sooner you get started, the more grounded and solid your emotional foundation will be built. Its tried and tested.

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If you are interested in working with Phoenix write to: 

My fate was to be a soul and emotional body healer, going on now for three decades, not only my own journey but helping others with a lot of success. I worked with all emotional, mental and body issues. I have been teaching moon ‘medicine’, dream ‘medicine’ and goddess (self empowerment), very small circles for my students and apprentices for a long time. Now as elder I open to the general public, having healing completely my entire empathic emotional body and all my souls, and karma all paid.

Illustration: Breathe by http://loish.deviantart.comSave


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