Phoenix of Elder Mountainteaches students and apprentices beginner, medium and advanced levels of dreams, dreaming and dreamtime in a ‘living’ practice. If you are interested in her work, please contact her at







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  1. saymber says:

    WOW! This was very interesting and enlightening for me and I will reblog it so my other interested family and friends can learn some new things today too! The dream world is one of my favorite places and what I have come to believe, for myself, and you seem to indicate it too, that our waking world provides keys to unlock our dream world and other dimensions. I think of the dream world as a wormhole between all the dimensions we exist in. I am learning to see how events and conscious “inputs” forge keys that will unlock a dream/dimension or interaction with living or deceased loved ones. Thank you for posting this – I’m so glad we found each other!

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    1. Thanks Saymber : ) i have only taught my few high level apprentices around the earth my dream teachings since 98, but i thought it was time to just share about 10% with the general public : ) It was time! Baba Dreamer

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    2. saymber says:

      YES! You are so right. I think they are ready for some “keys” to unlock what they perceive to be a “prison” and this existence is anything but that – I can see you definitely know that. Much love and light to you – there is much to do and so much joy in doing it!


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