2nd Full Moon of Autumn


Full Moon Musings by Phoenix of Elder Mountain – How was everyone’s three days of this Full Moon energy with Mars at 11 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto which is a volatile combination, and Eris is over there with Uranus and the Moon in Aries puffing up some feminine warrior energy? This is definitely a moon cycle where the feminine pulls both Uranian chaos along with strong female emotional Eris warrior energy. All of this is challenging the more male energy of Mar’s action conjunct the death and rebirth energy of the masculine energy with Pluto. I wanted to wait until after the fullness to post my writings so you could review with hindsight (again) your last three or four days and what this brought up for you personally because this is full on battle energy between the masculine and feminine forces. Except on earth this time, the feminine is empowered as the warrior now.

Did anything surface that demanded you to take the high road, self-righteous path or the addiction or co-dependent path? Were you in control and peaceful or did everything enter that Mar’s half-bezerker (as we astrologers call it) energy? We all live in reality and we all exist where we are truly at, rather than where we “think” we are really at. In order to understand ourselves better this Blood Moon or Hunter/Huntress moon, we were shown exactly what is deep down below our surface these past few days.

I am adding Mars to this moon writing because Uranus rules Aquarius and Eris is Mar’s sister. Even though he isn’t conjunct the sun or moon, it involves him as a player by sign (Aquarius). For many, our issues started on the New Moon and lasted two weeks with challenges, for others it begins on the Full Moon and the issues will last the remaining two weeks. This cycle happens every single moon cycle your entire life. If your issues started on the full moon, then Eris is either allies of yours or an enemy. She rules the female warrior and this makes Mars uneasy and not in control.

Pluto rules Scorpio and thus Mars in Capricorn right now, has become the unconscious foot soldier so to speak of Plutonian destructive energy.  Mars is generally involved with our physical actions, our anger, arguments or the management of those two and jealousy with women. In his positive dress, he protects women and children, he is the pure and sober athlete and he gives service to the greater, as a spiritual warrior in a selfless way.

The Goddess Eris along with Uranus is directly involved this full moon, and she has been dormant and repressed for over 2,000 years as Mar’s equal that in her reawakened about twenty years ago she is a new player that comes on strong, especially with the Pluto in Scorpio generation (Nov. 1983-2000). She is an asteroid deemed with all her reclaimed power as a warrior, and her name can be associated with the slaughtered Amazons or the warrior witches (females) reborn.

Yet, she comes with a family and a very powerful one, a female family of sisters who support each other regardless of how in servitude a woman maybe to a man by society or proxy. She is the equal to her brother Mars and her weapon is not a sword, but emotional truth and it cuts like a very fine tuned twist into the truth of any situation. Wherever we find the Goddess Eris toady, we will find the digging into the dead, in order to let strife or discordance, to awaken the dead (parts of self or others). She is there to deal with it or give energy to change and make it happen.

The third active principle along with this full moon and Eris is the ruler of chaos himself Uranus, the Lightning God. These three will dominate some really personal actions that we must be accountable for. Uranus is the only one who is not personal, he rules our higher vision, the path of truth, idealism and an all round troublemaker, but for a good reason.

He throws his lightening bolts to stir in lightening quick trouble which also involves quick resolve and visionary insight that comes after such energy and motion. This is so we can see our truth much more clearly within chaos, when we don’t hold control over situations with others.

pmpAll these are in the sign of Aries making even the impersonal, personal – under a self consuming energy, as it should be, because that is what Aries energy does and what Eris is all about. This energy is the first signs and ruler of the house of Spring. But in October, Aries arrives at his full ending, not beginning. Eris arrives at her beginning in the Autumn and Winter season and she begins her journey and grows in strength. All of this powerful energy can make one delve into both their actions, its consequences, its meaningfulness and its shadowy self righteousness.

Needless to say, the bigger and stronger planet here is Uranus guiding us here, and we do not control what comes from him, we respond to the change. He is pure air, electricity and energy, so there is not much balance with him, nor our personal control. These three powerful forces in Aries, generally rise only in conflict. That is their job.

The balance comes from the opposite, the Sun, Haumea and Spica which brings relief. Haumea is the Hawaiian Goddess of fertility, mother of the Volcano Goddess Pele. She is a very powerful earth being, who rules both birth, death and creation itself. Spica is one of the most positive stars in the sky and adds a little luck here if we do our work to better our self, temper our pride and ego.

The Astrologer Kenneth Johnson says: “Spica in the third and final kingdom of late Egyptians and was the constellation of Virgo and sometimes perceived as the Goddess Isis and Spica was the divine child Horus seated in the lap of the great mother. Spica and Virgo are inter-changeable, were later changes after Paganism into Religion became the infamous Mother and Child. Spica, in particular produces men who act as the “hierophant” (high priests) as well as the philosopher. Even they have mothers and mother issues like we all do.  So allow some peace, freedom and letting go of old worn out relationships with the archetypes of your past as they dissolve. This will help you understand where you have come from, and who you wish to be today.”

Anything which arose at the core from the energy of the full moon has more to do with the inner child and his or hers relationship to their mother and father. These maybe masked by current affairs in ones life, but its wise to review the past in the next two weeks and see if what you stand for is yours or your family or parents values.

This can play out as either the victim or the hero, heroine of your own life. Or the troubled guilty one who holds tight and won’t let go to change and grow. Or the incessant seeking of freedom internally, that may have come from an over doting or dominant Eris type of mother. We all have healing to do, these are all blessings in our life, even if they are difficult.

Set your “ONE” full moon “release” intention today if you have not!

And blessings in the next two weeks to all of you.

Photo by Mary Wethey.; http://kennethjohnsonastrology.com.


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