First Moon of Winter 2016


Lunar Musings with Phoenix of Elder Mountain – The New Moon begins  November 29, 2016, the Sun, Moon and Juno all sit at 7 degrees Sag. Happy New Moon dreamers, artists, healers, crafters and empaths… We close the doors of Autumn and begin our next 3-moon journey into winter, where nature takes her long nap and the north winds begin to come alive.

I love the beginning of winter and the first frost because the newness of each season is always freshest and has an extra magick. Winter adds quiet to a busy and noisy world and in other places a harsh silence in the harshness of the snows and frozen rivers. So we seek some warmth to light our hearth fires this moon.

At this degree of Sag the Sabian Symbol says:

WITHIN THE DEPTHS OF THE EARTH NEW ELEMENTS ARE BEING FORMED. The alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of man’s inner life.

Forces are at work in the deepest layers which in their own way respond to the outer stimulation produced by a strong involvement in group ambitions and emotions, and even more by the powerful tensions and releases of love. An alchemical process goes on, usually unnoticed by the conscious ego, until it becomes obvious that a kind of mutation has taken place and a new level of awareness and of responses to life has been reached.

At this third stage of the five-fold sequence we deal with both the basic rhythm of growth of the human being and the reaction to more individualized experiences which arouses the emotions. The very substance of the person’s nature undergoes modifications, on the basis of which a new step may be taken. The symbol draws our attention to the inner changes. We have to become aware of them.


Speaking of that prophecy for the month, I have been watching the Standing Rock water protector’s videos like many of you, and winter has descend upon them in the last three days, it looks very cold in North Dakota. If you have any extra to give, I am sure the 15,000 people who are there, would appreciate an extra pair of sub-zero socks and gloves. If you wish to donate something out of the goodness of your soul, here is their official site:

Our fires of Sagittarius this month brings up our primal Huntress and Huntsman who will help us begin our three moon winter’s journey with more energy. Its a big bad world out there and so many issues, but we can only do what is on our plate or what life has given us to do, even if there are a few extra things on your plate. Its how we approach our life with conviction, how we are able to find balance and then add that balance to the world. The Winter Solstice returns in three weeks and for those who do ceremony to honor your mother (earth) as part of that important balance contribution, I wish you a powerful and meaningful ritual. I am working on my Marzanna ritual now until the Solstice as part of my yearly seasonal path, adding also prayers and rituals for Standing Rock.

Take a moment to reflect on what you need this moon cycle. Maybe finding more peace, releasing grief, making a new friend, adding more groundedness to your stressful life, building stronger boundaries, being brave when you need it or maybe more of an open hearted path. Generally a healthy attitude and a little bit of joy is enough warmth to keep you going.

Ask yourself what will help keep your inner fires warm and alive for the next there moons. Keeping connected with those you find strength from or support in positive ways or non-judgmental ways which is important and will help, making sure to remind the self, that we can do – what we believe we can’t. Also slip in some gratitude and thankfulness tea for the enduring parts of the fullness of winter this is to come. You are planting the seeds for the next three moons this week, as you set your intention this month.

Involved this moon is Juno who is the archetype of wife and consort, she is the Empress in the Tarot, so partnerships, especially the female in any kind of partnership, will have some extra strength and leverage this moon. Last month the Goddess of Health, Hygeia conjuncted the new moon and we all got a healing, or at least a detox of something unhealthy.

This is also the moon of snow and frost and also the moon of Tricksters and this is the one of the two moon cycles where it lives, the deal that sounds too good, the spiritual work that gets you into more trouble than what its worth, the one who causes trouble and runs. The trickster does serve its purpose and that is to make us so uncomfortable that we see how much anger or impatience or judgmental attitudes we have. They bring them all up to the surface by being a pain. This season of the tricksters, sorcerers, heyokas, charmers, seductive ones and the coyotes, whether that is you or someone you know do have important teachings.


There is a saying: Everyone has a little witch in them, or everyone has a little Jewish in them and I am adding, everyone has a little trickster in them. This moon brings up the trickster so make sure you recognize your own or others and deal accordingly. Humor tends to be the way with such things, so not to take chaos too seriously when all chaos does is swallow us whole. Coyote teaches us to run from that chaos as fast as you can and learn to be agile and flexible within it.

Keep all your tricks or your personal tricksters in the open so you can keep an eye on them. Respond appropriately or at least the way you imagine and wish to respond which usually falls apart in embarrassing moments. The new president is a collective or ultimate trickster because he is a Gemini Sun conjunct Uranus and North Node, his destiny is to be like all coyotes. They bring changes we don’t like, necessary evils that seem to have no surface value of respect. Because all the chances for change were thrown out, ignored or failed, fate then must step in and this is when a real trickster shows up, half are blind to it and the other half wonders if they will be able to endure the challenges.

john-gowerTricksters can be deceiving (selfishness) or they can be very conscious and know that change is necessary to be honest with ones self, and the more conscious ones will lessen the burdens by being more grounded and sensitive. Although all cycles of change seems like chaos in the beginning, we must look back at our last Gemini New Moon when we began this journey which is now completing this cycle.

