The Uranus-Sedna Shift

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – An astrologer (and past apprentice) friend of mine and myself, were talking again about the Ocean Goddess Taleelayu, also called Sedna (90377), we have had discussions of her on and off since 2010 and this week, we were at it again. I shared with her that I realized transiting Uranus is currently in Aries and going to conjunct my natal Sedna which sits at 25 Aries in my 5th house along with my progressed Mercury which is on its last conjunction of these two. My friend wrote me back and decided to run the numbers and share her findings of the Sedna-Uranus conjunction. Its quite fascinating because everyone on earth is going to experience this. The second half of this writing is the Mythology and Legend of the Sea Goddess Sedna.

She said the dates are only approximates, because she checked positions for Sedna and Uranus by running reports of when the Sun conjuncted them to get a yearly position for each so she could see the trend. The start and end dates are very approximate.

She noticed that when Sedna & Uranus conjuncted in the past, weather phenomena like earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunami and even the great depression had occurred. Sedna seems to rule natural disasters when the lightning God Uranus is involved. I can attest to this starting in July of 2017 until mid October, when all the western and Pacific Northwest states were on fire all the down to Los Angeles, making it the worst fire disaster in US history. Uranus sits at 26 Aries today, on Halloween.


In 1929, Uranus first conjuncted Sedna and impacted the late teens, which found themselves facing a world without much opportunity. By 1930-1931, Uranus conjuncted natal Sedna of every person in the 1920s. Today, the roaring 20s (2020) are fast approaching, I can’t help but feel that the energy of frenzied irritation and a high creative spike, will again be upon us,  with Uranus-Sedna’s influences like the 1920s.

Also Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces now, involved at the global earth shift level. Neptune also rules the great oceans like Sedna, where Neptune is the most elusive and hard to pin down outer planet because it rules the non-physical world and rulership of the realms of the soul and our collective soul, Sedna obviously is more visible.  I can be pretty sure that the spiritual and physical energy will be heightened with Uranus and Sedna in the remaining Pluto in Capricorn years.

Astrologers and mythologists tend to forget that the God Neptune (Poseidon), originally started out as small Creek (Demi-) God and was elevated and promoted to Ocean God, only to the reduction of the Sea Goddesses like Amphitrite and Salacia. They were eventually demoted to sea nymph and nereid. The rising of the Sea Goddesses, especially Sedna, has some very powerful undercurrent of spiritual forces that we as humans will eventually have to come to recon with.

Here are the Great Depression conjunctions:

Uranus conj Sedna at 10/11 of Aries in June of 1929,
affecting those born 1910-1914.

Uranus conj Sedna at 12 of Aries in April of 1930,
affecting those born 1914-1918.

Uranus conj Sedna at 14 of Aries in May of 1930,
affecting those born 1918-1924.

Uranus conj Sedna at 15 of Aries in July of 1930,
affecting those born 1924-1928.

Uranus conj Sedna at 17 of Aries in May of 1931,
affecting those born from 1928-1931.


For those of us living now…

No one born after February 23, 1932 has yet to experience a transiting Uranus impact on their natal Sedna. I have written a few articles about the Great Shift of the Convergence (1987-2026) over the years, which my friend had remembered that I shared with her, that we should start peaking in the shift around the end of 2019 and the final closure around 2026.

Most recently I posted an article on Elder Mountain about the second half of the Shift (1987-2026) which started in 2013. Most people thought the Harmonic Convergence or Great Shift was the end all in the year 2012, but it was a much larger cycle. Many were disappointed that spiritual leaders put so much focus on the end when it was really the beginning in 2012. Nature is very slow in her progressions and evolution, she builds a steady force, a peak and then finally a retreat. All death and rebirth cycles are slow, planetary ones are too. Until they get going, 2012 was the ‘get going’ beginning.

The Uranus-Sedna cycle started of course in 2013 helping this shift along and you have seen the weather patterns the last three years and it will remain the same or even increase up until 2026. This second half of the shift after 2012, will be less energetic-spiritual expansions, and more psycho-spiritual and very physical. As a shaman exorcist, I am seeing more physical issues with spirits (souls), ghosts and demons, actually randomly starting to effect the physical world, especially with children who have no defenses and parents untrained to deal with such things in life. Uranus will conjunct the natal Sedna of everyone currently living, age 27 and older in the next 5 years and then the younger ones.

The approaching and current Uranus-Sedna conjunction

Last year in 2015, Uranus conjuncted the Sedna of people in their late 80’s. In 2016, Uranus is conj. Sedna of people in their 70’s.

