3rd New Moon of Autumn

claudialalaElder Mountain’s Moon Magic by Phoenix – The New Moon beings Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 7 degrees Scorpio, with Hygeia and Mercury, the Goddess of Health and the God of Communications as our guiding lights. Greetings everyone, how was your 2nd Moon of Autumn, that Libra relationship moon was very enlightening and very strong for many in mind, body and soul. We now enter our final lunar cycle of Autumn in its depth of Scorpio, which flows with the river of light and shadow.

This is the time when the veil is thinnest between the physical world and the energy world, what we call the Ancestral Moon or Leaves Falling Moon. At the end of Autumn, the night becomes  stronger than the day, and twilight and dawn rule the realms of the Night Goddess. This is the time of year which includes the deeper undercurrents of healing our spiritual lives.

Traditionally it is the Day of the Dead, the Old Souls Day, where our personal ancestral lineage can be honored. Be brave this moon cycle, take the bull by the Taurus horns and find your inner Scorpio strength. Remember that in Lunar or Moon work, our stuff either starts to rise on the New Moon or rises on the Full moon, so be ready to flex your unconscious.

There is saying that when your having issues and need to find discernment with your struggles, you must clearly see each issue in a context of what is yours and what is not yours by asking yourself: Is this my issue? Is it their issue? Or is it life’s issue? If you can answer those three questions each times something arises in a conflict or struggle, you will navigate any situation much better. For example, if someone is struggling with cancer or a tree fell on their house, that is a life issue. If your in conflict with someone and they just won’t let their anger go that is their issue (and you can still listen and be engaged) and three, if its you who is struggling in a personal relationship or a business issue, that is your issue. By finding clear boundaries in complicated inter-personal relationships, this can help.


Its important to remember not to let things crash into each other near the end of Autumn, but to remain grounded and focused the best you can. Do your rituals or yoga or meditations to keep focused on keeping “you” grounded. I go way back traditionally in my shamanic work, back to the cave grandmothers of prehistory in my ceremonies this season, because I fight fire with fire and water with water.  Its a pleasure for me to work with powerful energies, because Scorpio energy has always offered me transformational pain that always comes with a healing.

Now, with what seems like hundreds of transformations over the years with much hindsight, I can see just how beneficial they all were. I made time to have gratitude for “struggle” in order to heal my issues and find balance. In a Scorpio moon, much is hidden from us as we work our emotional life out, so seeing becomes important, a great benefit to see what is hidden, an illusion to be discovered, or that you are still unconscious of something presently in your situation.

dragan-bibin-banished-demons-serbian-mythologyOn a personal level at our own ground zero point, we are dealing with “communication” so think carefully and speak with integrity and try not to let the “little self” find its sneaky releases of projection that might cause more trouble than its worth. At the same time, practice being honest with your fears and speak up when you feel safe. Trouble is a word for change in its positive sense, because trouble is really just our own unconsciousness trying to push through our own fear.

Try to work out awareness of your personal issues that may arise this moon, and apologize quickly if you feel you overstepped boundaries with someone and swiftly return back into balance so the communication lines may stay open. Taking the high road by practicing listening will pay off by the end of the cycle and you can speak your truth with fire, as the Sag moon approaches in the first Moon of Winter. Timing is everything.

The Goddess Hygeia and her sacred Snake will help all things feminine this moon cycle if your open and honest with your communications. She represents the healing and nurturing of our emotions and Mercury encourages open communication, which can allow Hygeia’s serpent to heal in a positive way what had surfaced. She is also a necessary part of the traditional ancestral purification this moon, which will reflect our own personal health. I have always experienced the Serpentine energy appearing when you least expect it.

14717294_884487814985064_7468294090004894498_nEllias Lonsdale’s Sabian symbol for this moon cycle is: Scorpio 8th degree – A handicapped person with white hair, an angelic countenance. Split down the middle between advanced and retrogressive dynamics. Karmically a hybrid mixed from opposite sides that seldom go together, grafting onto an exceedingly inward nature a pointed and driving ambition to become somebody. Yet your inward nature contains within it a host of retrogressive pulls of great power and intensity, and your newfound footing in the world of self-mastery is tense and pressurized by shadows of the past threatening to engulf whatever territory you can begin to make your own.

A battle waged behind the scenes between wisdom and folly, both of them bearing immense lessons to move through. The folly is a crucial ingredient to ensure that the attainment of wisdom will feature compassion and bone-deep endurance. A journey for the long-haul, contested at every split second. Requiring first as much courage, strength, and inner will as you find in there for this purpose, everything being right where it needs to be for the impossible to occur and all of the chains to be cut loose.

Two extra notes: In the collective, we have the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe standing up for what is right with protecting the water and many people of many colors are supporting the Natives to defend the rights of their land and the safekeeping of the Missouri River. Please add a few good thoughts and prayers. I have a very good feeling that they are going to get what they desire. Second, in my Libra moon last month, I just finished my video series called ‘The Intuitive & the Empath’it was a pleasure to put together for everyone. If you are interested or know someone please do share, or share with your circle and watch as a group. Its located on the main wall. Thanks.

The Scorpio New Moon Intention examples
(chose only one or make up one of your own):

I am honest with my feelings
I focus on my balance in relationship
I practice daily routine to feel grounded
I love myself in a nurturing way
I use my sexual energy in a healthy way
I am healing my addiction (______)
I express gratitude
I am patient with my communication
I trust myself when I feel alone
I nourish myself at the deepest level
I focus on right relationship
I trust my intuition (the first time)
I give myself permission to be angry
I ground myself when I am too emotional
I am practicing sincerity
I meditate for inner peace
I use creativity to assist my transformation
I accept struggle right now for my personal growth
I accept exactly where I am right now in my life
I hold myself accountable
I support my insecurity
I am honest with myself
I have healthy boundaries
I forgive myself
I have healthy emotional boundaries
I honor my past
I am healthy
I am beautiful

Happy New Moon and hang in there, Scorpio Moons are not the easiest!

Blessings, Elder Mountain
scorpionewmoon_ashlandSource and Art: Claudia Lala; Dragan Bibin ~ Banished Demons, Serbian Mythology; http://aquaorfire.net/astrology/inside_degrees/inside_degrees.html; Sylvia Ji; Balkan skeleton belonged to three tribal groups – the Illyrians, Thracians, and Dacians. Thraco-Illyrian, Bulgaria’s world oldest gold treasure.





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  1. Steve Z. says:

    I forgive myself – in a way that no one else can. SBIAD!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. its just: “I forgive myself” – if you fill in the blank Steve, then you won’t see the rest of the moon what you are forgiving yourself for… so leave the “whats and whys” off of the intention and then focus this moon to see how that arises.


  2. ninamgeorge says:

    Some lovely and interesting pictures here too…


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