Lunar medicine works in tandem with its opposing moon which are six months apart. For those who keep journals, take a look back and see what happened last June 4th when the Gemini New Moon began and what intention did you set? Do you feel you have completed it with some success or change has taken place that needed to? When we work with a lunar cycles, the opposition moon is connected in a few ways, and if you really pay attention you will begin to see that consciously.

A huntsman or huntress works hard seeking what allows him or her new growth or what needs to be trimmed back. I have been giving full attention to my lunar practice for a long time and last Gemini m00n (June 2015) I had a shadowy shamanic experience and was taken by surprise. That rarely happens because I generally pay attention and am prepared when the synchronicity of the new moon begins. But I was not prepared one particular evening on the Full Moon of Sag – when I took my monthly full moon walk at midnight to check out the shape the veils were in. I was not taking some of the events as seriously as I should have and took a hit.

We also have one big T-Square this moon cycle and the players Venus and Pluto conjunct and square Ceres/Eris/Uranus and then on the other side the archetype of the coyote Jupiter himself. So the trickster will be a very seductive one or one that is based on sexual energy and passion. I have seen it rise in three or four different places already as new moon synchronicity the last two days. Don’t be fooled, a trickster is still a trickster even with charm smeared all over his or her lips! Juno who aligns with sun and moon, has power this moon, but Venus, the eternal maiden has issues with her mother. Huntress and Uranus and on the other side, square her patron Juniper. So keep an eye on both your inner maiden and where the inner maiden power is abused or wounded this month.

Fire Dreamer

Standing guard we look at our fire’s dreaming,
where the moon illuminates at the hour
our soul leaves our body – when the sounds
of twilight turns thin in the frozen air
filling our spirit with journeys
through the dark.

Entering the twists of timelessness
there are great thieves who steal
the souls of our trees, but I nod
my head knowing of such existences
and I having already shed the delights
of all my shadows which no
longer imprison me.

Finishing up my guardianship
of a night unharmed and untamed
I recognize the doorways of my return.
I take care of my mystery and she takes
care of my return. The circle of the moon
mansions is this way and is always complete
and perfect. I am born of fire and only my
moon will be reborn. I traveled far to understand.

New Moon in Sag Intention examples (just chose one):

I am energetic (if your feeling drained)
I take action
I embrace humor (if your feeling sad)
I am intelligent
I have proper perspective
I am successful
I am well rested and feel renewed
I am happy with who i am
I accept myself
I am abundant
I am balanced in my desires
I fuel myself with positive changes
I practice simplicity
I am patient
I am grounded
I am enthusiastic
I practice listening deeper
I am doing the best I can
I speak with integrity
I love myself
I am grounded

I am healthy
I am focused
I am peaceful
I accept that I am angry
I am nourishing my needs

Happy New Moon!







11 Comments Add yours

  1. Aurelien says:

    Thank you. I definitly meet a trickster but thanks to my intuition i saw it s intention right away. So i gently explained the situation, it s needs and where to find resolution.
    Thank you for your wise guidance, wich helps me to love my self more, feel safe and powerfull. All is serving me. May i serve all with the same passion. That is my intention.
    Dream: i met blue Shiva , i was way too restless with energy to sit and relax like him. So i left the dream. And meditated later on.
    Thank you again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Aurelien, long time has passed since we last talked. Glad your loving yourself and getting passionate about your journey! blessings


  2. Steve Z. says:

    I am doing the best I can – SBIAD!
    Steve Zubo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Steve Zubo says:

      I am sorry if you took a hit, as you said. I will consider you in my prayers and meditation. I appreciate what you do. Thanks Steve A. Z.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. All that was six moons ago, from 25 years of moon practices, what stays is one moon is completed in one moon and I will see what shape that is in, in the six moon opposition, its all done : ) but thank you for your prayers.


  3. annierue says:

    Do you know of any online resources that go into depth about how to compare your natal chart with what’s happening right now? I’d love to learn more. Very insightful post and very much needed- thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would suggest joining a local astrological group Annie… then you get 20 astrologers who are more than willing to help and show you all sorts of teachings! Demetra George was one of my teachers and she has online study classes, here is her web

      Liked by 1 person

  4. LostAncestor says:

    I am peaceful!!!! SBIAD


  5. wonderful – thank you a lot for this one! …as for all the others as well … 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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