In 2017, Uranus conj. Sedna at 24 Aries and it affects people down to age 62.
Uranus will conj. Sedna at 28 Aries late 2017 affecting people down to age 52.
Uranus will conj. Sedna at 02 Taurus in 2018/19 affects people down to age 43.
Uranus will conj. Sedna at 06 Taurus in 2019/20 affects people down to age 34.
Uranus will conj. Sedna at 10 Taurus in 2020/21 affects people born in 1989.
2021 – people in their 20s
2022 – children in their 10s
2023 – under ten years old.

paul-toolooktook-sedna-stoneThe Legend of Sedna the Sea Goddess is not a pretty one, nor a positive story because when legends speak of a woman or a large spirit bird,  you can be sure  it involves prophecy. Sedna is a story like so many stories around the earth of women’s loss of freedom, her bondage under the patriarchs evolution, especially between the 3rd and the 13th century. It’s another world creation story of a young woman who does not want to marry or be in an arranged marriage and the consequences for her are harsh for her and humanity.

I would imagine when Uranus, the energy of both truth and chaos, along with the power of the Goddess of the Ocean combine, a supernatural force guided by regeneration, is a cleansing for humanity from all of the terrible injustices and restrictions of mother earth, of woman and the spirit of the natural laws of the feminine.

Sedna (Inuktitut: ᓴᓐᓇ, Sanna) is the goddess of the sea and mother of the sea and marine animals in the Inuit folk stories or oral traditions. The story of Sedna is a creation myth, describing how she came to rule over Adlivun, the Inuit underworld. Sedna is also known as Arnakuagsak  in Greenland and Sassuma Arnaa, Mother of the Deep and Nuliajuk, District of Keewatin, Northwest Territories, Canada. She is sometimes known by other names by different Inuit groups such as Arnapkapfaaluk, the “Big Bad Woman” of the Copper Inuit from the Coronation Gulf area and Takannaaluk (Igloolik).


Sedna in the Netsilik region, the story states that Nuliayuk was a mistreated orphan. One day the people tried to get rid of her by attempting to drown her by chopping off her finger tips. But the fingertips would transform to seals and walruses. Eventually Nuliayuk marries a sculpin and lives in the sea controlling all sea mammals.

Another version is that Sedna as a beautiful maiden who rejects marriage proposals from the hunters of her village. When an unknown hunter appears, Sedna’s father agrees to give her to him as wife in return for fish. Sedna’s father gives Sedna a sleeping potion and gives her to the hunter who takes her to a large nest on a cliff, revealing his true form: a great bird-spirit, variously described as a raven, a fulmar or a Kokksaut / Petrel-spirit. She wakes surrounded by birds.

Her father attempts to rescue her, but the bird-spirit becomes angry, causing a great storm. In desperation, Sedna’s father throws her into the raging sea. Attempting to cling to the kayak, her hands freeze and her fingers fall off becoming the creatures of the sea. She falls to the bottom of the sea.

In one legend Sedna is a giant, the equal to the creator-god Anguta and later, called a daughter. The daughter has a great hunger that causes her to attack her parents. Angered, Anguta takes her out to sea and throws her over the side of his kayak. As she clings to the sides, he chops off her fingers and she sinks to the underworld, becoming the ruler of the monsters of the deep. Her huge fingers become the seals, walruses, and whales hunted by the Inuit.

Sedna is linked to a different bird creature in yet another version. Her father then leaves in his kayak to rescue her from the floating ice-island where she is imprisoned while the bird creature is away. The creature, enraged by her disappearance, calls to a spirit of the sea to help. The sea spirit locates the kayak with the two humans aboard and creates huge waves to kill them. Her father throws Sedna overboard in the hope that this will appease the angry bird. Sedna clings to the kayak but her father grabs a little axe and chops three of her fingers off before striking her on the head and murdering her. The three fingers each become a different species of seal. The stroke to her head sends Sedna to the ocean floor where she resides, commanding the animals of the sea.

images-asc-ohio-state-eduIn the old ways and teachings, all teachings of earth have gone through what I call a ‘grandfather clause’ – meaning that as the men and elder men took over spiritual leadership, shamanism and many other roles of the grandmother around the 2nd century bce, in all races, including indigenous – things changed to a shorter or less complex version.

Stories from ancient objects of the past carry deep emotional and soul energetics, which is the truth way beyond the mental body and its written forms of languages such as writing, ancient writing or symbolism of writing’s beginnings. These carry emotional information and its why governments and universities took all the indigenous arts around the world, and even religious who have store houses (along with museums), who do not let types like myself touch the ancient objects or step on very powerful ancient sites (which have not been corrupted yet).

We can access emotional information of the object, I call our gift, memoretic, sort of like the telekinetic people who can manipulate the physical energy of objects… we can extract the emotional energy of memory past, present and future, the dreamers code. The Oceans are one huge memory vault, the water as a collective carries everything, as our great ocean mothers womb which is alive with consciousness.

Sources, Images: Artists Nora Cabrera, Oviloo Tunnillie; Paul Toolooktook’s Sedna; Wiki; Weather info in the Sedna chapter of this book:











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